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Rules of the Wild by Jaye Elise and Jack Crosby – Extended Preview


The sun hadn’t even peeked through the back window yet when the earth-shattering scream of a lady in peril broke me out of my deep sleep. Emy wasn’t next to me, although her side of the mattress was still warm. Hopping out of bed, I ran out to the living room and, still not finding her, moved the curtain to the side to find that a bear had wandered into the yard. And from the distant, muffled tones of her shrieks, it sounded like Emy was using the outhouse. Dammit.

I quickly pulled on my pants and a jacket, grabbing my other shotgun on the way out. I didn’t want to hurt the creature, but I also knew what needed to be done if it didn’t leave with some persuasion. I turned the porch light on so I could see the situation clearly.

The bear was an adolescent male, probably just trying to find some food. That also meant that it wasn’t quite as confident as the older bears in the area. This would make the job of getting it to hightail it back into the woods easier. The creature was already spooked by the porch lights and seemed skittish. I stepped outside into the fall dawn and got a good look at our uninvited visitor. His massive head rounded toward me and he let out his mighty roar. Unfortunately for him, I’d heard better.

I lifted my gun straight into the air and fired off a blank. The crack of the shotgun blast echoed around the valley. The bear, probably never having heard a gun discharge this close to him, scattered off into the direction of the woods, leaving my property.

With one issue solved, that left just one more to deal with. I walked over to the outhouse and pulled the door open. Sitting there, shaking like a leaf, was Emy. “My God,” she hushed before rushing over to me, “I thought I was dead.”

Without saying a word, I grabbed my noncompliant redhead and hoisted her up over my shoulder. I didn’t even mumble so much as a ‘good morning’ to her. I brought her back into the house and plopped her down on the recliner.

She looked up at me with some concern. “Tobias, I’m sorry—”

“Sorry ain’t gonna cut it, Red.” I’d lost one under my watch to Mother Nature’s Alaskan wrath. There was no way in hell I’d let another go down the same route.

I picked her up again and took my seat. I pointed to my lap, and Emy knew what to do, but I wanted to ensure there was no mistaking what was about to happen. This one wasn’t her asking for it, this one wasn’t for my pleasure. This one was for punishment. Pure and simple.

“Tell me, why are you getting a spanking, young lady?”

“I-I broke the rules, sir,” she whimpered, more embarrassed by having to tell me what she’d done than by being ass-up over my lap.

“And how’d you break the rules?”

“I went outside without you. But I really had to—”

“Hush now.” She’d gotten dressed to go outside, so I slipped my hand beneath her to get her fly undone, then pulled her jeans and her panties down. Her exposed ass, creamy white and inviting, was sticking up at me.

“I gave you a rule—no going outside without me—and yes, you broke it,” I agreed. My meaty hand came down hard across the cleft of her ass without giving her the benefit of a warm-up.

“You could’ve died,” I told her as I struck the area again. The formerly pale skin of her taut cheeks began to blossom pink.

Was it anger or disappointment I felt at her behavior? It was a confusing muddle of both. With those mixed emotions, I whacked her bum again and again, hoping the lesson was being learned as she squirmed under my grip.

There was another problem, though. As she twisted across my lap and I spanked her for her disobedience, a feeling—a deep-seated longing—settled in. As the front of my jeans grew uncomfortably tight, I kept my face level, hoping Emy didn’t feel the bulge as it grew closer to her stomach.

The spanking wasn’t finished yet. Her ass was nice and pink, from the fleshiest crest of her globes down to the join of her thighs, but for a lesson to be learned, she needed to be burning red. Again, my callused hand came down and met her soft skin, adding more color to what I’d already given her. Her plaintive whimpers and the deep scarlet blush I’d raised let me know we were close to the end.

“You understand why I’m doing this?” I asked solemnly.

“I broke a rule,” she moaned through gritted teeth.

“Not just a rule,” I reminded her. “The most important rule. My wife died and she respected the wilderness. You don’t yet.”

She sobbed a bit and I gave her one final whack. This time, it was hard enough to leave a solid imprint of my hand against her skin, and it brought our session to a finish. The heat rolled off Emy’s supple ass, intense yet pure, and I let her reach back and rub her sore cheeks. I lifted myself up, bringing her with me.

As her feet touched the floor, I pulled her to my chest and kissed the crown of her glowing red hair. She mumbled a quick I’m sorry into the bulk of my chest, wiping her face on the flannel to dry her tears.

