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Rewriting the Rules by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

“Aurora!!” The roar of her name and the pounding on the front door sounded simultaneously.

She grinned to herself and kept typing away on her computer. Donovan sounded pissed. Best he learn now, she might be a submissive and her instinct might be to submit to him but she wasn’t a doormat.

“Aurora Kane, open this door right now!” he demanded again.

Aurora laughed and began to sing, ‘Just Like Jesse James’ at the top of her lungs.

“I’m about to show you flames, young lady,” a dark voice said from right behind her.

She gave a little scream and spun around in her chair with her mouth gaping open as she stared at Donovan. “How… how did you get in here?” Aurora exclaimed, jumping up and skirting the desk to get it between them.

“A locked door will never keep me away from you, Aurora; it will only serve to make me angry. You and I have some things to discuss, come here.” Donovan held a hand out to her, his finger crooked in a come hither motion.

Aurora snorted. “As if. My mama never raised any idiots!”

“You’d best do as I say and come to me, little girl; if I have to come get you it will be worse for you,” he told her firmly.

“Yeah, well, I’ll take my chances,” she told him as she eyed the hallway to her bedroom gauging how easily she could get down the hall and get the door locked between them without getting caught.

“You won’t even make it to the hall,” Donovan said conversationally, as he leaned against the wall with his arms folded over his chest and one leg crossed over the other.

His pose said calm and casual but his eyes were anything but; fire still leapt in their depths, letting her know Donovan was one big hunk of angry man. It shouldn’t make her wet but it did, though she planned to ignore it.

Taking a deep breath, Aurora vaulted over the desk in a sudden move and ran toward the hallway. “Nooo!” she cried when she suddenly found herself suspended in midair, her legs still trying to run but getting nowhere.

“Yes!” Donovan said, satisfaction filling his voice as he carried her toward the kitchen and used a foot to drag out a straight-backed chair. He sat before tossing her face down over his lap.

“Don’t you dare, you asshole!” Aurora screamed, thrashing over his knee in an effort to get away.

Donovan held her fast as he jerked the shorts and lacy thong she’d put on after her shower to her knees, then clamped one leg over her writhing thighs to hold her in place for his discipline.

“Hide and watch, little girl. I am going to spank your sweet ass until you tell me exactly why you vandalized my car and then you are going to clean up every bit of your mess and then we’ll come back in here to finish your punishment.”

“Fuck you!” she yelled over her shoulder at him, then cried out when his hand fell in a blistering smack on her left butt cheek. “Ooowww!”

“By the time I finish, you will think the spankings I gave you yesterday were love pats,” he said, bringing his hand down again and again just as hard in the same spot. “I intend to make sure you think long and hard before you ever do something like that again.”

His hand was being applied with such searing heat it almost stole her breath. He must be trying to brand the shape of his palm into my ass, she thought frantically as it fell over and over before moving to the other side with just as much force.

This had to be the hardest spanking she’d ever received; her bottom felt literally scalded, and tears began to leak from her eyes as she collapsed over his lap with a sob of surrender.

Mercifully, his hand came to rest on her hot bottom, not rubbing to soothe her punished flesh but cupping one flaming cheek lightly. “Are you ready to tell me what prompted the display of brattiness currently stinking up my car?”

Aurora sniffled miserably. “Why don’t you ask the leggy blonde?”

“Leggy blonde? Selene?” Donovan asked incredulously. “You dumped that mess in my car because you saw Selene?”

“Yes… I saw her and knew you couldn’t really want me when you had sex-on-a-stick so you were just using me,” she said angrily.

“Using you? How am I using you? Selene is one of the copy editors, by the way, and is very happily married to Bill, the copyright attorney for the firm,” Donovan said sternly.

Aurora felt herself pale; she was really in some deep shit and she didn’t think an ‘oops’ would cover it. “Ohh…” she said lamely.

