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Reformed for the Senator by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Reformed for the SenatorFor the first time the girls’ live feeds showed the doctor’s office, then, set up like a medical examination room but with two gynecological exam chairs. A desk stood in the corner, but no one sat on the rolling stool pulled up to it. Mr. Porter said to Erin and Jessica, “Alright, girls. Go ahead and get undressed. Dr. Franklin will be here in a moment.”

“Undressed?” asked Jessica with a frightened look in her eyes. Andrew felt his mouth widen into a smile.

“Of course,” Clint replied with a note of dismissiveness and the tiniest hint of a disciplinary threat. He pointed to a rack in the corner of the office. “There are gowns over there. I’ll see you for PE, after your examination. Dr. Franklin will tell you how to find the locker room, and your gym clothes will be in your lockers.”

He turned and left the office, closing the door behind him. Erin and Jessica stood silently for a long moment, looking nervously at each other.

“Do we…” Erin ventured. She chewed on the inside of her cheek, and an adorable crease developed in her brow. “Do we have to take off… you know, our underwear, do you think?”

Jessica compressed her lips into a tight line. “No?” she ventured. The senator felt a twinge of disappointment as he watched, but he suspected that feeling wouldn’t last long. “I don’t think so? Maybe the doctor will tell us to take it off when it’s time? That’s the way Dr. Dodds does it at home, isn’t it? She doesn’t want us to feel uncomfortable.”

The girls got the gowns, then, clearly trying not to look at one another, and with their backs turned started to unfasten their skirts. With a sigh of contentment and a swelling cock, Andrew watched his promised concubines strip down to their modest white school panties and bras. Andrew Metz loved lingerie of all kinds, but the sexy, submissive charm of underwear that wasn’t supposed to be sexy had a very special place in his fantasies. Jessica and Erin would spend a good deal of time in their schoolgirl panties and bras when he took charge of them.

They folded their blouses and skirts neatly, once in the blue cotton gowns that even Andrew couldn’t find sexy, and put them on the exam chairs after looking around for somewhere else and not finding anything but the desk and the rolling stool.

A knock at the door, and Dr. Franklin entered. He looked the very image of the young, hot doctor. Andrew had a brief moment of envy at the way the girls’ eyes went wide as they stood next to one another watching him enter, apparently distracted by the chart in his hands. Tall, dark, and handsome—really a slightly slimmer version of Andrew himself, he reflected, though Dr. Franklin’s eyes were brown and Andrew’s were blue.

Before the doctor looked up the girls had exchanged a single look, as if to confirm that their eyes were telling each of them the same thing. Erin swallowed visibly.

“Erin… and Jessica?” the doctor said, looking up. The girls nodded. “I’m Dr. Franklin, the NMRA school doctor.”

He looked over at the exam chairs, apparently noticing the clothes placed atop them.

“You can put your clothes in the drawers under the chairs, girls.”

He seemed to notice something else.

“Are you still wearing your underwear?” The frown on his face seemed to Andrew absolutely perfect. His envy melted away as he watched the trainer at work, using both his medical degree and his finely honed dominant instincts.

“Y-yes,” Jessica said.

The doctor looked at Erin, as if to confirm that she, too, had decided to be so silly. “Yes,” the red-haired girl squeaked.

“M-my doctor at home…” Jessica stammered. “Sh-she lets me…”

Dr. Franklin interrupted her, as if he had no time for such demure silliness.

“You’re not at home now, are you, Jessica?” In his voice Andrew heard a hint of the kind doctor trying not to be too impatient with a reluctant young woman.


“No, you’re not. You’re here at NMRA to learn what modesty really means. One thing it doesn’t mean is pretending that you can cover up with underwear the parts of you that I need to examine and talk to you about. That’s what the gown is for.”

“But…” Jessica said. Andrew wondered why she would keep protesting—it almost seemed that Jessica Dering simply had a tendency to push the limits.

The doctor shook his head as if in mild frustration. He put the chart down on his desk and sat on the rolling stool. Jessica, interrupted by his brusque actions in what she had been about to say, looked at him with alarm. Erin’s eyes stared at Jessica, as if willing her best friend not to do anything that got them both into trouble.

“Over my knee, Jessica,” the doctor said.


“You heard me. Don’t make it worse. You’ve got a spanking coming. I can’t permit you to pretend that my instructions are to be questioned in any way. Get your disrespectful backside across my lap this instant.”

“You can’t!” Jessica wailed. Andrew thought for a moment of how the girl had had to expose herself in English class, and felt a pang of pity, but Kevin had made it clear that the girls’ submission needed this sort of treatment and fostering if they—and the senator—were to experience all the pleasure the Institute hoped to bring them.

“Jess, don’t!” Erin said.