“All done, Emy. All is forgiven. Now, time to get dressed. You have a shift to catch and I’ve got a boat to procure.”

I could tell Emy very much wanted to ask why I needed a boat, but kept her mouth closed. “After work today, we’re going to take a cruise around the bay,” I explained.


“Yep.” I stretched out to my full height, my shoulders popping and neck cracking. “I need to make sure you know how to handle yourself. In a week, we go to Ketchikan for work.”

A renewed bounce entered her step. “I very much look forward to that, Tobias.”

“Hmph,” was all I said as I prepped the coffee to percolate over the fire. It was all I could do not to take her into the bedroom and put the final stamp on my claim.

Tom looked over the paper I placed in his hands. “You have The Midnight Sun, why do you need a second boat?”

“Take it or leave it,” I told him.

He read over my offer one more time, taking his time. It didn’t bother me, I had all the time in the world. I knew he wouldn’t say no. “I want out of the game as it is. She’s yours, Toby.”

A rare grin flashed across my face. “It’s a good move, Tom.”

“As you know, she’s seaworthy. I kept Her Majesty in top of the line condition from the day I bought her.”

That he had. This wasn’t a crabbing vessel, this was a tour boat that the cruise ship passengers liked to book to see the sights and sounds around the bay, including some quick jaunts out to sea for whale watching. Tom would also ferry the locals to other port towns when they needed to conduct business. I’d had my eye on her from the moment word leaked he was thinking of selling.

He fished the keys to the boat out of his pocket. “I’m guessing all the money is in the pack you have on your shoulder.”

“All of it,” I grunted as I hoisted it off and passed it to him. “A pleasure doing business with you.”

“You never cease to amaze me, Toby.”

I’d taken measures to make sure everything on Her Majesty was ready. As the sun was falling, I saw Emy approach the dock, unsure of where to go. I lifted my arm up into the air and gave it two waves, before going back to work, redoing the riggings. She must’ve seen the motion, as a few minutes later, I heard her come aboard.

She let out a whistle. “This is one fancy boat you rented for the night, Tobias.”

“Didn’t rent her, I bought her,” I corrected her.

“You what?” she said, almost laughing. “You bought a boat while I was slinging beers and cod sandwiches?”

“Yep.” I tossed her a rope. “Wrap this around that pole, will you?”

She did as I asked, still seemingly amazed. Truth be told, I was also a little amazed that Tom had taken my offer. As I’d walked up to complete the deal, I’d been sure he’d want more. The boat and the small business he’d been running had been listed for fifty-three thousand and I’d only offered forty-five. But the moment he began reading the offer sheet, I’d known Her Majesty was mine.

With everything battened down and just a tiny bit of sunlight left, it was time to go. “Come on, Red. Let’s see the bay.”

We entered the wheelhouse together and I cranked the boat up. Her engines fired right up and soon I had us out into the open water of the bay. As we made our first turn, an eagle flew overhead.

Emy pointed up. “A bald eagle? You don’t see many of those down south.”


“Those are rare occurrences where I come from, you know.” She seemed to ponder. “Maybe another rare occurrence can happen.”

I cocked my head to the side, unsure of what she meant. “Oh?”

Emy gently leaned in against me. “You have needs, right, Tobias?”

“Mhm,” I nodded.

“You’d like those needs to be taken care of, right, sir?” she cooed.

There was no doubt about that. “Mhm.”

“And you’d like me to be the one to take care of those needs, right?” Her hand stroked the length of my cock through my work pants, feeling how much I needed her.


“All you have to do is tell me what you want, sir.”

Whatever doubts had been in my mind that we might be moving too fast disappeared. She was mine and my need to imprint myself on her won out over any lingering reservations.

“Emy, on your knees for me. And when you take me in that mouth of yours, I don’t want you letting me out of your mouth until I come, got it?”

Her brown eyes twinkled in the twilight sky. “Yes, sir,” she replied softly, seemingly thankful for the opportunity to obey my command.

Emy dropped to her knees and undid my work pants. She pulled down the long underwear I wore to stay warm during those cold Alaskan nights. As soon as she did, my hardening cock sprang free and bobbed just in front of her face. Her eyes grew big as she looked at it for a moment, her first good viewing of my manhood. Emy took a deep breath, licked her lips, then engulfed it in her mouth.

