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Rough Rockstar: A Bad Boy Romance by Maggie Carpenter – Extended Preview

Lander’s eyes popped open. Glancing at the clock, three digits glowed back at him. 1:11. He wasn’t a numerology buff, but he made a mental note to look it up on the computer in the morning. Rolling over and seeing Skye beside him, a sense of comfort rolled through his heart. Resting his arm over her stomach, he closed his eyes to fall back asleep, but her fingers suddenly curled around his cock. Suddenly rising up inside him, a desire to possess her took hold. Utterly possess her with his dark passion.

His manhood stiffening, he threw back the covers and gazed at her naked form. She began moving her fingers up and down his shaft, but quickly pulling her hand away, he rolled on top of her and rested his weight on her body.

Dropping his mouth to her neck he sucked on her velvet skin, lightly at first, then with ferocious hunger. Though she let out a surprised cry, he didn’t stop, but clutched her hair and tugged it to the side, continuing to feast until he was overcome with a sudden need to devour her breasts.

Her whimpers fueling his lust, he tongued his way to her chest, then releasing her hair, he used both hands to clutch her fleshy mounds, and lowered his lips to her nipples. Hungrily drawing them into his mouth, he nipped as he sucked, evoking loud yelps.

He raised his head.

Their eyes met.

“I’ve only just started.”

She caught her breath.

He turned away, resting his cheek on her chest, then sliding a hand from her breast, he tickled her skin as he traveled his fingertips over her stomach and between her legs. But he didn’t urgently massage her clit or shove a finger inside her. With a feathered touch, he lightly brushed her sex. Grabbing his wrist, she tried to push his hand against her pussy. The obvious provocation almost made him laugh.

“Silly girl,” he scolded. “Now you’ll have to be punished.”

“But I need—”

Before she could finish he slapped her inner thighs.


Though she squealed loudly, he continued to smack the sensitive milky white skin, dispatching the discipline through her yelps until he was satisfied she’d learned her lesson.

“You’re mine,” he growled. “I’ll do what I want. Spread your legs.”

Whimpering as she followed his instruction, he heard her sighs of relief as he rubbed away the burn, then returned his fingers to her pussy. But he continued the cruel tease, lightly caressing the soft, fleshy folds.

“Please, Sir,” she whispered. “Please…”

Her anguished request fell on deaf ears, and touching her entrance, he found her deliciously slick. He knew he was driving her crazy—and he loved it—every single second. Though his swollen cock craved her pussy, he continued the torment, lightly touching her wet, feminine folds and pinching her inner thighs until she pleaded for mercy. Abruptly lifting his head, he moved his mouth to hers in an all-consuming, endless kiss.

“Tell me what you want?” he murmured, finally pulling back.

“I want you inside me,” she begged breathlessly. “Please, Sir, I want you so badly.”

He paused, then moved his mouth to her ear.

“Try again. What do you want?”

“Sir, I don’t understand.”

“You’ve fantasized about being my submissive. That’s what you told me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Did you look at BDSM sites?” he asked, returning his gaze to meet hers in the dim light.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Then I’ll ask you one more time, but think before you speak. What do you want?”

She paused.

Her brow crinkled.

Her eyes squeezed shut, then suddenly opened, bright and wide.

“Whatever pleases you, Sir.”

He smiled, then kissed her again, slowly, lovingly, lingering his lips.

“Good girls get rewarded,” he whispered. “I’m sure you read that too.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Roll over and get up on your hands and knees.”

As she quickly followed his instruction, he kneeled behind her, placed his turgid cock at her entrance, and snaked his way inside.

“I have to spank you,” he grunted as he began to thrust. “Not because you’ve done anything wrong, but because I want to. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Raising his hand, he brought it down in a succession of hard slaps, moving from cheek to cheek as he pumped her pussy. Though she cried out, he didn’t stop, ordering her to yelp into the pillow. He continued to blast her backside, the smacks quickening as his strokes accelerated. Her muffled cries grew louder, his thrusting stronger, and his spanking palm delivered its hot sting with more force.

He suddenly stopped.

Staying buried inside her, listening to her whimpers of pain, he caressed her scorched skin.

“Your ass is so hot,” he muttered, “but is it hot enough?”

