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Rough Daddy by Megan Michaels – Extended Preview

“Now you’ll go up to your bedroom, and sit on your bed.”

Marli had just finished him with her tongue, and had stood wiping the back of her mouth with her hand. Blinking, she stared at him.

What for?

“Go on. Move.”

She climbed the stairs, with him trailing close behind, and she felt self-conscious knowing her ass was facing him… and nervous as well.

Stepping into her room, she gasped.

It was pink. There was a new bedspread, curtains, even a rug in front of her bed, and stuffed animals by her pillow.

“You… what did… did you do this?” She pivoted, staring at him.

Knox’s dimples were deep and his eyes twinkled. He slowly nodded his head. “I did. You were busy and didn’t notice, but there were delivery people I let in and up the back staircase. They brought all of your new things up, setting it up for you. Do you like it?”

She nodded, and he blurred in her watery gaze. No one had ever given her a room of her own, and if they did, it was drab and dreary with bedding found at the Goodwill store.

Running her hand along the bedspread, she smiled to herself. It was white with pink ribbons and bows, and little fairies interspersed with those. The curtains were white but had pink, yellow, blue, and purple pom-poms along the edge, and a valance with pom-poms. The throw rug in front of the bed was white with round circles matching the colors of the pom-poms on the curtains.

And the doll and stuffed animals.

She sat next to them, her finger stroking the soft, furry bears, unicorn, and kitty stuffed animals. There was a lone baby doll, with all pink clothes, ruffles on her pink dress that were white, with little ankle socks and white shoes. Picking up the doll, she turned her around, looking at her in detail, noting that she even had ruffled white panties under her dress. Her long blonde hair was silky.

“There’s a hairbrush next to where she was. You can comb her hair too.” Knox blushed, and Marli wondered if he felt silly discussing her doll.

It was foolish and immature. She shouldn’t want these things, should be upset he was treating her as a child. She was a grown woman after all, one who had left home, and had been taking care of herself for many, many years.

Who needed toys to make them happy… or bedding with pretty pink bows?

“I shouldn’t be this happy.” She choked on a sob and struggled to hold in her emotions. “I… no one has ever done this. I really love it… Daddy.”

Knox’s body shook with the deep inhale, and he rubbed at an eye, muttering, “Got something in my eye.” Rubbing both of them, he picked his head up. “I’m glad you like it, Miss Marli. Every girl should have a pink bedroom that’s all her own.”

Marli put the doll down carefully, leaping up, running across the room to throw her arms around him. “Thank you so much. I love it.” She kissed him on the lips and then buried her head into his chest.

His heart—steady and sure—beat under her ear, and she closed her eyes, loving the steadfast security that was Knox.

Clearing his throat, he pulled away. “Take your shirt off.”

Grinning up at him, she didn’t hesitate for even a second; she whipped it off with one arm, tossing it to the floor, and had just begun to undo the clasp of her bra.

“Nuh-uh. Pants off next.”

She shrugged. It was up to him, she’d keep it on if that was what he wanted. She undid the belt at her waist, the metal tine jingling against the buckle; unbuttoning the top of her jeans, she then undid the zipper. She shimmied out of them, her hips slipping easily out of the denim and she kicked them off, toeing them aside.

Standing, a bit embarrassed, with only her bra and panties, she stared up at him.

Will we fuck first? I mean I just gave him an epic blowjob, he might need time.

Instead of walking toward the bed, as she expected, his catlike movements brought him across the room, picking up a chair and placing it in the middle of the floor. “Panties at your knees. Sit on the spanking chair.

“What? I thought—”

“I know what you thought. But you were wrong. Now sit.” He pointed toward the chair.

Marli’s belly flipped, her clit throbbing. “But… I don’t want to.”

“Didn’t ask. Do it.”

The chair was painted pink, and on the seat was written in black cursive, Spanking Chair. The glossy paint gleamed in the sunshine streaming from the window. Looking back at Knox, his gaze narrowed and his lips thinned, she saw no mercy and knew it would be best to obey.

