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Rough by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“The entire castle knows that you’re going to be punished. They expect to hear your screams. I have to give them that,” he declared sternly.

“You wouldn’t dare,” I growled.

He cocked his head rather arrogantly and my stomach dropped precipitously.

“We’ve spent some time together, you and I, but you don’t know me, little one. You don’t know what I’m capable of,” he warned.

My pussy clenched down hard at his threat. I pushed back against his chest, fighting him every moment that I could.

“Let me go,” I snarled.

“You’re playing a dangerous game, omega. There are plenty of alphas that would have already punished you for challenging them like you are doing to me,” he growled.

The rising tension between us was so thick that I could cut it with a knife. With him so close like this, his scent surrounded me, and I could feel my body responding to him. I could feel the slick gathering between my thighs. Since I’d escaped into the inner walls of the castle, those needy feelings of desire had faded, but now with him in such close proximity once more, they had returned with a vengeance.

Maybe that’s why I continued to push him.

Maybe I just wanted his attention focused on me.

Maybe I just wanted him to touch me.

I growled at him again.

His eyes darkened and his hands descended to my dress. He tore the thin fabric straight down to my belly as if it was made of paper. With purposeful intention, he stripped me. He didn’t say a word, which only added to the growing fear simmering deep inside my belly. When he’d ripped every last shred of clothing from my body, he slapped his hands against the wall to either side of my head. I jumped, but as he stared into my eyes, I found myself unable to look away.

A hard shudder of anxious arousal shook me from within. My nipples pebbled into firm little peaks and my pussy couldn’t stop tightening with need.

“Are you afraid, omega?” he asked.

“No,” I spat. I lied straight through my teeth.

It was then I really focused on how much bigger he was than me. He stood a least a foot and a half taller. He was wearing a simple beige cotton shirt and tightly fitted cloth pants that showed off his muscled physique. He towered over me and I could see those muscles rippling with restraint. I found myself questioning just how strong he was.

“You should be, little omega. You’ve got a hard punishment coming. It’s going to hurt. Before it’s over, you’re going to scream. You’re going to sob. You’re going to beg for mercy but I’m not going to stop until the entire castle knows that you’ve been thoroughly dealt with,” he warned.

My mouth went dry. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I said nothing at all. I hadn’t forgotten about that first night we’d met. I hadn’t forgotten how much just his hand had hurt on my bare bottom and in between my thighs.

With one hand, he curled his fingers around my throat. His palm pressed firmly against my windpipe, just enough to limit the air I could pull in with every breath. He squeezed a little tighter, sending a clear message that he was in control and I wasn’t.

His other hand slinked across my collarbone, slow and sensual until he grasped my left nipple within two fingers. He pinched it gently at first, then more firmly before he twisted it hard. He pulled my nipple toward him and I cried out as a stinging blossom of pain burst across my breast. I tried to arch toward him to lessen the discomfort, but the way I was pinned against the wall limited just how much I was able to move.

When he finally released my aching bud, a second wave of hurt followed and I sucked in a breath just as his fingers captured my other breast. I tensed, knowing what was coming and not being ready for it all the same.

It hurt just as much as the first, if not more so because I had already begun to fear those punishing digits.

“Are you afraid of me now, omega?” he asked.

I couldn’t help myself as I growled in return.


He chuckled and swiftly gathered my wrists in his hand before pinning them against the wall far above my head. I tried to pull out of his grasp, but his hold was firm. I fought him, but with every movement I was exceedingly aware of the jiggle of my breasts, of the way my back was arched as if I was presenting my chest for him, and of just how hard my nipples were for him.

I reddened at the realization.

“The first night we met, I spanked your bare little bottom, didn’t I, omega?” he asked.

“Bastard,” I scoffed.

“Answer me, omega,” he growled. His alpha was demanding my obedience and my omega cowered nervously before him.

“Yes, Alpha,” I finally managed to answer through gritted teeth.

“You also learned that I wouldn’t hesitate to spank your pretty little pussy bright pink that night too, didn’t you?” he pressed.

I hummed with as much false bravado as I could muster.

His fingers tightened on my nipple, pulling it toward him harshly once again. I cried out as he twisted it cruelly, punishing me with just those fingers until I said the words he wanted to hear.

“Yes, Alpha,” I whimpered.

“Tonight, you’re going to learn that your pretty breasts can be punished too,” he warned. His hand tightened around my wrists and he struck my right breast with his hand. The flats of his fingers caught my nipple, already sore and aching from being so thoroughly pinched and I cried out in shock.

Oh, gods. That hurt.