The warm, wet feel of her soft, suctioning mouth was heaven sent. I reached back and braced myself against the railing behind me. Emy moved slowly at first, taking in every inch of me before retreating. As she reached the end, she twirled the head with her tongue, only making me that much harder. She gazed up at me after the third pass, looking for approval. I grunted, barely unable to contain the pleasant smile I was desperately trying to conceal. Emy saw it, no matter how hard I tried to hide it, and continued on the task at hand.

That little mouth of hers had me harder than I’d been in years, and judging by the naughty twinkle in her eye, Emy knew exactly what she was doing to me. After a low groan escaped my lips, she picked up her pace in response. It was intoxicating watching her red lips pucker up around me as she reached the end of my cock before diving back down and taking me deep in her throat.

I placed my hand on the back of her head, gently twisting my fingers in her hair. I guided her movements faster and faster as a feeling welled up deep inside me that I hadn’t known in a long time—the sensation of giving the very essence of yourself to another. As she took all of my cock, she held her position, running her tongue along the sensitive underside of my shaft to finish me off.

From deep within, I felt my orgasm break its way through. Rope after rope of my seed hit the back of her throat and Emy swallowed it all up with passion. It’d been eight years, eight long years since I’d last been with a woman and every bit of that time took over my body as I flexed through my climax and reacquainted myself with the unadulterated satisfaction of being completely pleasured by a woman. And a gorgeous one at that.

As Emy finished taking everything I gave her with a smile on her face, she licked her lips. “That’s what you’ve been needing, huh?”

“That was perfect, Red,” I told her as I stroked her cheek affectionately and she leaned into me. “You’re perfect.”


It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it’d be to convince Ruth to give me a week off to go to Ketchikan. While we set up the bar and dining area before the dinner rush, I gave her an idea of what Tobias had planned for us. Although I was fuzzy on the details, it had to do with buying up crabbing quota shares and it sounded like a profitable play. Not that I’d expected anything less, but it turned out that Tobias had a shrewd businessman’s head on his shoulders. Lucky for him, I liked both brains and brawn.

“So, it sounds like old Captain Wyatt is looking to make you his first mate, huh?” Ruth teased as she fired up the grill.

“Oh, Ruth, gimme a break, you old tease!” I moaned in fake protest. The knowing glimmer in her eye as she giggled to herself was too endearing for words. She was pulling for us to make it. And after getting a taste of Tobias’s discipline and pure, raw masculinity as well as his quiet compassion and even-keel nature, I was pulling for us too.

A few days later we found ourselves under a cloudless sky, aboard Her Majesty, and on our way to Ketchikan. The journey would take the better part of a day and as we were traveling along the Inside Passage, the waters wouldn’t be too choppy for us. We’d stocked up on some basics for our trip—some sandwiches, bottled water, chips, beer—and along with our trusty deck of cards, we seemed to be in store for a pleasant, albeit chilly, cruise down the coast.

After about an hour, and once I’d completed all the tasks he’d given me—for better or worse, he was a bear on land and on sea—I installed myself in the bow of the ship, letting the whipping wind scorch my fair cheeks. It was invigorating, feeling like I was fighting against the elements in my own small way. And even though I knew I’d be losing the battle, it didn’t make me want to back down a bit. From within this space of self-hypnotic reverie and aquamarine glacial waters, I was startled by thick, vise-like arms circling my waist from behind and pulling me in.

“I want you in our cabin, in our bed, in three minutes. And you know how I want you.” He ran his stubbled chin along my exposed neck before swatting my ass and sending me below deck.

Yes, I knew exactly how he wanted me—completely naked—and a frisson of decadent desire coursed through my weather-chilled bones. I’d been spending the night at his place for over a week now, yet we still hadn’t crossed that final threshold together. We had, however, graduated to complete nudity while in bed. He’d tried to convince me it was to share our bodily warmth more effectively, and when I countered that it also had the added benefit of allowing him to cop a feel whenever he wanted, I got a muffled hmpf in response. He hadn’t had to say another word to let me know how he felt.

Three minutes wasn’t a lot of time to work with, especially with as many layers as I was wearing, but I stripped down as quickly as I could and slid between the crisp sheets on our freshly made bed. The extra layers of blankets might help warm me up in a while, but for now, I was still freezing my rear off. Thankfully, Tobias didn’t leave me waiting.

He appeared in the doorway, resting his arms against the frame and completely blocking my view of the rest of the ship with his impressive bulk. I still wondered how we were both going to fit in the cramped space. But judging by the look in his eye as he methodically stripped down—and his gorgeous, rigid cock, already standing at attention—he had every intention of taking full advantage of the tight fit.

