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Riley’s Reckoning by Claire Britain – Extended Preview

Riley looked hesitantly down at her empty wineglass.

“Jo, can I have another glass?”

“Riley, of course you can, my point earlier was about the binge drinking when you get upset. If you ever come home like that again, I’ll paddle your backside every day for a week, got it?”

“Yes, ma’am!” Riley replied deliberately with a small smile.

“Hmm, that’s better but a lesson in obedience might be a good idea,” Joanna said with a wicked smile. “I think it’s time for another session over my bench!”

Riley had a twinkle in her eye as she smiled fervently at Joanna. Joanna had introduced Riley to some delicious practices during their lovemaking and her past experiences had not only been amazing but Joanna had begun to teach her the delicate balance of pleasure and pain, as she submitted to her dominant girlfriend in the bedroom.

“Really?” Riley said eagerly. “But it doesn’t seem right. I mean with the trouble I caused yesterday, I’m not sure I deserve any fun.”

“And what makes you think it will be fun? Not for you, I’d imagine but I’m going to teach you some obedience. Tonight, I’m going to paint stripes on your ass for my enjoyment! Now be a good girl, fill up our wineglasses and bring them to the bedroom.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Riley swallowed hard; she could already feel herself damp with arousal. She loved it when Joanna went into full ‘domme’ mode; it had opened up a whole new world for her and she relished it.

When Riley arrived in the bedroom with the wine, Joanna was waiting for her. Riley eyed her hungrily, taking in Joanna’s black lace panties and corset, with tall leather boots and skin-tight, long black leather gloves. In her hand she flexed a long, thin riding crop with a chrome-tipped handle.

Riley’s heartbeat quickened at the sight of her magnificent lover. Joanna crooked a finger toward Riley and she approached. Joanna took the wineglasses from Riley and put one down on the dresser. Riley stared up into Joanna’s green eyes. Joanna grasped Riley by the chin and took a sip from her wineglass. Pulling Riley toward her face, she closed her lips around Riley’s, parting them with her tongue, transferring some of the crimson liquid into Riley’s mouth. Riley swallowed.

“Strip!” Joanna demanded. “By the time I’m done with you tonight you’re going to learn that you better come home to me when you are supposed to!”

Riley wished she’d had on something sexier than her flannel PJs but she wasn’t expecting to play like this today. At least she was hoping it was play after Joanna had gone ballistic on her butt the day before. Joanna never mixed real punishments with play… did she?

Riley slipped out of her pajama top and bottoms, folding them neatly before handing each item to Joanna, who was circling her silently, flexing the black crop. Riley stood in the middle of the bedroom in her blue lace panties. Joanna came around to Riley’s front and pinched one of her nipples, rolling it between her thumb and forefinger with enough force to make Riley wince a little. Joanna reached behind Riley and slid her leather-gloved hand inside Riley’s panties. She squeezed her bottom several times, making Riley wince once again.

“I’m going to enjoy making you squirm, Riley, this lovely bottom is going to be very red again by the time I’m finished with you tonight! Take them off,” Joanna directed, pointing her crop at Riley’s underwear.

Riley’s face flushed as she slid her damp panties down over her long legs and offered them to Joanna’s outstretched hand.

“Tut, tut, tut, what have we here?” Joanna chided, examining Riley’s panties. “Such a naughty girl, so wet, I think I better start that obedience lesson now, don’t you?”

Riley blushed furiously. “Yes, ma’am,” she conceded.

“Bend over, Riley, and spread those legs apart, I want to see your pretty little pussy as I turn your lovely bottom red.”

Riley could feel the moisture pooling between her legs as Joanna controlled her. She felt Joanna’s leather-clad hand caress her backside.

“Hmm, still sore from yesterday, I’d imagine,” Joanna said, as Riley gripped her spread ankles.

A loud clap echoed around the bedroom as Joanna’s hand connected with Riley’s bottom in a firm spank. Joanna’s skin-tight leather gloves seem to increase the sting of the blow.

“Ow!” Riley yelled as Joanna’s hand connected with her cheeks over and over again.

It didn’t take long for the heat to build in Riley’s behind as Joanna slowly and deliberately covered Riley’s bottom in stinging swats. Joanna paused and came around to Riley’s front so her black lace panties were eye level with Riley. Riley couldn’t help herself as she reached out and nipped Joanna’s crotch with her teeth.

Riley tilted her head up and smiled mischievously at Joanna, the throbbing between her legs growing by the second.

“Naughty girl, you’re going to pay for that!” Joanna said, as she smiled back down at her.

Joanna slowly peeled her long gloves off one at a time then smacked them down on her hand a couple of times for effect.

