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Required Surrender: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Rough and tough.

By the way the bouncer was staying only inches away from me, I had a feeling I was being led to a cage instead of Lachlan’s office. I was being dramatic, but our rocky start didn’t exactly leave me with warm fuzzies. His scent still lingered, the light touch allowing him to stain my skin. A part of me wanted to rush home to take a hot shower, the other longing to find him naked underneath the showerhead.

I must have slowed my step because the brute pressed his massive hand on the small of my back, pushing me forward down a long and very dark corridor. When I finally stood in front of a partially open door, my resolve had finally returned. The handsome Scot was just a man, not a god.

The brute knocked twice then pushed open the door.

Lachlan sat on the edge of his desk, a smirk crossing his face. He was more at ease being in his lair, able to control the situation. That didn’t bode well for my nerves, but I refused to back down.

“Ms. Winston. We finally have a chance to formally meet, although I would have preferred under different circumstances.”

Of course the powerful man had me checked out, which meant there was a distinct possibility he’d realized where I worked. I hadn’t been immune from the DC social scene especially considering my father’s position in the Senate. While I loved my dad, he wasn’t well liked in either party, let alone his constituents or owners of clubs just like this one. He’d taken it upon himself to crusade against sexy clubs and stores of any kind.

That always brought a laugh to my lips given I was fully aware he’d enjoyed at least two mistresses in his life. ‘A perk of being successful,’ I’d heard him tell a buddy of his. Maybe all men were exactly alike. My ex certainly had been.

Jackie had told me I was holding latent violent tendencies because of my father. Maybe so.

“Do you need me to hang around, boss?” Brute Man asked.

The look on Lachlan’s face was startling, as if he’d just captured his prey. He rose to a standing position, shoving his hands into his pockets. “I can easily handle our guest from here. Thank you, Zeke. That will be all. Close the door on your way out.” He studied me intensely, never blinking. He was relaxed yet I sensed a primal beast lurking just under the surface.

Brute Man had a name. Zeke followed Lachlan’s orders and suddenly I realized I was alone in the man’s private lair. I wasn’t surprised at the posh interior, the sweeping desk system that took up a significant portion of the room, or the fact he had a fully stocked bar.

“First of all,” he said as he peered down at me. I hadn’t paid attention to his height before. The man was gigantic in comparison to me, muscular in all the right places. “Your demands will not be catered to. This is my club and as such, there are rules to follow. Is that understood?”

While I was momentarily flustered by the stern sound to his voice, I found myself nodding.

“I need to hear you say the words, Lark.”


“You also need to learn respect.” He tipped his head, obviously waiting for my complete acquiescence. Maybe it was his tough exterior or the tone of his voice, but strangely, I felt myself complying.

“Yes, sir.” A moment of panic settled in, which was completely out of character for me. I was used to being in control, the few courtroom experiences I’d had fueling the need for more. But with him, I was second guessing my thoughts. My pulse raced, my mind sputtering as if uncertain what to say or think. There was a strange sensation as if his commanding voice calmed the ache inside. I tried to remind myself that men were nothing but a pain in the ass. It wasn’t working. Was I really the ice queen Michael had accused me of being?

I was beginning to doubt the claim given the heat resonating throughout my body.

“That’s better. Perhaps you’re trainable.” He said the words casually, as if he already had me pegged. “Technically, I’m a master, but I’ll allow you to call me sir given we’ve just met.”

Trainable? Was he kidding me? And what was he the master of? There was a fire in his eyes as they pierced mine, the simple gesture making me even more uncomfortable. I struggled but managed to break the electric connection, perusing his beautiful office. I don’t know what I’d expected but the space was anything but stark and cold.

My eyes were drawn almost immediately to the swords hung on a dark crimson accent wall. I found myself walking closer, curious as to why he owned them. They were beautifully crafted pieces of art, ornate in detail, some more vivid in splashes of color than others.

I wasn’t certain whether they were meant to terrify those who were summoned to his office or to give people the understanding that he was a dangerous man.

“Samurai swords,” he said in a softer tone than before, suddenly appearing behind me. A lump formed in my throat, his voice tickling my senses.

“The Samurai were the military nobility of Japan, the Katana their weapon of choice.”

“I’m surprised you’re familiar.” He flanked my side, standing a little too close for comfort.

“Why, because I’m a woman?” I found myself incapable of looking anywhere else but at his chiseled face.

