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Reckless Obsession by Kallista Dane – Extended Preview

Reckless Obsession by Kallista Dane

Savannah began struggling and cursing as Cam pulled up her skirt again.

“Go ahead. Yell all you want. You’re getting punished. And I’m not going to stop until you’re ready to get down on your knees and show my cock how sorry you are,” he said, even louder this time. She thought it was for the benefit of the men outside. But then he whacked her. Hard.

She bit off a scream. He was serious. He was actually going to spank her. She started kicking and beating her fists against any part of him she could reach.

His voice was low, intimate, only for her ears this time. “The more you fight it, the harder I’ll have to spank you. This isn’t just an act. It’s gotta be real to be believable. And I intend to make the best of the situation.”

He was stroking her ass as he spoke, running his hand over her panties and down the tops of her thighs. Savannah drew in her breath. Then his hand crashed down again. She jerked and her legs kicked wildly.

He laughed. The bastard laughed. He really was enjoying this. Then he swung one leg over both of hers, trapping her between his iron-hard thighs and pushing her bottom up in the air. She tried to twist away, but he grabbed both her wrists in one hand, pulling them together behind her back against her waist. Savannah froze, embarrassed, as she felt his other hand working her panties down, uncovering her ass. He stopped when they were bunched at the top of her thighs and went back to stroking her ass again.

“Are you ready?”

She didn’t even have a chance to respond. She heard the harsh crack, followed by a burst of white-hot pain. Before she could draw in a breath to scream, he smacked her a second time. This time she let out a howl. He whacked her again.

Savannah was stunned. Until today, she’d never been spanked. This was much worse than the swats he’d given her earlier. She couldn’t believe how much his open palm hurt every time it made contact with her naked ass. She clenched her teeth together, vowing not to cry out again. But every strike created an intense flare of burning pain. Then the next one fanned the flames even higher.

He started spanking her over and over, first on one cheek, then the other. Not fast, but steadily. Each one sent another lick of fire racing across her tender skin. She wanted to scream out loud, to demand that he stop.

But she was frightened and confused. First this man said he was a tomb raider. Then Raoul showed up and she heard enough to come to the conclusion that he was a gun runner for a drug lord. Now he claimed to be working undercover against Raoul’s gang. He’d lied so often in the few hours she’d known him that Savannah couldn’t trust a word he said.

What if the things he’d said about Raoul were true? If she didn’t act like she was a willing sub, allowing Cam to spank her, Raoul would surely become suspicious about why she was with him. It wouldn’t take much digging to find out who she was and why she was really in Guatemala. Cam was right about one thing. If Raoul went after the treasures in their tomb, the villagers would try to stop him. She’d put people she cared about in danger. And she’d risk having her precious discovery destroyed by looters.

Savannah never stopped to think that she herself would be in danger as well. She squeezed her eyes shut to hold back the tears. She wiggled, she bucked. But he had her trapped, both physically and mentally. There was no escaping the emotional hold he had over her—or the hard swats he delivered.

Finally, she simply laid there limp, draped across his thighs. As long as he held the threat of harm to her Mayan friends and the destruction of her incredible find over her head, she was helpless, at his mercy. The anger was gone. So was the embarrassment for now, both driven away by the intense concentration it took to maintain some semblance of control while she was being spanked. Savannah clamped her jaw shut and willed her mind to deal with the pain without sobbing and pleading for him to stop. She’d be damned if she’d give him the satisfaction of knowing he’d robbed her of all dignity.

Time slowed to a crawl. Her entire world centered around each harsh whack. First the waiting. Then the sharp crack of his hand connecting with her tender skin. Next, the bolt of searing heat. And last, the raw pain radiating through her butt.

He stopped. She tensed, anticipating the next whack. Instead, his hand started caressing her burning bottom. She was so grateful to have the torment end that she sagged against his lap. One finger traced the crack of her ass, moving down further and further, ever so slowly and deliberately.

Savannah shivered with a mixture of shame and unwelcome arousal. When she decided she had to endure this, she never imagined that she might actually be sexually stimulated by any of it. Now she was lying helpless across his thighs and she couldn’t stop him, couldn’t keep his hand from touching her there, teasing her tight bottom hole. But when his finger moved further, stroking the lips of her pussy and coaxing an involuntary moan out of her, she was suddenly furious with herself for responding.