“Ohh? That’s all you have to say regarding your little jealous tantrum?” he asked before his hand started clapping down on her already sore bottom hard and fast.

“I’m sooorreeeeee! Please… I’ll be good! I’ll clean it up! I’m soorreeee!” she wailed as the inferno in her backside increased to nuclear proportions.

Suddenly she was standing in front of him with her shorts and panties still bunched around her knees.

“You certainly will and if you ever, ever do something like that again I will make today’s punishment seem like patty cake. Do you understand me, young lady?” Donovan asked her after putting a finger under her chin and forcing her to meet his gaze.

Aurora sniffed, trying to hold her breath to prevent more sobs from escaping. She’d really messed up; sure, she’d clean up the mess but he’d never want her for keeps now. It was just like her previous dom, Aiden had told her all those years ago; no one would ever want a sub as difficult as she was for keeps.

Donovan didn’t like the hopelessly lost look that came across Aurora’s face just before she gave him a soft, “Yes, sir.”

He needed to be stern with her but he also needed her to know she was safe. While he intended to punish her naughty little ass so thoroughly she never did anything like this again, he forgave her and he would never really hurt her.

Her eyes skittered away from his as the tears continued to fall steadily.

“Hey, look at me,” Donovan told her.

Aurora tried to pull her face from his grasp so he caught her face between his hands and forced her head up. She still tried to look away.

“You will look at me right now.”

She gave a little whimper but met his gaze; the miserable look in her eyes clutched at his heart.

“I’m not sure what you think is happening here, baby, but everything is going to be okay. I am going to punish you—thoroughly—but then I’m going to hold you tight and I don’t intend to ever let you go,” he told her firmly.

Hope lit her eyes and then faded with a fresh rush of tears as her eyes slid away from his once more.

“No, look at me!” he commanded and her tear-filled eyes met his gaze once more. “I’m not going anywhere.”

She blinked rapidly as she took a deep breath and her arms relaxed in his hold. “Okay.” Aurora still looked wary but seemed to be willing to give him a chance.

“Good girl.” Donovan gave her arms a squeeze then kissed the tip of her nose before turning her away from him and swatting her red ass. “Go put that pretty little nose in the corner while I get the things together you’ll need to clean my car.”

She halted, legs still hobbled by the shorts and panties around her knees. “I’ll need? Wouldn’t it be better to take it to a detailer?”

Donovan walked over, turned her back on the way to the corner, and led her to it, punctuating each step with a hearty swat to her bottom, making her yelp all the way there. “Oh, no, little miss, you made the mess and you will clean it up.”

Aurora opened her mouth to say something then closed it and turned to place her nose in the corner with her bright red bottom on display. Donovan eyed the sight with intense satisfaction before turning and heading into the kitchen for a bucket and cleaning supplies.

He took his time as he wanted to give her at least fifteen minutes to think about the error of her ways before releasing her from the corner.

When he called her from naughty girl contemplation, she turned and eyed the bucket of sudsy water in his hand dubiously. He handed her the bucket and a sponge then pointed toward the front door.

“But…” she began, only to start hobbling that way when he raised a brow. He followed closely behind, and she balked at the front door. “My pants are still down.”

Donovan reached out and pulled her panties and shorts up, feeling the sigh of relief that went through her body. “I have half a mind to make you clean the car with your britches around your knees and that naughty red bottom on display but I won’t. Just know that once that car is cleaned we will be coming back inside and you will lose your pants altogether for the rest of your punishment.”

Aurora gulped and looked nervously up at him. “The rest of my punishment?”

“Yes, you will be getting a taste of both my paddle and my strap. Tell me what else happens to naughty little girls, Aurora.” He leaned in and whispered the command in her ear and felt the shudder that racked her body in response.

A pretty blush filled her face. “They take it up the ass,” she said hoarsely.

“That’s right. Naughty little girls spread their bottoms open wide for Daddy, don’t they?” he asked.

She shuddered again and said, “Yes, sir.”

