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Rough Cowboy by Maggie Carpenter – Extended Preview

Megan had never imagined how challenging it would be to search out a comfortable area on a man’s lap. Grunting as she continued to struggle, she felt his hands suddenly grab her and lift her toward the bed. Throwing her arms out in front of her, she finally found she could rest her torso on the mattress, but every nerve in her body twitched, her pulse raced, and the butterflies in her stomach were in a frenzy.

“When was the last time you had your butt smacked?”

His question had been delivered in a stern voice, and she’d felt his leg move over the back of her knees.

“Uh, never.”

“Is that right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“No wonder you have trouble with boundaries. Listen and listen good, little lady. You break my rules, this is where you’ll end up. I told you that earlier, but I’ve gotta feelin’ you didn’t believe me. You do now though, right?”

“Yes, Sir, definitely.”

“You can yell all you want. No one’s gonna hear you, except maybe Catch if he comes lookin’ for me when he wakes up from his nap.”

“Oh, my God,” she bleated, squirming as she muttered the words.


“I’ll want to yell?”

“I reckon so.”

His hand suddenly landed on the center of her backside, and though she didn’t cry out, she gasped, more in shock than in pain. He struck again, then again, and continued to slap her on the same spot, but slowly. Though it stung, the hurt wasn’t bad, and being stretched across his knees felt sexy. Resting her head in her arms, she closed her eyes, thinking the punishment wouldn’t be as awful as she feared, but a moment later his rhythmic slaps accelerated. Not only was he delivering the swats faster, he was hitting her harder—and it hurt.

“Ow. Ow. Okay, Brad, that’s enough!”

He paused. “Enough? Did you just say that’s enough?”

“Uh-huh. My ass is stinging. You can stop now.”

“You’ve gotta lot to learn. Rule number one. The only person who decides when you’ve had enough is me, and if you tell me to stop I’ll spank you longer and harder.”

“But I said I was sorry, and I meant it!”

“And I said I was gonna spank your ass so hard you wouldn’t sit in a saddle for a week. I meant that too. Stand up.”

“Stand up?”

“Rule number two. When I tell you to do something, do it!”

Shocked and confused, but immensely relieved, she pushed herself up off the bed.

“Thank you, Brad,” she murmured, her lips curling in a sheepish smile.

“Whatta you thankin’ me for?”

“Uh, stopping.”

“What makes you think we’re done?”

“You asked me to get up.”

“Wrong. I didn’t ask you to get up, I instructed you to get up. There’s a difference.”

“There is?”

“Dang, girl, you need as much trainin’ as the horses that come in here. Askin’ means you’ve gotta choice. When I give an instruction, you say, yes, Sir, and obey. You don’t get to refuse or question me. Got it?”

“Uh, sure. Whatever.”

“Lord have mercy,” he muttered under his breath.

“I didn’t mean that in a bad way,” she said hastily. “I meant, whatever you want.”

“Stand in front of me, lock your fingers behind your neck and leave them there, and, Megan, that’s not a request, that’s an instruction!”

“Yes, Sir,” she dutifully replied, and though she had no idea what might be coming, she did as he said.

“These,” he declared, unbuttoning her jeans at the waist and pulling down the zipper, “are comin’ off.”


He paused and stared up at her.

“Not another word, little lady. Not! One! Word! Lower your arms.”

Her butterflies had settled, but his threatening tone and the glint in his eye sent them back into their frantic fluttering. With a quick pull, he yanked down the Levis, and she suddenly knew why. Before she could protest or react, he grabbed her wrist and jerked her back over his lap. Landing with a squeal, his powerful arms shifted her into position, and his leg returned to lie over hers.

“Now I’m gonna whip this ass, and man-oh-man, do you need it!”

As his flattened palm began to rain hot slaps across her bottom, she gyrated her hips, yelping in protest.

“Yell all you want. It don’t matter to me,” he exclaimed, landing a volley of hard swats. “You deserve every dang smack!”

“Ooh, Sir, please, I’m so sorry.”

“Yep, I’ll just bet you are, and you’re gonna be a whole lot sorrier by the time I’m finished.”

Though she was squirming and yowling, he wasn’t spanking her as severely as he’d planned. If this was her first dose of corporal punishment, and he believed it was, just being over his knee would be mortifying, but determined to make sure her backside would be tender for some time, he continued spanking until her skin had turned a pretty pink.

