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Rough Ride: A Cowboy Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


As soon as I’d gotten a few inches away, the rough cowboy grabbed my arm, jerking me against his chest, a yelp escaping my mouth.

“I suggest you treat me with respect, sunshine, especially since I own a significant portion of this company.”

“A company you neither wanted nor give a damn about,” I spouted back, hatred filling my voice. The man’s eyes pierced mine, the lust in them creating a wave of electricity so powerful I was almost knocked off my feet. When he dragged me even closer, crushing my breasts against him, I was forced to smack my palm against his chest in order to keep some airspace. The closeness was combustible, my breath catching in my throat.

Jake lowered his head, breathing a swath of explosive air across my face. The move allowed another series of tingles to skate down my spine, shifting directly into my pussy. For a few seconds, we had a stare down.

Then the bastard had the audacity to capture my mouth as he fisted my hair, pulling me all the way onto my toes. I was shocked at how hard his cock had gotten, throbbing against my stomach. I couldn’t breathe, my throat closing, but fortunately my will to continue hating the man kicked in.

I fought him like a wildcat, slamming my fists against any portion of his body I could get to.

The huge stud of a man didn’t budge an inch. No matter how I squirmed, all I managed to do was create a round of friction so intense that our bodies sparked like a live wire. Holy bejesus, the man was built like a brick shithouse. And he could kiss like no other man.

Growling, he thrust his tongue inside, dominating mine as he explored every centimeter of my mouth. He was a freight train rolling over me, taking what he wanted.

Just like he’d done the night before.

The scent of our combined desired wafted in the air around us, floating like a filthy reminder of the carnal sin we’d performed. Every guttural sound he made aroused me to the point my nipples were aching, my panties soaked from the amount of juice trickling into the thin lace. I was mortified that I had this kind of reaction to him after finding out who and what he was.

As I moaned into the kiss out of frustration, he took that as a sign of surrender, grinding his hips and sliding his hand down to cup and squeeze my bottom. I had the distinct feeling he wasn’t going to let me go.

And I was right.

Even though I managed to punch him in the gut, pushing myself away from him, he was far too strong, catching my arm again. Only this time the grip was ferocious, the man digging his fingers into my skin.

“Careful, sweet sunshine. You’re playing with fire,” he huffed in a husky, sexy tone that continued to piss me off.

“There’s something you’re going to learn about me, Jake. I love playing with fire.” I gave him the biggest, baddest slap across his face I could manage, adoring the shock that followed just seconds before he let me go. I tumbled backward but caught myself, turning swiftly and racing into the house.

It was a split second before I realized I’d uncaged the beast deep inside of him.

“Oh, no, you don’t, little filly,” he barked then wrapped one arm around my waist, lifting me into the air like I was a light bag of flour.

“Let go of me.” My squeal sounded ridiculous.

“Not a chance, at least until you’ve learned another valuable lesson. And I know exactly what you need.”

From the way he’d grabbed me, I found it all but impossible to hit him with a direct blow. Even though I managed to kick him in the knees, he acted as if I was a minor inconvenience, continuing to walk through the kitchen. He opened drawer after drawer, every cabinet door after that. What the hell was he looking for?

He hoisted me up further on his hip, cursing under his breath while he moved toward one of the closets. As soon as he opened the door, he snickered. “That’s exactly what I was looking for.”

I strained to try to figure out what he’d grabbed from one of the wire shelves. Then I realized. It was thick twine that my dad had used to truss a turkey, or the whole pigs he used to cook during the summer. What the hell… As soon as he walked outside, twisting my body as he dropped me then wrapping one hand around my wrists, I knew.

He was going to tie me to the deck railing. Was the asshole out of his fucking mind? Now I fought like hell, kicking out and squirming, but it was to no avail. The man had some rope skills because within seconds, he’d managed to wrap my wrists together, securing both to the railing then using a pocketknife he’d had in his pocket to cut the end.

I sputtered instead of screaming like a banshee, horrified at what he thought he was going to do.

Leaning over, he grinned then slipped his blade into his pocket. “I think that should hold you.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“I think you’ve already called me that more than once.” Humming, he moved behind me and when he reached around my waist, untying my shorts then tugging them down, I started to fight, squirming with as much muscle power as I could manage.