Although she knew it was futile, she struggled against him. That’s when she became aware of the bulge in his crotch. His hand dipped further, the slightest brush against her clit. A wild wave of sensation poured through her. Her pussy clenched.

“No! Stop it!”

She shook her head wildly and bucked against him. He laughed again.

“Too soon? Okay.”

The next moment his hand smacked down on her ass again. Strangely, this time the pain was less intense. Instead of that bolt of searing flame, it sent shivers all through her lower body. Instinctively, she ground her hips against him. Her exposed clit rubbed the rock-hard outline of the cock in his pants, sending a different kind of heat pouring through her.

He dipped one finger into her pussy.

“You’re wet.” His voice was low, seductive. He slid his finger in further.

Savannah moaned again, a sound torn from deep inside her. He pulled out his finger and moved his leg to free hers so he could yank her panties all the way off. Then he shoved her thighs apart and claimed her with his whole hand. Sliding his finger in deeper. Moving it in and out. Then rubbing the slick wetness over her clit, stroking it between his thumb and fingers, making it grow and pulse under his touch.

She reacted instinctively, rocking her hips back and forth. Each move ground her harder into his stiff cock, straining to be released from the tight jeans he wore.

“That’s it, baby. You’re going to come for me. Right now. Hard and fast. You know you want to. You’re so ready.”

She barely registered the words. Spurred by the seductive tone in his voice, her body obeyed, shuddering as he drove her higher, then higher yet. He moved his hand, pulling his fingers away.

No, please, no, don’t stop.”

Even as she cried out the words, Savannah hated herself for saying them.

He plunged two fingers deep inside. A scream tore through her. Her pussy spasmed as the waves radiated through her body. She collapsed against him, panting heavily.

His fingers started to move again, probing deep, stroking a spot inside her that sent her right back to the edge. He rubbed her clit harder, and she writhed against him shamelessly, spreading her legs wide. All thought of resisting was gone. She’d become insatiable, craving more. Who he was, what he was, no longer mattered at that moment. Only the frantic hunger he’d awakened in her was real.

This time when he stopped, it was to lean back on the bed.

“Stand up and take off your blouse.”

She was wild. Desperate. “Please, don’t stop. I was… I almost…”

He interrupted, in a stern tone that sent indecent shivers down her spine. “If you want to come again tonight, you’ll do as you’re told. Now get up and take off your blouse. Slowly.”

She slid off the bed and stood beside it, her hands shaking as she fumbled with the buttons. He sat up.

“Wait. I want to see you. Turn on the light.”

Savannah stumbled to the head of the bed, flicking on a lamp. In the dim light it cast, she saw Cam’s face, watching her with a savage gleam in his eyes. Seeing herself through his eyes, that raw hunger, released the brazen wench she’d kept trapped inside her. Suddenly, she felt wicked, daring. The stinging pain in her bottom had morphed into a potent heat, spreading to her pussy.

She took her time unbuttoning the blouse, looking straight at him the whole time. She reached behind her to unhook her bra, then gasped, stunned, when he shot to his feet and bent her face-down over the edge of the bed. Flipping up the skirt that had fallen back down around her calves, he bared her bottom. Half a dozen fresh swats on her already burning ass left her shocked and breathless. He pulled her back to a standing position and sat down on the bed in front of her.

“I didn’t tell you to take off your bra. Tonight you will do exactly as you’re told, every step of the way. Now—take off my shirt.”

Hands trembling, she reached for the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head. Coated in a fine sheen of sweat from the heat of the night, his rippling muscles gleamed in the faint light. She licked her lips, seized with the wild desire to run her tongue along the scar on his chest. He brought her closer and ran his hands up her arms and down around her back, then unfastened her bra and let it drop to the floor between them.

Cam leaned forward, lazily running his tongue around one breast before fastening his teeth lightly on the nipple, already jutting out in a hard little nub. She gasped and buried her hands in his hair.

He jerked his head away. “Put both hands behind your head. And don’t you dare move.”

