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Reluctant Surrender: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Measha Stone – Extended Preview

Married! The man was insane. He’d completely lost all of his cognitive abilities if he thought I was going to marry him.

“I’m not marrying you,” I blurted out as I climbed out of the car once it was parked in the attached garage.

Lukas shouted something in Polish to Patryk and Janusz that sent them scampering from the garage. He’d spoken too quickly for me to understand him, but I understood the look of pity on their faces when they glanced in my direction.

He stalked around the front of the car, charging at me with his eyes ablaze. I took a defensive step back, but there was nowhere for me to go. The garage door was shut, and even if it wasn’t, I doubted I’d be able to easily escape the grounds as I had earlier.

I didn’t understand everything Lukas had yelled into his phone once we were in his car after leaving Sammy’s place, but I got the gist. Complete lockdown—at least for me.

“We aren’t talking about that right now. We have so many other topics to go over first.” He stepped closer, taking up the last inch of space between us. He lowered his face to mine, our noses nearly touching. “Like obedience and consequences.”

My throat dried beneath his hard stare.

“Lukas. I… I’m sorry.” It was pathetic, but it was all I had.

The right side of his lips quirked up. “Oh, angel, you have no idea how sorry you’re going to be.”

Without warning, he bent over, throwing his shoulder into my stomach and hauling me up and over his shoulder. From my last experience, I realized kicking and hitting him wouldn’t get me anywhere.

“Stop acting like a caveman!” I yelled as he carried me over the threshold and into the house.

A sharp smack across my ass was his response. I opted not to inform him he’d just made my point, when his hand came down a second and third time.

“I don’t want to be disturbed. For any reason!” Lukas’ voice carried through the foyer as he took a turn up the stairs.

“You got it, boss,” a voice responded.

I groaned. One of his men had witnessed my humiliating situation. By the time we entered Lukas’ bedroom, I’d hoped some of his energy would have burned off. When he put me on my feet, I could see that hadn’t happened. He kicked the door shut and stood with his hands on his hips staring at me, his nostrils flaring slightly, and his brows pulled together tightly.

“Lukas. I know. I know you’re mad, but I couldn’t chance you getting hurt on my account.”

“What did I tell you, Maggie? What did I say when I left tonight?” He stripped off his suit jacket and dropped it on the dresser.

“You said to stay put.” I took another step back from him, thinking the more space between us the better. If he decided to lunge for me, I might have a better chance of diving around him and getting to the door. I knew what was coming, and if I had any chance to get away from it, I would take it.

“And what else did I say?” He unbuttoned his shirt, yanking it from his pants and throwing it across the room. Standing with his white tank top and all his tattoos covering his muscular arms didn’t help the nervousness in my stomach. The less clothing he wore, the more dangerous he became.

“Or else,” I answered meekly. I had a damn good idea what or else meant, and my ass clenched just thinking about it. He’d been so harsh, so unrelenting when I lied about the poker game. What would he do now that I’d blatantly disobeyed him and put myself right in Sammy Bertonelli’s presence?

“That’s right.” His hands went to his belt buckle, and in the fastest, smoothest motion I’d ever seen he had it open and his entire belt out of the loops. The sound of the leather rubbing against the fabric didn’t even register before he had the entire thing off and folded over in his hand.

“Lukas. Remember you said you’d never hurt me.” I put a hand out to ward him off, as though that could possibly happen.

He slapped the belt on the side of his leg as he prowled toward me.

“I’m sure that’s not right.” He snapped the belt harder against his thigh. “I like hurting you, angel. And you like it, too.” Another smack against his leg. “But you won’t like tonight.”

He reached across his body to my shoulder and pushed me face down over the edge of the bed. I grasped the bedding, trying to climb my way to freedom, but he wasn’t having it. He lifted my skirt, flinging it to my back and ripped my panties off with one tug.

“Lukas!” I screamed, but it was premature. The belt lashed across my bare, unsuspecting ass.

“Do you have any idea what he could have done to you if I hadn’t been there? Do you understand how much danger you put yourself in?” He brought the belt down again and again, flattening my wiggles with one hand spread out on my lower back.

I fisted the blanket beneath me. My feet flailed, trying to find a secure position on the floor to hold steady, but I was dangling too high over the bed. I had no way of escape from the harsh leather being brought down on my ass over and over again.

Instant fire raged across my ass and tears sprang easily to my eyes, rolling down my cheeks in rapid succession. Gasping for breath was all I could do between swats of the leather.

Finally, my foot caught on the carpeting and I was able to lurch forward an inch.

“Get back in place,” he demanded, holding the belt up, ready to strike. “Put your ass back and take your punishment.”

I recalled his words from the garage. The topics we were going to discuss. Apparently, we hadn’t finished the topic of disobedience.

I slowly eased my body back into place, presenting myself for his punishing hand.

“See, obeying isn’t that hard, is it, angel?” He sounded too damn pleased considering the amount of heat he’d laid across my ass. He tossed the belt on the bed, and it landed in a coiled heap only a few inches from my face. I could smell the leather from where I lay.

I took a deep breath, calming my breathing. It was over. It hurt like hell, and I was going to have at least one more welt across my ass, but I’d made it through.

His hands reached up to my blouse at the back and ripped it down the middle of my back.

“What are you doing?” I pushed up from the bed, only to be shoved back down.

“I want you naked when I fuck your ass for the first time. I want to see all your creamy skin except for your bright red ass.”

My mind went blank for a beat.

