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Rugged and Filthy: A Roughneck Enemies to Lovers Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

By the time I was finished trying to convince myself this was not as stupid of a decision as the little voice inside my head continued to tell me it was, Foxx was unlocking the door to his hotel room. I’d never been inside this hotel, but I knew it to be two decades old and probably with thin walls.

Oh, well. I had a feeling the closest guests were going to get an earful, especially since I wouldn’t give in so easily. That could quite possibly tarnish my reputation. I bit back a laugh before realizing I was a nervous wreck. I’d never had a single one-night stand in my life, let alone with three men. Who did that?

Hold on. Had I actually agreed to staying the entire night? Oh, I was in so much trouble. Once inside, my resolve failed badly. I couldn’t do this. I wasn’t this kind of girl. I spun around, planting a smile on my face. “Look. I’m sorry if I led you on. I didn’t mean to, but I can’t do this.”

Foxx’s response? He locked the door behind him and pressed his back against the wooden surface, grinning like some crazed man who’d won a battle. “I’m afraid, pretty lady, that you’re not going anywhere.”

“He’s right,” Hudson added as he took two giant steps closer. “A deal is a deal. I don’t care what country you’re from. You can’t renege without consequences. Isn’t that right, Jack?”

“Yup,” he growled and allowed his heated gaze to fall to my shoes. I’d never felt so uncomfortable or so desired in my life. The way the huge man flared his nostrils reminded me of some caveman who’d just claimed his woman.

I suddenly felt completely suffocated, my mind spinning with how to get myself out of this mess. I laughed nervously especially when Hudson took two more long strides closer, his eyes piercing mine. Whew. To say the three of them were hot as Hades was an understatement. Their massive, manly bodies easily filled a doorway and then some.

“What do you want?” I asked, as if I didn’t know. What in God’s name was wrong with me? You’ve lost a screw or two. That’s what. Oh, yeah. There was that.

“What do we want? Is that what the lady is asking?” Jack said, his deep laugh sending a shower of quivers all the way to my painted toes. Now I was glad I’d purchased that bottle of flaming red, quick-drying nail polish as Fallon had suggested.

“Let’s get all fancied up and go out on the town.” Those had been her exact words. For me, fancied up was putting on makeup and a clean pair of jeans. I’d even gone all out, including styling my hair. Then she’d had the audacity to basically dare me. I’d blame my bestie for this atrocity.

The inner voice continued laughing up a storm at me. I was very capable of getting into my own messes without needing anyone’s help.

“That’s what she’s asking,” Hudson said as he immediately reached for his belt, taking his time to unfasten the bright brass buckle. Did these boys think they were real cowboys or something? Well, they were a far cry from the Irish lads I was used to putting up with. That was certain.

“I think I need to explain the rules,” Foxx stated with almost no emotion in his tone as he walked closer, still swaggering as if he was some famous man.

“Rules?” I found myself backing away like a coward, which was so unlike me.

“Yep. There are always rules to keep you out of trouble or in this case, as consequences for being a misbehaving little girl.”

It was tough not to laugh, but watching Hudson slowly yanking the thick leather strap out of the belt loops had a tremendous effect on me. My father had used tough love over the years, but it was all about taking away what few toys or electronics my parents had been able to afford then issuing the silent treatment for days at a time when I’d grown older.

That had been the worst punishment to date in my entire life, the quiet in the house, my father’s ability to ignore every emotion displayed like heartstrings—something I’d never forget.

Maybe that’s why my mouth was salivating at the ridiculous thought of being spanked.

Like the bad little girl the three unknown men had accused me of being.

The worst thing about licking my parched lips as Hudson made animalistic sounds was the rush of adrenaline flowing straight to my heart. I wasn’t certain if I was having a panic attack or something more horrific related to my heart pumping so wildly, but I was lightheaded as I’d ever been. Even my body was swaying back and forth.

Foxx continued his slow and in total command long strides until he stood only inches away. Maybe American men were taught a special trick of allowing their gazes to fall so slowly that the girl in question was lost in the moment, finding herself mesmerized by the deep coloration and intensity of their cobalt blue eyes. True or not, I couldn’t breathe properly.

“And, little Irish sweetheart, you will follow our rules. That includes removing your clothes so the three of us can give you a proper spanking.”

The huskiness of Foxx’s tone initially prevented me from comprehending the words flowing from his full lips.

Then I got it, my usual rebellious side taking over. There was no more time for talking. Without hesitation, I headed toward the door of the hotel room, making it as far as opening the door before I was grabbed around the waist by Jack.