The tension between us imploded as he began to spank my breasts. Stinging pain radiated across my pale flesh as he punished them just as firmly as he spanked my bare backside that first time. I watched in horror and painful arousal as his fingers marked my skin. He would strike me, and the marks of his fingers would practically glow bright white at first, but then they’d turn pink. He didn’t stop when I cried out from his cruelty. Instead, he just ensured that he held me even more firmly in place so that he could spank my breasts as hard as he wished.

Before he was through, the entirety of each breast was bright pink and then he started to focus on my nipples alone. The flats of his fingers cracked hard against each sensitive bud, over and over until the only thing I felt was aching pain that continued to sting long after each stroke. My chest rose and fell as I struggled to take it.

Panicked cries began to escape my lips and just when I thought I couldn’t make it through another hard spank, he paused.

“Tell me, omega. Are you afraid of me now?”

My breasts burned hot. My sensitive nipples felt scalded and I sniffed back the whimpers that would tell him just how much it had hurt. When my chest was no longer rising and falling with my effort to regain control of myself, I took a deep breath and stared back up at him.

“No,” I whispered hoarsely, and his responding chuckle was the most chilling thing I’d ever heard in my life.

“I was hoping you would say that, omega. I’m going to enjoy what happens next and I’m especially going to enjoy what happens after that. I can promise you one thing though. It’s going to be painful for you,” he threatened, and my legs trembled both with fear and rampantly building arousal.

I came to the mortifying conclusion that I was wet and not just a little bit. I was soaking wet, so much so that the scent of my slick was heady even to me.

His fingers dove between my thighs, discovering my shameful secret for himself.

“You’ve never been properly handled by an alpha before, have you, omega?” he gloated.

“I can take care of myself,” I snarled.

He grinned and it made my stomach dance with anxious butterflies. I tried to be brave, but I was beginning to question just how long I’d be able to hold onto that.

He removed his fingers and held them up in front of me, showcasing the glistening slick that coated them. Casually, he wiped them off on my cheek and I blushed deeply with mortification. The feeling of wetness drying on my skin captured my attention completely and I panted breathlessly as the heat of embarrassment spread across my face.

“My little gift of an omega, you have no idea what you’re in for tonight and I’m going to enjoy every last moment as you realize how very far out of your depth you are with me,” he said firmly, and my body reacted almost violently to his words.

I don’t know why, but I continued to push him.

“Do your worst,” I dared him, and he growled so loudly that my core twisted hard in direct response. I cried out and a rush of slick dripped down my thighs. He growled a second time and even more poured from my body. Nothing I could do would make it stop.

“You’re an omega, Ariana. It is your nature to bow to me. It’s what you’re made for. With a growl, I can force your wetness from your body. With a purr, I can stoke your desire until you can hardly stand it. But tonight, you’re going to learn just how much an alpha’s hand can teach an omega how much she isn’t in charge,” he whispered. His voice was harsh and as he pressed against me, I realized that his cock was incredibly hard too.

That realization nearly undid me.

His fingers curled around my wrists and he jerked me toward the bed. He sat down and before I could pull away or try to run, he pulled me over his thighs. Quickly, he situated me so that one knee pressed in between my thighs. The position forcibly spread my legs, exposing every inch of my naked body to his view.

Earlier I hadn’t really thought about the fact that I was bare before him. I’d been too caught up trying to fight him and keep my pride intact. Now, however, I was exceedingly aware of the fact that he could see everything.

He paused, dragging his fingers up and down my thighs. Was he looking at me? Did he like what he saw?

“The spanking you received at my crowning was a gentle one, omega. Tonight, your spanking is going to be much harder because you’ve earned it every last second of it,” he said darkly and every muscle in my body tensed with anxious fear.

“Don’t you dare,” I exclaimed. I tried to keep my voice strong, but there was a panicked edge that slipped out anyway. My punished breasts pressed against the bed, the residual sting from his fingers leaving them almost too sore to touch anything at all, but he didn’t give me a choice. His fingers squeezed my bottom gently at first and I couldn’t help but press back against him. He gripped my pale flesh even more tightly and when it finally ached enough to make me suck in a harsh breath, he released only to repeat it on the other side.

“It’s no longer up to you, omega,” he growled.

His palm smacked against my bare flesh hard. He didn’t begin slowly or gently, but hard and fast, just like he’d promised, using the entirety of his palm to punish my backside. His fingers were rigid, and it felt as though the sting went far deeper than I remembered, so deep that it settled right in my aching core.

In my willful challenge against him, I’d forgotten how much the spanking he’d given me had hurt the first time. In my volley to save my pride, I’d probably just made this that much worse and as his palm painted my backside with a brilliantly painful sting, I began to wholeheartedly regret my words. I pushed against the bed, but the fingers of one hand curled around my hip and pinned me against his thigh. I tried to do anything I could to twist off his lap, but his hold was too strong to break. With my legs split by his knee, I couldn’t really kick or even budge just the slightest bit.