Walking up to it, she turned her back to the chair, and hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, she pulled them down to her knees as instructed. She sniffled, a small sob escaping from her mouth, and she placed her bottom on the cold seat, feeling very small and exposed.

“Keep those panties at your knees, and think about why you’ll be getting your little ass spanked raw.”

She crumpled her white cheeky boy shorts in her hands, fisting them at her knees; keeping her eyes focused on the wad of material was easier than looking into those stern blue eyes.

You really blew it this time, Marli.

She’d just wanted to escape. Get away. She didn’t like anyone making fun of her. And she definitely didn’t like failing. All of those were signs of weakness, and she’d spent most of her teens putting up a strong exterior, never letting anyone sense fear or loss on her part.

With a deep sigh, Knox left the room, his broad shoulders filling the doorway, along with his muscular backside that nicely filled out his jeans. His boots clomped on the wooden floors and retreated to their kitchen. The clanging of cupboards and spoons, along with the whir of the k-cup brewer, let her know he was making himself a cup of coffee.

What was it about Knox that had her dropping her guard and showing weakness? Here she sat on her bare bottom, panties at her knees, her legs shaking and tears tracking down her cheeks, feeling more than vulnerable.

She looked around her new bedroom.

It’s so pink.

And so pretty. She felt free in this room. Like there wasn’t a care in the world. Loved. Cared for. Protected. And now, instead of reading in her new bed, or taking a nap, she’d be getting her backside blistered.

She thought back to how she threw tools at him and called him names. It wasn’t fair to him. He’d been there for her. Given her a place to live, a job, and possibly a future. He’d even given her the choice of calling him Sir or Daddy.

Having a daddy had been a dream she thought had ended when she turned eighteen. There had been many nights she’d cried over the fact that she’d never had a daddy in her life… a real one who cared.

Would he leave her? Maybe he’d decide she wasn’t worth the effort, especially after he’d gone to the trouble and expense of making her this gorgeous room.

Now the tears flowed freely, she couldn’t stop them, and wiped at them furiously, hoping to abate the stream before he came back. It was one thing to act immature, and sit with a bare bottom on her new spanking chair, but to be found sobbing like a small child had her mortified.

His boots pounded on the floors, slow and measured, approaching her bedroom.

Knox steeled himself on his march to the naughty girl’s bedroom. He couldn’t be swayed by a few tears and a pout.

She needs this. Needs the stability of discipline. I can provide that to her.

He leaned against the doorframe of her bedroom, marveling at how well the designers had pulled this together in such short notice. It was just as he’d envisioned it—maybe more.

Marli’s small hands were still clenching her white panties at her knees, except when they were wiping away her tears. Remorse had finally replaced anger.

I wonder how she’ll respond to my questions.

It was time to instill some needed discipline to Miss Marli Ann Brown; she desperately needed to learn self-control, a lesson apparently not imparted to the impish brat.

“Stand up. You can pull your panties up.”

Marli startled, rising quickly and hiking up her cheeky panties. Her face brightened, and a hint of a smile played at the corners of her mouth.

Knox shook her head. “Don’t get too excited, you’re still getting spanked.” He walked over to where she was and with a hand to her elbow had her stand next to him, while he sat in the pink chair. “Bad girls don’t choose when panties go up—or down—only I get to choose that. If you want to keep your underwear up, you must listen and obey. Now, it’s my choice how many times they make the descent.”

She keened, the whine deep in her throat, her lips pouting adorably.

He raised his eyebrows in her direction. “Do you need more time sitting on your naked bottom in this chair?”

“N-no, Daddy.”

“That’s what I thought.” He slid his finger along the crease of her sex, the cotton indenting a bit between her labia. Lifting his finger to his nose, he closed his eyes and inhaled loudly. “It smells like you’re in need, Marli. Is your clit throbbing? Your sex clenching?”

“Oh, God!” She shuttered her eyes, lifting her head toward the ceiling, her cheeks turning pink with her blush and he loved every fucking minute of it. “Yes.” She whispered it so low he could barely hear it. But she’d responded. Honestly and politely. It was an improvement.

