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Roughneck: A Dark Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Fucked in the ass? I was shaken to the core, unable to make sense of what had just occurred with the spanking, but… Shit. Shit. Shit! The fucking bastard had to be kidding. There was no way. None.

“You’re joking?” I think I blurted out the question, but in truth, I couldn’t be certain. I was shocked off my ass. Oops! There was another curse word that he so obviously hated being issued by a lady. Well, he had a tough realization coming.

I was no lady.

I’d shoved that persona into some freaking Pandora’s Box months before. Never to return.

No man was ever going to tell me what to do again. E. V. E. R.

“Does it look like I’m kidding?” the master sergeant asked. The tone of his voice was gruff yet sexy, so deep and full of intensity that I was shaking all the way to my boots. No man’s voice had ever had this kind of effect on me.

God, the sexy rigger was hot.

I took a series of deep breaths, unable to take my eyes off his thick, long, pulsing and gorgeous cock or the size of his swollen balls. Words like ‘delicious’ and ‘sinful’ came to mind. Good little girls never fucked a stranger. Perhaps, but I’d already proven I was no poster girl of perfect behavior.

Still, he’d had the audacity to spank me. The entire crew knew I was being punished in some fashion. Ugh. Damn it! I was mortified, embarrassed and yes, turned on. This was crazy. Shameful. I should run away, except there was no getting off this steel platform way in the middle of no-freaking-where, at least not for some time. I was stuck with this man, this roughhewn soldier with long eyelashes and soulful eyes, and the sexiest twang I’d ever heard—the kind of voice that made you want slip-slide into a pool of wanton lust on the floor.

How can you crave a man who just spanked you?

The nagging voice inside my head was the same one that had gotten me into trouble in the first place. Act like a bitch. All the boys will learn what you’re made of. I could see how well that turned out.

“No, sir. I mean, no, Dad-dy.” The stinging sensations hurt like hell, and I longed to rub my bottom, but I knew better than to move at all. He was dead serious, and this session was far from being over.

Oh, God. Oh, God!

I was completely thrown, not only by the severe spanking I’d received and the fact he was making me call him Daddy, but more so by the look of lust on his face. He was in his commanding element, skyrocketing above being the head honcho of this particular rig. He could bark out orders with the best of them and not a single crewmember questioned his demands.

Except for me.

Now, I was paying the price for disrespecting him in every manner.

What was even worse?

I wanted him to stick his big, fat cock deep inside. I didn’t care where. I knew I was staring, gawking at the size of his shaft, longer and wider than I’d ever experienced. As he slid his finger back and forth across the slit, all I could think about was dropping to my knees, sucking and licking like a wild woman in desperate need. I was humiliated that I’d been whipped like a bad little girl by my superior, but the shame made my pussy clench and my nipples tighten until they were aching so badly.

The man had the most gorgeous, rock-hard body I’d ever seen. He was huge, taller than any man on the oil rig, his shoulders broad and carved, much like a chest that had the most gorgeous set of pecs. Calendar material. Still, confusion furrowed in my brain as I tried to figure out every reason I should resist.

As if he’d allow me to.

He was powerful and dominating, rough and tumble in every fashion. I dragged my tongue across my lips, clenching my ass cheeks.

You’re crazy, girl. How can you want him to fuck you?

My inner voice was right, but I didn’t care. I was a shameful hussy wanting this, but holy hell in a handbasket, nothing sounded better.

“You’re wet, aren’t you, craving my cock being shoved into your tight little hole?” he asked. Daddy asked. I was shivering all over, trembling from desire skittering up and down my arms and legs. This couldn’t be real.

Shame on you!

I’d hungered for him since the second I was dropped off on the rig, but never in a million years would I have thought this would happen. I was floored, unable to put a coherent sentence together. My mouth watered from the sight of pre-cum leaking from his bulbous cockhead. Sweet Jesus, I just wanted him to fuck me, but in the ass?

I’d heard many stories about this man, how strict he was. I’d just found out the hard way. My ass was on fire, but no more than my pussy was dripping with juice. Damn, I was confused as hell. There was no way to hide the scent of my desire, no matter how unexpected. Daddy. He’d caught me acting like a bratty girl and had seen right through me, my ridiculous efforts to break free from every parameter I’d been forced to live—a colorful bird in a gilded cage.

