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Rogue: A Dark Cyborg Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

The way her skin looked in the shadows was seductive, breathtaking. I advanced yet kept my distance, allowing her to feel some level of comfort. I’d followed her, finding out everything about the human female I’d fantasized about. Then I’d begun the hunt. Now, she belonged to me and there was no human or machine who could ever take her away from me.

“Noire,” I whispered, the single word echoing even in the abandoned space; crumbled walls of concrete, twisted metal girders, and rusted pipes were all that surrounded us. Scattered junk was strewn about, ancient desks and other furniture simply left after evacuation. She’d made a single mistake, falling into my trap. Neither her years of training nor her innate instincts had provided warning.

Not against the likes of me.

She turned around in the darkness, gasping for air as she struggled to see where the voice had come from. “Who are you?” She was shaking and even from where I stood, I could hear the rapid beating of her heart.

“Noire, come to me,” I commanded.

Moving around a mass of debris in a stealth-like manner, she continuously scanned the warehouse, trying to keep her wits together.

Inhaling, the scent of her feminine wiles, a wet pussy already clenching with anticipation, was the sweetest aphrodisiac. Even in the darkness, I could see the outline of her hardened nipples straining against the thin tee shirt.

“Stay away from me,” she huffed, her tone riddled with bitterness.


I stepped out into the last remnants of daylight, the scattered sun peeking in through the cracks in the windows.

She thrust the gun in my direction, taking a fighter’s stance. “You’re under arrest.”

“Is that what you really want? Is that why you came here all alone?” I took two decided steps toward her, my hands behind my back. The cat and mouse game had been… delicious.

While Noire continued to fight her urges, the longing that had built to the point of losing control, her eyes gave her away. She was ripe for the taking, yearning to have my cock buried deep inside of her. She hungered for my touch, praying I’d strip her free of her tight confines, unleashing her pent-up inhibitions and the ugly mask she’d hidden so carefully behind for years.

And I would do just that.

“HPA 2252, you’re coming with me,” she stated. Her voice was hoarse, the tone raw and unbridled. I was even more drawn to her, taking a calculated step closer. She responded by tightening her grip on the weapon, her elegant arms fully extended. However, her lower lip quivered and her reaction had nothing to do with fear. She was powerful and strong, even in her desire to succumb to my demands.

“I have no intention of doing that, Noire. In fact, you’ve come for an entirely different reason. Haven’t you?”

We’d played this game long enough. Now, I’d give her everything she’d fantasized about all those lonely nights. My footsteps thudded against the cold concrete as I walked closer, until we were only an arm length away, the barrel of her gun planted against my chest. I gazed down the barrel then to her face, cocking my head as I studied every detail of her stunning features; long eyelashes framing the most incredible set of lavender eyes, high cheekbones that couldn’t hide the flush covering her porcelain skin, and voluptuous lips that were slightly pursed.

She took several deep breaths, the sound ragged, her chest rising and falling. “Don’t come any closer,” she managed, although there was no conviction in her voice. “Get down on your hands and knees, your arms behind your head.”

“That’s the position you will be in soon enough.”

“Fuck you, cyborg. You are coming with me one way or the other.” She laughed softly, fighting to keep her hands on the gun.

I knew her strengths as well as her weaknesses. I had no fear of her pulling the trigger. “No, I’m not.”

I gave her what had to be a lurid smile before lifting my hand and placing it on the barrel, very slowly pulling the gun from her hand. While she didn’t resist, a series of whimpers escaped her mouth. When her hands were free, she rubbed them up and down her thighs, the pants damp from her own sweat. She blinked several times, uncertain of what had just happened.

My eyes never left her as I lowered the weapon to the floor and with a simple drop of my foot, the gun was obliterated. “I know what you crave.”

She stood tall, never backing away. “What? What do you think you know about me?”

I crept even closer, until we were only inches apart. I was almost drunk off her pheromones, the musky scent of her pussy juice no doubt saturating her panties. “I know everything about you, Noire, including the fact you’ve longed for a stern master to take you, use you, discipline and fuck you long and hard. Over. And. Over. Again.”

Her laugh reeked of disgust, but the slight jut of her hips forward gave her away. “You don’t know anything about me, you piece of metal. I’m not that person.”

“Then tell me what you crave.” Using just a single finger, I rubbed the tip under her chin, my mechanisms almost seizing from the electricity rocketing through me. The touch was unlike any other. When she didn’t answer, I dragged my finger around her mouth, taking my time. I anticipated her reaction, the slight parting of her lips, and I was right in my assumptions.

“I…” She had the same reaction, her body convulsing, completely thrown from our embroiled connection.