The rope wasn’t budging. In fact, it only became tighter. I was a trussed little filly completely at his mercy. Shit. Shit. Shit!

I tried to kick him as he pulled both my shorts and panties completely off, leaving me half naked in a location where any of the riggers could catch a glimpse of my exposed body as they drove off the rig site. I was more embarrassed than I’d ever been in my life.

“What the hell are you doing?” I demanded.

He stood to my side, allowing me to watch as he unbuckled his belt, the look on his face even more savage than it had been the night before. “I’m giving you another spanking for punching and slapping me, generally being rude and cursing. Maybe a thick strap of leather will do the trick. Finally.”

“You just did.”

“That was nothing, sweetheart.”

I opened my mouth at least three times to retort, but all that came out was a ragged breath of garbled shit. Finally, I was able to mutter a few words and they disgusted me.

“I’ll be good.”

Right. I was going to grab a knife and cut out his heart.

“Yup. You’re going to learn one way or the other.” Jake took his time sliding the leather through his belt loops, exhaling when he’d finished the job. Then he folded the strap, smacking it against his palm. “This will do nicely. I think twenty is a good start, don’t you? Now, be that good little girl and try and hold in your screams. I want to reserve those for when I fuck you and you beg me for more.”

The man was an absolute pig. He was horrible. He was mean. He was… I closed my eyes, still squirming. I’d never felt so stupid or vulnerable in my life. But I wasn’t going to beg the man for anything.


“Keep in position or I might have to start over,” he said then growled, sending another shower of shivers down the back of my legs.

I sucked in my breath, determined to remain as quiet as a mouse. When I heard the whooshing sound, I almost smiled. There was almost no pain after he brought the belt down across both ass cheeks, only a slight sting. I shifted my hips, exhaling in an exaggerated manner just to piss him off.

Then he smacked me again.

And again.

Still nothing.

Until the bastard followed with a volley of six in a row. The pain was blinding, sending me all the way onto my toes, the bedraggled moan something I couldn’t avoid. The wooden spoon had been nothing in comparison to this. As the sound filled the air, he grunted like some animal then had the audacity to rub the rough pads of his fingers across my heated and already aching skin.

“I like the way you wear my marks. Maybe I should keep you this way.”

His gruff tone was laced with sensuality and some kind of animalistic need. I panted like a dog, unable to prepare myself for the next four brutal smacks.

“Ouch! Stop it. Just stop.”

“Nope,” he remarked, smacking me twice more.

I shifted back and forth, kicking one foot up then the other, fighting with my bindings as tears formed in my eyes. This was horrible. This was insane. I was so going to slit his throat.

“I think you will learn your lesson after this. Don’t you?” he asked oh-so quietly.

“I think… you need… a lobotomy.”

Laughing, he rubbed his hand across my bottom again, the electricity as intense as before. “And I think you need the full treatment.” He wasted no time, doling out four or maybe six in a row. I’d lost count and couldn’t think clearly, my heart hammering against my chest.

Oh, God, the pain was blinding.

“Four more then we’re done. Well, at least for round one.”

Was he fucking kidding me? Round one?

I braced for additional strikes, clenching my teeth together and when he performed the horrible deed, I realized that my pussy was throbbing, clenching and releasing several times. What. The. Hell? I was turned on by this? I had to be sick inside, a screw coming loose.

The sound of the belt thudding against the deck as he dropped it made me open my eyes wide. “Untie me or else.”

“Not gonna happen, sunshine. We’re just getting started.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

He leaned over, nipping my earlobe. “Sugar, that means I’m going to fuck you even harder than I did last night. And trust me. You will scream out my name.”



I liked this girl more than I should. She was opinionated, feisty, and one hell of a fighter. She also had the kind of spunk that I wasn’t used to. However, she was a handful and my gut told me that she was trouble with a capital T. Still, I couldn’t resist her. She was stunningly gorgeous, her voluptuous body the perfect fit against mine and her lips were soft like rose petals.

Where the heck was this coming from?

Maybe the funeral had brought out something entirely different in me.

After taking a deep breath, I smiled hearing her cuss words. The woman had a mouth on her too. It was easy to tell my father had never kept her in line. Father. I could barely think the word let alone say it out loud. He was nothing to me, just a name on a tombstone.