Still, I was terrified that he’d find out every truth I kept locked away, hiding from the big bad wolf. I wanted desperately to be the strong chick, the girl who pushed her way into any situation, regardless of the outcome. Here he was…

Even his real name suited him. Jack Stone.

Cock hard like steel.

Body buff like carved stone.

Voice oozing like smooth velvet.

Fuck me. I was in so much trouble, both figuratively and truthfully with this man.

This Marine.

This stern taskmaster.

He pushed me back over the table, his fingers pushing past my cunt lips. “Oh!” I was so wet, heat cresting along my jawline.

“I was right about you, Summer. You’re completely aroused. I think you know that you need a firm hand. Don’t you?”


“Tell the truth, little princess. I know you’re trying to be a badass, but I can see right through you.”

“No! I mean, no, Daddy. I mean… Yes!” What in the hell did I mean? I was blubbering like some stupid little girl instead of a well-trained rigger who’d fought her way into this gig tooth and nail. And he’d broken through all my defenses. Damn him! I wiggled as he held me down, gyrating my hips against the cold wood. I was actually getting off on the entire situation, stars now floating in front of my eyes.

Two hard smacks with his other hand made me yelp. Holy hell, the man wasn’t going to take any shit.

“And you know what you did was wrong. Correct?”

I bit my lip. Admitting I was wrong about anything wasn’t a strong suit.


Another hard smack made me jump.

“What did I say about questions, Summer?”

I just couldn’t call him Daddy. Should I? Could I? I was a total freaking mess as he jammed three then four of his fingers into my pussy. With every hard plunge, my cunt muscles constricted. This was shameful and horrible and beautiful and…

Another side of me kicked in, reminding me that this wasn’t supposed to happen.

But you want it. You want it. You want it!

“Fine. I mean, yes, Daddy. My actions were very inappropriate, and I deserved the spanking. Okay? Are you happy to be some arrogant asshole who figured me all out when no one else could?” Oh, dear God. The words slipped from my mouth before I could stop them. They’d no more flown from my lips when he slipped his thumb into my virgin asshole, jamming it inside. Using his other hand, he issued several smacks between my legs, landing directly on my pussy. Pain. Pleasure. Everything was mixed together. “Oh, fuck! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.” I jerked up, taking several ragged deep breaths.

“Asshole, huh? I think you did mean exactly what you said. Disciplining and training you is going to take a long time, but guess what? We’ll have a full two weeks before any leave is allowed, especially for you. That will allow us to work on your particular needs every day.” Removing his hand, he spanked my ass several additional times. The pain was biting but oh-so delicious. I bit back another cry. He wasn’t going to win this round.

Act obedient.

“Yes, Daddy.”

Jack. His name is Jack. Yes, I was going to think of him as nothing more than… I was so out of control.

When Jack pushed the head of his cock past my pussy lips, sliding in an inch at a time, I shuddered. Yes. No. Yes. Yes! The girth was huge and dazzling sensations rocked through every muscle in my body. “Oh… Yes!”

“This is what you’ve been craving, Summer?” he asked as he leaned over. “Do you long for a thick cock shoved inside your sweet cunt?”

When I hesitated, he smacked my ass twice, sending another round of electricity skittering into every muscle. Tell the truth. I double dare you!

The little voice was driving me bat shit crazy. Something broke from deep within, like a fissure opening, spewing out all my wicked desires, ready to accept any temptation that happened my way.

His particular enticement was full of brawn and had a roguish quality. I was hooked. I was wet. I was aroused.

I was nuts, shameless and terrible.

“Yes, oh, yes, Daddy.” Oh, hell, yes. I arched my back, jutting my hips. I wanted every inch of his shaft taking me. Fucking me.

He pumped all the way in once, twice then pulled completely out, tapping his cock against my sore ass. “As I said, pussy sex is only for good little girls and at this point, that doesn’t include you.”

When he gripped my hips, I held my breath and closed my eyes. Please, God. Please… He’d merely coated his cock with my juice, getting ready to shove his shaft into my puckered hole. Lining up his cockhead, he slid the tip just inside. I heard his deep growl and the husky timbre sent another shimmer of electricity shooting down the backs of my legs.

“Tight, sweetheart.” Exhaling, he pushed in another inch. Then another.

