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Ruthless Acquisition: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Randolph was on his feet, heading in my direction. While I didn’t want to back away, giving him any indication that I was nervous as hell, that’s exactly what I did.

“Let’s check some facts. Again. You accepted the wager, playing the game of poker fair and square. You lost. Then you attempted to flee moments after. We showed you leniency. We wanted to introduce you to our lifestyle, allowing you to understand what to expect. What did you do? You ran. You disrespected us. That won’t happen again. This is going to be rule number one, Scarlett. You will respect us at all times.”

A laugh slipped easily from my mouth. “Not a chance.” I could tell the man was serious.

He smiled, as if my words were nothing but a joke. “Rule number two, you will do everything we tell you to do, no matter the request.”

I stared at him incredulously.

“Rule number three. You will hand over your cell phone. There will be no endeavors to seek help of any kind. If you attempt to do so, you will be punished.”

Hatred tore through me unlike anything I’d ever felt before. “Is there a rule number four?”

“Why, yes, there is. You will be coming with us to another destination. Any attempt at escaping will not only be met with harsh punishment, but it will also mean you’re going to be confined.”

Confined? The fucker had another think coming.

“You don’t own me,” I managed.

“That’s where you’re wrong. We do for one. Solid. Week.” Randolph laughed again, the sound sending more than just chills down my spine. He meant every word. “Given you ran, the time officially starts now.”

When the other two barbarians flanked my sides, I realized my legs were trembling.

“I think it’s time that Scarlett realizes that disobeying us isn’t in her best interest.” Trent’s voice was deeper than normal, grittier while still managing to slide across my skin sinfully. While he appeared to be the most unassuming of the three, I sensed a darker vibe than normal.

“And I think it’s time you realize that I’m not in the mood to play games,” I countered.

“The problem is that you don’t have any choice in the matter.” Alexander’s words skittered over me like a tumultuous wave, his hot breath skipping along my shoulder. Before I had a chance to say anything in return, he’d grabbed my towel, yanking and tossing it then advancing. Even in the dim light, I could see just how aroused he’d become.

All three of them were hungry, prepared to take what they wanted.

Not a fucking chance. Not now. Not ever.

“I suggest the three of you get out of here right now or I’ll call the authorities.” I did my best to maintain an authoritative voice, shifting my angry gaze from one to the other.

All the bastards did was smile, as if I was enjoying this.

Encouraging them.

Hungry for them.

“That’s not going to happen. You will honor the terms of the wager.” Randolph brushed the tip of single finger down the side of my cheek. His actions brought a hiss from my mouth but a fevered response from my body, my skimpy swimsuit unable to hide my fully aroused nipples.

“I think we should start with a round of discipline,” Trent half whispered. Was he trying to be subtle or just pretending he wasn’t an asshole?

“If you touch me, I will kill you.” While I issued the words through clenched teeth, trying to sound authoritative, I was forced to realize I was in a horrible position. No one but the pilot and Roger knew of my destination. The pilot had been told to leave me alone until my return date and Roger was jetting off to parts unknown.

I was all alone with three hulking brutes.

I should have known they’d do everything in their power to hunt me down.

Alexander laughed then grabbed my wrists, yanking them over my head with one hand. I immediately kicked out, struggling to get away from him but he was far too strong, able to keep me in place easily.

“Tsk. Tsk. Bad little girls shouldn’t anger their captors.” The man was obviously enjoying my discomfort.

“I think what she needs is a hard spanking to fully understand the error of her ways.” Trent glowered in front of me, raking his fingers down from my neck past my cleavage to my stomach.

“Agreed,” Randolph growled, the sound reverberating in my ears.

Words stuck in my throat, my mind reeling from what they were suggesting. No man had ever dared to lay a finger on me in some crazy attempt to punish me. I should have known from what they’d done the night before how much they enjoyed treating me like a child.

I continued wiggling, jerking on my arms until Trent produced a pocketknife. Suddenly, this didn’t seem like a game any longer. Anxiety coursed through me, tensing every muscle. I held my tongue, trying to control my breathing as Trent continued smiling, expertly maneuvering the knife, the sharp blade easily cutting through the thin fabric of my one piece. Within seconds, he’d removed it, lowering his gaze as the slick of material fell away.

