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Reformed by the Millionaire by Maria Monroe – Extended Preview

She knew it was a bad idea, but she got up anyway, setting the coffee on the dresser next to the muffin, and took a deep breath. The hallway was empty, and though she had never been in Victor’s room, she knew which one it was. The door at the end of the hallway beckoned, as though someone were calling her name aloud, and she walked quietly toward it.

Would he turn her down? Would he laugh in her face? Get angry? There was only one way to find out, and without thinking she put her hand on the doorknob and turned it.

She was so nervous it was hard to breathe, but relief filled her when she saw he wasn’t in the bedroom, which was enormous and simply but exquisitely decorated in shades of gray and black.

From the adjoining bathroom, the sound of running water met her ears; Victor must be taking a shower. She knew she should leave. She could go back to her room and he’d never even know she’d been in here. Yet something spurred her on, some voice inside her that urged her to stay. To see what would happen. To, at the very least, snoop a little. Maybe she could get some insight on Victor.

Under her bare feet the plush carpet softened her steps as she made her way over to the dresser. An ornately carved wooden box she found to be unlocked, and when she opened it she saw a small collection of expensive watches and some other jewelry she didn’t spend much time on. She pushed the box aside. Next to it was a framed photo of a woman with her arms around two similar-looking boys, and Daisy guessed it was Victor’s mother with her two sons. Where was she now? Dead? Living elsewhere? She could probably ask him, or could probably find out by looking him up on the internet later, something she was surprised she hadn’t done yet.

Her fingers rested on the knob of the top dresser drawer. She shouldn’t. She really, really shouldn’t. But she couldn’t resist, and slowly she pulled the drawer open, revealing neatly folded ties, silky and beautiful.

She ran her index finger over one of them, a silvery tie with white stripes.

“Have you found anything interesting?” Victor’s voice was low, amused.

Daisy spun around, her mouth dropping open, heat traveling to her cheeks. “Oh. Victor.” She squeezed her eyes shut. There was nothing she could say to hide the fact that she’d been snooping. She took a deep breath. “I was looking at your stuff. I’m sorry. I wasn’t going to take anything, I was just curious.”

“Curious.” His hair was wet, his body clean, wearing only a pair of loose sweatpants that sat low on his hips, showing off his lean stomach, that delicious ‘v’ just below.

He must work out, she thought, though it was an absurd time to be thinking about that, when here she was, caught in the act of going through his things.

“I’m sorry,” she repeated, turning to close the drawer.

“Leave it.” His voice had taken on a tone of dominance, stopping her in her tracks.

“I was just going to close it…”

“No.” He took a step closer, the scent of shampoo and musky body wash filling the air as he did. “What I want you to do, Daisy, is take out your favorite tie and bring it to me.”

“Oh. OK.” It was a strange request. What was he going to do? Wear it today? Maybe he’d make a joke out of it, and every time she saw him throughout the day he’d point to his tie and they’d laugh about how she’d been going through his belongings this morning.

She picked out the silvery one with the white stripes and approached him. His smile was amused, but his eyes were serious.

Daisy extended her hand, holding the tie, and Victor took it from her, staring at her the whole while. She wanted to look away, but his gaze was so captivating that she couldn’t. Something was about to happen. And she was dying to know what.

“Daisy.” Victor unfolded the tie, holding it up and looking at it with a smile on his face. “Are you supposed to be in here?”

“Well, you never said specifically that I couldn’t be in here.” She tried to suffuse her voice with hopefulness.

Victor rolled his eyes. “There are some rules you know without being told, Daisy. Like going through someone’s stuff without permission?”

“You’re right. But I wasn’t going to take anything or do anything bad. I just wanted to…”

“To what?” He took a step even closer, so he was right in front of her, his naked chest at her eye level.

She wanted to reach out, to touch the muscles, to run her fingers down his chest, along his rippled abdomen, lower, to the top of his pants.

“I don’t know.” Her voice was barely a whisper. “To find out about you.”

“If you want to find out about me, you can ask. It’s much simpler—and more respectful—than snooping.”

“I said I was sorry!” What did he want from her? He was really hitting hard with the point he was trying to make. And she got it. She did. “I’ll make it up to you. Somehow.”

“You will indeed.” He stretched the tie out in his hands, then let it dangle by his side. “Since you found this so interesting, I’m going to use it.”

“For what?”

“To tie your hands up while I spank you for trespassing.”

“Trespassing?” She burst out in a laugh. “That’s a really serious word for what I was doing.”