Riley could smell the aroma of leather as Joanna walked behind her. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Joanna’s arm raise high in the air. The gloves smacked down on Riley’s backside with ferocity. She wasn’t expecting the sharp pain from the leather garments and she shot up, with urgency, rubbing her stinging backside.

“Ow, shit, that hurt!” Riley pleaded as she rubbed the crimson stinging line the gloves had inflicted.

“I’m growing tired of your inability to focus, Riley. Back down in position,” Joanna ordered.

Riley complied and once again bent over.

“Now let’s try this again,” Joanna said, raising her arm high and smacking the gloves down on Riley’s sore behind.

Riley exhaled rapidly, as the pain registered again, but this time she held her position.

“Good girl, that’s what I expect.”

Riley could feel the tip of Joanna’s crop trace along her spine and down between her legs. She shivered as the leather loop teased her sopping slit.

“Naughty girl, you’re so wet. What do you want, Riley?” she said, as her hand dipped between Riley’s legs from behind and played in her wet folds.

Riley moved back against Joanna’s fingers, desperately trying to relieve her arousal as Joanna teased between her legs, her fingers brushing against her engorged clit.

“Oooh, ye-es, please, fuck me, Jo!” Riley gasped.

“Language!” Joanna scolded, flicking the crop across Riley’s bottom. “Now then, get the bench and set it up and be quick about it, or you’ll feel my flogger and not in a good way!”

Joanna took her wineglass and sat on the bed up against the headboard, as she watched Riley scramble to do her bidding. Riley knew the drill, as she unfolded the black rug facing the bed. She pulled the bench out from under the bed and centered it on the rug before assembling it and securing it with the locking pins as Joanna had shown her.

“Good girl, you remember!” Joanna praised, as she sipped her wine, absently circling her black boot-clad foot.

Riley blushed as she felt Joanna’s eyes on her, watching her every move. She felt so vulnerable but also excited. Each time they played with the bench, Joanna had shown her something new and Riley was desperate to know what she had in store for her tonight.

“Now, my love, up you get,” Joanna directed, pointing to the bench with the crop.

Riley rounded the back of the bench, facing Joanna. She smiled at Joanna on the bed, before climbing up onto her knees on the two padded sides obediently.

“Good girl, now do I have to tie you down, or are you going to behave? Hmm?”

“I’ll behave, I promise,” Riley replied, kneeling on the bench as she sultrily cocked her head to the side and put a single finger in her mouth between her lips.

Joanna smiled and Riley took her cue, bringing her other hand up to her pert breast. She started playing with her nipple, making lazy circles with her fingers and tugging on it gently.

Riley could see the look of approval on Joanna’s face as she sipped her wine from the bed.

“Riley Carrington, what am I going to do with you, hmm?”

“Whatever you want, ma’am,” Riley retorted back.

“Good girl, you are learning,” Joanna replied, taking another sip of her wine before leaving the bed and placing her glass on the dresser.

She went to the docking station on the wall and began to scroll through her music collection.

“Ah, here we are, nothing like a little opera to awaken the senses.”

Riley heard the voice of a female soprano start to emanate loudly from the speakers that surrounded the room, as Joanna approached her on the bench.

“Now then, girl,” Joanna began, as she put the tip of the crop below Riley’s chin. “You’ll do everything I tell you to, speak only when spoken to and if you come without my permission I’ll punish your lovely bottom inside and out. Do you understand me?”

Riley’s eyes went wide at the last admonishment from her lover and a deep blush spread across her face.

“Tut, tut, not a very good start, is it?” Joanna declared, as she moved the crop away from Riley’s chin and flicked it down sharply across her behind.

“Ow! No, I mean yes, ma’am!” Riley cried, wincing at the sharp sting the crop had left.

“That’s better, now down!” Joanna ordered, slapping the padded surface of the bench with the crop.

Riley obeyed instantly, and she leaned forward and rested her torso on the slanted padded surface, bringing her arms to rest on the padded side rails. Riley was all too aware of the vulnerable position she was in over the bench. Her bottom stuck out prominently and her legs were spread wide so Joanna had full access to her sopping pussy.

“Wait here, my darling, enjoy the music but don’t move. I’ll be back in moment,” Joanna said, disappearing into the closet.

Riley stole a glance behind her, as she heard Joanna return to the room.

“What did I tell you, girl?” Joanna asked, whipping the tails of her flogger down hard across Riley’s bottom.

“Ow!” Riley shot back up and rubbed her bottom feverishly, trying to rub away the sting the heavy tails had made but when she saw the look of displeasure on Joanna’s face, she settled back down into position.

