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Rough and Dirty: A Dark Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

A spanking.

I had to be out of my freaking mind to agree to his horrible suggestion. My thoughts drifted to the promise he’d made at the bar. As he reached for his belt, I was suddenly tossed into a moment of feeling like some bad little girl. I’d never been put in this place before this man, all three men, had come into my life.

And here they were. Karma hated me.

I was breathless, watching him intently. He took his time, adding a level of anxiety that was both thrilling as well as creating a knot in my stomach. What shocked me more than the fact I’d agreed to it was the fact the ache in my pussy was intense, the yearning for the man only increasing. Still, this was nuts. Completely insane.

I crowded the wall, no longer able to will my muscles to do anything I wanted. When he pulled the strap free, running his fingers across the tough grain of leather, I lost all ability to breathe. Swallowing hard, I had to bite my lower lip to keep from whimpering like some stupid child. I’d been big and bad on the day I’d demolished his truck. And now? Hell, I couldn’t describe the way I felt other than tense all over.

“This will do nicely,” he said then pointed to my desk. “Lean over the edge.”

When I started to open my mouth to yank back the deal, he lifted a single finger, shaking his head.

“I’m happy to discuss a payment plan if you’d prefer, but there will be significant interest.”

“Bastard,” I muttered but did as I was told, moving toward the desk, gingerly pushing my laptop away.

When he pressed his hand on the small of my back, I took several ragged breaths before throwing a few choice curse words in his direction.

“You have such a caustic mouth. We might need to take care of that.”

“Over my dead body.” The shot of electricity coursing through me from his touch was like a lightning bolt.

“Yes, such a bad girl.”

He wasted no time, bringing the belt down against my bottom not once but twice. The whooshing sound the leather made was the only thing I could concentrate on first. Then a rush of pain shot through me, stealing my breath.

“Oh, fuck!” The words slipped from my mouth before I could stop them. I gasped for air, kicking my leg out.

“Eighteen more should do it.”

Eighteen? It might as well be a hundred. This spanking was much worse than the night at the bar. I bit my lower lip as he brought the strap down again in rapid succession. Four times. Maybe five.

“That hurts!” I screeched through clenched teeth, trying to keep from letting anyone else hear what the hell we were doing.

“As all good spankings do.” He took his time rubbing his fingers down my spine and I gasped several times.

I couldn’t believe my entire body was tingling, the ache in my pussy increasing with every brutal strike. Was I actually enjoying this? No. Not a chance.

But when he brought the belt down again, hitting my sit spot, the scent of my desire wafted between us. I was mortified, heat rushing into both cheeks.

His growl made it apparent that he knew exactly how aroused I was. When he dared roll his fingers between my legs, I couldn’t stop a whimper from escaping my throat.

“I think you like this.”

His tone was a rush of butterfly kisses, tickling my skin. “Never.”

He dared to defy me by smacking me three more times then cupping my mound, twirling a single finger around my clit. “No, I’m right, which I usually am. A few more.”

I couldn’t keep count, nor had I wanted do. The entire situation was crazy, but as he brought the belt down two last times, I was so wired, my hunger so intense my throat was closed.

“That should do it,” he murmured then eased me away from the desk, sliding hair from my neck. When he dropped his head, nipping my earlobe, I couldn’t stop quivering.

“I’m going to show you the kind of passion you deserve. And I assure you it won’t be the last time.”

I was too electrified to stop him as he pushed me against the wall, stroking my face with the tips of his fingers.

“Beautiful,” he added, his breath skipping along my face.

Then he cupped both my breasts. I threw my head back, forced to grab his shoulders as I moved onto my tiptoes. Every sound he made left an incredible echo in my ears, my heart thudding as my blood pressure increased. I knew I should stop this, shoving him out of my room, but as dancing vibrations shifted down to my toes, I couldn’t seem to process reality.

Maybe I was one bad girl after all.

As he held me, he pinched both nipples between his fingers, twisting and pulling, allowing the hint of anguish to rush through me. The fire in my belly only increased, pussy juice trickling down the insides of my thighs. He was forceful, demanding yet already providing more passion than I’d known existed. When he lowered his head, exhaling, the hot air floating across my hardened buds, I bit back a moan. The walls were far too thin, the probability our sinful act could be heard too high.

Maybe that was the last rational thought I’d be able to keep in my mind.