“Oh, no, you don’t, our little feisty Irish filly,” he huffed. “For the next several hours, you belong to us.”

“And if you attempt to escape again,” Hudson added as he cupped my face even as I was flailing to get out of Jack’s hold, “then your punishment will be so much worse.”

“Go find yourself,” my sister had told me.

“Lose yourself in something just for you. An adventure,” Fallon had cooed more than once.

Now I knew why I’d refused to be so silly. This wasn’t an adventure. This was an actual nightmare and I was playing the victim.

The brute tossed me onto the bed like I was a ragdoll, even taking a moment to growl like some wild dog. Of course, I scrambled to try to escape, not even making it three steps before I was yanked back against one massive and muscular chest. As soon as I slammed both palms against Foxx’s chiseled pecs, he dragged me onto my toes, cupping my face with one hand while he wrapped his long, thick fingers of the other around the back of my neck.

Broad shoulders.

Tousled dark hair that needed a style desperately.

A hard jaw that hadn’t seen the sight of a decent razor in weeks if not months.

Okay, the man was sexy as hell.

He wore no visible jewelry but the ink crawling on his arms was all he needed to add to his dangerous yet alluring persona.

His scent was so delicious, the subtle yet powerful hints of citrus and sandalwood, spices and something so earthy my toes curled as the musky fragrance assaulted my senses.

As he lowered his head, I was struck by the hint of sadness in his eyes. The man was trying so hard to be dominant, yet I sensed he was dealing with the same kind of demons that had plagued me for years. I wasn’t certain why that struck me so hard, but I stopped fighting him as he pressed his fingers into my skin, his hot breath keeping me electrified. When he pressed his lips against mine, I held my breath for a few seconds, realizing I’d clasped my fingers around his shirt, arching my back as I leaned into him.

I could drink him in for hours, ignoring all the rational thoughts that usually fueled me.

“After we spank you, we’re going to fuck you.” Foxx’s strong statement wasn’t said in malice or in jest, every word instead laced with unbridled desire. Exactly the way I felt, which was crazy in and of itself. For a few seconds, there weren’t two other people in the room, just the two of us, two people who had no business being together under any circumstances.

Yet there was suddenly no place I’d rather be than right here, enjoying being a little nutty for a few hours.

His eyes darted back and forth across mine before he growled like a true beast before capturing my mouth, instantly pushing my lips open with his forceful tongue. The taste of him was just as I’d expected, the infusion of liquor and something sweet but tangy staining my tongue. He kept his firm hold as he ground his hips back and forth, allowing me in no uncertain terms to understand how utterly aroused he’d become.

I was more lightheaded than before, trying to keep from swooning like some lovesick girl, but for someone who’d never believed in knights in shining armor, the moment was positively overindulgent in its level of perfection.

All time stopped, the sound of him sucking on my lips almost as loud as the rapid beating of my heart. I found myself rolling one hand over his shoulder, daring to tangle my fingers in his thick curls while the kiss continued. He was just as dominating in the moments of passion, refusing to allow me any control.

I continued leaning against him as explosions of current jolted my entire system. When I was suddenly yanked away by another hot body, I was breathless. I had never been kissed with such passion. Even the man I’d been certain I’d spent the rest of my life with had never engaged in such controlling actions, preferring to treat me as a queen instead of a possession. There were reasons why women adored savage men.

Even if they didn’t want to admit it to anyone including themselves.

As soon as Jack tore me away from Foxx’s hold, lights flashed in front of my eyes. The kiss was just as incredible, just as exciting, but I sensed that Foxx was forever present, refusing to back down or walk away. However, Jack refused to allow me to remain enamored by the man who obviously led the three musketeers, spinning me around by one hundred and eighty degrees. His blond hair didn’t match his rugged personality, but I could tell he was a dangerous man nonetheless.

The rugged man tasted of rich Irish whiskey and just a hint of peppermint, maybe a candy he’d popped into his mouth before crossing the street. His cock was pressed so tightly against my stomach that I couldn’t breathe adequately. All the while as Jack dominated my mouth, exploring the dark recesses, the two other men were waiting and watching, wild beasts ready to pounce.

I was now the one grinding my hips back and forth, struggling to keep some sense of decency while my body betrayed me countless times. When Jack finally broke the kiss, he only did so to lift my head, burying his soft lips against the side of my neck. I was floored by the way my legs continued to tremble, dazzled by the jolts of current. I clung to the man as he dragged his tongue underneath my jaw, nipping my earlobe before whispering a harsh reminder that three men had become determined to unravel all my naughtiness.

