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Reclaiming Emma by Isabella Laase – Extended Preview

Dressed in a heavy ski suit of Lilly’s, Emma clung to Javi’s jacket on a fully loaded snowmobile. The engine’s roars echoed along the unbroken trail, but he negotiated the big machine over bumps and ruts with relative ease. The sound from Dylan’s matching snowmobile competed with theirs, the generator and more supplies than she ever thought possible filling a trailer behind him, but every mile traveled exponentially increased her vulnerability.

The dark, shadowy trees finally cleared to showcase the log cabin. The covered front porch sported a dusting of windblown snow in the corners and across the backs of wooden Adirondack chairs, but there was no denying the spectacular view of the frozen mountains. The two men chased Emma inside before unloading the snowmobiles, the biting wind making the decision to obey easy.

She moved quickly through the unlocked door hoping to get warm, but the single-room cabin was still bitterly cold. Pulling her hat a little further around her ears, she checked out the small room in a single glance. Far from utilitarian, the clean designs of the log cabin included tall ceilings with rough, exposed beams, large windows, and a screened porch overlooking a snow-covered pond. An efficiency kitchen with white quartz countertops and a wooden table for four was tucked into the corner, and a worn navy blue leather couch and a few rustic end tables were anchored by a thick wool rug with a Native American design to create a cozy sitting area in front of the stone fireplace. To her relief, there was a full bath with a brightly tiled shower, but the simple framing of the massive king-sized bed in solid oak dominated the room.

It took them almost an hour to empty the trailer, ready the cabin, and build a roaring fire. While Javi unpacked the last of their provisions, Emma made the bed with crisp, clean sheets and a white down comforter. She was running her hands across the last of the linens when the subtle sound of a combustion engine preceded Dylan’s arrival at the front door. “You can turn on the lights and the furnace, now,” he said. “It needed a little more work than I’d expected, but the generator’s all hooked up. You should be fully heated in about an hour.”

Her desire to keep the lean young man in their presence was almost as strong as her desire to chase him away as a danger to her vanilla ideas. While she was processing her choices, Javi spoke for both of them. “You can’t go back without getting warmed up, Dylan,” he said firmly, moving to sit on the couch. “Sit by the fire and at least eat dinner with us. Emma, grab one of those bottles of wine. Lilly said there are all sorts of dishes and glassware in the cupboards.”

Dylan nodded, his expression never changing from the slight scowl as he stomped his feet of excess snow before moving toward the warm fireplace. His black sweatshirt and rugged jeans remained a sharp contrast to Javi’s expensive ski sweater and neatly pressed khaki pants, their voices too quiet to totally discern from her very welcome exile in the kitchen.

Emma slipped out of her heavy outer gear and redid her ponytail for the fourth time since she’d entered the small house. Desperate for any task to keep her attention away from their quiet conversation, she dug out her cell phone to text Lilly for support. Miles away from everyone and everything, however, rendered it hopeless, even after a futile shaking.

“There’s no cell reception out here,” Javi said lightly. “And I want you to promise me that you’ll take a break from the phone until we get back to Chicago. It’s part of relaxing, honey.” She nodded with a frown, nervously dropping the useless electronics into her bag, but she gave it a half-hearted kick in hopes it would calm her racing heart.

With so much testosterone in one place, nothing could make Emma voluntarily join them, the tingling nervous energy feeding her already overheated core. After delivering the wine and glasses, she returned to the small kitchen, the furthest spot possible without leaving the warmth of the cabin or hiding in the bathroom. Desperate to keep busy, she started wiping down the counters and rearranging their food stores with no true focus.

Their conversation continued without her, but they both occasionally glanced in her direction, Javi’s trusted brown eyes, bright with affection, and Dylan’s dark, steady frown shadowed by a softening of his brow. Two adult males sitting a few feet away, holding a conversation that most definitely involved her. Emma shuddered involuntarily, wishing that she’d worn something less form-fitting than Lilly’s New York Yankees long sleeved t-shirt and the matching navy blue leggings. A large, shapeless sack of a sweat suit would have been perfect right about now.

When she started washing already clean dishes, Javi scolded, “Sit down with us, Emma. We need to talk.” For a brief second, hiding in the bathroom rose as the premier option, but she swallowed hard and followed his request. She knew where this conversation was going, but still had no idea how to react, the combination of fear, nerves, anticipation, and abject need twisting together, simultaneously increasing the tremors in her hand and swelling the tiny bud nestled between her legs.