His words sent a shocking bolt of lust through her. She choked back a needy sob and clasped her fingers together behind her head. The position forced her breasts up and out. Cam took his time, stroking each breast before cupping one in his hand and taking the nipple in his mouth. When his lips fastened around it and he began sucking, a powerful current rocketed straight to her clit. It began throbbing as though his lips were sucking there. Her knees wobbled and she moaned again.

Cam pulled his mouth away. His eyes locked onto hers.

“Step back and take off your skirt.”

She moved backwards and unzipped her skirt. As it fell around her ankles and she stepped out of it, his eyes widened. She suddenly felt shy, but not because of her nakedness. She’d been without a man for months and the whole time she was on this trip she hadn’t bothered to shave her pussy. She’d never had such a mass of dark hair between her legs.

“I… I’m sorry.” She gestured vaguely. “I haven’t…”

“Come here.” His voice was rough.

She took a hesitant step forward.

“Spread yourself apart for me.”

At least he wouldn’t see her blushing in the faint light. She slid both hands along her hips and down across her stomach, pulling aside the soft curls with her fingers. He lowered his head and his tongue shot out. Savannah shuddered. Cam licked her, his tongue traveling in a slow circle before flicking back and forth across the hard nub of her clit. Then he pulled back and looked up at her with that devastating smile she’d known he would have.

“I like a woman who looks like a woman, not like a little child. The scent of your arousal is spread all through your pussy hair. It turns me on.”

He smiled again as he slipped off his jeans and laid back with his head on the pillows. She stared at his cock. He was serious. It jutted out, already thick and hard. She thought back to her nights with Michael. She had to play with his cock for a long time before he was ready. And it never got big and stiff like this. She leaned forward, ready for his demand that she suck it. But he surprised her.

“Get up here on your knees and put your legs on either side of my head.”

Trembling, Savannah climbed on to the bed and crawled forward on her knees. She held on to the wooden headboard as she straddled his shoulders.

“Sit up. Spread yourself apart again with your fingers so I can lick you all over and suck your clit.”

Her pussy clenched. Savannah had never known that words alone could trigger a shock wave of raw lust. She reached down with both hands and opened herself to him.

“Now look at me. I want to see your face when you come this time.”

Blushing again, she met his eyes. He held her gaze even as she felt his mouth on her. Then he deliberately ran his hot wet tongue over her fingertips, as if to remind her that she was shamelessly opening herself to him. The knowledge that he’d commanded her to do this, to tear down her walls and give him access to her body any way he chose, was as thrilling as what he was doing to her body. For the first time, Savannah tasted the power a dom wields over his sub. She moaned again and closed her eyes.

He pulled away and his voice was hard as his cock. “No. Open your eyes. You’re going to be here for this. I’m not letting you escape into some fantasy about what’s happening, pretending I’m another guy. I’m in control tonight and I want you aware of that every minute. You’re gonna watch everything I do. You’re going to know that I’m the one making you do all these nasty things—and making you love doing them.”

Her eyes snapped open at the same time that she felt his big hands lock around the twin mounds of her ass. He trapped her in place, fastened his lips over her clit, and sucked.

His fingers dug into her stinging bottom, drawing the spicy heat from the spanking into a heady mix of sensations. Savannah cried out. The sound seemed to inflame him. He flicked his tongue back and forth over it, then sucked harder. She thrashed around, trying to get away. It was too much, too much.

“No, stop! I can’t take it!”

He tilted her hips forward and rammed his hot tongue into her pussy. She shuddered, then gasped as she felt herself gush for the first time. He went back to her clit, locking his mouth around it. Savannah bucked wildly, but his hands held her in place as securely as if she’d been bound and tied. That image popping into her brain was enough to send her crashing over the edge. She screamed again, a wild cry that echoed off the walls as she exploded.

Cam drew her down into his arms. She was shaking all over. He knew she needed a moment of tenderness now. He also knew she wouldn’t come down fully for hours. With very little effort on his part, she’d be frantic with need again. And he planned to take her right back there.