He shook his head. “No, because it’s an ancient form of combat. While widely revered, it is often misunderstood.”

“It’s very sad the Samurai don’t exist today. It’s illegal to carry swords in Japan.”

“You are a fascinating woman, which is a welcome surprise.”

“Fascinating is often a word used when vocabulary fails.” When I reached my hand to touch one, he snapped his fingers around my wrist.

“Be careful. They are very sharp. You are not allowed to touch anything in this office without my permission.”

His touch was exactly as it had been before, my blood pumping from the rush of excitement, heat building in every muscle and cell. I wanted to jerk my arm away, but his hold was too tight. I found myself more than willing to comply. What kind of power did this man have over me? “I suppose you know how to use them safely.”

“Yes, I do, as insisted by my father. But that’s not the reason you demanded to be in my presence.”

He had a way of stating things that made them seem dirty. I tipped my head, studying his eyes. I could see why women so easily fell into his web. He wasn’t just gorgeous, the combination of rough around the edges while holding an air of complete sophistication far too tempting.

“You are correct, and I’m certain you’re not used to being told what to do.”

“That’s something I don’t need to worry about any longer. I am in charge.”

Why did the words tickle my skin from apprehension spiced with excitement?

While he released my arm, he remained close, everything about the man oppressive.

No, that wasn’t the correct word.


I backed away on purpose yet found it impossible to drag my eyes away from him. “Is it true your family is involved with the mafia?”

His eyes opened wide, amusement crossing his handsome face. “Once upon a time, my ancestors ruled Scotland using whatever method they deemed necessary. But we’re no longer in the stone ages, Lark. Is that why you were determined to see me tonight?”

“I’d like a tour of the club and I’m not talking about Blackout.”

He chuckled as if I was joking. “Not possible.”

“You don’t provide prospective members with an advance preview of what they’re paying for?”

The way he crowded my space left my mouth dry. “Are you suggesting you’d like to fill out an application?”

“Perhaps, but only after seeing and experiencing what you have to offer.”

The flash of carnal desire was instant, as if the shock of my request was far too tempting. “Does that mean you’ve enjoyed the art of BDSM before?” he asked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

I started to say yes, but I had a feeling he’d see right through my lie. “No, but I enjoy learning new things.” That wasn’t a lie. I always had, although the thought of anything remotely close to kinky sex was terrifying. It was also appealing in a way that I couldn’t comprehend.

“Hmmm…” Now he walked away, rubbing the scruff covering his angular jaw. “Learning new things. That requires following rules. I have the distinct feeling you have difficulty doing that.”

His gruff voice was already irritating. “I’m required to follow the letter of the law every day, Mr. McKenzie. That’s because I believe in right and wrong. From what I’ve heard about you, I’m not certain you could say the same thing.”

While during the morning incident his eyes had flashed frustration along with his amusement, now they were pools of darkness and anger. I’d struck a nerve. I was shocked how they pulled me in, and for a brief second, I was able to catch a glimpse of his icy cold soul.

“I’m curious. Can you afford the initiation fee?” he asked, the dominating tone in his voice continuing.

“Absolutely. What is it?” Why were my knees shaking?

“Five hundred thousand.”

Holy crap. I hadn’t realized I’d walked into a lion’s den. “Do you accept installment payments?”

His nostrils flared just before he took a deep breath. “That can be arranged.”

“Then I should be allowed to see the facility.”

The way he was leaning against his desk was unnerving, pushing certain boundaries that left me extremely uncomfortable.

“Lark, while I understand you’re not familiar with aspects of this club or any other, you’ll need to learn and accept the rules for there to be a consideration of membership.”

“Such as?”

“When you’re addressed by a single member of the club, you will bow your head in reverence. When you’re in my presence, you will always be on your knees.”

The man was out of his mind. He was staring at me again, remaining quiet as if I was supposed to comply.

“On your knees,” he commanded, realizing I needed reiteration.

The sensation of butterflies had quickly shifted into a feeling of nausea, but without warning, I found myself complying, slowly dropping to the floor. My body was swaying from the act, my cheeks flushed with a continuously building heat. Get up. Get up! But I couldn’t.

“Much better. Lower your head.”


“You do not speak unless allowed. Lower. Your. Head.”

My God. I was obeying the man without hesitation. Yes, he was much older than I was, but I’d never been the kind of girl to follow authority figures easily, including my own father. Although I wasn’t given much of a choice growing up, my father a commanding force. But as I lowered my head, another gentle yet powerful wave of tickling sensations coursed through me. This felt oddly freeing. What now? I’d never felt like such a bad little girl in my life, the need for absolution unnerving.