I’d never felt so exposed in my life, including what I endured at the club. Heat built along my neck and jaw, creating a dull ache in my teeth from how hard I was clenching. As it exploded across my face, I bit back a cry. This was really happening.

Randolph eased behind me and while I jerked my head as far over my shoulder as possible, I couldn’t tell what he was doing. When he wrapped his hand around my hair, twisting then pulling my long strands aside, I shivered from the jolt of current shifting down my spine. I was supposed to be disgusted, not turned on by what he was doing.

He slid my hair over my shoulder then raked his nail all the way down my spine to the crack of my ass. “Yes, a very brutal spanking is what you need. They always do a woman some good. Last night was just a taste of what you can expect.”

“What are you, fucking Neanderthals?” I spouted off, hating the erratic sound of my voice.

Randolph fisted the back of my head at the scalp, yanking by several inches. Then he was able to look down at me, his eyes narrowing. “As I told you, respect. If you don’t learn that right away, things will be even more difficult for you.”

“My God. You are the most arrogant man I’ve ever met.” I was still seething, trying to both use and curtail the burning rage churning deep within. The last thing I would ever do was respect any of them.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. However, you are getting punished for running from us and for ignoring your obligations.” Randolph’s smile was almost sinister, his words rumbling in my mind.

Had they found out about my other game? I couldn’t be certain and until I was, I’d have to pretend I was simply refusing to honor the win from the charity event.

When Randolph slipped his hand around the back of my neck, his fingers digging into my skin in a possessive hold, I made a promise to myself that I would take the man down first. Then I’d circle around for the others, eliminating every ounce of power they believed they still had.

“Make no mistake, Scarlett,” he hissed, the sound sending a wave of electricity shooting through every cell and vein. “We are going to devour you, enjoying every moment of exposing every one of your vulnerabilities, savoring every ounce of flesh. You’re going to experience anguish like you’ve never known, ecstasy that will drive you into a whole new world. Then after the week is finished, you will belong to us. Permanently.”

Chills continued to form, layer after layer until it was almost impossible to see clearly, let alone think in a rational manner. They had me right where they wanted me, acting as if their ownership was a God-given right. All the nasty thoughts about what I wanted to do faded away.

But only for now.

Soon I would regroup.

Then they would suffer.

I watched almost in horror as Alexander cleared the massive wooden coffee table. When he returned, a damn look of utter dominance on his face, he took several deep breaths as he gazed down the length of me.

“Get on the table on all fours,” he instructed.

“Not a chance. You’re going to have to make me.” While I knew my statement was ridiculous, a part of me wanted to see just how far they’d go.

I didn’t have to wait long.

Trent tossed me over his shoulder, taking long strides in the direction of the table. When he put me down, he gave me a stern look. “Do not move. If you do, your punishment will increase tenfold. Do you understand?”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” I demanded.

“One of your masters.”

A laugh erupted from my throat before I could stop it, but for some reason, I stayed right where I was. There were three of them and one of me. I didn’t like the odds. They were obviously irritated, but I couldn’t be certain they wouldn’t do something much worse than just spanking me.

Like a bad little girl.

The thought was revolting, churning in my stomach. I tried to control my breathing as the three men conversed in privacy, making certain I didn’t hear what they were talking about.

When I finally noticed Randolph unbuckling his belt, I was lightheaded, no longer able to feel my fingers or toes. This had to be a nightmare I couldn’t wake from. There was no other answer. I closed my eyes, trying to keep my resolve as well as my anger. The last thing I needed to do was show any kind of weakness.

Eventually, they would learn to be very afraid of me.

When I felt their presence, was able to gather their scents, I became woozy. They were even more gorgeous in their casual attire, but I couldn’t allow myself to think that way. They were the enemy and nothing else. Period.

But you hunger for them.

No, the thought was disgusting. I could never want anything or anyone like the three men.

Then why is your skin tingling, your heart thudding?

Fuck this. I closed my eyes, prepared to shut down the world around me in order to block out what was happening. The fools would never get the advantage. Never.