“Catch your breath,” he said sternly, rubbing her punished backside.

“Oh, Sir, it stings so bad.”

“I hope you’re not complainin’.”

“Kind of. Ow. It hurts. Please, Sir, can I get up now?”

“Nope. We’re not done.”

She wriggled as she groaned, but she didn’t argue.

“Maybe we’re gettin’ somewhere,” he mumbled, slipping his hands into the waistband of her underwear.

“Ooh, Sir,” she bleated piteously. “Do you have to do that? Please don’t.”

“Hush up. Nice and pink, but not pink enough,” he declared, wrapping his arm around her hips and lifting them up. “Let’s get this ass nice and high where it needs to be. You sure have a beautiful backside, Megan. I swear, it was made for spankin’.”

Launching into a series of hard, fast blows on her naked skin, he ignored her as she squealed loudly and tried to throw her arms behind her back.

“Are you gonna obey the rules, little lady?”

“Yes, Sir, I will, I swear.”

“I don’t wanna hear any more of your lip!” he exclaimed, moving his hand to her sit spot. “If you sass me, you’ll be back over my knee before you can spit.”

“I’m so sorry I was rude that day. I won’t ever be rude again.”

“A few more real hard for good measure,” he declared, raising his arm high in the air and swinging it down.

“Ow, ooh, Sir.”

“Yep, a few more just like that.”

With each slow, fiery blow, she wailed loudly and continued to apologize, but he planned to deliver three on each cheek, and one on the tender area where her thighs met her bottom.

“There! You’ve been properly punished,” he announced, delivering the last swat. “I’ll rub away the sting for a little while, but while I do I want you thinkin’ about how you ended up over my knee. Then you’ll tell me if you’re gonna get in your Jeep and drive away, or if I’m gonna start bringing those boxes up here.”

Wrapped up in Brad’s muscled arms, her jeans and panties still around her thighs, Megan’s bottom stung with a red-hot heat. Conflict swirled through her head. Logic told her she should be furious with him for spanking her so hard, but as she breathed in his masculine scent and rested her head against his chest, she never wanted the hug to end.

He had rubbed her scorched skin with a comforting caress, gently helped her stretch out on the bed, then to her great joy, he’d engulfed her. Closing her eyes, she’d snuggled into him, finding solace and reassurance.

His tenderness had surprised her, but everything about him seemed incongruous. His gruffness belied his kindness, his rough exterior didn’t match his beautiful home, and his apparent sexism didn’t coincide with his willingness to give her the opportunity to be his assistant trainer.

She couldn’t deny the emotion surging through her heart. In spite of what had just happened, she was crazy about him. She loved his take-charge manner, his no-nonsense attitude, and how he called things as he saw them. The men she’d dated in Southern California loved to play head games. She’d been subjected to endless hours of frustration, but Brad was a straight shooter, and to add spice to the mix, he’d been at a BDSM club.

“How are you doin’?”

His softly spoken question broke into her thoughts, and she slowly opened her eyes.

“I’m not sure how to answer that. My butt hurts, but you already know that.”

“Yep. Are you ready to tell me how you ended up over my knee?”

“That’s a no-brainer,” she replied with a heavy sigh. “Three years ago I was a complete idiot. I almost caused an awful accident, and instead of being sorry, I was—I don’t know what I was. Rude doesn’t seem a strong enough word. I was worse than rude, but I can tell you why. I was embarrassed that I’d done something so stupid. That made me defensive.”

“Did you just figure that out?”

“Actually, I did. I’d pushed the whole horrible scene to the back of my mind. You forced me to think about it again.”

He fell quiet, and shifting in his arms, she looked up at him.

“Brad, about the job,” she said softly. “You can bring up the boxes if you want.”

“You’re sayin’ you still wanna work here?”

“If you still want me.”

“My conditions are my conditions and they won’t change. Are you sure you’re okay with that?”

“I’m okay with that. Brad, why the frown? Are you surprised?”

“No, not surprised,” he murmured. “I’m glad. You’ve gotta lot to offer.”

“Thank you. Wow. Coming from you, that means a lot.”

“I wouldn’t have hired you if I didn’t think so. One thing though, you deal with the horses, and leave the clients to me. You can chat with them, and answer questions about their horses, but anything else that comes up, like the cost of trainin’, what I feed, other horses on the property, refer them to me. Now I’d better move those boxes.”