But Victor didn’t laugh. “And I’m really serious about punishing you, Daisy.” His voice was gentle yet firm.

Daisy’s legs trembled. She knew by now that while Victor liked to have fun, he didn’t tolerate mistakes. Or, if she was being honest, not mistakes. Transgressions. A mistake was something you didn’t mean to do, and she had clearly intended to look through his things.

“Daisy, look at me.”

She looked up into his eyes, and he reached out and traced her cheek with one finger.

“You know you deserve to be punished, right?”

She sighed. “Yes.”

“Good girl. Now, I’d like you to remove your nightgown. It’s just going to get in the way.”

“Yes, Sir.” She slipped the silky fabric up her body, pulling it over her head and dropping it on the floor next to her.

Victor’s eyes traveled over her body, stopping at her chest. In the cool air, her nipples hardened, and she swore she heard an intake of breath as he finally pulled his gaze away.

“Now I’d like you to lean over the foot of the bed, stomach down.”

Oh, god. How humiliating this was going to be, bending over the bed in her underwear, her ass sticking out for him to punish. She was a grownup, for god’s sake!

Still, she shuffled slowly to the bed, leaning over so her top half was on the mattress and her feet on the floor.

Victor’s hand whispered along her back, pressing her down lightly into the mattress. “Put your arms above your head.”

She did as he said, feeling the silky material of the tie as it wound around one, then the other. Her wrists were pulled together as he tied them up. Perhaps she could free herself—it didn’t seem like he’d secured them particularly tight. But the fact that she was on the bed, allowing herself to be tied up so he could spank her, was the real point of this, she knew.

He moved back down to the end of the bed. “I’ll start with my hand.”

Start with your hand? And then?”

“I need to really teach you a lesson, Daisy. And my hand won’t be enough to do that. It will either be a hairbrush—yours, actually—or my belt. I haven’t decided yet.”

Which would be worse? Daisy had no idea, but her muscles tightened at the news, her eyes prickling with tears. Why had she looked through his stuff? She’d known it was wrong, and she did deserve to be punished for it. But she was scared.

“Let’s begin with a warmup. I’d like you to spread your legs, please.”

Cringing, Daisy slowly moved her feet apart about a foot.

“Wider, Daisy.”

With a small moan of embarrassment, Daisy parted her legs even more. She still had her underwear on, but she felt so exposed, spread wide like this.

“Good girl. You’re lucky you decided to wear underwear this time, or you’d be getting your warmup on the bare. I thought you never slept in panties.”

“I don’t. I put them on before heading down to get coffee this morning. It felt too naughty to be around other people without them on.”

“Naughty indeed.” Victor caressed her covered bottom with one hand, which he held still for a moment before lifting it and bringing it down, hard, on her right cheek.

“Ow!” she cried out, even though she knew this was only the very beginning.

He kept spanking her, alternating between cheeks as well as moving his hand higher and lower to get the roundest part of her ass.

“It hurts!”

“And it’s only the warmup. We have quite a ways to go.” He sounded so relaxed, and that just amplified Daisy’s embarrassment and pain.

After a while, he stopped. “I think it’s time to spank your bare bottom. What do you think, Daisy?”

Oh, how she wanted to say no. That was a terrible idea! He should spank her only on top of her panties or, better yet, he should stop spanking her completely. But she knew that wasn’t what he wanted—or expected—to hear.

“Yes, Sir, you should spank my bare bottom.” She pushed her face down into the mattress after speaking, because asking him for something like that was beyond humiliating.

“Let’s get these off then.” He ran his finger along the fabric of her panties, down the furrow between her bottom cheeks, lower until he was touching her wetness through her underwear. “You’re so wet.” He grasped the fabric between her legs and pulled, working her panties down her thighs.

The damp silky material caressed her legs as the flimsy fabric made its way lower and lower. She raised her feet one at a time so Victor could remove them completely.

“Nice and wide again.” Victor’s voice was low, almost a growl.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered, opening her legs as far as she could. She knew her bottom was sticking out in such a way that now, bare, gave him a perfect view of everything. Her bottom clenched as she imagined his gaze moving over her, looking at everything she had to offer.

“Beautiful. Absolutely stunning.” He spoke in a low tone, his voice warm, almost like he was touching her, caressing her, though he was standing a few feet away. He moved closer and ran a hand along her flesh, still stinging from the warmup she’d already received. “Are you ready for more, Daisy?”

“Yes,” she whispered, though she wasn’t at all sure that was true.