Sitting in a small wooden rocking chair, she faced the two men on the couch, folding her hands demurely in her lap and silently waiting until Javi spoke. “I don’t think this is going to be a surprise,” he said seriously. “But I’d like to ask Dylan to stay. We can radio the ranch so that nobody is expecting him for the next day or two. There’s a whole lot of privacy up here, and a whole lot of exploring we can try.”

He wasn’t outwardly asking her, but she understood that her approval was the key to their plans. The thought should have relaxed her, but instead, the churning anxiety tormented her stomach until the bubbly mixture threatened successful digestion of her lunch. Dylan’s gentle tone contrasted sharply with his dark, tattooed presence. “I understand that this is scary for you, little one. I’d like to stay, and I have some experience in BDSM kink, but if this is too much, too fast, we can try some other time.”

There would never be another time. The unknown, a relationship with this handsome, dark stranger, waited in front of her as a turnkey moment in her sheltered life, but her simple past remained a concrete impediment to moving forward. Her quest for a perfect life had consumed her for so long that she’d forgotten what it felt like to take chances. Like Bella had said, taking chances risked failure and sadness, but could also bring rewards and fun. She was tired of being predictable. Tired of being boring. But this… this was hard.

Both men remained silent, giving her all the time that she needed, but it wasn’t until Javi locked his gaze on hers, connecting her love and trust to her body’s overwhelming physical demands that she took a deep breath. “I… I want Dylan to stay,” she said slowly. “I’m ready to do this, but I only have one change to make to our agreement.”

Emma leaned forward to gently rub the scruffy beard that always signaled Javi’s relaxation during his days away from the office. “I trust you with my life,” she said, her confidence growing with the physical caress. “You won’t hurt me or let anyone else hurt me. If you say it’s okay, I don’t want a safeword. I just want to have fun and be taken care of and…” Huge tears blurred her vision before she stood and stepped away, wiping her stained cheeks with the back of her hand.

Dylan rose quickly, pulling her close to his chest. “Don’t cry, little one,” he said gently, his unfamiliar embrace bringing a warm connection that she didn’t totally understand.

Sensing Javi’s presence behind her, she turned from Dylan and fell into his arms. “Relax,” said Javi with another layer of tenderness that she desperately needed. “I’m going to take care of everything, but Dylan is going to help us, is that okay?”

She nodded slowly as Dylan wiped her tears with his thumb. “Thank you for letting me play with you, honey. I promise that you’ll have a good time.” By some undetected agreement, he looked to Javi for the next move.

Javi’s shoulders went back as he took stock of the situation. His strong and capable wife was his world, and his desire to keep her safe and protected was powerful. Nestled in the little cabin and hidden from the real world, her anxiety and depression would be given a temporary break, a chance for her to heal and for them to grow even closer, but Dylan’s role was necessary to bring the change they both wanted.

Dylan Camden wasn’t a random stranger. Once he’d seen how Emma had reacted to him, Javi had spoken at length to both Jack and, later, Lilly to garner all they knew about the younger man, but it was their quiet conversation in front of the fireplace that showed Javi the sensitive and caring nature behind the scowling frown.

“We’ve got a few days to figure this out. Dylan, why don’t you take Emma to the couch and get to know each other a little bit.” Javi pulled Emma’s shirt over her head. “You won’t be needing this anymore. Dylan was right when he said this place would heat up quickly.”

In spite of her overt anxiety, Emma giggled, a childish, almost elf-like sound that hardened his cock. Her thin cotton camisole failed to hide the erotic peak from her nipples and he took handfuls of her soft breast before moving under the fabric to add a solid pinch to the over-sensitized nubs. Nodding silently to Dylan, he handed his wife to the man and stepped back to watch the unfolding scene from the small kitchen.

Dylan carried Emma to the couch, settling her on her back before sitting next to her, her long legs dangling over his lap. He slipped her camisole over her head to expose to the air her creamy white breasts and rigid nipples. Her amber brown eyes remained wide as saucers, and her lower lip trembled slightly. Reading her unspoken emotions like an expert, Dylan spoke softly. “Why is our little girl pouty? Aren’t you having a good time?”

His hand slid slowly across her tummy, tickling and teasing, his own tattooed forearms exposed until he pulled slightly on the waist of her borrowed leggings. Emma ran her hand softly over the intricate, swirling designs. Turning to Javi, she called out, “I like tattoos. Can I get one? I want a superhero one that will give me magical powers.”

Javi laughed while rummaging through the food stores. “You’re afraid of needles, little girl. You had a hard time even getting a flu shot this year.”