“I can,” the doctor said calmly. “Do I need to call Mr. Logan in here to put you over my knee? I would have to use the strap, in that case.”

Jessica backed up a step, her eyes fixed on the doctor’s thighs.

“Please, Jess,” Erin whispered. Andrew wondered if the girl even knew what she was asking of her best friend. The look in Erin’s eyes seemed highly ambiguous, as if to see Jessica spanked were something she wished she could deny she wanted—something for which she had perhaps even longed, at night in her bed with her fingers at work between her thighs.

Steven Franklin, MD, patted his right thigh. “Come over here, Jessica,” he said. “Last chance.”

The girl’s lovely face crumpled into a mask of mingled woe and helpless arousal. A spanking for reluctance to obey him had been one of Charlotte’s goals for this exam, and Steven had no trouble finding the pretext. Being able to tie the spanking to the girls’ feelings about nudity made this moment singularly effective as part of their training.

Briefly, as he tended to do at the beginning of every instructional or disciplinary examination Steven carried out, he thanked heaven for his job at the Institute.

“Come now, honey,” he said more gently, shifting gears into kindly family doctor mode. “We both know you’ve been spanked at home, and we know how effective it’s been up until now in keeping you modest and well-behaved. Here at NMRA we intend to make sure that what your parents started gets properly continued, now that your body is subject to temptations it wasn’t before. We have to get you started out on the right foot, though, and make it clear that your bare bottom is going to pay the price for disrespect and disobedience.”

Jessica bit her lip and took a step forward. Though the blue exam gown made for a rather vexing shapelessness, Steven did like to see the way a slim young body’s curves could just barely be discerned as a girl moved. And then, of course, there was the rear view.

He reached out his arms and took Jessica peremptorily around the waist to guide her to his right side. She gave a little cry of surprise. He felt sure that her father might have whipped her young bottom harshly with his belt—as the video from their first inspection suggested—but that he had not handled her dominantly, the way Steven would.

Without ceremony he upended the girl over his lap, so that the gown fell away, exposing her shapely, white-cotton-covered bottom. He heard Erin, across the room, give a little gasp as he pulled down Jessica’s panties all the way down, past her knees, so that they slid to the floor.

“You won’t be needing those again until I’m done with my exam,” he said. Then he started to spank the little bottom, as Jessica emitted sharp cries of pain.

He held her around the waist with his left hand outside the gown, and brought his right hand down in the center of Jessica’s rear end ten or twelve times before he said, “Erin, while I’m spanking Jessica, please remove your own underwear and get up onto one of the exam chairs.” He kept spanking as he spoke, and Jessica began to struggle and kick, since he was spanking hard now. The bruises from her father’s belt had mostly faded, but they clearly gave her some lingering pain.

“Hold still, Jessica,” he said, “and accept your punishment,” not stopping the hard, quick swats that filled the room with their sharp sounds.

“No more, please, doctor,” she wailed, and now he could hear the note of yielding for which he had been waiting. He stopped, and laid his hand atop her now-glowing-pink bottom-cheeks.

“I feel sure you’ve learned your lesson, honey. Pick up your panties and put them with your other clothes, then take off your bra and hop up just like Erin. Erin, you can go ahead and put your feet in the stirrups. I’m going to be having a look inside you girls, in both your vaginas and your anuses.”

He went to the little sink in the corner to wash his hands, watching the girls in the mirror as Erin did as he had told her, with her cheeks almost as red as Jessica’s bottom. Her sweet red-haired pussy came into view as she lifted and spread her legs. Steven caught Jessica peeking at it—how could she help it?—as she awkwardly removed her bra, giving Steven an adorable view of her pert young breasts when the gown inevitably fell down a little.

“Your feet in the stirrups, too, Jessica. I want you both spread nice and wide while I talk to you about your bodies, and then I’ll go ahead and shave you down there.”

The girls exchanged a wide-eyed look, though Erin seemed a little soothed by the thought that they would both have to endure the humiliation of that posture together. No longer willing to question, Jessica did climb onto the exam chair on the right, and soon Steven had the very welcome view of two pretty eighteen-year-old pussies between widely spread thighs.

He thought with envy of the pleasure the senator would have deflowering them, but Steven’s job had its own very thorough compensations: Sam and Heather were scheduled for a side-by-side exam tomorrow, and their special training included the use of the doctor’s sizable cock as a treatment device. Fucking a girl secured in an exam chair represented one of the chief delights of Steven’s life; fucking two of them side by side almost, but not quite, gilded the lily.