His cock had been raging since he bent her across that table in the other room. Sure, he’d been putting on a show for Raoul. When a man’s dick was engaged, his brain went into low gear. But just because he had an ulterior motive for spanking her, that didn’t mean he hadn’t fully enjoyed every minute of it.

Cam loved a challenge. Nothing turned him on more than dominating a strong woman. He’d sensed from the first that hidden inside the aloof, bossy beauty known as Doctor Savannah Chambers was a molten mass of heat, a smoldering volcano ready to erupt.

He knew the exact moment he decided he’d be the man who set it off. It was when she chased him down in the jungle right after he’d spanked her ass the first time. He was a stranger, probably dangerous. But she was fearless. She’d faced him like one of the Furies from ancient Greece, those goddesses who avenge all wrongs. Running after him all out of breath, grabbing him by the arm with that gorgeous chest heaving as she lectured him. Savannah tried hard to deny the fact that she was attracted to him too. But there were plenty of times when Camaro Kincaid had kept himself and his crew alive by reading the tiniest flickers of emotion on the faces of his adversaries. Compared to the stone-cold killers he dealt with, she was an open book.

He cradled her in his arms, running his fingers through her hair, as her breathing slowed. Then, ever so slowly, his hand drifted down. Skin against skin, his palm stroked its way down her back, then back up again. Each time he moved a fraction lower, drew her a millimeter closer into him.

His hand slid further, cupping her ass. Heat still radiated from her well-spanked bottom and he caressed it gently. Then he shifted slightly, enough for Savannah to feel his stiff cock press against her belly. She made a little sound. His hand moved down again and she opened her legs enough for him to explore the soft region between her thighs. He took his time, listening to her breathing quicken. When he reached her pussy, still dripping wet, she slid a hand down and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

He tore her hand away and flipped her over onto her back. Her eyes widened in surprise. Holding his body poised over hers, Cam nudged her legs apart with his knees. His cock slipped between her thighs. She smiled then and opened her legs further. He rocked his hips forward a little and the head of his cock slipped inside her. She was slick and hot and it was all he could do not to ram it in to the hilt. But he wanted her hungry again, desperate to have him buried inside her.

He looked down at her, his eyes hard. Her smile disappeared.

“Say it.”

She thrashed around, trying to draw him deeper. He backed away.

“Say it.”

“I… I want you,” she murmured.

“What do you want, Savannah?”

“I want your cock.”

He slid in a little deeper. She moaned. He pulled back out again.


“Please what?” He rocked back and forth, grinding his hips against her throbbing clit as the length of his cock rubbed all along her, from pussy to ass. She thrust herself against him, then reached down and grabbed his ass, trying to pull him in.

Cam slid away. He got on his knees and seized both her wrists in one hand, trapping them together. She gasped.

“Please what?”

“Please, give it to me.” Her voice was raw.

“You want my cock inside you? You want me to fuck your pussy? Then say it.”

He wrapped his other hand around his cock, rubbing it around the moist heat of her center, dipping it in just a little. She writhed on the bed beneath him, her eyes glazed.

The word was a whisper. “Yes.”

He backed away again.

Louder this time. “Yes. I want you.”

“What do you want?” He was demanding, forcing her to admit the depth of her hunger before he’d satisfy it.

Her voice was ragged, needy. “I want you to fuck me. I want you to shove your cock inside me. Now.”

Cam let go of her wrists, leaned over her, and rammed himself in to the hilt. Savannah screamed once. He pulled out. Then, staring into her eyes, he began fucking her. Long, deep strokes. Burying himself inside her, then drawing his cock out nearly all the way each time. Her nails raked down his back. She was moaning now, wordless little cries. He started out slow, building the pace, watching her face the entire time. Savannah stared back at him as she met his thrusts, pumping her hips up to take him in even further. He could see in her eyes the moment that all thought disappeared, replaced by dark intensity. No longer slow. No longer measuring the pace. Now mindless, frantic. On the edge of a vicious climax.

Cam bent his head then, capturing her mouth in a fierce kiss. Her muscles tightened around his cock like a velvet fist as the orgasm tore through her body.

He let go. Gave up his iron-hard control, thrusting deep, grinding himself into her again and again until the world disappeared.

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