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Returning to Her Master by BJ Wane – Extended Preview

Returning to Her Master“Hey.” Cassie smiled up at Marc, wondering at his speculative look. “Something wrong?”

“No, darlin’. Do you have a sturdy pair of tennis shoes?” he asked, eyeing her small sandal-clad feet.

“Yes. Are we going hiking?” She had explored none of the hiking trails since moving here and the afternoon was so pleasant, she couldn’t think of anything she’d rather do more except spend time with him.

“Yes. I’m taking a group up to Eagle’s Lookout in about thirty minutes and you’re going with us.”

“Eagle’s Lookout?” Morgan glanced up at Marc with a knowing glint in her topaz eyes. “Are we going?”

“You’re meeting us there to escort the group back.”

Marc laughed when Morgan wasted no time packing up her paints. Cassie looked between the two, wondering what they knew that she didn’t. “What’s at Eagle’s Lookout? Is it someplace special?”

“There are a lot of special places on their property. But don’t worry, you’ll like them. See you guys up there.” Morgan folded her easel and practically skipped inside.

Marc watched her go with a fond smile. She had come a long way in the last six months and now embraced her passions with open abandonment, much to his and Jack’s delight. “Come on, Cassie.” Holding out his hand, she took it and allowed him to pull her up. “Go change your shoes and I’ll pack a few things to take with us.”

Cassie marveled at Marc’s knowledge as he led her and a group of eight guests through a scenic tour of the mountain. They took their time, allowing him to point out plants and wildlife native to the area, stopping at strategically placed lookout spots with breath-stealing panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys. Forty-five minutes into the hike they stopped at a clearing and rested, taking time to down water and eat an energy bar.

Listening to his deep voice as he walked in front of her, watching his long-legged stride, his taut buttocks clenching with each step, made it difficult to concentrate on her footing or grasp what he was saying. Even looking up at him now from her perch on a log bench, watching him as he swallowed a bottle of water, his strong tanned throat working with each gulp, sent her pulse rate soaring. Her mouth watered at the sight of him, dressed in jeans, boots, and a tight black tee shirt, her appetite for what he dished out never fully sated. They’d had sex that morning, but she wanted him again. She seemed to be insatiable where he was concerned, something she had no desire to rectify. Her tight nipples and damp pussy ensured she would be ready for whatever paces he wanted to put her through. Recalling the way he had controlled her in the bakery yesterday reminded her it was her mind that had trouble submitting, not her body. It had been the same when she first met him, only this time she would make sure her mind got on board with him all the way.

“What are you thinking, darlin’?” Marc asked when he stooped down next to her, a small grin on his dark face.

“About how I can’t seem to get enough of you.” Her honest answer took him by surprise, as she meant it to. He might have the upper hand in this relationship, but she had ways of getting her own two cents in.

“That just happens to be a mutual feeling. Let’s get going so we can do something about it.”

Thirty minutes later they reached Eagle’s Lookout and met Jack and a flushed-faced Morgan. The small, tree-shrouded glen had one wide open view overlooking the sprawling valley and lake below, the stunning vista from this height taking Cassie’s breath away when she looked down. Logs for seating circled a fire pit, and as she sat next to Morgan she noticed how someone smoothed away the roughness, how the grass grew thick and lush, and the trees kept the sun’s heat from beating down on them but still allowed for splashes of sunlight to dapple the copse.

“Why do they switch up here instead of one or both of them taking the group the whole way up and back?” she asked Morgan, biting into another energy bar that tasted good, much to her surprise.

Morgan smirked at her. “It all depends on what other activities those two come up with. From what Jack said, Marc wants some alone time with you while up here, so it was no problem for us to take the short route and meet you. Of course, we’ve been here awhile because Jack wanted his play time as well.”

“I’ve never had sex outside,” she confessed, but the hint of it sent a heated rush sizzling through her veins. “But what if someone comes along?”

“That’s part of the excitement, never knowing if you’ll get caught. I remember one time… oops, no time now. Jack’s ready to head out. Have fun, we’ll see you back at the lodge.”

Jumping up, she joined Jack as he led the group down another path from the one they came up on. Cassie rose and waved goodbye before turning to see Marc removing his small backpack from his shoulders.

“Cassie, do you need more water?”

“No, I’m good. This is a beautiful spot.”

“One of my favorites. Jack and I spent days traipsing these woods and locating different rest areas. Come here, darlin’.” Marc sat on a large log and held his hand out to her, enjoying the signs of nervousness and arousal crossing her expressive face. When she stopped next to him, he reached up and unbuttoned her shorts, his eyes never leaving hers. After lowering the zipper, he pulled them down and urged her over his lap. “Bend over. I have a need to feel that soft ass under my hand.”