“No. You can’t.” I scrambled up, trying to get on the bed so I could get away, but he hooked his hands into the waistline of my skirt, pulling me back into place and ripping it from my body. I was going to run out of clothes if he kept this up.

“I can. And I am.” He kept his hand on my back while leaning over to open the drawer of his nightstand. I watched from the corner of my eye as he pulled out a small tube.

“Oh, god!” I cried out and clenched my eyes. “I can’t. I’ve never done that. You’ll break me in two!”

He spread my ass cheeks apart crudely while popping the lid off the lubricant bottle. A cold gel fell over my asshole.

“That’s what the lube’s for,” he said, tossing the bottle next to the belt. “Next time, you won’t be so lucky.”


“Lukas, you’ve made your point. I was wrong. I know that, and I’m sorry.”

The tip of his finger ran down the crack of my ass, smearing the gel over my puckered asshole.

“The more you clench, the worse it is,” he said, working his fingertip past the tight ring of muscle. “Ease up, baby, it’s going to be hard enough as it is, don’t make it worse.”

I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths. He worked his finger into me, bending it, twisting it, stretching me.

“See. You can do this.” His finger slipped out, to be replaced with his thick bulbous cock. Instantly I tightened again. “Your choice here, angel. The easy way or the hard way. Maybe next time, you’ll think about obeying me a little harder.”

I nodded. I would, hell, I’d think about it real hard right now if he would just give me a minute to adjust.

But it wasn’t to be. When Lukas handed out a sentence, he carried it through.

Slowly, he pushed the tip of his cock against my asshole.

“I don’t think I can,” I whimpered.

“Breathe, angel.” His encouragement dissolved my fear, leaving me with the will to accept my fate and the desire to give over to him. “You can do it.” He reached over my back and fisted my hair. The burn in my scalp distracted me just enough for him to push the head of his dick into my ass.

“Oh, god,” I groaned as my asshole stretched around his thick shaft.

“Fuck.” He pulled on my hair harder. “So fucking tight.”

Slowly, inch by inch, he eased his cock into my ass.

“You were a bad girl tonight, Maggie,” he said once his cock was fully embedded in me and the fire that had only been on my ass cheeks was now spreading through my entire ass. Not a single nerve ending was given a reprieve from his punishment.

“I know, Lukas.” I bit down on my lip, trying not to cry as he pulled harder on my hair and began to pull back from my ass.

“And very bad girls get their asses fucked with no reward. You won’t come tonight, angel. But if you take your ass-fucking like a good girl, I’ll make you feel good tomorrow.”

I would have nodded if he didn’t have my hair in his fist. I knew what was coming next, and a small part of me craved it. Lukas wouldn’t be gentle. He never promised soft, and even as the tears welled in my eyes, I resolved myself to taking everything he would give me. No matter how hard he punished me, when it was over, he’d still be there. He’d put me back together.

“Scream as much as you need to, angel.” He let go of my hair, gripped my hips with both hands and plowed full force into my ass.

Every stroke had me crying out. The fire burned white hot, but it didn’t stop him. He fucked me so hard, so fast, I couldn’t catch my breath enough to scream as loud as I needed to.

“Good girl,” he chanted, his fingertips digging into my hips. “Your ass is so tight.”

I buried my fist into my mouth, trying to catch the sounds before they bounced off the walls of the room.

Over and over again, he plowed into me, fucking me into submission, fucking me into the obedient girl he wanted. The burn lessened, but a new fire raged in my belly, in my clit. Every part of me wanted his touch, and I would be denied. Because naughty girls don’t get to come. Not in Lukas’ world, and that’s where I lived now.

His fingernails dug into my flesh as he plowed forward once, twice, then stilled. He bellowed with his release. I felt every pulse of his cock as he unleashed his hot streams of cum inside of me.

His harsh breathing was the only sound in the room. My tears dried slowly on my face as he eased his cock from my thoroughly punished ass.

“Stay here, angel.” He lightly touched my ass cheek then padded across the room to the bathroom.

When he returned, he held a damp cloth. I lay still as he tenderly wiped the cloth across my asshole. He could have made the moment degrading, but that wasn’t Lukas’ way. With the punishment over, he cared for my body as well as my heart.

“I feel… stretched,” I whispered.

He finished cleaning me. “You’re in one piece, I assure you.” He took the towel to the bathroom and when he returned, he was wearing a pair of low-hanging pajama bottoms.

“I really am sorry, Lukas. I just couldn’t let you put yourself in danger for me.”

He helped ease me up to my feet and worked my bra off. “You don’t have a choice now. Whatever you’re mixed up in, I’m mixed up in.”

Lukas pulled the covers back from the bed and gestured for me to get in. I was too worn out to search out my pajamas, so I climbed beneath the blankets nude. The coolness of the sheets felt soothing against my ass, but only for a moment until the touch became a constant reminder.

He climbed in next to me, flicking off the light on his nightstand and drowning the room in darkness.

“I really can’t marry you,” I took the chance to say beneath the cover of darkness.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and hauled me up to him. His thighs brushed my ass, sending an entire new heat burning inside of me.

“I will always protect you, Maggie. Even when that means protecting you from yourself.”

I stilled.

“No more arguing tonight, angel. Your ass can’t take another spanking.”

I opened my mouth, ready to remind him that he didn’t have to spank me every time… but he moved his leg and brushed against my ass. The reminder of what happens to naughty girls under his protection was too fresh in my mind to chance it.

We’d have a long talk in the morning.

And I’d set him right.

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