Her body heat was excessive, beads of perspiration covering her upper lip and trickling down both sides of her face. “Tell me.” The command made her quiver, just enough for me to register the change. But she parted her lips, her eyes half closing. “You’ve done nothing but run. There is no escape, not from me or what’s going to occur.”

Noire shook her head.

“Tell me the truth or when I punish you, every aspect of what you experience is going to be harsh.”

The dank environment only added to the goosebumps rising along every naked inch of her quivering frame. I could see the wheels turning in her mind, much like my own. She understood she was my prisoner, and the acceptance would mean the sweet release of her dark and kinky passions.

“Yes. Fine. You’re right. I want a dominating man, but an actual man. Don’t you understand? You’re a machine and you will be destroyed.” I loved her continued defiance even as her armor slipped away, revealing her soft underbelly. She couldn’t hide from me.

Not her thoughts.

Not her desires.

Not her secrets.

I knew all of them, every last one that could quite possibly find her burning in hell. We weren’t that much different, she and I, just created in diverse manners, but for the very same purpose.

Conquering the world.

Fisting her hair, I yanked forcefully until she slapped her palms against my chest, her whimpers more like seductive purrs. As I lowered my face, hovering over her tense body, I had difficulty controlling my needs. I wanted to ravage her, taking her brutally in every hole. I wanted to suck on her sweet pussy, feasting on her tangy juice. I heard the sound of my heart beating, the irregular thump pleasing to my ears. “You belong to me. You know what I am as well as what I’m capable of and that’s exactly why you’re here.” I yanked back on her head, tilting her chin. “There’s never been a human who could provide your needs. Tell me I’m right.”

She clenched her fist around my shirt, breathing hard against my face. She struggled, trying hard to get out of my grasp. “Please.”

“And that’s what you’re going to do, please me. You will surrender to me completely.” Crushing her mouth, I slapped my other hand against her ass twice before cupping her bottom and tugging her off the floor. Myriad wired energies poured through me, tightening every human muscle around every rod of steel. My cock was already enlarged, throbbing to the point of riveting pain, such as I’d never experienced before. She was my awakening. She was my destiny.

She was my prize.

Noire clung to me as I thrust my tongue inside, savoring the scintillating flavor that was all female. I was crazed with desire, my pupils having difficulty focusing. Her hair felt like spun silk sliding around my fingers and my grip tightened. Lust was all I could think about, a need that must be fulfilled. She pawed at me even as she fell into the moment of passion, our lips melded together as the kiss became a violent roar.




This delicious prey also required strict discipline, a firm understanding that I would never tolerate insolence or bad behavior.

Her struggle ceased, apprehension easing from her body, even as she continued to moan.

Breaking the kiss, I mouthed her cheek and jawline, brushing my lips down to her long neck, raking my teeth back and forth across her skin. The guttural sounds became animalistic growls as I savored every drag of my rough tongue, my entire being salivating over the ragged sensations.

The slap she issued was hard, the blow meant to knock me off my feet. I remained steady, chuckling as the light sting faded into little more than a distant memory.

But she’d disobeyed me. That would never happen again.

She had a total understanding that her useless attempts at fighting would prove to do nothing more than infuriate me. At this point, I remained amused, even more attracted to her ferocity. Unfortunately, we had little time.

They would be coming for us.

I yanked her shirt, ripping the front with ease and exposing her breasts. The sight of her swollen and rosy nipples added fuel to the fire that had been burning for days.

Snarling, she folded her arms across her chest, scampering backward then turning as if to flee. I grabbed her easily, jerking her against my chest, cupping and squeezing her breasts. I drank in the scent of her hair, nuzzling into her long strands. Her fragrance was of all things forbidden, sunshine and fresh air, sin and seduction. I licked across her cheek, gathering salty beads of perspiration. “Such a bad girl.”

“Don’t. You can’t,” she argued.

“I can and I will, and that’s exactly what you want.”


“Yes…” I allowed the word to float into her ear before pinching her hardened buds between my thumbs and forefingers. I would never be able to explain the dazzling array of sensations igniting the beast inside. “I’m going to whip you.”

“I… No, you…” Her words went unfinished even as the husky sound reverberated in the expansive space. Her body reacted to the pain, her back arching and her expression one of utter bliss.

“Then I’m going to fuck you.” I twisted her nipples as I ground my throbbing cock against her ass, shifting back and forth. “I’m all you’re ever going to hunger for.”

“Rogue.” She rose onto her tiptoes as her fingers dug into my forearms. “This will mean your death. They will never stop hunting you.”

“And you know what? I’m already dead.” A deep growl erupted from the depths of my throat, soaring toward the metal rafters. I raked my hand down her stomach, crawling my fingers to her waist. Unfastening her pants was easy enough and she arched her back, her head lolling against my shoulder.