The next thing Riley felt was a blindfold being placed over her eyes and around her head. Riley’s senses were heightened, as the opera started to crescendo around the room. Joanna was silent. Riley couldn’t tell where she was and she expected to feel the sting of Joanna’s flogger or the bite of the crop but instead she felt soft fur, caressing her arms, up around her shoulders and neck and down her back, bringing her flesh to life and leaving goosebumps in its wake.

Joanna had on some kind of fur mitt that she was caressing her with and when she stroked it over her bottom cheeks, Riley moaned with desire.

The soprano belted out the aria at the top of her lungs as Joanna dipped her fingers deep between Riley’s legs, playing in her wet center and teasing her clit as the mitt stroked over her bottom.

“Mmm… please, Jo,” Riley moaned.

Joanna immediately stopped; the next thing Riley felt was hot breath at her ear.

“Bad girl, you disappoint me, Riley. Now I’m going to have to punish you! Such disobedience. I think perhaps you need something to remind you to do as you’re told.”

Riley was wrapped up in her euphoric moment but she still hated the fact she disobeyed Joanna’s simple instructions and she waited for the fallout in anticipation. She tried to hear what Joanna was doing over the Italian singer. She didn’t have to wait long, before she felt cool liquid drip down between her nether cheeks. Riley’s breathing began to increase as she felt Joanna’s finger rub the cool liquid over her forbidden opening and slide a fingertip inside, making Riley gasp.

“Trust me, just relax,” Joanna said, as Riley felt the tip of a small dildo invade her most private opening.

Riley was eager to do her lover’s bidding but as she felt the object slide further inside her, it made her tight ring stretch uncomfortably. She wanted to object but at the same time please her dominant partner and the feeling was not entirely unpleasant, as Riley began to feel her arousal betray her instincts. Just as Riley didn’t think she could accept any more of the foreign object, it slid in easily and seated snugly in her bottom.

“Good girl, how does that feel, Riley? It’s nice, isn’t it, you like my little plug in your naughty bottom, don’t you?” Joanna asked, as she once again began to play in Riley’s wet folds while pushing and twirling the plug inside her bottom.

Riley moaned, trying desperately not to grind on Joanna’s hand in an attempt to relieve her intense arousal. If Joanna so much as brushed her pulsing clit it would send Riley over the edge. Riley felt a sudden intense void when her lover removed her hands. She could hear Joanna moving and a little moan emanated along with the soprano from somewhere in the room.

“Darling, you’re simply gorgeous, I don’t know how I can possibly resist you but you are so very naughty! Mmm, see what you do to me, Riley?” Joanna said as she brushed wet fingers against Riley’s lips.

Riley instinctively opened her mouth and Joanna slipped two fingers inside. She could taste Joanna’s arousal on her fingers and she sucked on them eagerly. Joanna removed her fingers and Riley felt Joanna’s hand behind her head.

“Do you like that, do you want to taste me, Riley?”

“Fuck, yes!” Riley breathed, as Joanna grasped her hair firmly.

“Good, because I have to punish you. While I’m doing that you will pleasure me and you won’t stop feeling my flogger until you make me come, my darling.”

Riley felt the thick tails of the flogger whip down on her bottom, making contact with the base of the plug inside her and straying down between her legs stinging her sensitive bud.

“Ahh!” Riley cried, partly from the sting but mostly from her intense arousal.

Joanna pulled Riley’s head forward and Riley buried her face in Joanna’s sweet folds and began lapping eagerly.

Riley felt the sting again and again and Joanna thrust her pussy further into Riley’s face each time she connected with the flogger.

Riley couldn’t help herself as she attempted to grind on the surface of the bench.

“No, you don’t, miss!” Joanna admonished, bringing the flogger down smartly again.

Riley had to concentrate and despite the intense pleasure and pain she was feeling, she trapped Joanna’s clit gently between her teeth and started sucking and flicking it with her tongue.

“Oh, baby, that’s it!” Joanna encouraged. “Oh yeah, oh yeah!”

Riley knew Joanna was nearly there; the flogger had stopped connecting and Joanna was guiding her head and thrusting her hips to the rhythm of Riley’s tongue.

As she brought her lover to her climax, Riley could no longer hold back as her own orgasm peaked.

“Hold on, darling!” Joanna said as Riley felt fast hot breath between her legs.

Joanna’s tongue circled her pulsing bud from behind and her hand toyed with the base of the plug that was inside her. Once again, she heard the crescendo of the opera’s aria.

Riley could no longer control herself as all the sensations began to overwhelm her. She felt almost dizzy, the feeling of Joanna’s tongue working her clit, her stinging bottom from the thick tails of Joanna’s flogger, the music blaring in the room, and her bottom pulsing around the plug inside her.

“Oh, god, yes, Jo!” Riley cried out, seconds before the most intense orgasm shook her and she collapsed on the surface of the bench.

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