He pulled her panties down, just below the curve of her bottom, just enough to keep her sex open and exposed. He slipped his finger between her slick labia, gliding easily along the puffy inner lips. Her scent was spicy and heady.

Her hips thrust forward and she quickly adjusted her stance, clearing her throat, obviously embarrassed by her body’s betrayal.

“My, my, little girl, that was pretty hot. You like this, do you?”

“I… I don’t want… do I have to answer that?”

“No, not really. I can tell by your juices and scent that you’re aroused.” Abruptly he extricated his finger and yanked her underpants back up, pulling them a bit too high, so the gusset separated her sex, her juices soaking the material. “Let’s talk.”

“Talk?” She had laced the question with sarcasm.

Quirking an eyebrow at her, he dipped his chin. “Yes, talk.” He waited for her face to become somber again. “Did you think while sitting in your spanking chair?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“What did you think about? Be honest.”

She nibbled on her bottom lip, digging her foot into the floor, before tugging on her panties to loosen them from cutting into her little cunt.

“Nuh-uh, you don’t touch them. Daddies take care of panties for bad girls.” He hiked them back up, and swore her hips thrust just a bit. Her whole body was stiff and tense. He pointed his finger at her in warning once he had her panties wedged tightly into her sex. “Now, what were you thinking about?”

“I was thinking about how nice my room is, and how awful I treated you. I threw things at you.”


“Yes, Daddy. Again. And I called you nasty names. Again. And—” Her voice broke into a sob and she shook her head with her eyes closed, valiantly doing her best to ward off any more tears. But failing miserably.

“Go on.” He wouldn’t let her off the hook. Change and remorse only took place with genuine tears of regret.

“I was worried you’d make me leave.” Her whole body shook and she was racked with pitiful cries.

“Oh, baby.” He pulled her onto his lap. “I may spank the vinegar right out of you, but I would never make you leave unless you did something really bad like committed a crime or something. Being sassy or disobedient just means you’ll be paddled and sent to bed early with no supper. I’m not an ogre.”

He rubbed her back until she calmed down a bit. With a finger under her chin, he tilted her head up. “You understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“I won’t make you leave. And like I said, I have a cure for disobedient and defiant girls. I blister their little asses.”

She was so serious and just blinked at him somberly.

“Time to stand up again. You need a lickin’ and I plan on doing a good job of it too.” He stood her between his legs, both hands on her slender hips.

Definitely needed to add some weight to her body, her bones are sticking out.

He swiveled her around so her cute little bum was facing him and the nosy girl peered over her shoulder.

Shaking his head, he grasped the back of her head with his hand, covering the whole of her scalp, turning her to face the other away.

“Face forward. We’ll get rid of your bra first.” He unbuckled the clasp, the straps falling down her arms, resting at her elbows. “Drop it to the floor.”

She hesitated until he placed a hand on a plump buttock, cupping it firmly. She then quickly shoved it off, the wispy material whispering to the floor.

Knox hooked his finger in the waistband of her cheeky shorts, her very cute ass bearing a few marks from the day before, just barely seen through the flimsy white material.

His cock yearned to break free of the confines of his boxers and jeans. Once again he was hard as steel. He let her underwear fall to her ankles. “Step out of them. Then turn around.”

She did as directed, her little pink pucker peeping from between her adorable cheeks before she pivoted, wringing her hands in front of her uncomfortably. He swatted her hands, making them lie at her sides.

“What’s going to happen now, little girl?”

Those beautiful green eyes skittered to look at the bedspread and her stuffed animals before landing back on his face. “I’m getting a spanking.”

“Speak up.”

“I’m-I’m getting a spanking, Daddy.”

So sweet.

“Good girl. See, that wasn’t so hard. How?” He raised his eyebrows at her; he knew she’d find this difficult to answer. He carefully grabbed the pillows at the top of her bed, doing his best to not upset her dolls and animals, knowing she’d be upset if they fell or were tossed in the process. Once he had both pillows in his hand, he moved them to the end of the bed, stacking them neatly.