Then he spanked me harder and I began to grow nervous. I wasn’t going to be able to get away from him. I wouldn’t be able to stop his hand from punishing my backside and if he decided to begin spanking between my thighs, I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. His strength held me captive and his ruthless palm never stopped falling.

As the terrible sting continued to grow, I soon realized that this wasn’t going to end when I wanted to. Nothing I would do could make this stop.

He was the one in control.

“Wait,” I blurted out.

“I’m just barely getting started, omega,” he said darkly, and a nervous shudder raced down my spine. His hand cracked hard against the lower curve of my bottom, just bridging onto the tops of my thighs enough to make my breath catch in the back of my throat. He didn’t stop there though. He continued downward, smacking my thighs just as hard as he had my bottom.

Even though I’d done my best to stay silent so far, the spanks against the backs of my thighs undid me. I tried to clamp my lips together, but his palm smacked even lower still, and the sting overwhelmed me. Even though I tried not to, my mouth flew open and I cried out loud at the building fire.

“You will learn to listen and obey me, omega,” he scolded, and he spanked the inner curve of my thigh. His fingers reached inward and just barely punished my wet folds, causing me to cry out once more.

This hurt far more than the last time, and I could do nothing but lie over his lap and take every last punishing spank.

“Yes, Alpha,” I squeaked. Thankfully, he didn’t ask me to say anything more. Honestly, I didn’t know if I would have even been capable of it.

I squirmed over his lap as much as I could in a last attempt to break free, but his hand fell true each and every time. He didn’t miss a single square inch of my backside, from the tops of my cheeks to in between them. He even angled my hips up just enough so that he could harshly punish the lower curve where my bottom met my upper thighs.

The longer the spanking went on, the more out of control I felt. The pain built on itself until my entire bottom felt like it had been scalded in a fire and still it burned hotter because his palm never stopped.

“Please,” I began to beg.

He ignored me.

“I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t run from you again,” I pleaded.

Still, his hand punished my backside as if I hadn’t said anything at all. I bit my lip to try to keep quiet, but it was useless now. My cries were getting louder, more desperate, and the spanking didn’t even begin to slow.

It only seemed to get harder.

“Please, Alpha. I’m sorry,” I begged.

I knew now though that my pleas were falling on deaf ears, but I said them anyway. I hoped that maybe he’d hear them. I said them because I needed to.

Soon, it became too much, and my breath hitched at the back of my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut and I tried to stop the inevitable. I held on for as long as I could, but then he focused solely on the backs of my thighs and I lost control completely.

The first tear dripped down my cheek. Then another, and another, until my face was soaked with them. I sobbed openly over his knee and his palm slowed, but his spanks were firm and so thorough that I could feel the painful ache of each one deep into my core. Finally, the spanking stopped, and I simply lay there trying to catch my breath as my backside burned with scalding hot hellfire.

His arms wound around my body and he lifted me as he stood. He took several pillows and laid them in the center of the bed, before depositing me over the pile. He situated them under my hips and I nervously realized that he’d propped my bottom quite high in the air. I hummed anxiously, more than aware of the vulnerability such a position put me in.

I watched in horror as he grasped the buckle of his belt and undid it.

“Wait, please. I’m sorry,” I cried.

“You were a very bad omega and that demands a harsh punishment, little one. Before this is over, your bare bottom, your pretty breasts, and that soaking wet little pussy will bear the marks of my belt,” he said dangerously.

“Please, Alpha,” I begged.

I was scared now. Very scared.

“I’m going to enjoy marking this beautiful body and when this is over, I’m going to take you to dinner so that everyone in the castle can see what happens when an omega disobeys her king,” he warned me.

Another sob shook me from within. Slowly, he pulled his belt free and the slinking sound of leather against cloth made me shiver with anxiety. Carefully, he folded it and placed it a few inches in front of me. I stared at it, knowing that in a very short while I was going to learn what a belt felt like punishing my naked cheeks.

He didn’t thrash me with it right away. Instead, he sat next to me and ran his hand up and down my back as if he was petting me. I didn’t want it to, but his touch soothed me. I found myself pressing back against his fingers, even when they ventured lower to caress my naked cheeks and thighs. He even reached for my face and brushed my tears away, which melted a place deep inside me despite everything I did to prevent it.

I didn’t want to care for him.

When my tears had dried and my whimpers had gone quiet, he lifted the belt off the bed and laid it across my bottom.

“This is going to hurt, little one. Your bottom is going to bear the marks from my belt for several days,” he warned, and I tried to prepare myself for what was to come.

I couldn’t have though. I didn’t know how much worse it was going to get.

When he first lifted the belt, I steeled myself by tensing every single muscle in my body. I heard the belt swish through the air, and I tightened even harder.