“I can’t wait to be inside of you,” Jack stated in his deep, husky voice.

“Yes, we’re going to sully every inch of you,” Foxx added gruffly.

Blinking rapidly, I focused on Foxx’s firm but beautiful mouth as he issued the words, caught in the reverence of the moment.

“But first things first,” Hudson’s voice boomed from behind me as Jack handed me off more gently than the way he’d torn me from Foxx’s hold, winking as he did so. While Hudson cupped both sides of my face, his upper lip curling from satisfaction of capturing my attention, he allowed his eyes to penetrate mine. It was almost as if the man was searching my soul for some kind of inspiration or perhaps looking for affirmation that I wanted this.

I was too shocked to react in any way other than allowing my breathing to remain ragged, gripping his massive forearms as he brought me onto my toes like Foxx had done. I wasn’t certain what to expect from the man, but his kiss was tender at first, almost sweet. But as soon as he thrust his tongue inside, he wrapped one arm around my waist, dipping me as if we were dancing.

The other two men snorted as if they were used to his action. I had to admit, the scent of the man was heavenly and just so masculine. The three of them were surprising, so much so I truly began to wonder what they were doing in my country.

When I was finally righted again, Hudson nipped my lower lip before finally letting me go. I almost tripped as I took a couple of steps backward. It was nearly impossible to keep my composure around them. When I involuntarily pressed my fingers across my lips, Hudson picked up the belt I hadn’t noticed he’d dropped on the floor, folding it in half then cracking it across his palm several times.

“Now that the ice is broken,” he stated, his tone more dominating than it had been before. “It’s time for you to follow instructions. Undress.”

“Really, guys. I don’t think so. This has been fun, maybe even magical but I really need to get home to my family.” I had a feeling that my pleading wasn’t going to get me anywhere, although the three of them did nothing but stand where they were looking as if they stepped off a western GQ magazine. I smiled and took a wide arc, once again only making it a couple of feet before Hudson tossed the belt over my head, yanking me backward with enough ferocity I was jerked all the way off the floor.

And straight into his arms.

There was nothing I could do at this point, the hold the powerful man had on me far too strong. I was ceremoniously tossed onto the bed still under Hudson’s makeshift restraint and within seconds, Foxx had crawled on top.

“Let me go,” I demanded, struggling as hard as I could to break out of the leather tethering.

Hudson grinned as he held me in place while Foxx had the nerve to unfasten the button on my jeans. “She’s a fighter.”

“Yeah,” Foxx growled. “She likes it the hard way so that’s what we’ll need to give her.”

Even though I pitched back and forth, the bastard managed to finagle my zipper down, tugging the dense material. Unfortunately for him, the poor fecker, the jeans were skintight. I preferred them that way, even though when my daddy saw me in them, it almost gave him another heart attack.

“If you don’t let me go, I will have you arrested.” I had no intentions of doing so, but I was incensed they were acting as if I was their plaything. The inner girl’s voice was saying rather nasty things in my ear since I’d agreed to this. To hell with her. I managed to kick Foxx in the stomach with my boot, shocking the hell out of the man. I also almost pitched him off the bed.

The look of shock on his face shifted into something akin to pure, unadulterated anger. He lifted a single eyebrow then rubbed his hands together.

“You did it now, little Irish filly,” Jack said as he grinned from his fierce-looking position behind Foxx.

“Yep. She did. Wrap that nice piece of leather around her wrists for me, will ya, partner?” he asked Hudson as he lifted his gaze briefly.

“You bet. First, I think I’ll remove her shirt.”

“I don’t know, bud. Maybe we’ll cut it off her.”

I threw Foxx a hateful look. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Leaning over, Foxx grinned. “You don’t know me at all, feisty girl.” To my horror, he didn’t waste any time turning me over onto my stomach, jerking off both of my boots before I could react.

“You American bastard!” My squeal was met with three gruff laughs as Hudson yanked then pinned my arms over my head, easily stripping my shirt over my head and tossing it aside. It was that moment I realized I’d been far too risqué for the evening, my bad choices keeping me from wearing a bra.

I was more embarrassed than I’d ever been and I didn’t need to look to realize that all three men were fully aroused, including Hudson who was sporting a thick, throbbing bulge between his muscular legs.

And damn it if my mouth didn’t water.