“I didn’t tell you the truth,” she said sadly. “But I want to tell you now. I didn’t really get a flu shot. I just told you that I did. I didn’t want you to be angry with me.”

“Should I take care of that, Javi?” Dylan asked seriously. “Or would you like to take care of that one by yourself?”

Javi spoke huskily. “You can start, Dylan. I’ll finish up here, then we can play with her together.”

His shaft was more than ready to join them, but Emma needed this time to bond with Dylan, to recognize that his touch was acceptable to Javi. Even with Javi’s nod of approval, she looked to him nervously and attempted to sit up, but Dylan gently pushed her back. “Settle down, little one,” he said. “Or I’ll have to get your daddy over here to apply a little discipline.”

Emma was quickly becoming lost to the evolving scene, and Javi wasn’t surprised when she whimpered. “That’s not fair,” she whined. “I want to see what you’re doing, too.”

Dylan pushed Emma back to the couch a second time, but with much more force, slipping his frame between her legs to keep her in place. His tone changed, harsher and more demanding. “Eyes on me, little girl. This is between you and me for a few minutes.”

Taking each of her wrists in his hand, he pinned them above her head, stimulating her still wiggling body with his mouth. Over her neck, shoulders, inching closer to her breasts, he nipped and suckled until she was arching her back to bring him closer. When Dylan latched onto a single, rigid nipple, Emma responded with a cross between a moan and a whimper, and his fingers slid across the waist of her pants.

Watching them together was much more difficult than he’d expected, but it wasn’t jealousy that pushed his cock further against his jeans. Her entire body was responding to Dylan’s demands, and Javi had no role except to watch her arousal grow. Each twitch of her shoulders and wiggling of her hips, the way she pulled against his strength when she became anxious or tried to draw her knees together when she wanted more, all had a direct correlation to the younger man’s attentions. Her expressions changed just as rapidly, chewing on her bottom lip, her eyes closed to internalize a subtle, painful touch or focusing on something only she could see until her back curved into an arch and her bottom moved off the couch.

As Dylan became more ruthless in his exploration, her body squirmed in and out of his caresses, and he pinned her firmly against the couch with a single palm between her breasts. His mouth latched onto her nipple a second time, tickling and teasing each one, gently scraping his teeth across her sensitive nubs until she cried out, a sound that had a whole new meaning from his front row vantage point.

Dylan’s hand slid into her leggings, manipulating both her pants and her panties past her bottom to expose her already glistening pussy. Her legs remained trapped by her own clothing, limiting her movement and keeping Dylan firmly in control. He massaged her labia, producing another guttural moan from her swollen lips, her hips rotating to an unspoken rhythm, and the scent and sounds of her ready sex filling the room with another layer of erotic sensation.

Gliding along her channel, his middle finger entered her, and she cried out with satisfaction, arching her back even further and purring like a newborn kitten. Javi was pleased. Emma would always be his, but she would gain much more from the scene if she had two men, two sets of demands from two unique personalities.

Abandoning his voyeurism, Javi moved to their side. Dylan leaned backwards to allow Javi’s hand between her legs, exploring the length of her wet channel to survey her readiness and earning her blushing, shy smile. “Take her over to the bed, Dylan,” he said. “It’s time we got started on this.”

Sliding the leggings and panties away from their twisted place around her thighs, Dylan carried their girl to the king-sized bed. Small and vulnerable, she nestled into the white crisp down comforter, but when Dylan removed his t-shirt to reveal hardened abs, Emma’s eyes grew wide with a hungry fear. Sitting up, she ran her hands along his shoulders, tentatively at first, but her exploration grew more serious, pausing over each scar on the younger man’s body, huge tears staining her cheeks.

For the first time since they’d met him, Dylan’s expression eased to a tender smile. He held her tightly, rubbing her back and murmuring softly. “Don’t cry, Emma. I’m not embarrassed by my scars. Everything in our past makes us who we are. We can’t change that, but we can move forward. I’m going to be just fine.”

“But,” she whimpered. “You have so many. It makes me sad.”

“No more tears,” Dylan said, kissing her forehead. “Scars from our past don’t hurt us unless we let them. We aren’t going to spend tonight worrying. It’s today, and that’s all that there is right now. So, where should we start, Javi?”

“I brought all sorts of toys in that black bag in the corner,” responded Javi calmly. “Why don’t we start with some restraints so she can’t run away from us?”

“I don’t think she can get away from us up here,” said Dylan with a grin as he rummaged through the bag. “But I’m going to like seeing her tied.”

