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Ruled: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Cari Silverwood – Extended Preview

Waking from a pleasant dream, she found her hand had slipped between her thighs and she was squeezing onto it. The dream had been about sex though the details were lost. Still groggy, she thought to open her eyes, only to realize…

The sheets were gone. Had she kicked them off?

From the slight tilt of her mattress and some small movements, someone else was in her bed. Panic arrived. She bit her lip.

She was lying partly on her stomach, her nightdress was being slowly pulled upward, and her butt was exposed. Then, her nightdress ceased to move.

It was him, Drake. His scent told her so.

And how disturbing it was to know she could ID him by his smell.

“Hey. Stop that.”

“You think so? I disagree.”

She removed her hand from between her legs and went to roll onto her back, meaning to slide from the bed, only to have him plant his palm in the middle of her lower back, fastening her down.

“Not so fast, Princess. I am still admiring this ass and how it peeks from beneath your lacy night gear. Do all human females wear such cute things to bed?”

Shocked, she tried to gather her thoughts and only spluttered, “What?”

Not her best reply.

“What are you doing here?” Again she tried to shift but he easily held her in place. “My guards were not supposed to let you in!”

“They did, when I explained matters. They understood the shift of power very well. The general is defeated, his forces also. I have control over the city and so your kingdom is yours again.” He swatted her ass, making her bounce in the bed, then he wriggled her panties down to the crease of her thighs.

Just the feel of him, of him pushing his hand between her legs, his full hand, made her want to spread herself open. A second later she found she’d done so.

“This is mine,” he said quietly. “You need to understand that. Even if your guards think I am merely in here talking about battles.” He lifted her lower body until her butt poked higher, and smacked her again, firmly, on both cheeks, several times.

Moaning at that was bad, and yet she could not stop herself. Was this the punishment he’d promised? Squeaking at a few of the harder smacks, Calli buried her head under her pillow, as if that would stop him hearing.

Drake continued explaining and simultaneously smoothing his palm over her aching bottom. Concentrating on facts was difficult while that occurred. Now and then he delivered another swat.

“Please, stop doing that. I need to listen and to ask you things, such as casualties and so on. Please?”

Though muffled by the pillow, she knew he could hear her. With her face turned sideways, she looked out, hoping, waiting.

“I should stop? Stop doing what exactly?”

He teased her?

This was not how one ruled a kingdom. How nice it felt when he glided those thick male fingers up and down her pussy. Unfair. She sighed. When he ceased the slipping and sliding to smack her butt, the blows rocked into her flesh.

The slippery fingers did worse things to her mind. If he would only put them into her just a little.

She closed her eyes, wishing for what was surely wrong.

Which was when he chose to answer. “I will tell you some now, and more later. There were few hurt except for the general’s men. We were careful.”

“Oh.” She gulped. “That’s good.”

“Yes. I thought you were liking it.”

She scowled. He’d deliberately messed with her meaning.

Drake drew his body up the bed and plucked away the pillow, tossed it behind him. Then he pulled her to him, flipped her over, and kissed her fully on the mouth. Hot, wet kisses. Gentle kisses, and his hands roved over her back and ass, and into her hair, as if he was memorizing her curves. Over her breasts and elsewhere those hands traveled, until one was shoved down the front of her panties.

The warmth of his palm nestling over her clit, pressing on her, rhythmically…

She squirmed then ground herself against him. Soon she was writhing and clutching at his shoulders, her fingers kneading his hard muscles and her struggling to keep her eyes open.

“You’re irresistible. Like a ripe fruit dripping honeyed sweetness, making everyone that goes past sniff at you, lick at you, want to shove themselves inside you. Fuck you, Princess, for being so fuckable. You distract me too much.” Drake played with her mouth, brushing his fingers across her bottom lip before trailing them to her neck.

Amusement popped into her head and she smirked. “I annoy you because I am too…” No, she could not say that, but she snorted in a most un-princess-like way.

He shook his head slowly. “Bad girl.”

Such thoughts vanished from her head, for he brought his mouth to hers and devoured her—her mouth, her jaw, her neck muscles, using his teeth so nastily that she felt a spurt of wetness below. Then he lifted the front of her little nightdress and dragged it upward to gather beneath her chin.

Fascinated, and already wrecked from his attention, with her forehead on his shoulder, she peered downward between their bodies. She licked at where his shoulder joined his neck. His taste promised sex. A little unfocused and panting, she watched him grasp her breasts, one in each hand to hold it still before he slithered down the bed to give them his full attention with his mouth—one breast, then the other, sucking on her.