Her eyes were glassy and her panting heavier than before. Swallowing, she attempted to break free one more time, finally slumping against me. “This isn’t right. You can’t do this.”

“You will learn to obey me at all times. You will succumb to my every need. There will be no question as I am your owner.” Tearing away at her pants, ripping off her shoes and the remnants of her shirt, I’d never had such a desperate need for anything since I’d been created. The last piece of clothing was a stark white thong, the satin string perfectly positioned between her perfectly rounded and luscious ass. I walked around her in a tight circle, examining her unblemished skin and strong bones, finally allowing my fingers to dance across the dampness of her panties.

“Wet. Hot. Aching.” My words were little more than a whisper.

Noire looked down at the floor, gulping the stale, nasty air, refusing to give in. She was conflicted by her longing, her inner being bursting to be set free.

Chuckling, I snagged the thin elastic, twisting and yanking until the material peeled away. As I pressed the wet portion across my nose and mouth, I was no longer surprised at my body’s reactions. My balls were full of semen, so painful that my legs were cramping. Now, she glared at me, but there was no hate or malice, only morbid curiosity as to what I was going to do to her.

She would find out soon enough.

I slid her thong into my back pocket. It could prove to be useful later. When she stood gloriously naked, her luminescent skin shimmering in the ugly lighting, I was launched into another plateau. All the programming and every brutal experiment released, letting lose the firestorm.

“You will pay for this, you bastard,” she said quietly as she stood with her hands clenched at her sides.

“When I’m finished, you’ll beg me for more and you’ll get everything you’ve ever desired, but only if you remain obedient.” I ran my hands down from her shoulders to the small of her waist, the fullness of her hips. There wasn’t a portion of her body that wasn’t desirable, a draw unlike any other. Slipping my hand between her legs, I pressed my fingers against her wetness.

Her moan was clipped but there was no denying the fact she was already surrendering.

I swirled my fingers around her clit, pressing my lips against her earlobe. “Imagine my thick cock inside.”

“No, I…” She chewed on her bottom lip, groaning only once when I pressed my thumb past the tight folds of her ass cheeks, finding her dark hole. The warmth and tightness tingled the metal portion of my long digit, exciting me even more.

Pumping my fingers just inside her cunt, her pussy juice coated every bit of my fingers. I kept my fingers in position as I wrapped my hand around her throat, pushing her toward the overturned desk. Using a single hand, I lifted the wooden piece, slapping it upright, the metal feet clanging against the floor in an exaggerated fashion. This would do nicely for a hard spanking. What human female didn’t crave a firm hand or a hard slap from a wooden paddle, or better yet, the strike of a thick leather belt?

Noire no longer jumped or made a sound of any kind. When she was pushed over the top, her face pressed against the cool surface, only then did she offer a buffered groan.

But her hands automatically gripped the edge, completely prepared for the harsh punishment to come.

I wasted no time slapping my open hand against her buttocks, delighting in the way her rounded ass cheeks quivered. The sounds alone were extremely stimulating, sending blood rushing through every vein. Her legs were parted, her already swollen pussy lips peeking out in a provocative manner. With every hard smack, she was forced against the surface. Even in the dim lighting, I was able to see the warm blush appearing on her bottom.

And so, I continued.

Slap after slap, my cock pushed in a more egregious manner against the tight confines of my pants. Relief had to come soon.

“Why are you doing this?” Her voice no longer held a defiant tone.

“Because this is what you’ve hungered for your entire life.” I spanked her long and hard before gripping both heated orbs in my hands, enjoying the twinges as I caressed her skin. Leaning over, I licked all the way down her spine until she moaned in appreciation. As I unbuckled my belt, I was drawn to the way her eyes remained fully open, not only accepting her punishment was ready and eager for more.

I eased the belt from the loops, pulling the strap under my nose for a deep whiff before folding the implement in half. I’d envisioned this very moment for far too long: the capture, the punishment, and the rapture.

The leather seemed to carry a stream of sound through the air as I brought it down, striking her across the direct center of her ass cheeks.

Noire yelped, almost instantly biting it back. Every muscle in her body constricted, her legs kicking out.

I spanked her again. And again. My aim was perfect, driving me into a euphoric state. I strapped her upper thighs then her sit spot, jazzed to the point I had difficulty focusing. There was no rhyme or reason to my need to possess her, but this was a requirement that I would not fail. She meant everything.

Her whimpers became continuous and she pushed up from the desk, her head dropped low. There was no denying her arousal. Her entire body was on fire, not just her reddened bottom. I issued several more severe strikes until I could deny my body’s needs no longer. I rolled her over, planting both hands on either side and leaning over. “Open your legs.”