“I did you a favor, lass,” Hudson said in a fake Irish accent. “I suggest you calm down or you’re going to get the spanking of your life.” He had my wrists wrapped with the belt in no time. Meanwhile, I didn’t have any fight left in me as Foxx tugged the jeans all the way down the length of my legs.

Maybe worse than choosing not to wear a bra for the evening? Wearing a bright red thong. That screamed of hussy, which I wasn’t. Not in the least. If my sweet Finn could see me now, he’d be wagging his finger, calling me a naughty girl just like these three men were.

“Jesus Christ,” Foxx muttered before slipping his fingers under the thin elastic.

My stomach was in knots and I couldn’t stand to watch any longer, clamping my eyes shut as he rolled my very damp panties down my legs, taking his sweet time doing so.

“She smells divine,” Jack said. How could his voice have gotten any deeper than before?

“She looks even better,” Hudson growled.

“Just get on with it,” I spouted off, my usual rebellious side finally picking back up where it left off. “And you’re nothing but animals.”

“Well, it would seem the lady is in a real hurry. My suggestion is that we accommodate her needs. What do you think, boys?”

Hudson secured the belt, tightening the buckle. This was more than just insane. This was… No. No. All I could think about was exciting and dangerous.

Foxx was definitely the man in charge, his question followed with savage grunts from the other two, acting as primal as I’d accused them of being.

“Do it. Just save me some real estate,” Jack said casually but I had a sense he’d moved closer, ready to watch the sparks fly.

I didn’t need to see Foxx to know what he was doing. Removing his belt. Now I chose to kick out again, which only brought a raucous laugh to the other two men. Why did I have a sense they would all try to outdo themselves?

When I heard the crack of the belt against the floor seconds later, I yelped like a helpless girl. But the second Foxx thumped down on the bed, dragging me over his lap, I was more incensed than before. I pitched and thrashed against him, realizing seconds later that all I was doing was exciting both of us. His cock was rock hard, throbbing with such an increased pulse that I was certain the man had to be in agony.

And I was getting wetter by the second. At least I was until he brought the belt down four times in rapid succession across my backside.

“Oh, God! You’re nuts. That hurts. Ouch.” I pitched and rolled, almost managing to toss myself off his lap.

“You’re not going anywhere, lassie,” he growled with more ferocity than before, dragging me straight across his thick bulge. He even took a few seconds to wrap one leg around both of mine.

I was going nowhere.

The spanking continued, the bastard of a man bringing the belt down time and time again.

I was shocked when the tingling sensations roared into white-hot agony rolling through me and curling my toes. But as he brought the belt down two more times, I gathered a whiff of my increasing desire. That meant all three men could as well. The warm flush from before sliding up my cheeks quickly turned to an entirely different kind of heat. I had no doubt my skin was as red as my bottom was about to become.

“It’s time to switch off, bro,” Jack said, not taking no for an answer. “Only I found something else to use.”

When he plopped down on the bed, I jerked my head up, noticing he had a wooden brush of some kind in his hand. It took me a few seconds to realize it was a gosh darn bath brush. Was he kidding me? Did men travel with that kind of thing and across the ocean? I was jarred back to reality when Foxx let me go, although he grumbled while doing so.

Jack was pleased with himself. I could tell that by the twinkle in his eyes as he shifted me onto his lap. “Look how nice and red her luscious bottom has become.”

“Oh!” My spitfire cry was met with more animalistic sounds. The men were enjoying this far too much. Without any further hesitation, Jack brought the stupid-looking brush down with enough force I was jarred into issuing a sob.

“I’ll get you all for this,” I said weakly a second time, trying to keep tears from forming in my eyes. But it was too late.

Jack cracked the implement down at least six times, maybe seven. I lost count as I drifted into a massive fog, no longer able to remember my name let alone why they were spanking me in the first place.

All I could continue thinking about was that I was a bad girl and deserved this. For what? For winning fair and square? Well, sort of. Okay, not really.

I was shocked that the thudding sound matched the brutality of the spanking perfectly, the rhythm something I noticed Hudson was mimicking as if beat boxing. Was he kidding me? I was about to yell off obscenities when Jack startled me even more by caressing my aching skin. His sudden actions set off a wave of tingles that coursed through every cell and muscle like wildfire.

Now I was so wet, I had no doubt my juice was leaking all over his rugged jeans. Well, too bad. When he dared roll his fingers down the crack of my ass, I was forced to suck in my breath all over again.