“Why is that, baby?”

Aurora looked like she might spontaneously combust on the spot; she was flushed all the way from the tips of her ears down to the tops of her breasts peeking out over the edge of her scoop-necked t-shirt. “Because naughty girls get sore bottoms inside and out.”

“Yes, they do. Think about that as you clean up your mess, young lady. Think about the paddling and strapping you’ve still got coming and then think about bending over the arm of the couch for me and catching a sore little bottom cheek in each hand and opening yourself wide so my cock can take your sweet little pucker hard. Actually, wait,” Donovan said, pulling her back inside and closing the door. “Bend over and touch your toes. I almost forgot about this little extra incentive I had for you to do a good job.”

He took the bucket and dropped the sponge into the hot soapy water as she did as he asked. He hooked his fingers in her shorts and panties and pulled them down her legs. “I want your legs as far apart as your pants will allow.”

She whimpered and did as he asked. Donovan pulled the large butt plug from his pocket that he’d brought from home just for her little ass after he’d seen his car. When she’d gotten upset earlier he’d forgotten about it, but now he remembered he’d intended her to have it seated inside her while she cleaned up the car.

“Oooh…” She went up on her toes with a little cry as she felt the blunt tip pushing its way inside her tight little asshole.

“Is my plug stretching you wide, baby? That’s where my cock will be later… it’s a whole lot bigger than this little plug. Are you going to be a good girl and clean my car up till it’s spic and span?” he asked as he worked the plug in and out of her bottom.

He watched her reactions as he fucked the plug in and out of her tender ass. Her breath came in little pants as her hips began to rock back to meet the inward strokes of the plug. His girl was made for anal play.

Donovan took a deep breath; he had to focus on the task at hand and not the fact that all he wanted to do in this moment was take her ass. It would have to wait until she’d cleaned the car up. Then he could sink balls deep into Aurora’s ass.

Aurora moaned as he pushed the thick plug in and out of her tight hole. She felt invaded… possessed as it filled her to the point of discomfort and yet a secret part of her wanted more.

It was embarrassing to realize she’d been rocking her hips back to meet Donovan as he fucked her ass with the plug… it hurt but it also made her feel meltingly submissive.

She whimpered and went up on her toes when Donovan thrust it inside her ass hard one last time then seated it with a twist of his wrist.

Aurora’s ass felt stretched tight around the plug as she walked out the door with Donovan’s hand in the small of her back, guiding her as each step jolted the invader in her ass and sent a wave of heat through her clit. She could feel how wet her panties were, clinging to the lips of her bare labia and adding to her excitement.

The plug in her ass and the feel of her wet panties was all she could think about until Donovan opened his car door and the smell of garlic mashed potatoes assailed her senses. The hot Texas sun had done exactly what she thought it would do… the car’s interior stunk to high heaven.

She wrinkled her nose in distaste; why had she ever thought she would get away with trashing his car? Now she was stuck cleaning up the mess.

The congealed potatoes looked disgusting clinging to the driver’s seat and floor board with hard white flecks decorating the dash, console, steering wheel, and gear shift where it had splashed up when she sprayed the potato flakes with the water hose. It was a huge stinking mess and it was rank.

She set the bucket down next to the car and studied the mess, trying to think of the best way to approach it. Donovan left her side momentarily then returned with a roll of paper towels and a trash bag, which he handed to her with a smile. “Might want to get the solids first.”

Aurora looked at him with an arched brow, almost having to hold her breath to keep from saying “No shit, Sherlock,” which she knew would be a mistake of colossal proportions. She already owed the devil far too much today and had no doubt he would be collecting his due in full.

Without a word she tore off some paper towels and began scooping up mounds of hard potato clumps. Occasionally she would come across some that were kind of wet and they stank worse, making her gag.

Donovan leaned back against a nearby tree, watching her in a deceptively relaxed pose with his arms crossed over his chest.

Asshole, she thought, shooting him a sideways glare.