My peripheral vision cloudy, I closed my eyes as he wrapped his succulent lips around my nipple, sucking and licking, finally biting down after a few seconds. This time, the moan was instantaneous, the sound magnified by the material used in the structure. The sensations were heightened, every nerve ending on fire. He took his time, flicking his tongue back and forth. Finally, he rolled his lips to my other hard peak, nipping several times before engulfing it in his mouth.

My legs were shaking, my muscles tight as drums. I managed to squeeze his arm muscles, marveling in how hard and sculpted they were. He was strong as an ox and built like a god, but his face was that of a devil. The combination made him a very dangerous man for the girl who’d never experienced true passion in her life.

I had no idea how long he enjoyed his snack, but when he slipped his hand around the back of my neck, jerking me forward, our lips were pressed together once again.

“I can’t wait to taste you,” he muttered, his chest heaving and his eyes glassy. He captured my mouth with more fury than before, rolling our lips together for thirty seconds before slipping his tongue inside.

Still tingling all over, I slid the tips of my fingers along his arm, shifting my hands to his chest and lightly floating them down to his stomach.

The kiss was just as passionate, but he was far too hungry for something else, breaking the moment of intimacy and taking several deep breaths.

I bit my lower lip, teasing him by swiping my hand back and forth across his cloth-covered cock.

“You’re a very naughty girl.”

“Yes, I am. I thought you knew that already.”

Chuckling, he raked a single finger down my cheek then across the seam of my mouth.

His smirk enticed me this time and I reached for the button on his pants, my fingers shaking. While he allowed me to unfasten it, I could still feel the heat of his gaze. When I pulled the zipper, he wrapped his hand around my throat, shaking his head.

The second I peeled the material back, his fingers dug into my skin. All the reasons I should stop right now flowed into my mind, but it wasn’t going to happen. The second I freed his cock, I licked my lips then wrapped my hand around his base. He was long and thick, larger than any man I’d had before. His shaft throbbed, pulsing in my hand. I remained as lightheaded as before, but there was no stopping what had been started.

As he started to pull me to the floor, I shoved aside the rest of my inhibitions, becoming lost in the moment. I tugged on his cargo pants, yanking them to the floor. After he stepped out of them, kicking them to the side, I ran my fingers along the insides of his legs, taking several deep breaths.

He was hard as a rock, his balls hanging low. I eased my hand around them, caressing gently as I lowered my head, blowing across the tip of his cock. His shaft pulsed from my touch and he placed one hand on the top of my head, the other on my shoulder, his grip like a tight vise. I was going nowhere until he allowed me.

I darted my tongue across his sensitive slit, marveling at the musky taste. I was aching inside, my entire system exploding with energy, current snapping against my muscles like a live wire set free during a thunderstorm. When I took his cockhead into my mouth, his breathing changed, completely ragged, every other sound a husky growl. The man was a true animal, a predator but for this moment, I was in full control.

Somehow, I knew that wouldn’t last.

“Suck me, little vixen,” he commanded as he rolled onto the balls of his feet, his grip tightening.

I closed my eyes, stroking the base of his cock with one hand, squeezing his balls with the other. As I dragged my tongue along the underside of his shaft, he whispered filthy words, describing the actions he would take.

“I’m going to feast on your sweet pussy, driving my tongue deep inside. I’ll bring you to several orgasms before I thrust my cock inside. Then I’ll claim your tight asshole as mine. You messed with the wrong man, Charlie. You belong to me.”


There was such an air of possession, an unbridled need.

I wasn’t thrown by his words, just desperately hungry for a man I truly hated, yet couldn’t imagine not enjoying even this once. As I continued pumping the base, I added pressure to his balls before darting my tongue from one to the other. Every sound he made was a sweet reward. When I took a testicle into my mouth, his legs began to shake.

“Fuck. So damn hot.”

His words only fueled my actions, tossing gasoline onto the fire. This was a moment of pure, delicious sin, leaving my entire body aching. I rolled my tongue back and forth before shifting to his other ball, taking my time savoring his scent and the scrumptious flavor, but I wanted more. After sliding the tip of my tongue to his cockhead, I engulfed an inch, using my strong jaw muscles to suck. I lifted my head enough I was able to gaze at his face, excited by his furrowed brow and the way his lips were pursed.

Everything about him was lethally beautiful, his physique perfect in every way. I concentrated on pulling two more inches of his cock into my mouth, allowing my muscles to relax. He was so huge, filling me completely. There was no way I could take all of him.