“Before we start doing that—”

“We? You’re not cartin’ boxes up those stairs.”

“That’s ridiculous. Of course I am.”

“Have you already forgotten you do what I say, or are you lookin’ for another spankin’?”

“No! My backside is sore enough, thank you very much.”

“Then don’t argue with me.”

“What about the small ones? Surely I can bring them up if they’re not heavy.”

“Dammit, girl,” he muttered, extricating himself from her limbs. “You’re relentless. No. That staircase has no bannister. It’s not safe. I’ve been meanin’ to put one up, and I will now that you’re here, but until I do, no carryin’ anything up those stairs. Is that clear enough for you?”

“Sorry, yes, it’s clear. I’ll stay put and get organized, but one more thing. Can you tell me about Bonny’s owner?”

“I don’t know much more than what I’ve already told you. She and her husband are big time. One of their horses won the Belmont last year.”

“Papa’s Boy?” she exclaimed. “Oh, my gosh!”

“That’s the one! Do you follow racing?”

“Only if it involves Furlong Farms, but if this Jennifer Roberts is married to the owner of Papa’s Boy, she has money. Maybe, if she’s open to selling Bonny, she won’t put a big price on her head. What do you think my chances are?”

“When I talked to her on the phone, she said her mare was athletic and talented, but had terrible ground manners, then she told me she was scared,” he said thoughtfully. “Those are words I don’t like to hear. They usually end up with the owner gettin’ hurt. What I’m tryin’ to say is, if she thinks the horse is too much for her, she might let her go.”

“No kidding. When someone’s scared it only makes things worse.”

“That’s the only reason I agreed to take her. If I’d turned her down and something had happened, I never would’ve forgiven myself,” Brad said, shaking his head. “She showed up here in a fancy rig, and when I opened the trailer doors, that horse came flyin’ outta the trailer, snortin’ and prancin’. That mare was wound tighter and sparked hotter than an electric fence! I took her straight into a paddock and let her be.”

“No! Poor Bonny.”

“I wanted her to spend the first couple of weeks with no pressure. She needed to be a horse and chill out. I told Jennifer I’d wanted at least two months. She wasn’t happy about it, but I wasn’t gonna rush anything with that mare. When I saw you in the round pen doin’ her feet while she stood there like a perfect angel, I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

“Now I understand why you were so shocked. Bonny reminds me so much of Miss Piggy. She was a thoroughbred off the track. Talk about wired! I found her in a pigpen of a barn. She was so head shy, for the first month or so it would take me almost half an hour to get her bridle on, but we worked out all her problems. She was such a sweet, sensitive girl. Bonny is too,” she said wistfully. “Brad, given what you said about Jennifer Roberts being scared, don’t you think she would be willing to sell her?”

“It’s hard to say, but her fear improves your chances. The thing is, I don’t know what plans she has for Bonny, but Megan, have you ridden her?”

“I did a few times in L.A. We’re a match.”

“Maybe you should work with the other two and leave Bonny to me.”

“What? Why would you say that?”

“Because I don’t wanna see your heart broken, and if Jennifer won’t sell her—”

“No! I’ll be okay. I will, I swear,” she said urgently. “The only thing is, if that happens, can you make it clear to Jennifer I need to teach her a few things?”

“Not a problem. That’s your job. Now I’m gettin’ to work. I’ll bring the boxes up, and you can start unpackin’.”

He slid off the bed, and fighting the overwhelming temptation to grab his arm and beg him to stay, she watched him stride across the room and disappear down the stairs.

“I’m going to be naked with you, cowboy!” she whispered under her breath, “and Bonny will be mine. I don’t care how long it takes, or what I have to do, I’m going to make both those things happen.”

Reaching the Jeep and lifting the tailgate, Brad tried to ignore his raging erection. It had taken all his self-control not to rip Megan’s clothes off, pin her down, and fuck her mercilessly. Spanking a woman excited him, that was only natural, but landing his hard hand on her gorgeous backside had done a whole lot more than just excite him. He’d planned to comfort her quickly and get the hell out of there, but he couldn’t let her go. Having her in his arms had felt too good. Way too good.