How wet he left her nipples, how easily he conjured shudders of pleasure from her and a whimpering writhe of her body, with each and every suck or lick.

The rawness of the lust in his eyes awed her.

The ache in her butt cheeks reminded her of how remorseless he could be.

When at last he stopped attacking her with tongue, lips, and teeth, he reclined on his side and stared, gaze shifting over her body. His lower arm snaked across and clutched her wrist, as if to prevent her from escaping.

As if she would.

She found the words she should have said before and whispered, “I should have said no.”

“But you did not and it would’ve only made it more interesting, to make you beg for me.” He winked. “You read of us?” He stroked his fingers down her cleavage, past her navel to her lower belly, where his gaze and hand stuck.

Absentmindedly, he drew circles on her just above her clit.

Distracting? He might as well have drawn on her with lava.

“The torm and the other stuff. Yes,” she rasped, throat roughened by desire.

“It affects us both, my fuckable princess. All I can think of is fucking you, even when the world outside has barely been rescued from bullet, fire, and storm. My men have it controlled. And you, you grab me by the cock and lure me to you.”

Such crudeness.

“I deny this torm has an effect on me.” She dredged up a smile, let it play on her lips. “That’s mauleon hormones, not mine, sir.” Had she just dared him to prove her wrong?

And here she was with her fingers tangled in his long hair and pressing on his chest, because she could not get enough of him.

“You think so, Princess?” He gave a low chuckle that sounded, almost, like a threat. “Let’s find your shower before I fuck you.”

She sucked in a sharp breath. Yes, that was fear surfacing. He hadn’t fucked her fully before, remember? Fear and lust.

What would it be like to take all of him? Her pussy squeezed in.

Her priorities were all wrong. Royal concerns. The damn war out there even? Maybe he was right? Maybe this torm was affecting her?

For the first time, she noticed how filthy he’d made her sheets. His body was streaked with black and stank of smoke and the gods knew what. Blood too, perhaps.

“You must get out of my bed,” she blurted.

The servants would know he’d been here.

His mouth stretched into an evil smile. “Not what you say to me. Not at all.”

Then he launched himself from the bed with a bounce and stalked around to her. Drake hauled her upright. With a few swift movements, he twirled her and dragged her nightdress over her head, making her breasts jiggle as they were caught in the material.

“There?” He pointed to her bathroom door. Without waiting for an answer and with her wrists trapped in his hand, he towed her to the door.

“Umm… maybe? Should we not talk of war and rebellion?” She was babbling but couldn’t stop. “Princess to… to criminal lord?”

His lip rose, revealing more of his teeth. Had she angered him? She was fairly sure fucking him in her bathroom was also not the best way to begin a business relationship.

What he saw in her bathroom seemed to jar him, if only for a second. She looked around the large room, at the square plunge bath bubbling with foamy water, at the silver mirror that formed one wall and the matching square area where her shower lay. Silver and blue accents set off white walls. The fresco of a lush garden gave this an open-air feel, despite the windows being too high to see through. It sufficed, though she needed to redecor—

“Stand against the shower wall, face out.” He clicked his fingers and pointed, forefinger rigid.

Having recovered from his onslaught, she hesitated.

His stare hardened.

Unsure if he scared her or had merely shoved her into moving by pure sexual force, she padded to the wall beneath the overhanging showerhead then slowly turned, planting her butt against the cool wall and her palms to either side, as if to keep herself in place.

The mere presence of this mauleon male seemed to thicken the air, to steam it with a heaviness that promised hard, relentless sex that would leave her hurting.

Her pussy ached from what he’d done last time. A nice ache. Her eyelids drooped as she remembered being made love to on his table. Or fucked as he’d call it.

Fucked made it sound filthier.

Slowly he advanced, swaggering, fully clothed in his battle-soiled clothes. His gaze molested her.

“I love how you obey me.” Drake was a step away from touching her. Her next breaths were dragged through parted lips.

She had obeyed. That irked her and Calli wrinkled her nose. If she had it, this torm was rendering her brainless, but who wouldn’t find him sexy, irresistible, and scary? She wriggled against the wall, hypnotized by this mountainous hunk of mauleon.

His clothes were dark hued. The ashes showed mostly on the muscles of his arms, and on his face. He’d left a pile of weapons and holsters on her bedroom floor.

Something made her dare to murmur, “Are you going to eat me, this time?”

He catalogued her from feet to upper legs, to her pussy and the triangle of her sex, where her beauty servant had left a thin wedge of hair. His gaze loitered there.


The heat rose in her.

“I’ll bury myself balls deep this time. I’m going to make you scream as you come.”