“Oh, God.” Her sweet pink bottom lip quivered, her chin trembling slightly.

Jesus, she’s going to break my heart.

“How, girl. I’m losing patience.”

“I… are you… I’m going to be spanked over those pillows.” She pointed at them, her hand shaking.

“Yep. Now give me the belt from your jeans.”

Her eyes widened, and the tears filling them made the green look like sparkly emeralds. She shook her head minutely. “I-I can’t… No.”

“Don’t tell me No. Belt. Now.”

Sobbing, she turned to the pile of clothes on the floor and pulled the belt out, the leather slapping against the six loops on her jeans. With it dangling like a poisonous snake, she held it away from her body and with her arm outstretched she handed it over.

Wrapping the leather around his hand, palming the buckle, he left a foot-long strip loose, like a whip. She wouldn’t throw things again. Twice in two days was more than any man should tolerate, and he wasn’t one to take kindly to outright violence toward him.

“Go lie over the pillows, Marlow. Hips in the middle.”

She ran over to the pile, sputtering with her sadness, and positioned her pert little backside over the middle, just as directed, her feet no longer touching the floor.

“Turn your toes in, and tuck your hands under your chest.”

Her narrow back hunched with her hands bunched under her, and she turned her toes in, keeping the clenching to a minimum.

“You’ll remember this lickin’ every time you thread your belt into your pants, a good reminder to behave and the consequences of impulsive behavior.” He swung his arm out and let the leather crack against her white backside, a bright pink stripe rising quickly on her bottom.

“You threw something just yesterday, right?”


“Ow! Yes, Daddy.”

“And this is why you’re getting the strap today. Next time it’ll be my wide belt. Time after that will be a switch. You hear me?” He swung the belt again, leaving a mark just under the first two. Her petite ass was almost completely covered with stripes already.

“Yes, D-Daddy.” She stiffened, her ass tightly clenched with her feet straight out.

“Feet down and turned in, press them against the bed, girl. I won’t say it again.”

And sure enough, due to her clenching, the pink belt mark had purple edges. He gave her three successive cracks, all to her sit spots and upper thighs.

His girl screamed, her face pressed into the mattress, and she rocked from side to side before shouting, “Oh, no! Oh!”

She leaped up and before he could snatch her, she skirted around him, running to the bathroom. A small wet spot on the pillows was his clue.

Apparently barely making it in time, she plopped onto the cold porcelain toilet, releasing her bladder immediately. “Oh, th-that was close. So cl-close, this seat hurts. It hurts.” Her urine hissed from her body, and she hiccupped pathetically, head down.

And then as if a curtain had been drawn, she lifted her gaze, her eyes hard and cold, her lips tight and thin, and she growled, “Get out of here!”

“Who the fuck do you think you’re speaking to?”

“I want p-privacy.”

“You lost that privilege, little girl. Now get that sore ass up and we’ll finish this, before you sign more checks than your ass can cash.” He waved the belt before him, motioning toward the bedroom.

She flushed the toilet and stomping her foot, she rushed past him, muttering under her breath.

“What’re you saying?”

“Nothing!” She made a dramatic stomp of her foot before lying over her bed once again, the freshly spanked pink wobbling pleasingly. She wouldn’t have done that if she’d known how it fucking turned him on, or how it made his impossibly hard cock even harder still. Nope, she would have walked with mincing steps, diminishing the show she’d just given him. She looked at the wet spot on the pillow for a moment, and quickly climbed up onto the pillows.

“Nothing isn’t an answer, but one I’ll take today over the alternative. Let’s see if we can keep that mouth busy crying instead of causing me more grief.”

Miss Marlow Ann had pushed him past his limit. He wasn’t angry, far from it—he’d been through too much in Afghanistan to consider anything in civilian life upsetting—but she’d figure out the hard way that he wouldn’t put up with her shit. Not today. Not ever.