He summoned his considerable intellectual resources to his aid as he picked up the girls’ charts—real, formal medical charts, though containing a decidedly nonstandard variety of information. His role, Charlotte hadn’t needed to tell him—though she had told him in their briefing that morning, something Steven found rather uncharacteristic of his boss—made an absolutely crucial part of Jessica’s and Erin’s highly unusual, indeed really groundbreaking training and of the research study it piloted.

“I’m certain you girls are wondering at least a little why you’re required to have this medical exam, when you’ve both had regular physicals within the last year. You probably suppose that it’s because something got lost in your files, or because NMRA has some special policy about its own staff examining you. That second thing is closer to the truth, but it doesn’t begin to tell you the real purpose of this examination.” He looked into the eyes of each girl in turn, and found practically identical frowns of confusion, their exposure to his gaze down below forgotten for the moment.

Steven’s job now involved keeping the girls’ existing idea of the New Modesty—and of the very concept of modesty itself—more or less intact while suggesting to them that they must expand that idea to include their submissive sexuality. He had to make certain that Erin and Jessica left his office under the strong impression that here at their new school, if their headmistress decided someone should fuck them, they would commit no offense by allowing themselves to be fucked, and even by allowing themselves to enjoy it the way they longed to do.

When the time came, the two ideas of modesty and sex would create blushes and cries of shame and pain, right alongside screams of extreme, marvelous, forced pleasure. Together those notions would make the experience of possessing Erin and Jessica enjoyable both for the dominant disciplinarian and master, wielding strap and cane and cock, and for the modest schoolgirls themselves, rendered immodest at will by those in charge of their sweet young charms.

From where he had positioned his stool, equidistant between the two exam chairs, Steven stretched his hands out and laid one on each girl’s pussy, beginning to palpate them gently, as both girls gasped. As he continued his little speech, he looked not at Erin’s and Jessica’s faces, but at the pretty pink inner labia his fingers exposed.

“In your indecent conduct, girls, you showed that you need a firm hand, whether that hand gets applied to your bare bottom, as Jessica just discovered, or it’s applied in a way that feels a little better, as you’re both discovering right now.” Both pussies had become quite wet: Steven could see the natural lubrication for sex shining there now.

“When a girl in a New Modesty school demonstrates the tendencies you two have, we believe she needs special treatment. It’s no use pretending anymore with girls like you that your bodies aren’t ready for sex. On the contrary, what I’m making you feel right now is the strongest possible indication that you girls should receive regular sexual stimulation as soon as responsible men can take you in hand, and that the sooner your vaginas can be penetrated with a man’s erect penis, the better.”

Now he looked up into their faces. Erin’s eyes had closed but Jessica looked back at him. Both girls had the wonderfully troubled expressions of young women undergoing forced erotic sensation. In Jessica’s eyes he read, just as he had hoped to read, an invitation: right now, Jessica would like the doctor’s erect penis to be the one to take her virginity.

He reluctantly removed his hands from their pussies. Now Erin’s eyes flew open, and he saw the same kind of invitation there, as well as reproach for stopping the stimulation, which she clearly saw as acceptable because a doctor found it medically advisable.

“Our job at NMRA is to get you ready for that day in body and in mind.”

He turned and fetched the clippers from his drawer.

“I believe you’ve been told that girls at this school aren’t allowed to have hair covering their private parts. There’s a hygienic reason for that, of course, but there’s also a psychological one, and I want you to think about your vaginas and your anuses from the perspective of the men who will take charge of your sexuality as I bare you down there.”

He bent to his work, using the battery-powered clippers first on Jessica and then on Erin. It took almost no time at all to reduce their cute little bushes to stubble, and their gold and red curls lay in little heaps on the floor.

“This will be a little distracting,” he said as he began to rub the shaving lotion into Erin’s vulva and anal area. She gave sharp little cries as he prepared the area, and whimpered as he shaved her very efficiently. Then it was Jessica’s turn, and Steven made short work of getting her pussy and rear cleavage smooth and soft.

“There,” he said. He got the little hand mirror from that same drawer, and held it up so that Erin could see what she looked like, then angled it so Jessica could see the same sight. He did all this in complete silence, knowing that the girls would take the meaning very well: I the school doctor of NMRA have just prepared you between your legs so that the man who takes you in hand can see very easily what sort of a girl he owns. Your loving, natural desire to look at each other’s pussies, and to touch each other there, in order to give pleasure, is part of the process by which you learn to yield yourself to a man, and help your best friend yield herself, too, when the time comes. He moved the mirror between Jessica’s thighs and repeated the process, giving Erin the same view her friend had had of her own pussy and anus.

After he put the mirror back in the drawer, he took the first of the clear plastic tubes, opened it, and shook the tiny sensor, barely visible, onto the tip of his right finger. Making no comment, he rolled himself back to Erin and used that finger to rub just in front of her perineum.