A line of fire exploded across my backside. His palm had hurt, but this was ten times worse. The sting went deeper. It felt stronger and more intense and a soft keening sound of shock escaped my mouth before I could stop it.

The belt cracked against my bottom for a second time. And then a third. After that, I lost count.

The leather whipped against the tops of my cheeks all the way to the bottom, but he didn’t stop there. He thrashed the backs of my thighs too. Sometimes, the tip of the belt even caught the inner curves of my bottom cheeks. Worst of all, it clipped my soaking wet folds in between my legs, which made me cry out every time.

My backside became one mass of unending stinging sensation. It didn’t take long for my tears to begin falling anew and my once-soft cries grew louder and louder until I was sure that the entire castle could hear that I was getting my bare bottom belted hard by my alpha.

When I tried to roll away, his hand descended down onto the small of my back, firmly holding me in place so that he could thoroughly punish me as hard as he wanted. Over and over the belt thrashed me until it was my entire focus. My bottom felt scalded and with every lash of the belt, I could feel a welt rising in its place. Before long, my entire backside and my thighs felt like a mass of welts, but the pulsing sensations between my legs grew ever stronger.

“Please, I’m so sorry,” I begged.

“I know you are, my little omega,” he said gently. He whipped me several more times with the belt and I moaned into the bed, watching as my tears stained the sheets beneath me.

Finally, he laid the belt to the side.

“Is your little bottom sore?” he asked.

“Yes, Alpha,” I answered.

“Open your legs,” he demanded, and an icy cold jolt of fear raced down my spine.

“Yes, Alpha,” I answered, but my voice was hoarse and shaky. Slowly, I obeyed him, and his palm pressed up against my naked pussy.

“I told you that this naughty little pussy was going to feel my belt too, didn’t I?”

“Yes, Alpha,” I moaned.

A single finger slid up and down my slit, teasing and taunting me with pleasure. Anxiously, I waited, not knowing if he was going to continue or if he was going to punish me there too.

“Are you afraid of me now, my feisty little omega?” he pressed.

“Yes, Alpha,” I whispered hoarsely.

“Good,” he answered, and that icy fear exploded into something that bordered on terror. His palm left my pussy, and it came back down just as quickly. He spanked me there several times just as firmly as he had my backside.

My pussy was so very tender and the wet sound of his palm against my soaked folds was mortifying, at least at first. Before long though, the only thing on my mind was how much his palm stung as it struck my vulnerable flesh and my fingers fisted into the blankets beneath me as if they were a lifeline. I didn’t let go.

My hips rolled back and forth trying to avoid his painful strikes, but it didn’t matter. He punished my pussy just as firmly as he had everything else and before long, my pussy was burning just as much as my welted backside.

“Roll on your back. It’s time for you to feel my belt on those pretty breasts and your wet little pussy,” he commanded, and every fiber of my body rushed to obey him. I rolled and sucked in a pained breath when my backside pressed against the sheets. I tried to lift my bottom, but he quickly grasped an ankle and lashed it to the corner of the bed. In no time at all, he’d secured the other and had taken my hands and tied them up over my head.

“This next part is going to be the hardest, my pretty omega,” he said, and he used the tip of the belt to thrash my left nipple. I arched clean off the bed and cried out at once, but the next lash struck my right side just as hard as the other.

I screamed and cried, but he welted my breasts too. My nipples burned hot and the pain escalated with every strike. I tried not to scream, but it was useless. It hurt and I pulled on the ropes that held me captive even though I knew I wouldn’t get away.

The belt whipped in between my thighs next and I writhed on the bed. The pain was so much more intense, and it took everything in me to handle it.

He punished my breasts and my pussy with that belt until he decided it was enough. It didn’t matter how much I squirmed and begged him to stop.

“I will keep you safe, omega. There’s no one else here that will. You are mine to protect and if I have to punish you every night until you learn that, I won’t hesitate, do you understand me?” he asked firmly.

“Yes, Alpha,” I cried, and he threw the belt to the side. He spanked my pussy hard with his hand several more times and I sobbed. His palm felt so much more personal and I found that even though it hurt, I wanted that kind of personal touch.

“Will you run from me again?”

He pressed his palm firmly against my pussy, sending a clear message that he would punish me endlessly until I submitted to him completely.

“No, Alpha,” I whispered hoarsely.

“Who do you belong to?”

“You, Alpha,” I sobbed.

Swiftly, he released my bonds and gathered me in his arms. He sat down on the bed and pulled me into his lap. I lay against him as my tears continued to fall, pressing the side of my head against his chest. For a while, he just held me. Neither of us said anything at all as I shivered against him. He wiped away my tears and in time, my cries quieted to nothing. My ass and thighs ached from his belt. My nipples and my pussy throbbed with stinging fire, but as I lay there something else began to throb to life.

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