He didn’t give her much time to settle down before striking her ass in quick succession, her bottom welting and turning a very deep red. Stopping only to let her catch her breath for a few seconds, his arm swung wide, striking the meatiest part of her bottom, doing his best to lay them one over the top of the other before stopping completely. He tossed the belt onto the bed well within her line of vision, wanting her to gaze upon it while she recuperated.

The welted red stripes tugged at his heartstrings, but he knew it was a lesson she desperately needed to learn. She’d find it difficult to sit for a couple days, and would be crying quite a bit today, but she would recover and be none the worse. He couldn’t fathom if something dire happened to his girl, this was a tough city and one that was unforgiving to the young and naive. It was his job to protect her from others, and herself as well.

“Get up.” No time for self-pity, he’d impress upon her to take her punishment and keep on going.

She carefully crawled off the pillows, slowly standing straight, her chin raised and looking him straight in the eye.

Damn, my girl has some bravery.

“Panties back on.”

“B-but…” She looked at the scrap of material on the floor.

He shook his head, hoping at this stage of the discipline no words were necessary.

And he was correct. She sighed loudly, her intake of breathe shivery at best and with measured carefulness she leaned down, her breasts swaying, the pale pink nipples puckered. His mouth watered, imagining suckling on them as she straddled his body.

She picked up the underwear, slipping both legs into the openings, dragging them up to her thighs.

With a watery gaze she sought a reprieve, hoping to keep them down for comfort’s sake, he had no doubt.

“Nope, all the way up.”

She shimmied her hips into the panties, hissing when they scraped along her blistered ass.

“When was the last time you were required to stand in the corner with a freshly spanked ass?”

She blinked, not answering at first, no evidence of defiance, just shock.

“No matter. You’ll be standing in one now.” He pointed to the corner near them, which he purposefully kept empty just for this reason.

Once she stood quietly facing the seam of the two walls, his hand encompassed the whole of her head and he gently pushed her nose into the tight corner. “Keep it there.” He then grasped the elastic waistband of her panties and hiked them up, assuring the gusset would be wedged fully between her labia. Almost the whole of each buttock was exposed to his view, but framed beautifully with the white panties.


“That’s right.” He sat on her bedspread, looking at the lacy bows and things the designers had brought for her. It was exactly as he’d envisioned. Returning his attention to her very raw, red backside, his cock stirred behind his jeans.

“You going to throw anything at me anytime soon?”

She startled, her ass clenching, the dimples appeared on the surface. “N-no, Daddy.”

“What happens if you do?” He wondered if she remembered. It was imperative she did since he hoped the fear of retribution would be enough to keep her on the straight and narrow.

“I will be spanked with your wide work belt.”

“After having your small little belt, how does my belt sound to you?” He picked up her belt, the buckle and tine tinkling.

Marli looked over her shoulder, her eyes wide with anxiety, and quickly turned back around when he quirked an eyebrow in her direction. “It sounds… scary and really… painful, Sir.”

“I bet. Trust me, it is. My daddy had one, and I only received it a handful of times. I avoided it like the plague.” He ran his hand down the worn narrow belt, folding and unfolding it, giving his hands and mind something to do while he waited for her to receive the full humiliation of being in the corner.

“Pull your underpants down to your thighs and c’mere. Widen your stance, and don’t you dare let them fall.”

Marli did as he asked and turned awkwardly, walking toward him, hobbled, with mincing steps. Stopping in front of Knox, she kept her hands at her sides, her panties still at her thighs and didn’t see any anger or disappointment present on his face. Instead, he smiled, deep dimples evident, and she saw… love, sympathy, and kindness.

The traits she’d grown to know from the man she’d only recently started calling Daddy.

Reaching out, Knox pulled her to him, standing her between his knees and cupped her very hot, sore buttocks, each cheek fitting easily into his large hands.

Hissing, she tried to pull away—unsuccessfully. Instead he squeezed each, forcing her to stand perfectly still.

Easing his pressure, he massaged them softly. “Let’s pull these panties off.” He helped her take them off. “You’ve had a rough day, little girl. What happened? Tell Daddy.”

What was it about his gentle words with his low rumbling voice, referring to himself as Daddy that made her cry instantly?