Her unique scent had tickled his nostrils, teasing him, tempting him, tantalizing him. Closing his eyes, he’d imagined slipping his fingers into her pussy. She’d be drenched, and she’d let out a soft moan of longing. He’d let his fever take hold, and…!

He’d hastily stopped himself, but not wanting to suddenly bolt from the bed, he’d begun a conversation. Talking had helped, and he’d managed to get away from her without succumbing to temptation.

But it had been hard.

Almost as hard as his stiff cock.

He’d wanted to let his fever take hold, and surrender to his dark, ravenous appetite.

He’d wanted to devour her.

Every inch of her.

But she was a nice girl.

He’d be too much for her.

He’d terrify her.

Then he’d lose her.

He couldn’t let that happen.

A loud bark caught his attention. Turning around, he saw Catch racing toward him.

“Hey, you’re finally up from your nap!”

The happy dog ran around in circles, yapping excitedly.

“I know you want to help, but these would be a mite heavy for you,” he said with a grin, grateful his dog had rescued him from his salacious thoughts. “You can keep me company though.”

Looking back at the load of cartons, he did a quick count. Megan had packed them well, managing to get ten into the back of her Jeep, but the unloading wouldn’t take much time. When he was done, he’d return to the solitude of his house and drink down a long, cold beer. Picking up the first box, he carried it up the stairs as Catch ran ahead of him, but when he entered the loft he almost dropped it.

Megan had taken off her jeans.

Her T-shirt fell to the top of her thighs, and he could see the outline of her panties. Her long naked legs looked sexy as hell, then he noticed her nipples pressing against the thin cotton of her T-shirt. She’d taken off her bra too, and she’d done it for his benefit. Taking his time, he slowly placed the box on the floor.

“You don’t mind me wearing just my T-shirt, do you?” she asked innocently, walking across to him. “My butt hurts. The jeans were uncomfortable.”

“Makes no difference to me,” he lied, wanting to throw her on the bed, put her on her knees, and gaze at her red backside as he fucked her into a mind-shattering orgasm.

“Great!” she exclaimed, her eyes falling on the box. “You’ve brought up my kitchen stuff. I’ll just push it across the floor.”

Bending over, she rested her hands on the edge of the carton, exposing her white lace panties against her scarlet skin.

Heat pulsed through his body.

“Stop. I’ll carry it over there for you.”

Straightening up, she stepped closer, and locking his eyes, she gave him a soft smile.

“You don’t have to do that, Brad. I can push it.”

“I think that ship has sailed.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“The hell you don’t,” he said huskily, her fragrance wafting around him and making his head spin. “You didn’t take off your bra because your tits needed to breathe. You took it off so I’d see your nipples. That’s pushin’ it, little lady, that’s pushin’ it big time.”

“Guilty,” she whispered, slowly moving her arms around his neck, “but I had to do something. I know you want me just as much as I want you.”

“I’m gonna give you fair warnin’,” he growled, “you don’t know me. I’m not your average guy.”

“I already know that.”

“You don’t understand. I’m big, really big, and I fuck hard. And there’s more.”

He saw her quick intake of breath, but instead of backing away, she took a step closer.

Her breasts touched his chest.

His fever surged.

“I’m not scared,” she whispered. “Not even a little bit.”

“You should be. I’ll do things to you—cruel things. Painful things. I’ll tie you up and mess with your tits until you’re beggin’ me to stop,” he growled, suddenly grabbing her nipples with a sharp pinch, evoking a painful wail.

“See what I mean?” he grunted, then releasing them as abruptly as he’d grabbed them, he threw his arm around her waist and pulled her into his body. “It’s how I am, Megan. There’s no changin’ me. You’ll either love it or hate it. There’s no in-between. You think you want me, but like I said, you don’t know me.”

“But I want to know you,” she said breathlessly. “I want to know what you do and how you do it. Use me. Take me however you want.”

“You don’t know what you’re sayin’.”

“Maybe you’re right, and yeah, I lied. I am kinda scared, but there’s something inside me that needs to, uh…”

“Say it. Needs to what?”

“Submit. Is that the right word?”

“One of them,” he replied, knowing he was quickly losing the battle, “and if I don’t walk away this second…”

Then she did the unthinkable.

Moving her hand from around his neck, she slid it between their bodies and pressed it against his throbbing member.