The pain and the humiliation were far too stimulating. I could tell my juices had leaked out, coating his desk. I continued to shake as he pushed past the tight ring of muscle. He was gentle in his actions, but I had the distinct feeling that wasn’t going to last very long. He wanted all of me, to own me.

Fuck me, Daddy for I have sinned.

My mouth was wide open, but my scream was silent, my heart racing. I clenched my ass muscles, drawing him in even deeper. Nothing had prepared me for the anguish or the ecstasy rolling to the tips of my fingers.

My entire body tensed as he pushed all the way inside. Echoes pounded into my ears, no doubt from my wildly beating heart. He was so damn big, huge in my mind, yet when he pulled almost all the way out, I whimpered, “Please, Daddy.”

“Please what, Summer?” His gruff voice rolled across my skin.

“Just, um… Fuck me.”

I heard his chuckle, the tone laced with complete darkness. He’d managed to get me to plead with him, begging like some wanton slut.

Just like you are…

He thrust the entire length of his cock inside, his fingers digging into my skin. I knew I’d jerked up from the table, pushing hard against my hands. “Oh, Jesus!”

There was no stopping the man as he took me hard and fast, plunging his cock in full abandon and every third thrust, he smacked my bruised ass, a simple reminder he was completely in charge.

Exactly as I obviously needed.

No. No! You’re stronger than this.

But was I? After everything I’d experienced, the anger furrowing in my heart, the answer was tough to rationalize. Everything seemed to be falling apart.

“Is this what you wanted, kitten? A thick cock in your ass and a hard man to control you?”

His voice floated around me, bunny soft in its whispered comfort. “I…” The words simply refused to form.

Everything was explosive, heated to a combustive state, and in the next several minutes he was a power machine, slamming his cock in so hard I was shoved up against the edge of the table. I didn’t care. I simply wanted him to use me, take me. With every savage drive, I was reminded of my intense spanking as skin slapped against skin. He was the brute I’d called him.

And I loved every minute of it.

“Oh. Oh. Oh!” I heard my ragged pants as the air was knocked out of me and I fought a smile threatening to cross my face. My pussy tingled as the anguish turned into raw ecstasy.

This wasn’t about anything but absolute domination and the little girl inside of me couldn’t be more thrilled.

I couldn’t have imagined the act becoming any more ferocious, but he was unleashed, riding me so hard I could no longer feel my legs. I was breathless, my vision foggy and I felt every inch of his shaft shoving against my ass muscles.

Jack growled several times then threw his head back and roared as hot cum spewed deep inside my dark channel. “Ah, yeah…” His hot breath cascaded down across my skin, sending even more naughty girl visions dancing like sugarplums. He pumped a few more times, slow and easy. “So tight.”

Humiliation washed over me once again, yet the fire burned hot. Wow. This was crazy.

I fell against the desk, inhaling until the scent of raw and unbridled sex filled my nostrils. The man was everything I needed but also absolute sin in a rugged, macho body. When he pulled out completely, I felt such a sense of loss. I heard his ragged breathing, matching the sound slipping from my lips. I was exhausted yet elated, full of shame yet hungering for more.

“That’s what naughty girls receive. Imagine if you were very, very good?” His laugh was deep, sending another set of tremors skating down my spine.

“Yes… Daddy…” Quivering all over, I laid still, trying to think in some coherent manner.

“Remember, there will be more where that came from. You’re going to have rules to follow. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He helped me stand and even though my legs were quavering, I pivoted until I could see him, looking directly into his eyes. There was no remorse in them, only dazzling reflections of the rugged man, so mesmerizing that for a few seconds, I was lost in their dominating draw.

“Now, you’re going to go to your quarters and take a shower. At precisely six on the dot, you’re going to arrive at the mess hall for dinner. You will sit quietly and eat like a lady. If you so much as pick a fight, issue a single curse word, or otherwise engage in another round of bad behavior, you’ll be back over my knee.” He rubbed his thumb across my lips, using enough pressure that I quivered. “And Summer, I won’t hold back any aspect of disciplining you, including in front of the rest of the crew. Do I make myself clear?”

I hesitated only a few seconds and his grip became firm. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Good girl. You’re going to learn one way or the other.”

From that second on, I was dismissed. I stood with my pants and thong draped around my ankles like a shameful wicked girl. My thoughts? Hungering for more. Much more.

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