“I was spanked w-with my belt.”

He nodded slowly, his laugh lines disappearing replaced by a serious gaze. “You were. What caused that, my good girl?”

She choked, a sob rising in her throat. “I’m not a good girl. I’m bad and unlovable.”

“You will never say that again. Understood?”

She blinked at him.

His angry voice rose, his eyes sparking under his furrowed eyebrows. Nodding, she replied, “Okay.”

“Nope, answer appropriately.”

“I’ll never call myself unlovable again, Daddy.”

“As my girl, you’re always lovable. You might be naughty, but once you’re spanked, you’re my good girl again.”

Through her tears, she smiled at him.

How did I meet someone so kind?

“I’ll ask again because it’s part of our spanking routine unless you object, of course. Why were you spanked, good girl?”

He stressed good girl for her benefit and it made her warm all over. “I threw things at you and called you nasty names.”

“And you ran away. Running away never solves problems. Warning. Are you listening?” He paused, raising his eyebrows toward her, waiting for her response.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Next time, you’ll be given an old-fashioned switching if you run away. We can always talk about things, but not if you leave.”

“A switching?”

“Yep, you heard me. I know you Northern girls aren’t familiar with it, but if you push me too far again, you’ll experience it firsthand.”

Marli had read about these in books and seen them in old movies, but couldn’t imagine that a little twig could be as bad as he was making it sound. She’d suffered through other things way worse… or so it would seem. But he kept dangling this switching over her head like it was a fate worse than death. Could it actually be that bad?

“So, Marlow Ann Brown, what lesson did your belt impart today?”

She glared at her white belt still lying doubled over on her bed.

My pretty bed.

“It’s never a good idea to throw things at you.”

Taking a deep breath, he growled deep in his chest. “It’s never a good idea to throw things at anybody. Continue.”

“Yes, at anybody. I won’t do it, promise.”


“And I won’t call you—or anybody—nasty names. And no running away.” She beamed at him, she couldn’t help it. She knew she’d remembered them all.

“Good girl. Now let’s see if you can remember all of this for more than a day this time.” Abruptly he stood, and Marli backed up a step to accommodate him. “Let’s go back to work.”

“Wait. What? Back to work?” She’d heard of a work ethic, but Christ. They’d just had sex and her ass was aching worse than she could ever remember, and all she wanted to do was take a nap.

And he wants to pound nails into the hard bar floor?

“That floor isn’t finishing itself. Get dressed.”

“But my jeans will hurt.” She pouted, looking at her clothing scattered about the room.

He pinched her chin between his thumb and forefinger and slowly invaded her space before whispering, “You’ll not pout. I don’t tolerate it. Get. Dressed. Now.”

Marli’s heart hammered within her chest, and her breathing became shallow and rapid. She grabbed her bra, quickly snapping it into place and then picked up her white cheeky panties.

Hobbling awkwardly on one foot, she attempted to put them on when Daddy came over and bending over, he said, “Hold my shoulders, I’ll help.” She put her feet into the openings and the tears ran down her cheeks yet again. He was so sweet to her, and she’d been so mean. How could he easily forget the horrid things she’d done?

The stretchy, cheeky boy shorts scraped over her abraded ass, and she jumped. “Oh! Oh, it hurts.”

He patted her backside lightly. “I know, baby. But it’s part of the punishment. No pouting.” He tapped her nose.

Grabbing her jeans, he walked up to her to do the same process.

Marli backed up a step, shaking her head. “But… I don’t want to.”

“Marli, we’re not discussing every piece of clothing. You’re getting dressed and doing some work. Now, come here.”

She stared at the heavy denim and just knew it would rub annoyingly on her bottom, but also knew not obeying would be worse for her. Stepping forward, she put her foot into the pant leg and bracing herself with a hand to his shoulder, she put her other foot into the leg opening and held her breath as he dragged the thick denim pants up her scorched, raw, red ass.


Standing to his full height, he looked down at her with his dark eyebrows furrowed, nodding. “You’ll behave, I’m betting.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

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