“Shove over, Red.” It was the same thing he grunted every night before jumping into bed, spooning his body against mine, and rocking me to sleep. I loved that we already had small, shared rituals between us and that the little things in life mattered to him.

But this was already shaping up to be something different. Something new. Rather than turn me to my side and cocoon my body with his, he trapped my thighs with one of his heavy legs and, staring down at me with a look of pure possession and awe, supported the rest of his weight on his elbow. The four tiny portholes in the cabin allowed enough light in for me to see his commanding gaze.

“I want you, Emy.”

Yes, it was a statement. Yes, his voice was husky and gruff. Yes, he had me naked, needy, and pinned beneath his substantial frame. But there was still a hint of a question in what he said. And for once, I used fewer words than he did. I nodded and ran my fingertips across his cheek and scruffy chin, and it was all he needed to hear.

If I’d expected a quick, hard, grinding session—a means to an end to slake the desire that had been building between us since we first met each other—I would’ve been mistaken. This was a man on a mission, and he was determined to take his time. Sliding under the warmth of the covers, he took one of my nipples into his mouth and the other between his rough fingers. Myriad sensations surged through my core, centering in my now swollen clit, and igniting a flame he seemed intent on stoking for some time.

Switching sides, he buried his head completely under the covers and I could only make out a few errant locks of his wild, lightly silvered hair. Pulling my other nipple between his lips, he ran his teeth along the tender bud before nipping at me and wrenching a gasp from my parted lips. And he never let up. Twisting, tugging, pulling, savoring. Despite the chill in the air, sweat beaded up on my forehead and chest as I submitted to his delicate, perfect torture. And as the first droplets of my arousal spilled over and trailed down the cleft of my sex, he advanced his onslaught.

His fingers, so thick, strong, and dexterous when at the helm of the ship or overhauling the engines, were remarkably gentle as he began to circle my clit, zeroing in on the linchpin of my impending climax. Teasing me, pushing me, nudging me closer to the inevitable edge.

He pushed the covers off us and stared me down, studying my reactions to his intimate touches and learning how to navigate the stormy sea of my supple body. Knowing he had me on the edge, he pulled his fingers away—I whimpered with need—as he ran his tongue up and down my slit, lapping at my essence. And again, his gaze never diverted from my own. Planting light nibbles on my clit, he slid one of his large fingers into my wetness and my pussy clenched in response to him. Within moments, he attempted to add a second digit, twisting his way in, and the moan I released was part agonizing pleasure, part delicious pain.

“Need to stretch you. Don’t want to hurt you,” he mumbled against my sensitive pussy as he continued to push forward.

I’d never felt a connection as powerful as what we were sharing in this moment, never had the full, dedicated attention of a man hell-bent on wringing every ounce of pleasure out of me. And yet here he was, and I beneath him, desperate to feel the full weight of his mark on me. I needed him inside of me as if he were my very life’s blood. A single syllable—please­—escaped my lips and he answered my primal call, drawn by instinct, need, and longing that only he would be able to sate.

In one deft move, he rose above me, hands planted on either side of my body, his thick member teasing the entrance of my pussy. With a deep groan rising in the back of his throat and a feral rumble from his broad chest, he pushed the very tip of himself inside me and I understood why he’d wanted to prepare me. His size ensured I’d be pushed to the limits of what I could take. And that I’d be incredibly sore the next morning.

Inch by incredible inch, he buried himself in me, coaxing me to wrap my legs around him yet never allowing his weight to crush me. When he was finally fully seated, an aching pinch nearly toppled me over into my orgasm. He had claimed me. Marked me as his. And I had surrendered to him to do with as he pleased.

With slow, insistent thrusts, he watched me unravel beneath him. That same pleasure and desire he wrought up in me, served to sharpen his features and hone his physicality. Tilting back into a kneel and resting his ass on his heels, he tucked his arms around my back, bringing me with him. Within seconds, we were face to face and I was seated on his lap, so incredibly full of his straining cock I could barely breathe.

With his lips pressed to mine, one hand supporting my back, and the other cupping my ass, he rocked me against him, allowing me to take every inch of his length while continually bumping my oversensitive clit against his abdomen. The combination was decadent and he knew he had me right where he wanted me.

“Come for me, Emy.”

The wave of pleasure crested over me the second I heard his words. I flooded his legs with my nectar as he insistently, yet silently found his release inside me. Resting my head against his shoulder, I breathed in his unique fragrance, now combined with the light scent of our lovemaking.

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