I wrenched them open, giving her a dominating look. “When I tell you to do something, you will do it. Do you understand?” I wanted her to beg me. I also wanted her to deny me.

I wanted to be forceful, taking her without hesitation, dirty, nasty, and brutal sex until she was covered in my cum.

“You don’t know who you’re dealing with,” she scoffed, very proud of herself. When she attempted to close her legs, I jerked them as wide as her body would allow, pivoting them back.

“Keep them open,” I instructed.

Her mouth opened to retort but instead, she gripped her knees. She was quivering even as she dragged her tongue across her lips.

My hand came down swiftly on her pussy lips, forcing a strangled moan.

“Oh!” She arched her back until her head lolled against the desk.

I smacked her pussy several more times, spanking her cunt until she begged me to stop.

“I’ll be good. I promise!”

“Yes, you will.” I issued several more until she was so wet, her juice trickled down into a pool.

“Yes, Master.”

“Now, I fuck you.”

She took several deep breaths as I unfastened my pants, her lust-filled eyes scanning the length of my body.

When my cock was freed, I yanked her legs into the air, splitting them apart and dragging her ass off the edge. Without hesitation, I thrust the entire length inside. This wasn’t about romance or even sex. This was about claiming her.

“Oh!” Noire slapped her hands on the desk, panting as I pumped in forceful motions. “Fuck… Yes!”

The girth was much wider than any human male, filling her to the point her muscles twitched before clamping around the thick invasion. I tossed my head back and roared as I pummeled into her. I leaned forward until she was almost bent in two, our lips to the point of touching. Rolling onto the balls of my feet, the angle pushed my shaft in even deeper, driving me to the point of madness.

I had to have more. Every inch.

She struggled, whimpering as the hard fucking continued, her hands firmly pressed against my chest.

Every thrust more brutal than the one before, I picked up my speed, driving in a manic and crazed series of actions. She was left struggling to breathe, the sounds like an injured animal, but there was no doubting she was sliding into ecstasy.

Gripping her hips, I yanked her off the table, forcing her legs around my thighs. I used very little strength to keep her aloft, rocking my hips as I slid in and out. Her wetness was incredible, her cunt grasping my cock, clinging as her own passion had yet to be satisfied.

Her eyes remained wide open as the fucking continued, the sly smile on her face a powerful aphrodisiac. Easing her down, I cupped her buttocks with both hands, changing the angle once again.

Noire clung to me, her fingers firmly gripping my shoulders. Sweat beaded along my hairline, seeping down both sides of my face. I was electrified, so damn alive.

Then she did the unexpected.

Her punch in my gut caught me off guard and in that split second, I let go. She scrambled as she hit the floor, crawling desperately in an attempt to get away. Chuckling, I had her hair in my hands within two seconds, dropping to the hard concrete.

Noire struggled, whimpering and groaning as I smacked her ass cheeks, moving from one to the other.

“You bastard!” she yelped, throwing first one arm then the other behind her. She was a fighter, managing to get her leg from between mine, kicking me until I released my hold, crawling another three feet.

My desire was to the boiling point. This woman would be taken my way. She rolled in an attempt to get away from me, but it was no use. Pinning her down again, I slammed my cock inside, pummeling in and out.

She groaned with every hard plunge, her body rocking forward and backward. “Oh…”

Her strangled whimpers becoming moans, I gripped her hips, driving into her like a crazed animal. There was no stopping my actions and soon, she fell into my rhythm, even pushing back against me, thrust after thrust. She clawed the concrete, tossing her head from side to side.

“Yes. Yes!” she yelped.

I had no sense of how long I kept up the raging pace. I was simply a machine, taking the woman who belonged to me.

“Rogue…” she finally whispered, the lilting voice full of intense desire. We were dirty, covered in grime and dirt, cobwebs and bits of debris, but there was no denying our powerful needs. “Take me. Use me.”

The words were like rocket fuel. Gathering her into my arms, I carried her back toward the desk, pushing her over at the waist. There was another hole I’d yet to take.

And it would be mine.

My cock slickened from her juice, I slipped the tip into her asshole. Her muscles expanded, accepting, begging for more. I pushed in to the point of no return, hitting the hard muscle and thrusting past. “Fuck!” The word bounced off the walls as I thrust in and out, my balls swinging and aching to the point of blinding anguish.

The caged beast was free, taking what belonged to him.

I plunged even more brutally until I knew I would explode. All time seemed to stand still as I finally allowed the orgasm to rise from the very depths of my being. My body shaking violently, I released, flooding hot seed into her dark hole.

This was just the beginning.

I had more that I needed to do.

I had more I was required to do.

I would follow orders.

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