And a crazy will that continued to make my head spin. Why would he leave a fortune to a kid he’d never wanted anything to do with in the first place? Nothing made a lick of sense, including why he’d been impressed with the way I’d tried to help the orphaned kids over the years. Did he think that made me a saint or something? I snorted at the thought. Then he didn’t know me at all.

I was a grade-A flaming asshole and everyone knew it.

My cock throbbed from hearing her feisty words. She knew how to get a man’s blood pumping, that was for certain. My balls were screaming for relief. While teasing her out in the open might not be in my best interest, I couldn’t seem to help myself. Given her nasty attitude and caustic mouth, she deserved a little outdoor penance.

“I’m curious, sunshine. Do the other riggers know of your creative talent in the ring?” I brushed a single finger down her spine, enjoying the way she hissed from my touch. But there was no denying our extreme chemistry or the current popping all around us like an electric pole slammed into by a semi.

“Fuck you.”

“Tsk. Tsk, little girl. I think you need to watch your mouth.”

“Do you really want me to repeat myself?” Madisen retorted as she threw her head to the side, still struggling with the rope holding her. Hadn’t she guessed by now that she wasn’t getting away from me anytime soon?

“Sure. Why not? I got all night.” I moved beside her, leaning against the railing, the grin on my face widening.

“You are one sick man.”

I nodded several times, taking a few seconds to glance at the perimeter of the ranch. “Yup. I guess some people might call me that. Of course, I’ve been called so many things I kinda lost count of them all.”

“Every one of them is justified.”

“You said it yourself. You don’t even know me.”

She laughed, acting as if the situation she’d gotten herself into didn’t bother her one tiny bit. “I know enough to send you packing then hire hunters to track you down and skin you alive.”

“Whoowee, little girl. You really have a thing against me.”

“Do you blame me?”

“And here I thought we were getting along so famously. Just answer the question, sweetheart, and I’ll finish what I started.”

The evil eye she gave me was just as enticing as everything else about her. I knew that at some point she’d come around.

Or else she’d hang a noose around my neck.

Either way, it would be fun as hell.

She tossed her head, trying to act as if nothing in the world bothered her. “Some do. Some don’t.”

“Uh-huh. If I had to guess, I’d say they make fun of you.”

“As if you give a shit.”

“Actually, I do. If a single worker of mine causes you any pain, they are out. Period. No second chances.”

For a few seconds, I thought the woman was going to cry. When she burst out laughing, the beast inside of me rose to the surface, my hunger off the charts.

“First of all, buster, I’ve been here for most of my life. They actually respect my skills. Second, they work for me now. You’re just a bystander as far as I’m concerned. And third and final, you are going to be the laughingstock of this entire facility. I can’t wait to see that happen.”

I had to admit that while the banter was sexy as hell, I was losing my patience. “Well, then I guess we’ll see about that.” As I moved behind her, a sudden crazy thought popped into my mind, one that made me scratch my head at first.

I wanted her to surrender to me, body and soul.

I craved possessing her, wanting nothing more than to hear her screams of ecstasy.

And I would make her mine. Every. Single. Inch.

I had to be losing my marbles, exhausted from the last couple of days. There was no other excuse. But for now, I planned on succumbing to my dark, sadistic needs, feasting on every inch of her as long and as often as I desired.


And there was nothing the little filly could do about it.

As I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, she started to struggle more violently, pitching and tossing her body. Watching her was such a delight, especially the embarrassment crossing her face. Yeah, I knew that made me one bad dude. I took that in stride. Since everyone else thought that’s all I was, why not make it true?

Smirking after peeling away the dense material, I crowded close, shifting my stiff cock back and forth across her bruised bottom.

She tensed, taking shallow breaths but I could hear the slight moan in her guttural sounds. She was as excited as I was, only she would never allow me to see it again.

Or would she?

“You really are about the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, at least when you’re not frowning.”

Madisen seemed surprised by my comment, darting another look over her shoulder. “Yeah, well, I have a lot to frown about right now.”

“Mmm… Then let me give you something to scream about.” I slipped my hands under her tee shirt, my cock twitching when I cupped my big hands around her full, naked breasts. I was so turned on that I couldn’t see straight. The second I squeezed, she panted several times, undulating her hips in such a provocative way that I couldn’t hold back a husky growl. She just had a way of doing that to me, turning me into an animal ready to mate.