He walked closer, his intoxicating scent stealing my breath. When he gripped my jaw, I was momentarily lost in a sea of fluffy clouds, uncertain how or if I was supposed to respond. His hold was firm, his fingers squeezing with enough force a hint of pain skittered into my system.

“That’s better.” He lifted my chin, forcing me to look into his eyes. My dramatic mind had expected to see the obsidian black eyes of the devil himself. Instead, there was a touch of approval in his shimmering green pools.

“Thank you, sir.” What was I doing?

“I’ll provide you with a tour under one condition.”

“That is?” I asked, my tone as rebellious as before. When he tightened his hold, my stomach did flipflops. “Sir?”

“That you accept punishment for your bad behavior earlier.”

“Punishment?” I wanted to launch into him again. He was unnerving, but I couldn’t seem to put an end to the charade. “How?”

“A hard spanking over my desk.”

My mouth was suddenly dry, the flutter of excitement unwanted.

“If I say yes?” He had to be kidding me. I was incensed, although fully aroused. That disgusted me more than anything.

“Then I’ll personally provide a brief tour but only because of your compliance.”

I thought about his offer, my throat tightening. “And if I say no?”

He took a deep breath, stroking his thumb back and forth across my lips. Nothing had ever felt so sensual or intimate.

“Then while I’m enjoying lunch with Trent Abbot, I’ll need to mention that I was accosted by one of his junior level attorneys. Given the amount of money I’ve spent with his firm over the years, I don’t think he’ll hesitate to take me up on my wishes.”

“Which are?”

“To have you fired, of course.”

“You fucking bastard. That’s blackmail.”

His grip tightened again, the man totally in control.

“Call it what you want, Ms. Winston. I made you an offer. I suggest you choose wisely. After all, as you pointed out, I do have issues discerning right from wrong. However, it’s your choice entirely. I might be considered a criminal element in your world, but I am an honorable man. Besides, I think you desire to be a very good little girl.”

My mind was a messy blur at first, but as he resumed stroking me as if petting his favorite kitty, I became lightheaded. The truth was that I might need to talk to him regarding the case. If he said anything to Trent, my career would be toast before it really began.

And I couldn’t put it past him to carry through with his threat. I also couldn’t deny or ignore the way the powerful man made me feel. It was as if all I could think about was pleasing him. “Fine. But I want the tour. No. You will keep your end of the bargain or else.”

“Or else,” he mused. “It would seem you’ve already forgotten the simple rules that you’re required to follow as well as the necessary respect. That’s something we’ll need to work on.” He released his hold, guiding me to my feet. “Remove your panties and lean over my desk.”

I glared at him, more shocked than I’d been before. Why was he really making me do this? Control? To assert his authority? Or simply because I’d challenged him? If I had to guess, I’d say all three.

While I wanted to hate him that much more, he was far more intriguing than I’d originally thought. He was also the most intimidating man I’d ever met. But goddamn him and his constant smirks. I was frozen to the spot, a mixture of repulsion and desire running uncontrollably throughout my system. Then I suddenly moved closer to his desk, my breathing labored to the point my chest was tight. I twisted slightly, using the front of my dress to cover my actions as I slipped my hands under the hem.

There was no clear answer as to why I was doing this, other than I felt compelled to follow his orders. Nothing like this had ever happened to me.

He watched me intently, his face devoid of expression. I was sick inside, horrified that I’d given him so much control. When I had my panties in my hand, he took two long strides toward me, yanking the thin lace from my fingers.

Flashes of the fantasy skipped through my mind like several bottle rockets. I expected him to command me to open my mouth, but when he pocketed them I gritted my teeth.

“You’ll get them back when you leave my club tonight.” He immediately reached for his belt buckle.

My inability to take my eyes off what he was doing churned in my stomach. He was perhaps the most handsome yet irritating man I’d ever met. But a sick part of me wanted his praise for being… oh, my God. I’d left the real Lark in the club downstairs.

“Lean over my desk. You will learn obedience.”

He made the statement as if he’d be personally in charge of requiring that to happen. I did as he commanded, my legs shaking the entire time. As the seconds ticked by, the sound of him removing his belt through the tight loops filtering into my mind, I was certain I’d be sick. The apprehension was worse than waiting to hear if I’d passed the bar exam. The biggest reason why was that he was the one doling out the punishment.