“This is getting to be a habit,” she muttered, bending over his hard, jean-clad thighs, the soft breeze fluttering over her exposed butt making her ache for a harder touch.

“One I don’t intend to break.” He adjusted her so her buttocks lay over his right leg, her hands braced on the ground, head down and knees bent. Perfect. Running a hand over her round, pale cheeks, he waited until her tense muscles relaxed and acceptance took over. “That’s a good girl.”

His simple praise shook her, left her yearning to please him in all ways. Baring nothing but her ass while they both stayed clothed heightened her vulnerability, left her more conscious of that part of her anatomy and how he might view it. Where her breasts were nothing to brag about, a medium size, her buttocks had more flesh to them. Leaving her trembling over his lap in anticipation while he did nothing but stroke her sensitive flesh kept her teetering on the edge of arousal, holding her breath as she waited for that first smack. When she shifted in anxious unease, the rat bastard just chuckled.

“Do you want something?”

Turning her head, she glared up at him through the curtain of hair sliding over her face, but at his immediate frown she stifled the sarcastic retort begging to be uttered. “Sir, please,” she replied instead, giving him what he wanted so she could get what she wanted sooner.

“Master, Cassie. Call me master.”

His guttural tone sent a shiver rippling through her, had her answering in a breathless whisper, “Master, please.”

“Please what?” he asked, refusing to relent until he heard everything he wanted to hear, squeezing her malleable flesh again.

“Marc, master,” she faltered.

Her buttocks were so sensitive, her sheath empty and aching for release. When he shifted his hand to trace his fingers down her crack with a light rasping over her anus and then her slit before returning to fondle her cheeks, a groan of frustration slipped past her compressed lips. Unable to stop herself, she ground against his hard muscled thigh, seeking relief from the consuming ache he had built. She’d never considered her butt an erogenous zone, never imagined her buttocks could be so responsive. She’d never experienced arousal to this degree just from having her ass played with, but oh, God, it felt so good.

Marc watched with satisfaction as she fought against the arousal he induced from caressing her ass and the light touches on her anus and pussy. It was a battle he determined she would lose. He had always been an ass man, and she had a world class one he knew he’d never tire of fondling. As eager as he was to smack those delectable globes, he was just as eager to see if he could get her to orgasm by just playing with her.

He continued alternating soft strokes with hard kneading, followed by a light graze from her anus down her seeping slit, gliding over her protruding, swollen clit before taking a casual trail back up her crack and then resuming fondling her buttocks. When her hips ground against his thigh then lifted for more caresses in a rapid rhythm, he knew he had her.

Cassie’s whole backside and pussy were aflame with so much sensation, her entire body quivered with it. With total disbelief, she began shaking with the beginning tremors of an orgasm then cried out in shocked ecstasy as it burst in a kaleidoscope of color upon her. Not caring how lewd she must look gyrating her naked butt over his lap, lifting up and down between his thigh and his hand, she rode out the pleasure until she lay like a limp noodle over his thighs in sated bliss.

The first slap landed with a resounding crack in the center of both her cheeks, shocking her out of her pleasant afterglow euphoria.

“Say, ‘Thank you, master,’ after each one.”

Delivered in a harsh voice, his order was at odds with the way he softly rubbed the burning mark on her butt. “Thank you, master.” She never considered defying his order as she braced for the next smack, surprised at how easily those three words came out of her mouth.

His next swat landed on her right buttock with as much force as the first. Sinking her teeth into her lip, she embraced with the familiar pleasure/pain that never failed to arouse her. He wasn’t starting soft and working up to harder strokes as usual, yet she welcomed each swat with pleasure, greeted each with a lift of her hips and thanked him for each on a gasp of pain that seeped into renewed pleasure, the tiny tremors still gripping her vagina increasing with each slap.

Watching her come apart over his lap had increased his own lust tenfold. Marc landed two more strokes then fingered her sheath, found her soaking, her engorged clit hard and swollen, her thighs trembling with her need. Pulling away from her tempting pussy, he swatted her ass again, loving the way her voice caught as she thanked him.

“Good girl, darlin’. I love your ass, how it looks now, all red and quivering, hot under my hand.” He gave her another hard blow in the middle of her cheeks then moved to her thighs to apply a few lighter smacks before grazing her slit and inching his way up her crack to caress her small tight hole.