Within seconds, he pushed my head down further, forcing me to take more of him. I did everything I could to relax my throat, still gagging from how huge he was. He continued to hold me in place, moving both his hands to my face, taking over full control. As he started face fucking me, I was forced to grip his massive thighs, digging my fingers in. My jaws ached within seconds, my mind remaining a huge blur.

Dakota slowly lowered his head, taking deep, ragged breaths. The same smirk remained as if he’d been planning this since the night I’d destroyed his vehicle. Maybe this was the ultimate punishment for being so stupid. He was relentless, the force he used enough that I would have fallen over had he not been holding me.

The man was so damn dominant, acting as if he owned me. That would never happen. He would soon learn no man could ever control me

At least for longer than a few minutes.

A few seconds later, I sensed he was losing his precious control, his body shaking more than before. When he quickly jerked out, gasping for air as he raked both hands through his hair, I slowly rose to my feet, backing away.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” he grumbled then snagged my wrist, easily tossing me over his shoulder. After pitching me onto the bed, I scrambled to get away. That was quickly met by a hard crack on my backside before he pulled me onto all fours, spreading my legs wide open. “Now, I’m going to show you what a real man can do.”

A real man? Was he kidding me? My usual rush of anger bolted through me and I kicked out, catching him in the chest. He wrenched my leg, issuing several tsking sounds.

“You should know better than to try and get away from me, Charlie.” He pressed his hand down on the small of my back, lowering down on the floor. What the hell was he doing?

When I felt his head between my legs, a rush of adrenaline flowed through me, my breath skipping. As he dragged his tongue along the inside of my leg, I dropped my head, another series of stars floating in front of my eyes. Then I felt the first brush of his tongue against my clit and couldn’t stop several whimpers from escaping.

I was frozen, barely able to process what he was doing. It had been so long since a man had taken the time to bring me joy or satisfaction that I couldn’t remember the man or the moment. I could barely breathe as he took his time flicking his tongue across my tender tissue.

He spread me wide open, using both thumbs to keep me fully aroused. I was floored how much time he was taking, bringing me to the edge of losing it several times then pulling back. As he rolled his thumbs closer to my swollen folds, I arched my back, jutting my hips in involuntary encouragement. Dear God, I wanted the man to bury his face into my wetness.

When he tapped his fingers against my pussy, I shuddered from his reminder, the slice of discomfort only increasing my desire. He resumed his task, finally dragging his tongue all the way down then darting it into my tight channel.

Moaning, I clamped my hands around the bedding, my back heaving as I tried to take a decent breath. I couldn’t believe the incredible sensations dancing through me like a tidal wave, one coming after the other. The moment he slid his thumbs in beside his tongue, his actions becoming a perfected orchestration, I was ready to lose it.

“Oh. My…” I threw my head back, the first powerful orgasm jetting through me at uncontrollable speed. How could this man, this brutal stranger have any idea what I liked? I was panting like a dog, moaning several times as he shoved his face against my wetness. I was shaking all over, clawing the comforter as he continued feasting, pushing me directly into another almost violent climax that continued for at least a full minute.

There weren’t just stars rushing past my eyes. There were rainbows and blocks of colors all fused together, driving me straight to a moment of sheer ecstasy.

“Fuck. Yes. I…” A nervous laugh pushed past my lips as he lapped my pussy, taking every drop of cream.

“I’m not finished with you yet,” he muttered, sliding several fingers inside, flexing them open. As he started pumping in and out, I knew I would lose what was left of my mind, the pleasure so intense.

I heard the guttural sounds I was making and no longer recognized my voice. I couldn’t move. Couldn’t think. Couldn’t do a damn thing. My body had betrayed me, giving into this bastard. I would never be able to look him in the eyes again.

But at this point the only thing that mattered was the pleasure he was bestowing.

I tried to hold back, to keep him from forcing me into another orgasm, but the moment he shoved his thumb into my ass, I lost it. This time, the climax exploded deep within me, sending a shower of sparks into every cell and muscle. I knew I was issuing a strangled scream, but I couldn’t seem to stop, the pleasure that amazing.

When the dancing sensations finally started to ease, I lowered my head, still gasping, watching as a single bead of perspiration trickled off my nose and onto the comforter. I no longer felt his hands, the loss a strange moment. Exhausted, I was ready to roll over when I felt the weight on the bed change, his massive body looming over mine.

He wrapped his hand around my hair, keeping his fingers tangled in my long, wet strands. “Now, I’m going to fuck you.”

