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Rough Alpha: A Bad Boy Shifter Romance by Maggie Carpenter – Extended Preview

Hunter’s provocative comment sent Faith’s butterflies fluttering, but a moment later Brian arrived with their food. Though the conversation shifted to her work, and how she’d built up her small company, the thought of being around a wild wolf pack began to excite her. By the time they left the restaurant and climbed on the Harley for the final leg of the journey, she had come to grips with his startling revelations.

Riding out of the town and returning to the highway, when he slowed and moved into what appeared to be a dense forest, she felt as if she’d only been on the bike for five minutes. After a short distance winding through the trees, a narrow trail appeared and he picked up speed. The sun pierced the overhead branches, surrounding them with splinters of bright light. The scene inspired thoughts of a fairytale world. She could almost imagine mystical creatures hiding behind the trees.

The makeshift path began to climb the mountain. Huge boulders appeared, and though the sound of the Harley drowned out most of the sounds, she was sure she heard the wail of wild creatures. The air abruptly cooled. She needed more than her thin jacket. Tightening her arms around him, she leaned against his back seeking warmth from his leather-clad body. The trail grew steeper, the air colder, the landscape more rugged, but as they crested the slope she found herself at the edge of a magnificent meadow. A storybook cabin sat on the far side, with glimpses of a crystal blue lake through the trees. He accelerated, speeding across the thick grass, then slowing as they approached the picturesque cottage, he came to a stop in front of the porch.

“This is incredible,” she exclaimed, jumping off and running up the steps. “Hunter, it’s incredible.”

“I’m glad you approve.”

Managing to unfasten the strap under her chin and pull off her helmet, she shook her head and gazed at the trees, then up at the rugged peaks above them.

“This place is amazing.”

“Yeah, it is!” he replied with a grin. “You can go in. The door’s open. We don’t need locks up here.”

Stepping inside, she found exactly what she expected. A single room with a double bed in the corner, a rock fireplace with a couch and a couple of chairs in front, and a kitchen area with a small table. But the focal point was a large bay window with a breathtaking view of the lake.

“My father built this place for my mother,” Hunter said, walking in with their bags and Faith’s down parka. “He wanted her to be comfortable. My brothers and I were born in here.”

“Really? Wow.”

“When Dad passed away my mother wanted me to take it over, so we built a smaller cabin for her. Hers and two others are down near the lake.”

“I can’t believe it. What do you do about electricity and water?”

“We each have a generator,” he said, putting down their things and ambling up to her, “but it doesn’t get much use. The stove is propane, and we have the same kind of bathroom setup as a mobile home.”


“I meant what I said,” he continued, lowering his voice and taking her into his arms. “No one will hear you, no one will knock on the door, no one will disturb us.”

“Hunter, thank you for bringing me here. I feel so complimented that you’re sharing this place with me, and it’s wonderful to be away from the craziness of the city.”

“You’re welcome. I’m glad to be home, and I’m really glad you’re here. The temperature outside will drop fast now. I’m going to start a fire and move my bike to the shed at the side of the house, and then…”

“And then?”

“And then,” he growled, fisting her hair, “I’m going to make you scream.”

Pushing his Harley into the shed, Hunter strode across to the trees adjacent to the house. With his hands around his mouth, he tilted back his head and released a wild howl. Moments later a cacophony of yowls and barks echoed through the forest. Though his pack was eager to see him they would have to wait, but at least they knew he’d returned safely. His keen hearing suddenly picked up a distant sound. He paused, his ears pricked. One of the pack galloped through the woods toward him.

“Buck,” he mumbled. “You still haven’t learned to listen.”

The young wolf had earned his name from constantly bucking authority, but as a young pup Hunter had been the same. Nothing had fazed him. Fearless and intrepid with exceptional hunting skills, he’d taken risks and broken the rules, often finding himself in over his head. As the leader of the pack Hunter now understood the concern his father once had for him. Buck was the most athletic of the youngsters, and by far the bravest. If he was to survive, Hunter had to lay down the law in no uncertain terms, just as his father had done with him.

Ripping off his clothes, Hunter quickly transformed, and as Buck raced up to him, Hunter pounced. Overpowering the disobedient young wolf and throwing him to the ground, Hunter snarled and nipped, making his displeasure known. Whining apologies until Hunter released him, Buck sprinted off, but Hunter suspected the teenager had no regrets. He was happy to suffer the consequences to welcome home his beloved leader. Trotting after him to make sure he was truly on his way, Hunter slowed to a walk, then lifting his nose to the air, he relished the familiar forest smells before galloping back to the cabin. Shifting into human form as he reached the edge of the woods, he hurriedly dressed, then marched to the cabin and strode through the front door. Sitting in an easy chair and gazing at the fire, Faith smiled across at him.

“A real fire with real wood,” she said happily. “The small fireplace I have is fueled by gas and has fake logs.”

Wordlessly taking her hand, he yanked her to her feet, grabbed her around the waist, and pulled her against his body.