She released a low, tortured groan when he tantalized the sensitive nerve endings around her anus and then slipped his finger inside, leaving him in no doubt about her acceptance. With a few shallow thrusts, he prepared her for further stimulation. “I’m going to fuck this ass soon, but today, I have a special treat for you.”

Cassie missed his finger when he removed it and now she had to contend with having both orifices begging for attention. “Sir?” she questioned when she felt the slow push of a well lubed object into her anus.

“Don’t worry, you’ll like this,” he assured her. “Deep breath now.”

On her inhale, the dildo slipped all the way in, filling her deeper and stretching her wider than any of the plugs she had used. Marc caressed her sore, tingling buttocks, and she imagined what she looked like with her butt bare and impaled, her cheeks red and her denuded labia glistening with her seeping juices. That mental picture set her to shaking with renewed arousal and wondering when he would put out this new fire he had started.

“Master, I need to come.” She cringed at her desperation-laced tone but the need for more was far greater than her embarrassment.

“Oh, we’re a long way from that.”

His amused tone had her gritting her teeth, swearing in frustration. Her sharp cry echoed in the clearing when he landed a brutal swat right over the dildo.

“I heard that curse. Be patient and trust me to take care of you.”

“But I want you to take care of me now,” she whined, not caring if she sounded petulant.


His low warning came with a stinging pinch to her reddened buttock. “Ow!”

“Come here.” Helping her up, Marc settled her on his lap, pushed her shorts the rest of the way off then pulled her shirt over her head. The sunlight filtering through the trees splashed across her naked breasts, warming them for his lips. With one arm behind her back, he lifted her toward his mouth and latched onto a turgid peak, sucking deeply as he used his free hand to pull and roll her other nipple.

The dual stimulation had her gasping with the new pleasure/pain then groaning in frustration when he released her tormented buds all too soon. “What are you doing?” she asked as he leaned down and rummaged through his backpack.

“Getting another toy for you.” Marc found what he was searching for, thankful he had taken these toys out of their packages before leaving the lodge.

“What’s that?”

She watched as he slipped the two loops over her ankles and up to her crotch. Attached in the middle of the loops was a soft, rectangular stimulator he nestled between her folds, right next to her puffy clit.

“You’ve never used a butterfly?”

“No.” But she had heard of them. Master Greg had wanted to use toys, but she had declined, just one of the things she denied him that had displeased him. Making sure the bands stretched tight enough over her hips to hold the little piece in place, he lifted her off his lap, smiling when she wobbled a little.

“What’s wrong, darlin’?”

“Nothing,” she denied, narrowing her eyes at him. With her ass stretched around the dildo and her sensitive clit teased by the press of the small rubber vibrator, her overly charged senses hummed with arousal, her orgasm having done little to curb her desire.

Taking her hand, he led her to a large tree, reached up and pulled down a chain with two attached cuffs. Lifting her hands, he wrapped the cuffs around her wrists with quick efficiency she remembered all too well, not giving her a chance to think before cupping her face in his wide palms and tipping her head up to his. His lips came down on hers in hard possession, kissing the tenseness from the taut stretch of her body as she leaned into him with a moan of surrender.

“Remember, use your safeword if you need to.”

Liquid heat filled her when she tested her bonds with a sharp tug, eliciting a drawing need that was almost overwhelming. “Yes, sir.”

With a nod and a smile, he went back to his bag and retrieved two more items. Seeing the blindfold and flogger, a frisson of fear accompanied the anticipation coursing through her overstimulated body. She shut her mind against the horrid memory of her last session with Master Greg that had ended with such excruciating pain. Master Marc was not Master Greg and a flogger wasn’t a thin, wieldy cane.

“Do you trust me, Cassie?”

Looking into his serious eyes, she knew she did. It was only one reason she had risked everything to return to him. She had trusted him two years ago until she made the grave mistake of looking upon his actions as a betrayal. “Yes, yes, Marc, I do.” She omitted his title on purpose, letting him know she trusted him as a master but also as her friend and lover.

Marc kissed her brow. “Thank you. Today is for you.” Covering her eyes with the soft blindfold, he added, “All I want you to do is feel.”

He lowered his hands to caress her face, her lips, before stroking in slow exploration down her neck, over her breasts, squeezing her waist, her buttocks, and then running his fingers over her mound and between her legs with a gliding touch. When she pushed her hips forward, she heard his low chuckle and felt him step back.

Cassie jerked with the first stroke of the flogger, not from pain but from pleasure. The leather strands softly kissed her buttocks, the light stings from each rawhide strip quickly gone. Moving up her back, then down and over her butt and thighs, he teased her with a litany of soft, tantalizing strikes. Her breathing increased as anticipation rose along with the strength behind the strokes. Just as she got into the rhythm, let herself sway with each burning lash, he stopped, her curse escaping on a whimper.