“I think our lovely prisoner deserves thirty lashes. What do you think, gentlemen?” Randolph asked. The frivolity in his tone was as repulsive as his dominating one.

“I think thirty-six would be more in line,” Alexander stated, laughing softly after doing so.

“Perfect. A dozen each. However, if she gets out of line we start again.” Trent was more controlling than I’d ever heard him. The entire situation was surreal.

“Thirty-six it is. Why don’t you start, Trent?” Randolph suggested.

Trent exhaled. “I would be happy to.”

I could swear he was taking his time on purpose, making the anticipation even more sickening. When I felt his fingers brushing down my spine, I reacted instantly, kicking out, my foot able to connect with a portion of his body.

There was silence for at least a minute. Then Trent moved closer. “I’ll chalk that up to being nervous, Scarlett, but if you act out again, we’re going to double your round of punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I hissed between clenched teeth.

The hard smack he issued with his hand hadn’t been anticipated. I yelped, immediately sucking the sound back in. I refused to show them any sign of weakness.

“Respect. Isn’t that what Randolph told you?” Trent growled, the sound sending a dozen vibrations dancing from my shoulders to my toes.

The bastard actually thought I’d use the word ‘sir.’ They weren’t just arrogant. They were absolute assholes. However, if I didn’t play the game, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell I’d get away from them. “Fine. Yes. Sir.”

“Not good enough.”

What? What the hell was he getting at? Then it dawned on me. The fuckers wanted me to call them my masters. I was sickened to the point my throat was almost closed and my jaw clenched until my teeth hurt.

Play along. Just play along.

“Yes, Master.”

“Much better. There is a good chance you can be taught your place.”

Trent had never acted this way, but I’d pegged him as a wolf in expensive sheep’s clothing. I should realize that nothing was as it seemed with them. I wrapped my fingers around the edge of the coffee table, bracing for impact. At least I didn’t have to wait long. He delivered a volley of four in rapid succession, every slap of the strap hitting me directly in the center of my buttocks.

While the pain was instant, it was tolerable, although I gritted my teeth to keep from making any sound. I was surprised the force shoved me forward, enough so if I didn’t keep a strong hold then I’d be launched off the furniture.

“Excellent. Randolph, turn on another light for me. Will you? I want to see the warm blush as it builds on her beautiful skin.” Trent exhaled, the sound like a deep rumble of a powerful engine.

“Brilliant idea,” Randolph muttered and within seconds, light flooded the room.

I winced, blinking several times, hating myself for the fact a few tears had formed. This was more humiliating than anything I’d ever been through in my life.

Trent took a few seconds to rub one side of my bottom then the other before starting again. I counted six this time, although I could be wrong. The pain had already started to build, my legs quivering. Panting, I tried to look forward, but seeing Alexander lounging on one of the leather chairs, watching me intently was almost too much to deal with. Yet I persevered, glaring at him with all the hatred I could manage. When I shifted my gaze, studying the Australian, I had a feeling he was doing nothing more than biding his time.

Alexander’s eyes were so dark and intense, yet the way he was sitting was casual; one leg crossed over the other, his elbow on the arm so he could rub the tip of his finger back and forth across his succulent lips. He knew exactly how attractive he was. He was imagining what he was going to do to me when it was his turn.

Trent took another deep breath, still caressing my skin. I realized I was wiggling, shifting my hips back and forth.

“You are truly delightful,” he whispered in his husky, throaty voice. “But so naughty.”

“Yes, she is,” Randolph mused. “But we’ll take care of that. When we’re finished, she’ll be very docile, begging us for punishment any time she disobeys us.”

Yep. The man had gone psycho.

“Last two,” Trent whispered, and gave them. There was no doubt he wanted to continue.

“Alexander. You’re up next,” Randolph directed.

“Are you two his lackeys?” I couldn’t resist asking. While I knew I would suffer the consequences, it was worth it to see the changing expression on Alexander’s face as he rose to his feet. Yes, there was some discord in the hierarchy of their relationship. At some point, I would use that to my advantage.

Alexander said nothing as he took the belt from Trent’s hand, but before he began, he widened my legs until my knees were near the edges of the table. When he moved in front of me, I jerked my head until I was able to look into his eyes.