The three men were suddenly silent. Finally, Foxx cleared his throat a few seconds later. He had the nerve to drop to the floor in front of me, tangling his fingers in my long strands to keep them out of my face.

“You’re very wet. You’ve hungered for three savages to take full control over you.”

“Not a day in my life,” I answered with far too much confidence, which I didn’t feel in the least.

The spanking continued as it had done before, but this time I did everything in my power not to provide the men with any sense of satisfaction. They didn’t deserve to hear me cry or lash out. I was finished with playing their game. They wanted me to feel vulnerable. They longed for me to be uncomfortable. They were nothing more than brutes.

That I craved.

God. I hated myself for the way I felt about them, the desire spreading through me like some plague. If I could scratch out their eyes, I’d do that in a heartbeat. The pain was insufferable, but I managed to tolerate it, able to even push myself into a Zen moment where my body started to relax. Maybe that’s why the cracks of the bath brush became harder. I gritted my teeth in response, still refusing to make a single sound.

Hudson wasn’t far behind Jack, huffing a few seconds later.

“My turn,” he said in a more demanding voice than ever. “But I do it my way. Place her on all fours.”

Was the bastard kidding me? Jack lifted me off his lap as if I weighed nothing, planting me down in the middle of the bed. I couldn’t stop myself from wondering if all three men had rooms since the bed was barely queen size if that. Their legs were much longer. When my knees were pushed apart, I issued my own growl, which seemed to delight the men, all three of them laughing.

I threw my head over my shoulder, not realizing my reaction of shifting my hips back and forth was doing nothing more than teasing the three hunks. I could tell by the intense looks they gave me and each other, easily reading their minds once again. Dear God. This wasn’t going to end well. I just knew it.

When Hudson planted a single knee on the bed, I couldn’t tell what he had in his hand. “This should do,” he said gruffly, seconds before he smacked something hard and long against my already aching and bruised backside.

“Fuck,” I hissed, trying to keep the single exclamation to myself and failing miserably. When I threw my head over my shoulder again, he happily showed me what he had in his hand. A fucking Lexan ruler. Really? Did these people just carry this stuff around with them in hopes of finding a woman they thought needed discipline? Oh, they were horrible men.

I had so many curse words running through my mind, but I refused to say them. Yet the forceful smacks not only left a ringing in my ears but shoved me forward. I clamped my fingers around the ugly material of the hotel comforter, concentrating on the horrific rust-colored patterns the owner obviously found acceptable. Who used 1970s colors any longer? Had they actually come back into fashion and I hadn’t noticed? Come to think of it, the walls were a pasty dull olive green in color. If I went into the bathroom, which I had no intention of doing, I could only imagine the repulsive color I’d find for fixtures.


Why did it matter to me in the least?

The next several smacks were just about all I could take. And I’ll be damned if the son of a bitch didn’t crack the ruler across my upper thighs at least six times. I would soon tell him what I planned on doing with the stupid plastic piece of crap.

The boys certainly had no clue they’d captured a tiger by its tail, but I was no demure creature. I would fight back when possible. I continued telling the girl inside I only had myself to blame for getting in the middle of this… this… I wasn’t certain what to call it, but I knew the embarrassment of acting like a lovesick puppy dog would eventually come back to bite me like a rabid guard dog.

Even if crackle after crackle of electricity continued to trigger filthy thoughts.

“I think that’s enough, boys,” Foxx said, the husky sound of his voice only adding to the horrid longing that lingered in me like festering pus. The thought brought a smile to my face. That’s what I could do to remove the unsavory desire still coursing through me. I’d think of them in terms of being an infection.

What if there was no cure?

I was going to crush my inner voice with delight in my eyes.

“You’re right,” Jack said in an equally barbaric voice. “Time for more delicious treats.”

“What the hell does that mean?” I asked, although I wasn’t certain I wanted to know the answer.

When the boys didn’t say anything at first, I finally had to break the silence by easing onto my aching butt, studying each one of them intently. I’d be damned if the three of them didn’t appear like the Cheshire cat who ate the canary.

As usual, the big man on campus, the one who intrigued me more than the others stepped closer, placing his massive palms on the bed on either side of me and leaning in. Damn if his aftershave wasn’t intoxicating. Foxx licked his lips before answering, giving me the kind of look that was meant for predators prepared for their upcoming feast as he untied my hands.

And his words were ones I expected yet said in such a way I couldn’t avoid trembling all the way to my toes.

“Now, the three of us fuck you. Long. And. Hard.”

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