To Megan’s joy and surprise, Brad swept her up, carried her across the room, and laid her on the bed. Wasting no time, he pulled off her T-shirt, but when she reached for his, he grabbed her wrists and pinned them on either side of her head.

“Don’t do that again. Keep your arms where they are, and Megan, this is not a time to test me.”

His gruff voice sent a shiver down her spine, but her reaction was fleeting. Grabbing her breasts, he lowered his lips around a nipple, voraciously sucking it between pursed lips. As he quickly moved to its twin, though his fervent attention elicited yelps of pain, she never wanted him to stop. Caught up in his ardent attack, she writhed beneath him bleating an endless moan, but was abruptly silenced as he darted his mouth against hers in a crushing kiss.

His fingers landed in her hair, clutching tightly, making any movement impossible. She was suddenly his prisoner. Charging his tongue between her teeth, his kiss was unlike any she’d ever experienced. Devouring, demanding, and decadent, she could only accept his passion and gasp air through her nose. Finally breaking away, he tugged her head to the side to nibble her neck.

Breathless and panting, she felt his cock pressing against her. Even through the denim jeans his size was evident. She longed to ignore his instruction and throw her arms around his back, cling to him, and raise her chest to rub her breasts against his chest, but his warning echoed through her head.

This is not a time to test me.

Her conflict raged, but was unexpectedly ripped away. Rising up, he deftly flipped her over. She squealed in shock, but as his large fingers grasped her stinging backside, the cry changed from one of surprise to one of pain.

“Hands behind your back!”

Her heart racing, she peered over her shoulder as she followed his brusque instruction. He was removing his belt, and before she could utter a sound he had it looped around her wrists. Mesmerized, she continued to watch as he unzipped his jeans and released his mammoth member.

He caught her eye.

A wicked grin curled the edges of his lips.

Seizing her hips, he yanked her to her knees and thrust his fingers into her sex.

“Your pussy is drenched. I’m gonna fuck you hard, little lady. I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked in your life.”

As his frightening, thrilling promise swirled through her head, he dove his mouth against her pussy, devouring her sex the same way he’d devoured her lips. Unable to stop from yowling as he sucked, tongued, and tormented her clit, she abruptly gasped as he thrust a finger inside her and vigorously shoved it in and out. He was utterly possessing her, controlling her responses with every lick and every charge of his long, thick finger, but as he pulled away and placed his cock at her entrance, she held her breath.

She’d expected him to plunge inside her, but he pushed slowly forward, and closing her eyes she let out a long, joyous groan. He began to stroke, the rough fabric of his jeans rubbing against her scalded skin. Naked and helpless, her wrists tied and his giant cock owning her, she knew he would use her however he wished, for as long as he wanted.

His thrusts quickened.

Feeling him clasp her hot, prickling backside, she was powerless as he spread her cheeks. Her breath ragged, her face flaming as red as her punished behind, she turned her face into the pillow. He suddenly slowed, but only for a heartbeat. Bringing his cock back, he plunged forward, staying buried inside her as she let out a muffled cry, then languidly withdrew. She waited, readying herself for the next.

It didn’t come.

His cock sat at her opening, tantalizing her, but motionless.

She bucked back, and was met with a hard slap.

“You want more?”

“Please…” she whimpered, lifting her head.

“Beg me.”

“Ooh, Sir, please, will you keep going?”

“Who’s in control?” he demanded, pushing in barely an inch.

“You, Sir.”

“Don’t forget it.”

His engorged cock pitched forward, evoking a wild wail, then paused, and leisurely pulled out. So it continued, each pummeling lunge eliciting a cry, until he stayed buried inside her and roamed his hands across her cheeks.

Turning her face to the side, she took a breath. Every nerve in her body sparked, her skin tingled, and she could feel her climax hovering, as though waiting for its short fuse to be lit. Opening her eyes, she glanced back at him. Still fully clothed and looking larger than life, he loomed over her.

“It’s time.”

His husky promise sent a wave of erotic energy surging through her body. She tried to wriggle, but he grabbed her waist in a steel grip. Holding her still, his mighty cock became a pumping piston.

The monstrous climax rose up inside her, then launched its crackling energy. Glorious sensations vibrated through her body, lightbulbs flashed through her brain, and endless spasms rippled across her muscles, until waning, they left her limp and breathless.

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