“That’s up to you, Sir,” she replied breathlessly, turning her head to the side, then quickly added, “Whatever pleases you.”

Grabbing her hips, he began thrusting with strong, quick strokes, pumping vigorously until she was at the brink, then backing off. But her moans of pleasure and cries of disappointment reflected his own desperate need to climax. Pausing to catch his breath, he pulled her cheeks apart and touched her rosebud.

“Soon I’ll be taking this virgin hole.”

Her body tightened.

“You’ll accept me,” he said sternly, pressing his finger forward, “won’t you, angel?”

“If it p-pleases you, Sir.”

Lingering his finger, he resumed his thrusting, quickening his pace as he neared the brink, but forcing himself to pause, he closed his eyes and sucked in a long, deep breath.

“Sir… please, Sir…?”

Slowly pulling out and moving from behind her, he laid on his back. She stared down at him, a confused frown crinkling her forehead.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Not at all. Everything about you is right,” he replied softly, taking hold of his stiff shaft. “Straddle me.”

Swinging her leg over his pelvis, with a long, grateful groan, she slowly lowered herself down. Her chest rose and fell with her heavy panting, and even in the semidarkness he spied the sparkle in her eyes.

But he wanted to see more.

Stretching across to the nightstand, he switched on the lamp.

Bathed in the soft glow, he found her face as red as her backside.

Disheveled hair fell haphazardly around her shoulders.

Her ripe, luscious breasts glowed golden, topped with perfectly puckered cherry tips.

“Put your hands on my shoulders and ride me,” he ordered huskily. “Don’t come without asking.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Fuck, I love your tits,” he muttered, roughly grasping her wrinkled nipples, “but they’re not yours anymore, they’re mine!”

Tweaking sharply, then abruptly releasing them, he slapped her right breast, then the left.

“Ow, oh, Sir…”

“Is that a complaint?” he demanded, slapping them again, watching the redness bloom on her pale amber skin.

“No, Sir, no,” she panted, moving up and down his steel rod.

“There will be times I’ll want to see them through your shirt when we go out,” he said firmly, his hands kneading the firm, round flesh, “and at home, while you’re wandering around naked and wearing nipple clamps.”

“Sir… Sir… I’m there…”


She froze, then let out a loud, frustrated groan.

His fingers dug into her skin.

“Tell me about your pussy.”

“It wants to c-come, Sir, desperately…”

“I know. Try again.”

Her walls pulsed against him.

His need to explode surged through his loins.

Liberating her right breast and moving his hand to her sex, he flicked her clit.

With a wild cry, she threw back her head.

“Who owns this pussy?”

“Oh! You do, Sir.”

“I’m the only one who brings it pleasure—unless I tell you otherwise. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir, I… uh…”

“Go on.”

“I d-don’t know how…” she began haltingly, “…please, Sir, never stop loving me like this.”

A bolt of electricity crackled through his body.

Grabbing her waist with both hands, he deftly flipped them over, laid her on her back and pinned her arms above her head.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll see stars.”

Her glazed green eyes shone up at him, and her moist, parted lips begged for his kiss. Diving his mouth on hers, he devoured her for endless seconds, then sliding his tongue between her teeth, he began to thrust.

Relishing her taste and breathing in her sweet, feminine fragrance, her sharp nipples seemed to pierce his chest. Her legs suddenly clamped around him, and as her warm wet channel enveloped his member, a wave of heat fired through his body. Abruptly breaking the kiss, he kneeled up, clutched her hips, and began pummeling her pussy.

A red flush crossed her chest.

Her imminent explosion was at hand.

His vigorous pumping quickened.

He was reaching the edge.

“P-please… S-sir…”


Her back arched, her eyes squeezed shut, and she let out a wild wail, followed by another and another. For a brief moment he thought he should cover her mouth, but his cock detonated, hurtling him into violent convulsions. Feeling utterly alone yet deeply connected to her, he surrendered to an avalanche of indescribable sensations. He never wanted them to end, yet the spasms were so intense he thought he might die. He felt both relief and loss as they suddenly stopped. His heart pounding, he sucked in long, deep breaths, and finally slipping from her depths, he opened his eyes.

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