“Oh.” Her tongue poked the roof of her mouth. Gods above.

He shucked off his shirt, tossed it, muscles rippled and shone.

His pants and underwear came off next, were also tossed. Her eyes refused to do more than stare. His cock was pointing at the ceiling and looked far too thick and long for him to be able to… to get it all inside her.

“Fuck,” she choked out, her throat catching. “Stars above… No.”

“No?” He barked a laugh, grinned. “Liar. No more lying. Turn. I want to see how red I marked your ass.” When she faced the wall, he moved in and spoke quietly. “And I want to see your other hole so I can decide when to fuck it.”

She gasped. “That’s—”

“Going to happen. You’re going to do it because you want to, my filthy little princess.”

How could he make her want that?

“Don’t move.” Drake turned on the tap. The square showerhead above cascaded warm water over them both, flooding over her head, down her body, and over her feet. The roar muffled other sounds, made this feel less real.

This wasn’t her, shivering, with goosebumps all down her arms despite the warmth, waiting for him to take her.

He gripped her ass, fingers angling into her slit, then bit her nape. She arched back into him and felt one of his fingers push at her other hole. No. No. But she didn’t say it, too wrapped up in the mix of sensations, of bite and hand on ass, of the shame of what he did, of having this huge creature aiming to fuck her properly.

Of being pinned to a wall in her bathroom while he almost stuck a finger into her ass.

This could get so out of hand. Was already, she told herself. He’d washed himself, then watched her soap herself and rinse off, while he leaned on the shower wall, and now…

Calli gasped and buried her head in his chest, mouth sliding as he pushed into her, sliding on her fuck-juices as he’d just called them. Pinned to the wall, hoisted up, with his claws fastened around her breasts, anchored in. She had red scratch-stripes on her breasts and belly, and he was grunting as he forced himself higher.

Spine to the wall, she let her head fall back and bump on the wet surface. He was wet too, massive muscles bunching and hardening. Hard as the cock in her.

Deeper than before, she knew it, had felt him stretch her open, felt her pussy give way then clamp on his cock. As if she could keep him there, high inside.

“Fuck!” he swore, grunted again, slid into her more. “If I come too early, before I’m in all the way, I’m spanking you red.”

“Oh. You… No.” Mouth open, she wriggled, eyes upturned, then she leaned in and sucked on his shoulder muscle, the bulk of it sliding under her tongue, lips, teeth as he crammed in, pulled out, crammed in again.

She nearly swallowed her tongue when he slid out, almost all the way out, and poised to reenter.

The wet sounds from below said her body loved this.

“Yes.” He chuckled. “Yes, miss fuckable princess.” His claws held her, as if by breast hold alone he could fuck her stupid. “Gods!”

Another shove at her and she whimpered, pleasure building to an incredible height, all of her tensing, pulsing, as he pushed.

“More. Please.” She huffed and groaned, then felt herself relax.

He gave an enormous concerted thrust, and slid in so deeply that her muscles turned into mush. She hung on with her arms wrapped around his neck, legs wide open, as he proceeded to fuck her to the stars and back.

Every thrust made her hit the wall and rocked a grunt from her.

“Look at you, got me all in there.” He bit down on the angle of her neck, licked his way to her ear, bit there too, and fucked into her. “I’m in, girl. You took my cock. Now. You can come.”

Pistoning in, ramping up, he speared in and out, faster, harder, bouncing her ass into the wall.

She came, writhing on him then stiffening as he too exploded. She clutched at him, blindly coming down from the high of orgasm with him still inside her, his cum seeping out of her.

Her breathing wound down and still her breasts squashed into his chest.

When he pulled out, he let her sink to the floor, her back sliding. The shower came on again and he washed her and himself. After he dried her with one of her big fluffy towels, she cuddled into him, and he carried her back to the bedroom.

Drake left her on the bed, blinking up at him, eyeing him from her blissful stupor.

He began to dress in his old clothes, shrugging on shirt, pulling up pants, buckling belt, putting on weapon belts and boots last. Then he walked to the edge of the bed and leaned down and kissed her on the mouth, lingering there.

His mouth moved on hers as he talked. “I told you you’d take all of me, my princess. Got to go finish this. I will be back. Be good for me. Do not go outside. It’s not safe.”

Then he left. She heard his boot-steps fade and the outer door open and shut.

Calli lay there, thinking, half-smiling. She could taste him on her lips. Feel him. And she ached down below more than ever. This felt too good. If he could overcome her with sex every time he came to her, she’d lose herself, surely?

It was a thought to hold onto.

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