“It’s time to make you scream!” Abruptly sweeping her up, he carried her to the bed and dropped her on the mattress. “Strip, then get on your hands and knees!”

Her scent a mixture of erotic hunger tinged with fear, her wide eyes met his gaze.

Watching him remove his clothes as she quickly stripped and rose up on all fours, she didn’t think for a minute he would hurt her, not truly hurt her, but as he climbed on the bed and kneeled behind her, his threat swirled through her mind.

I’ll spread those red cheeks and thrust my very big cock inside that small, tight hole.

His hands smoothed over her backside. Goosebumps popped across her arms. Taking a breath, she stared at him over her shoulder.

“What are you going to do?”

“Make you truly mine,” he murmured, pulling a cheek aside and touching her rosebud. “I will claim you here, just as I claimed your pussy and mouth.”

“But, Hunter, I am yours.”

“Close, little girl, but not yet.”

“I, uh—”

“You fear it, but you want to be completely possessed,” he said, cutting her off, “and that can only happen if you purge your shame and learn obedience.”

“Shame? I don’t understand.”

“You will. Lie on your shoulders and get your ass in the air, then put your hands behind you and spread your cheeks.”

“Hunter!” she whimpered, the unexpected command sending her head reeling and her face flaming. “I’m sorry, I just can’t.”

Shifting by her side, he wrapped his arm around her waist and swiftly delivered a barrage of hot smacks.

“Please stop,” she wailed, trying in vain to squirm in his firm hold. “I’ll be good, I will, I swear.”

“You know you must do as I say,” he declared, his spanking hand continuing to rain its sting without pause, “yet you continue to question me and ignore my instructions.”

“Sir, stop, please stop. Please. I’ll do as you say!”

“I’ll stop when water springs from your eyes. You carry years of guilt and shame. To surrender you must be punished for the sins you’ve never confessed and the callous actions you regret. Think of every sharp word and broken promise as I burn your bottom.”

His lecture stung as much as his sharp swats, and as the force of his smacks increased, her many crimes began flashing through her head.

“I know I’ve done things and I’m sorry!”

Her wailed apology rang through the room, but it didn’t stop the assault on her bottom. Raising his arm high in the air, he swung it down in a series of slow, scorching slaps. Suddenly the dam burst. Heavy tears cascaded down her face.

“You’re a naughty little girl who’s finally paying the price for her bad behavior. What are you most ashamed of?” he demanded, pausing to squeeze her cheeks.

“When I was about five,” she blubbered between sobs, “I saw a doll in the store window. When I asked Daddy to buy it for me and he said no, I laid down on the sidewalk screaming and crying. He picked me up and took me in the shop and—and—he bought it for me.”

“Such a spoiled, bad little girl,” Hunter exclaimed, delivering a rapid-fire volley of hard slaps.

“I was, and I’m sorry,” she howled. “Oh, Sir…”

“After that you threw tantrums whenever you didn’t get your way.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Now you control your world with your temper,” he declared, sending his hot smacks back to her sit spot, “but you won’t behave that way with me, will you, little girl?”

“No, Sir, no, I won’t, I swear!”

“You’ll do as you’re told.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You know I’m spanking you because I care for you.”

“I do, I do. Th-thank you, Sir.”

He abruptly stopped, briefly rubbed her scarlet cheeks, then moved behind her to tease her clit and touch the tip of his cock to her soaked pussy. As her tears began to subside, and her whimpers of pain became moans of pleasure, he gripped her cheeks and squeezed.

“Spread these for me. Show yourself.”

His hands fell away, and dropping to her shoulders, she threw her arms behind her and pulled herself apart. Though her bottom burned with prickling heat, and waves of emotion rippled through her heart, she no longer dreaded the intimate exposure. But she still couldn’t imagine accepting his massive member. Expecting him to try, when he pushed slowly into her soaked pussy she cried out in pleasure and relief, joyously surrendering as he stroked, his colossal cock brushing against the erotic spot deep inside her, thrilling her body with every thrust.

“Make as much noise as you want,” he growled, pumping with greater gusto. “I want to hear you when you let loose. I want to hear you scream!”

His fingers were suddenly pinching her clit, softly at first, then growing more aggressive as his vigorous thrusting accelerated.

Her orgasm threatened.

Her body stiffened.

“Let it take you away,” he said huskily, plunging a finger into her back hole.

She gasped in shock, but the lewd intruder was joined by a second, and as the climax seized her, his two fingers drove in and out fueling her frenzy.

“You’ll be taking my cock here sooner than you think,” he continued, pumping his member in time with his fingers as she screamed through the crackling convulsions. “Already you’re opening up and asking for more.”

His crude comments and depraved attention fed the sparkling spasms, and she fleetingly thought the shimmering waves would never end, but deep groans suddenly filled the air. Moments later his fingers withdrew and his flaccid member slipped away. Giddy and breathless from the powerful release, she fell on her stomach, and as his muscled arms came around her, she sank into his hold and drifted into the post-orgasmic bliss.

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