This was primal, completely animalistic, two wild beasts mating. He didn’t ask me a second time if this is what I wanted. He simply took what he needed, driving the entire length of his cock deep inside.

My entire body shaking, my muscles stretched to try to accept his huge girth. He’d gone deeper than any man, so huge that my breath was stolen. When he pulled almost all the way out, I braced for another savage thrust. That came within seconds, the force pitching me forward.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

“You’re tight, little vixen. Almost like a virgin,” he said in a dark, gruff voice.

“In your dreams.”

My smart mouth was rewarded with another hard smack against my buttocks, the sting only adding to the extreme pleasure. He started pumping in and out, taking his time, filling me completely. My pussy clamped around the thick invasion, somehow pulling him in even deeper.

As he picked up his rhythm, the bed creaked, even hitting the wall. I could only imagine the sound in the other room. There wouldn’t be anyone on this damn rig that didn’t know what we were doing, a filthy dark sin.

I bit back another cry as he yanked on my hair, forcing me into a deep arc. The change in the angle caused an immediate reaction, my body spasming, shifting closer to another orgasm. How was that possible? The hard pounding was intense, physical, and entirely brutal, but I loved it. He was right, the man rough and unforgiving. I met every savage plunge, jutting my hips back, my mind whirling with thoughts and worries.

“So tight. So wet. Fuck me, you’re one hot woman.”

I couldn’t respond, my mind a huge blur, but the sensations shifted into something I would never be able to describe, the orgasm entirely different than the ones before. A haze formed around me, a bubble that kept me floating as the climax rolled from my toes through the rest of my body.

Nothing had ever felt this incredible. I was aware he was continuously rocking my body, shifting the angle, keeping the climax going for longer than the others. I tossed my head up and down, the pleasure immeasurable.

When he pulled out, I threw my head over my shoulder, barely able to focus on what he was doing.

Dakota caressed my bottom, rolling his fingers down the crack of my ass. The way he gripped my hip with one hand was even more possessive than before. I was barely able to take several deep breaths before he shifted his cock to my asshole. Bristling, I tried to pull away only to be jerked back into position.

“You’re not getting away from me.”

My entire body quivered as he placed his cockhead against my darkened hole. Everything seemed in slow motion as he gently pushed the tip inside.

“You can’t,” I whispered hoarsely.

“Yes, I can.” His eyes narrowed as he pressed harder, driving inside a few inches. The pain was instant, yet the tingling sensations roaring through me were like bottle rockets, the vibrations tickling every sense. As another wave of ecstasy tore through me, I was barely cognizant that he’d shoved the remainder of his shaft all the way inside. The moment made me delirious, my heart skipping several beats.

He gripped both hips, his body swaying as he undulated his body against me until he was fully seated inside. As he pumped in and out, I floated away, enjoying the fullness and warmth, the pleasure becoming sublime.

Every brutal thrust pushed me closer to nirvana, leaving my entire body aching, every muscle tense. The way he rode me was a clear reminder of his demands, his refusal to take no for an answer. When I could tell he was close to coming, I squeezed my muscles, throwing back my head as he erupted deep inside.

“Fuck. Fuck!” he exclaimed, panting as his body continued to shake. Then he lowered down, covering my body with his, allowing me to collapse against him as he rolled onto the bed.

While a part of me wanted nothing more than to curl up against him, cuddling as any normal couple would do, the fact we were strangers was never far from my mind. I allowed myself to catch my breath before moving away, climbing out of bed, walking quickly in order to retrieve the towel. He said nothing as I wrapped it around my chest, fighting to make certain I was completely covered.

Then I heard him chuckle, as if he’d just conquered an enemy.

“You need to go,” I said without looking at him.

He said nothing for a few seconds, the silence jabbing at me. Then I heard a rustle behind me. At least he was gathering his things.

“This can’t happen again,” I stated with authority in my voice.

Again, he said nothing.

I was jittery, my stomach lurching. When I finally found the courage to turn around, I was met with the same contempt on his face as I’d seen only an hour before. But there was a different glow in his eyes, as if by taking me he’d already taken his prize.

He finished dressing then sauntered closer, moving to within a few inches. As he peered down at me, I held my breath. He lifted his arm, moving his hand closer to my face. Then he fisted his fingers, pulling away.

“We’re not finished, Charlie. Not by a long shot. You’re soon going to learn that you now belong to three men who plan on enjoying every single inch of your body. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

With that, he walked out the door.

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