“Oh! Doctor…”

“Don’t be alarmed, Erin. I’m just testing your sensitivity.” He glanced at the screen of his laptop, on his desk, and saw that the sensor was functioning: TEMP 5 HUM 6.

He got the second sensor and turned to Jessica. “Your turn, Jessica,” he said and touched her in the same place. She drew breath at the unexpected feeling, but the sensor had adhered to her skin with fibrous hooks much too small to be felt, and it, too, started up fine: TEMP 6 HUM 6.

Now he got a disposable clear plastic speculum from another drawer. “Erin, you’ll have your gynecological exam first. Try to relax while I look inside your vagina with the speculum.”

Erin could never figure out why she found gynecological exams so difficult. They hurt a little, but nowhere near as much as having your teeth cleaned. Dr. Dodds, back home, had tried to make them easier, but maybe something about the very idea that this kind of exam was supposed to be embarrassing made it even more so.

Was it simply the idea of having that part of you looked at, outside and in? Now it seemed like Dr. Franklin wanted it to be not just embarrassing but humiliating when he put the speculum inside Erin’s pussy and opened it up.

“That’s just fine, Erin. Looks perfect in here.”

Did he mean that she looked healthy, or… something else? Something about sex.

She thought she had started to understand, now, the strange things he had said about sex, which something in her had tried to tune out, or to convert into the standard doctor-speak. But, no, when he had shaved them he had certainly said, hadn’t he, that he wanted them to think about men—husbands, doctors—and the things between their legs… their erect penises. He had even said ‘erect penises,’ hadn’t he?

Once again, her face grew very hot.

“I’m just going to put some lubricant on here, and then I’ll put the speculum in your bottom, Erin. We’re almost done.”

He did as he had said. He put the thing in her bottom, now.

“Just relax, Erin,” he said. Easy for you to say! “It’s important for girls like you two to understand that the sort of man who knows how to take you in hand and be firm with you will probably want to have regular anal sex.”

“What?” Jessica gasped beside her.

Oh, Jess. Don’t make this worse! Couldn’t they just get through this terrible ordeal and console one another tonight? The thought of being alone with Jessica again made Erin’s heart skip a beat even as it seemed to make it a little easier to endure Dr. Franklin’s terrible ministrations.

“I can’t see any benefit in your pretending you don’t know what I mean, Jessica,” Dr. Franklin said brusquely. “Men of the kind you need have every right, according to the New Modesty guidelines, to expect to have a girl’s anus at their disposal. Alright, Erin. Your anus looks just fine.”

How could she bear the sounds she heard now, as, tearing open the plastic and paper package of a new speculum—A Speculum for Jessica, Erin’s brain contributed, like the title of a children’s story—the doctor rolled his stool to the other chair, where Erin’s best friend lay spread open just as Erin did.

How could she bear to listen to Jessica’s tiny grunts of discomfort, and the wet noises of the speculum having its way in the place Dr. Franklin had made her look at: Jessica’s little pussy, smooth and bare now? Let alone listen to and think about the things he said regarding these men who would take you in hand?

Men with firm hands. The doctor himself clearly had one of those. Watching Jessica go over his knee for that spanking had been so hard… because it had also seemed so easy: not just easy, but…

Erin had gotten wet, watching it. How could she deny that a horrible part of her thought Jess looked pretty over Dr. Franklin’s knee, and that Jess’ little sobs of pain and shame sounded just the way a girl who had talked back should sound, when she learned her lesson?

She dared: Erin glanced at Jessica. Jessica had a crease in her brow, she was biting her lip, and her cheeks were red. She looked down at Dr. Franklin’s handsome face, intent on her vagina and her anus. What was Jess thinking about? Was she thinking about anal sex? A firm hand? The doctor’s firm hand?

“This looks just fine, Jessica,” said Dr. Franklin conversationally. “I’m happy to say both your hymens are intact, girls, and perfectly normal. When you have sex, you’ll experience the normal discomfort at first, and you’ll bleed a bit, but you and your partner will be able to have an enjoyable time together nearly right away.”

Jessica looked at Erin now, and her eyes widened to see Erin looking back. Erin wished she knew what her best friend was thinking. Might she be thinking, as Erin was, of the long, shameful, purple thing that had caused all this trouble? Of what it would be like to… A hot flush seemed to travel all the way through Erin’s body. To… practice, a little, together?

“Now your anus, Jessica,” said the doctor. Then, “Relax as much you can. Your body knows how to do this.” The furrow deepened in Jessica’s forehead and she looked at Erin with agonized eyes.

Erin looked back in torment. Could she ever, ever admit how wet she had just gotten, in a terrible rush, at the thought that her best friend had a speculum in her bottom, and that a handsome doctor was looking through it?

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