“As long as you only think it and don’t say it I’ll let it slide,” he said from directly behind her, making her jump and hit her head on the doorframe of the car.

“Oww!” Aurora yelled, putting a hand to the side of her head and glaring at him again. She was going to buy him a bell! Such a big man shouldn’t be able to move so quietly. The leaves hadn’t even crunched under his feet!

He was like a Ninja… if Ninjas carried leather straps and paddled asses rather than assassinating people, and could make a girl come so hard her eyes rolled back in her head as she flirted with unconsciousness. Not that she was thinking about coming… not that the way the plug in her ass shifted inside her every time she moved was affecting her at all… Who was she kidding? She was almost wet enough to need a life raft!

Finally she was at a point to scrub; sweat poured off her body as she squeezed out the sponge and got to work.

It took forever; finally after what seemed like hours she had the car cleaned up as well as could be done with soap and water.

“I think it needs to be detailed now,” she said softly as she straightened from her bent position over the car seat.

Donovan nodded. “I’ll put this in the trash,” he said, taking the partially filled trash bag and handing her the bucket. “You go dump this and rinse the sponge and bucket out then take a shower. You have ten minutes then I expect to find you naked bent over the arm of the couch waiting for me. Are we clear?”

“Yes, sir,” she said.

Aurora showered quickly, her tummy knotting when she imagined his paddle and strap falling on her already well tenderized rear. The thought of that delicious cock stretching her ass caused a flow of wetness she was helpless to stop. The truth was she craved his total possession; she wanted him inside her in every way possible and in every conceivable position.

After toweling off, she hurried naked to the living room and bent over the end of the couch with her legs shoulder width apart. She buried her hot face in the throw pillow lying on the cushion at the end of the couch, trying to ignore the cool air blowing on her bottom and the wetness slowly trickling down her thighs.

Then she gasped as she felt him behind her, the fabric of his slacks brushing against the back of her legs making her shiver.

His hand came down to rest lightly on the small of her back. “Thank you for minding me, Aurora.”

“You’re welcome, sir.” It seemed weird to be saying ‘you’re welcome’ like she had passed him the salt when in reality her naked ass was arched high awaiting his stern correction.

She felt the strap sliding across her ass in a teasing manner. Though part of her feared it, she couldn’t help lifting against it as it rubbed over her bottom.

“You will receive twenty with the strap and then twenty with the paddle. Are you ready to begin?” Donovan asked.

“Yes, sir,” she said in a breathless rush.

The strap fell hard, catching the tender under curve of her ass and leaving a line of fire in its wake. Before she could even completely process the first stroke the next fell and soon she was dancing up and down on her toes and yelping while he held her in place. Each stroke also shifted the butt plug still planted deep and caused it to move inside her, increasing her awareness of it.

“Ooohooo… owwwwww! Ohhhooooo…” she yelled. Each stroke landed hard and fast as he laid one directly above the one before then worked his way back down. Five strokes up her ass then five strokes down, which he repeated before laying the very last lick of fire to end right on her sit spots where he started.

“Are you ready to finish with the paddle or would you like to take a break in the corner?” he asked her.

Aurora took a deep shuddering breath. “Finish, please… I want to be done.”

“As you wish,” Donovan said and then she felt the cool wood of a very long paddle rub over her hot tush. With a whoosh the paddle landed on the crease where her ass and thighs met, jolting the plug and making her cry out in dismay.

Another stroke fell just below the first, catching the top of her thighs. “Oooh, nooo… not there, not there!”

He ignored her and then laid another swat to her sit spot over the first and soon she realized he planned to keep his strokes concentrated to her sit spot and upper thighs. By the tenth stroke she collapsed over the arm of the couch surrendering completely to the sobs that she could no longer contain.

His paddle fell the last ten times hard and fast, ensuring that her upper thighs and the lower part of her ass would remember his paddle well every time she sat down for the next week.