“Oh, I like that, how my title fell so naturally from your lips,” Marc whispered in her ear from behind her. Reaching down, he flicked the vibrator in her ass and then the remote for the butterfly in his pocket. He had both settings set on low, but by her flushed face and soft moan, it was enough for now.

Swaying in her restraints to the rhythm of tiny pulses in her rectum and against her clit, her need for more ratcheted up with each burning lash. Her back, buttocks, and thighs tingled where the flogger struck her. The soft breeze caressed her skin and the warm, soothing touch of sunlight splashing her body lulled her into lethargy. She heard the twitter of birds singing, the rustle of leaves from the light breeze and Marc stepping back. When he struck this time, the thin leather strands landed with a much sharper sting, the sudden blistering pain rousing her with a yelp and jerk, tantalizing enough to have her swaying back for more. He struck fast and steady this time around, harder than before but not the unbearable strikes Master Greg gave her with a cane before being stopped by another dom after ignoring her safeword. She shoved that memory aside, refusing to let it intrude or mar this time with Marc.

Moving with slow, methodical expertise between her thighs and back, taking extra time to torment the globes of her butt, he had her writhing in her bonds, unsure whether she wanted to escape the brutal strikes or embrace them. As they intensified, so did her excitement, answering her own question. When he moved in front of her and switched back to light strokes against her sensitive breasts, her tormented cry startled even her.

Slight burning streaked across the fleshy mounds of her breasts with each carefully orchestrated snap of leather, the sharp nip on her nipple from the end of one strand sending her lust careening toward a cliff from which there would be no stopping the tumble over. Soft caresses of striking rawhide traversed down her stomach before the unexpected sharp blow on the tender, bare skin of her labia threw her headlong over that cliff, screaming in pleasure all the way down. Shaking, she rocked with the explosive climax as the intense sensations drove the breath from her body, then continued, alternating hard and soft strokes from the flogger along with the vibrations in her rectum and against her clit egging her on. Soon she couldn’t tell when one climax ended and another began, she just went with the flow, drowning in pleasure and awash in sensation.

Marc’s face swam into view when he removed the blindfold. Blinking, she took a moment to come to her senses as he lowered her arms and cuddled her against his hard body. The rapid beat of his heart beneath her ear matched her own frantic rhythm, the hard cock pressing against her stomach proof it wasn’t because of a climax, or two, but because of how much he needed to take her.

“You look beautiful with your pink striped skin and shining eyes.”

His compliment went straight to her unguarded heart, rendering her speechless. Before he noticed, she pulled back and released his cock, taking him in a tight grip, the seductive smile creasing his lean cheeks encouraging her to explore further. Fisting him with one hand, she cupped his balls with the other, rolling them in her palm. The stark hunger reflected in his penetrating eyes was more than she could stand, but before she could drop to her knees to take him in her mouth, he cursed, grabbed her arms, and turned her back toward the log.

“Bend over.” Marc winced with the way his harsh tone revealed his urgent need to get inside her. Witnessing her unbridled reaction to the flogging, the way her head arched back, sending her long red-gold hair flowing around her shoulders, her buttocks clenching around the vibrator and her hips thrusting with the pleasure, damn near made him come in his jeans. Her effect on him proved to be more than he ever envisioned, solidifying his growing feelings.

Trying not to think of anything but the moment, he sheathed himself in a condom, shoved her legs further apart, grabbed her hips, and thrust into her wet heat. Finding the remote to the butterfly, he flicked it on high and fucked her the way he had fantasized, rough and hard.

Cassie swallowed her disappointment when she felt his latex-covered cock. After allowing him to restrain and blindfold her in the middle of the wilderness, giving him her explicit trust with her safety and well-being, he still didn’t trust her enough to believe in her precautions. She longed to feel his bare cock filling her, teasing her walls with the hard ridges of his length, but he apparently wasn’t ready to take that step. His forceful shove drew a grunt from her pent-up breath and, condom or no, her sheath folded around him and clasped him in a tight grip of welcome and need.

Then the small pad nestled against her clit came on full force, stimulating her still sensitive nub with hard pulses, sending her straight into another orgasm. Her hands slipped off the log as the blood rushed to her head with no warning. Sliding an arm around her waist, he held her up as he pumped a few more times into her tight core before she felt him erupt inside her, his shout reverberating across the mountain top along with her cries.

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