Oh, God. How had I gotten myself into such a horrible mess in the first place?

Thank God his office didn’t look anything like the one in my dream or I wouldn’t be able to go through with this.

And I was never going to crawl to him on my knees. Not a chance on God’s little green earth.

After a few seconds, I realized that my butt was on display for anyone who walked into the office, which was also different than the dream.

By the time Lachlan approached, I was so anxious I was certain I was about to have a heart attack. When I jerked up, I immediately felt his hand pressed against the small of my back.

“Relax, Lark.”

Relax. Was he kidding me? How in God’s name could I relax when he had a thick piece of leather in his hand? I took gulping breaths, ready to admit just how far in over my head I was. Maybe if I begged he wouldn’t divulge my mortal sins. Or maybe he’d find a more horrific way to blackmail me.

This was bad. Oh, so very bad.

“You’ve never been disciplined before.” He said the words calmly, tenderly, as if he really cared about my answer.

“No.” If my teeth were gritted any more than they were, I’d break several during the wretched experience. When he tapped my bottom, I cringed. “No, sir.”

“That doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you. This isn’t play time, Lark.”

Was there a difference?

He lifted the hem of my dress and a wave of embarrassment rushed up from the depths of my being, destroying my self-confidence. I’d never felt so vulnerable in my life, my ridiculous behavior the entire day completely out of character. When he brushed his fingers across my naked skin, I twisted my body, the shame killing me.

“Remain in position.”

Did he not hear me before? I had no clue what to expect, panic gripping me. I must have a screw loose to have challenged him, but there was no other recourse now but to get through this.

Eyes on the prize. Right?

Whoever had come up with that saying was a total idiot.

He continued rubbing one side of my bottom then the other, but I could swear he was plotting where the belt was going to land.


But the tingling I felt from his intimate actions was the absolute worst part.

The moment he stepped back, breaking the connection, an involuntary moan slipped past my lips.

He didn’t waste any time, bringing the belt down not once but twice. The shock of the impact hit me like a ton of bricks, driving me up from the desk. Almost immediately, I was reminded about his requirement to remain in position when he cracked his palm against my backside six times. How could the pain be worse than when he used the strap?

Confusion rolled through me until his wrist snapped and I was tossed into blinding agony, the kind that stole my breath, my mind reeling into a surreal state.

It had to or there was no way I could take this.

Panting, I threw one arm out, accidentally tossing several items from his desk onto the floor. Something cracked when it hit with a hard thud. I heard his soft guttural sounds and winced. I had a feeling he’d take it out on my backside.

Why was I aroused at the thought?

The ugliness of the truth hit me hard, completely like the fantasy. There was no possibility that I craved pain. None.

But here I was, wet and hot all over.

He continued the spanking, every swing of his arm methodical, so practiced he had a perfect rhythm. I bit my lower lip to keep from whimpering, blinking the second tears dared to form in my eyes. Hell, no. I wasn’t going to show any weakness even if I doubted that I could sit for a week.

Panting, I bent one knee, his hand immediately bringing it back into position. He rolled his fingers up the back of my thigh, gently caressed my bottom. My skin was on fire and I could only imagine the color. Crimson with stripes.

Was that in fashion today?

Now I knew I was nuts.

I found it strange that the anguish had started to fade away, my skin still on fire but the flames were coming from my core. Was this what euphoria felt like?

Hell, no.

Not a chance.


Lachlan took the time to pull my legs apart and I wanted nothing more than to cinch them shut. And why? Because I knew he could see how excited I was.

“Good girl. We’re almost finished.”

Good girl. Now I knew I’d dropped straight into hell. My fantasy had been a foretelling.

As the thought rumbled in my mind, he lashed me six additional times, each strike more painful than the one before, two snapped directly on my upper thighs.

This was a nightmare, not a fantasy.

Yet the scent of my desire was unmistakable.

I sucked in my breath and held it, floating into a beautiful abyss.

Then as soon as the terrible experience had begun, it was over. I was floating free on a cloud, trying desperately to return to earth.

“Yes, you were a very good girl, and because you were, I’ll take you on a tour. But you will obey everything I command you to do. If you don’t, you’ll face an entirely different type of punishment. One much harsher and longer. Do you understand?”

His words sent an unhinged chill coursing through my system.

One of longing.

And need.

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