She heard the paddle drop, as his hand came up to cup her weeping pussy. “My naughty girl is very wet,” Donovan commented.

Aurora groaned into the couch cushion, unable to deny how much his punishment affected her even though it had hurt so badly. He thrust two fingers deep, working them in and out of her while his thumb played across her clit.

“Ooohhh…” she groaned low and loud, thrusting her hips back demandingly as an orgasm built, but just before she went over the edge he pulled his fingers from her body and gave her a sharp swat with his hand.

“Do naughty girls get to come, Aurora?” he asked.

“No!” she wailed. “Please… I’ll be good… please let me come.”

“If you’d been a good girl, you’d be getting all the orgasms you could want right now, but you weren’t, were you?” Donovan asked her.

“No, sir,” Aurora said softly.

“Do you think you deserve to come like a good girl would?”

Her shoulders slumped. “No, sir.”

When she felt the tug on the plug in her ass it was almost a relief; at least he would fill something. He made short work of pulling the plug out and then she felt the broad head of his cock against her tender opening while he pressed her legs even further apart.

Aurora groaned in dismay when she realized he was positioning her in such a way that he ensured her clit got no pressure. He really wasn’t going to let her come!

“Take a breath and press back against me,” he instructed.

Aurora pressed back, eager to feel his length deep in her ass, stretching her wide even without the orgasm.

She whimpered, her ass burning as the tissues stretched wide to accept his cock and then he was inside, moving ever deeper with each thrust until she felt his balls pressing against her ass.

She felt impossibly full and her clit throbbed in need when he began to pull out and slammed back inside… pleasure warred with pain as he took her ass in a punishing rhythm.

Aurora found herself pressing back to meet every thrust as the orgasm she’d been told she wouldn’t get built inside her; she wanted more. The feel of his cock plundering her most private place made her feel owned completely and satisfied a need she hadn’t even realized she had.

“Oooh… yes! Harder!” she cried as he pounded in and out of her.

“You come and I will strap that naughty pussy of yours,” he whispered in her ear and that was all it took; Aurora exploded around his pistoning cock. Her ass clamped down hard and then he groaned and shot his hot seed deep inside her, bathing the tender inner muscles of her ass.

Aurora shuddered as he pulled out, and then she collapsed over the arm of the couch like a limp noodle. She began to shiver, every muscle in her body shaking in reaction to the intensity of what they’d shared.

She moaned when he used a warm washcloth to clean her up; she hadn’t even noticed when he’d left to get it. Then she groaned as she felt the tip of that damn plug pressing against her tender asshole then sliding home to seat deep inside her again.

“Why?” she whined.

“You will wear it until we return from getting the car detailed. Take the plug and your pussy strapping like a good girl and when we get back I will make you come until you see stars,” Donovan told her, pressing a kiss to her red ass before picking her up and laying her on her back on top of the coffee table. “Spread those pretty thighs wide for your strapping.”

Aurora looked up at him, her face flushed as she nervously parted her thighs.

“Wider,” he commanded. “I want to see every bit of that lovely pink slit ready for my strap.”

She was embarrassed by how wet his words made her. The thought of that strap landing on her delicate bits intrigued her as much as it frightened her.

He held the strap so just a couple of inches at the end were available, when he snapped it down right on her clit. Her back bowed as she gasped in shock. Stinging pain filled her poor little nub, then morphed into a wave of hot pulsing pleasure just as quickly.

Donovan snapped it down on her vulnerable pussy four more times in quick succession while she jerked and cried out, barely managing to keep her legs apart for him. Tears rolled freely down her cheeks but she felt like she was also on the cusp of another intense orgasm.

“Good girl,” he told her, dropping the strap and lifting her to stand in front of him on shaking legs. “Go get dressed and don’t you dare touch that needy little clit of yours. Am I understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Aurora said, walking to her bedroom with a slight hitch in her step from a combination of the plug in her ass and the tight heat in her bottom along with the throb in her clit.

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