He patted her right cheek lightly with his hand, then began in earnest, spanking her bottom, moving from one bouncing globe to the other, alternating the speed and force of each smack, leaving Daisy writhing and crying out.

“Oh, it hurts! Ow! I’m so sorry, Victor!”

After a few minutes he stopped, and Daisy gasped to catch her breath. Was it over? Was he finished punishing her? But she remembered his words from before, that he was going to use either his belt of her hairbrush next. Could she handle it?

He began to work the knot at her wrists, and in a few seconds he’d untied her arms. “Up, please.”

Daisy slowly stood, completely naked, and turned to face him.

“Go to your bedroom and bring back your hairbrush.”

She wanted to ask him how he knew she had one. Had he been snooping as well? But she knew that wouldn’t go over well right now. “Yes, Sir,” she muttered, but stopped at the door. “Can I put my nightgown back on first? What if someone sees me?”

“Then they’ll know what a naughty girl you’ve been with that bright red bottom of yours. I suggest you hurry to reduce the chance that you run into anyone in the hallway.”

Oh, god. Daisy opened the door, peering out to see if either Marian or Joe were in the hallway. It looked safe, so she ran as quickly as she could to her room, entering and shutting the door behind her. She had to hurry. She knew Victor wouldn’t appreciate her taking too long.

In the bathroom she picked up the wooden hairbrush, examining it now in a way she’d never have thought to before. It was light but wide, the handle the perfect width for gripping. She shivered at the knowledge that in just a few minutes she’d be bent over the bed again, being spanked with the very object she held in her hand.

The hallway was still empty, and she ran to Victor’s room where he sat waiting on the edge of the bed.

“Shut the door.”

She did, then walked unsteadily toward him, hairbrush in hand. Naked, she felt her nipples harden under his gaze. He motioned with his head for her to come closer, and when she stood right in front of him, he patted his lap. “We’ll finish with you right here.”

She nodded, crawling up onto the bed and positioning herself over his lap. Already she could feel his thick hardness under her thighs, and even though she knew she shouldn’t, she wiggled a little extra as she got into position.

“Hold still.” There was more than a bit of warning in his voice. “Hand me the brush, Daisy, and ask me to spank you with it.”

She hated this part almost as much as the spanking itself. How humiliating it was to have to politely request that someone punish her! But she took a deep breath. “Victor, Sir, please spank me with this brush.” She reached her shaky hand back so he could take the implement from her, cringing at the fact that she was handing him the very object with which he was about to punish her.

“This is going to hurt.” There was unexpected kindness in his voice.

“I know.”

“And you know you deserve it, right?” Lightly, he patted the brush on her bottom.

“Yes. I deserve it.”

“Good.” He turned the brush over, drawing the bristles over her delicate skin. “Let’s have you open your legs a little bit.”

No. But she did, pushing one into him while moving the other as far open as she could.

“Lovely. I’m going to begin, now.”

She clenched her eyes shut, but they flew open the second the brush smacked down on her bottom. It stung, and he did it again, and again. After a few moments, she began to cry, both from the pain and the embarrassment. Though the pace was slow, the spanking was hard, so hard that even the sound was a punishment, the room filled with the noise of her naughty bottom being smacked, over and over and over. With each strike, her flesh quivered, and the sound reverberated through the room. Soon she was sore, and pretty sure her cheeks had been turned into a deep, dark red.

When he finally stopped, she was sobbing into the comforter, and yet her whole body felt on edge and amped up, turned on, filled with desire. What a strange sensation, to be hurting and excited all at once. And as the stinging in her bottom lessened by the second, she felt relief course through her until she was in a state of relaxation, still over Victor’s lap, that she’d never experienced before.

His fingers gently soothed her bottom, rubbing lightly, then dipped lower, between her legs, touching her wetness. At first his touch was explorative, but soon grew demanding, a finger entering her as she moaned.

Was it wrong to let a man who’d just spanked her to tears touch her in the most intimate place? She didn’t care if it was; it felt more right than anything else, and her entire body, her entire soul wanted this to happen.

Fingers wet with her juices, he ran them along her clit, then played with it, moving it in perfect time, in perfect circles, until she felt the climax begin. Her body tensed as sensation washed over her, as her orgasm built and built until she crested, then crashed, crying out and writhing against his hand.

“Yes,” he was whispering. “Come for me, Daisy.”

And she did, for what felt like forever. Nothing ever before in her life had felt this intense, this beautiful, this miraculous. It was like she imagined a high from drugs to be—something so exquisite you’d do anything in the entire world to feel it again.

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