Taking a rope from Javi’s suitcase, Dylan pulled her wrists over her head. Emma pulled away sharply, earning a growl of disapproval from Dylan. “Do not fight me, little sub,” he said in a dangerous tone. “I won’t have nearly as much patience as your daddy does.”

When she settled with her eyes wide, Dylan slipped a black leather harness over her shoulders, the thick strap settling just below her breasts to push them upward and a second strap at her waist. Using more restraints, he drew her wrists, then her ankles toward her waist, pulling her thighs apart to effectively open the swollen pink tissue defining her labia.

Slightly panicked, she tried to wiggle, twist, and even suck in her breath, any attempt to release herself, but the men just watched with their arms crossed. Dylan lifted his chin slightly in an unspoken demand, until Emma stopped struggling with a little whimper. “Good, kitten,” said Dylan softly. “No fighting us.”

Javi touched his wife’s naked body, causing her to jump disproportionally to his attention. He slid his fingertips along her sides until he slapped gently at her nipples, pinching them firmly to keep them hard. Her reaction was different than during Dylan’s playtime, less tension and more acceptance, but Dylan had prepared her well. Her twisting began again, but Dylan demanded, “Stop. If you can’t be still while your daddy plays with you, then we’re going to have to add a little punishment.”

She obeyed the firm tone instantly, allowing Javi to continue. Taking the long vibrator from his bag, Javi slid it between her legs, poking and prodding her vagina until he found her wet opening. With a quick tickle along her channel, he forced it into her body, but his little one accepted it readily. When settled, she looked almost relieved, closing her eyes to the fullness and moaning softly at the lower pulsing level.

Javi thought for a second before he added, “Dylan, slip that anal plug in her.”

Her eyes shot open in panic. “No, Javi, please,” she whimpered. “I’ll be good. I don’t need that.”

Javi chuckled with the useful information. Despite the arousal she’d experienced with Jack, the plug was still a punishment for her, and he would definitely use that to his advantage in the future, but today was about giving her what she needed, not what she wanted. This one was thicker than the one he’d used the first time, but Dylan worked the well-lubricated toy in slowly, a few centimeters at a time.

Emma’s stubbornness increased with each intrusion, until she raised her voice. “I don’t think I like this. It’s too big. Please, take it out.”

“You’re not picking and choosing, little sub,” said Javi, rubbing her clit to help her arousal, her wet reaction pooling in his hand. “You’re here to entertain us, remember. And we find this entertaining. Besides, how do you think you’re going to take two of us at the same time if we don’t train this second hole?” Emma blushed a deep red, but her gaze went to Dylan’s crotch. Despite her verbal protests, she looked almost hungrily at his obvious erection.

She stayed in her trussed position, the warm breezes from the fireplace continuing to heat the room while her arousal grew. Occasionally, one of them would blow gently on her inner thighs, or tickle her nipples or between her legs with a soft feather just to see her squirm, but they quickly discovered that the lighter their touch, the more she reacted as though they’d beaten her, crying out with true begging, her angry, red, swollen clit peaking from its hood to demand attention.

By the time they’d returned to fully play with her, she was lost to reasonable conversation. Javi slipped out of his khakis and shirt and knelt on the bed to settle between her open legs, entering her before Dylan could lose his own clothing and join them. Dylan stood near her head to toy with her nipples, simultaneously rubbing her clit to coax her orgasm as Javi slid along her tight sex, his shaft shuddering against the heat, her hips arching in unison, and the subtle moans showcasing her pleasure. She came with a shout before he did, a roar tearing through her body that he felt around his cock, pulsing and gripping his arousal until he released his own pressure.

Exhausted, he rolled to the side, cradling her back against his chest, but he nodded briefly to Dylan. With a condom-wrapped penis, the man slid inside of Emma, his little wife still aroused, still ready.

“My god,” groaned Dylan. “She’s so fucking hot. She’s still pulsing from her orgasm.” He moved slowly at first, rubbing her clit a second time while Javi held her against his chest, her arms and legs still trussed by their restraints. The second orgasm caused her to exhale with a loud, effective moaning, a sound built from an overstimulated pleasure, Dylan shuddering with the effects from his own release.

Dylan collapsed on the other side of Emma while Javi freed her arms and legs to settle her between them in the middle of the big bed. When Dylan recovered his breath, he helped Javi, gently rubbing little Emma’s arms and legs to work out any cramps or trauma to her overused body. She smiled sweetly. “Thank you,” she whispered. “That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.”

Javi kissed her soundly, Dylan still on her other side, rubbing her shoulders and murmuring soft messages of assurance. “You’re the amazing one, Emma,” said Javi sincerely.

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