“I am going to kill you.”

“I can’t wait to see you try.” I took my time rolling my index fingers around her already hardened nipples, closing my eyes as the electric sensations rolled through me like a wildfire. Her scent filtered into my nostrils, and I tingled all the way to my bones. Sweet and exotic, just like the woman. I was mildly intoxicated but determined to give her the kind of pleasure that would have her hungry for more.

The second I pinched her nipples, she cried out, gasping for air. She’d thrown her head back, her body trembling to my touch.

“Do you feel that, Madisen? The sheer electricity flashing between us. Is your heart beating so fast you can’t breathe? Is your blood heating up to the point it might catch fire?”

“No!” she hissed, but her single word was followed by a powerful moan.

I twisted her nipples several times, allowing myself to enjoy the vibrations as I shifted back and forth, creating heady friction. Now I was the one panting, struggling to keep control. I couldn’t take the wait any longer. As I wrapped my hand around my cock, I held my breath. Just the thought of slipping it deep inside of her all over again was sinful enough. Actually taking her right here was filthy as shit.

One dirty ride.

When I slipped my shaft just past her wet, swollen folds, I was nothing more than a damn beast.

“You’re a savage,” she whispered as she arched her back, shoving her hips against me. The action forced my cock deeper inside.

Her moan was a sweet reward. I thrust the remainder inside, shaking from the way her muscles clamped around the thick invasion. My cock continued to swell, filling her completely.

“Fuck, you’re so damn tight,” I managed, struggling to catch my breath.

She said nothing for a few seconds, lowering her head as she continued to pant. Perhaps there was nothing we needed to say.

I pulled out, slamming into her again, shocked my entire body was shaking uncontrollably. I’d enjoyed women before, but not like this. Madisen was jet fuel tossed on the fire, pushing me into a combustible state. I kept my hands on her breasts, caressing her nipples as I powered into her, driving harder and faster until we were in sync with the rhythm. She met every brutal thrust, tossing her head back and forth.

A series of growls erupted from the depth of my being, and I became uncontrollable in my actions, enjoying every second of taking her like a wild animal. Beads of sweat slid down both sides of my face, my vision all but stolen as I continued the crazed actions. I might burn in hell for this, but at least I would go down with a smile on my face.

After a few seconds, I could tell she was close to coming, fighting it every step of the way. I refused to give in, rolling onto the balls of my feet, switching the angle as I plunged harder.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.” Her cries became louder, the force I was using shoving her against the railing. There was no controlling my needs or the hunger that had festered for one hell of a long time.

“Come for me, sunshine.”


Laughing, I lowered my head, nipping on her earlobe. She mewed, her moans turning into guttural cries. When I could tell she was losing all control, I picked up the pace, thrusting so brutally that my muscles tensed.

“No… Yes. Yes. Yes!”

“Scream for me, darling. Call my name.”

She huffed, trying to hold back another string of moans as her muscles clamped around my cock like a tight vise. I knew it no use, a single climax turning into a giant wave.

“Say it!” I demanded.

The woman continued to fight her own desires, struggling against me even as her body betrayed her. “I won’t.”

“You will.”

As her body began to shake, she bucked against me. “Oh, God. Oh. Oh. Oh. Jake!”

There was nothing so satisfying as hearing her scream out my name. The fact no other woman had done so told me something. The woman was special. She was perfect.

She was mine even though she didn’t know it.

I refused to stop, trying to keep from losing it. I wanted her exhausted from the pleasure, longing for more. I craved taking her all night long, spilling my cum into every beautiful hole. My God, I was insatiable.

“Oh, no. I… I can’t…” Her cries were now husky, her body continuing to shake as another orgasm jetted into her system. She was so hot to the touch, searing every inch of skin.

I was shaken to the core and when I knew there was no holding back, I threw my head back, roaring like the beast I’d become. “Yes!”

Madisen clenched her muscles again, trying to take some control. As I emptied my balls, filling her with my seed, my mind shifted to all the dark and vile things I wanted to do to her.

Correction. That I would do to her.

I wrapped my body around hers, trying to catch my breath. We remained quiet for a few seconds, but her body tensed again.

“Brute,” she whispered.

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