His expression wasn’t just about possession or desire to punish me. There was something else, darker and more obsessive. Then he slapped the belt, the end hitting my bottom as well as slicing against my pussy lips.

I jerked up, unable to keep from gasping. “Bastard!”

“That’s going to cost you, little pet. I’m making the executive decision to add four more strikes. Would you care to continue?”

It was suddenly as if every bit of humanity had left him. He repeated the same action four times and every brutal strike brought tears to my eyes.

“That’s enough,” Randolph snarled. “Not until she’s ready.”

Ready? For what?

I took several deep breaths, concentrating on staring down at the table. I heard Alexander cursing under his breath, but he didn’t fight Randolph, talking two long strides until he was behind me. When he started spanking me in earnest, I noticed Trent walking toward the triple glass doors. The man was suddenly unreadable, but his body language told me many things.

He was uncomfortable with the situation.

He wasn’t happy with Randolph.

And… he wanted something else entirely.

He would be my first candidate to work my magic on. I’d break him down so fast, he wouldn’t know what hit him.

Then I’d shift to Alexander.

My thoughts regarding revenge eased the pain, even though Alexander’s strikes were harder than Trent’s had been, making certain he covered the backs of my thighs. I squirmed but managed to keep from issuing another sound.

When the dark-souled man was finished, he tossed the belt onto the floor, immediately yanking his glass into his hand and heading toward the bar.

Randolph chuckled behind me then dragged his fingers across my neck and down my spine to the crack of my ass. “Are you beginning to understand your circumstances?”

That I’m going to destroy you?

That if I could, I would stick a knife in your heart?

That all three of you are small men, and likely your cocks are minuscule?

“Yes. Master.” At least the ugly thoughts gave me a smile.

“Excellent. We’re already getting somewhere,” Randolph murmured, continuing to finger the cleft between my buttocks. When he slowly slipped the tip to my tender pussy lips, I tensed. Until the night before, I hadn’t been touched by a man in a very long time.

“You’re already wet, glistening for us. I think you enjoy being punished.”

Just the way his voice swept across my skin was mind boggling, my body’s reaction an even worse betrayal. I gritted my teeth to keep from saying anything as he pushed a single finger past my swollen folds.

Teasing me.

Reminding me of my place.

Telling me in no uncertain terms that I belonged to them.

God, I hated this. All of it.

He chuckled in his usual dark, demanding way before starting his version of discipline. Just the cracking sound of his wrist as he snapped the belt pushed a wave of heat into me, but the whooshing noise the strap made going through the air kept me on edge. I wasn’t certain I could endure any more.

“Count them off for me, little pet,” he commanded.

Was he kidding me? I wasn’t even certain how many he’d issued, my mind almost numb that from realization alone.

“Twelve more. That should help you.”

“Yes. Master.”

He snapped the belt twice, waiting until I obeyed.

“One and two, Master.” I envisioned gutting him.


Four more in rapid succession.

“Three, four, five, and six, Master.” I imagined slicing his throat with a dull blade.

Randolph took his time, doling out only one.

“Seven, Master.” I could see him writhing in pain, begging me for forgiveness.

He smacked me twice more, leaving the last three. He liked hearing me call him my master. Fucker.

“Eight and nine, Master.” I was so going to love forcing him to call me Mistress.

When he took his damn sweet time kneading my bruised and aching bottom, humming while doing so, I allowed the evil portion of my mind to imagine several hard blows to his gorgeous face.

“So beautiful and talented. So disobedient. It will be a sheer joy when we finally break you. And Scarlett? That is going to happen.”

When he delivered the last three strikes, they caused the most anguish, every nerve ending on fire. Electricity shared between the four of us was also shooting off inside like bottle rockets. I was breathless, a series of stars floating in front of my eyes. I could barely think let alone talk, but I managed to give the bastard what he wanted.

For now.

“Ten. Eleven. Twelve! Master.” Yes, the man would suffer more at my hands than he had in his worst nightmare.

And I would enjoy every minute of it.

“Now, you’re going to stand in the corner, little pet. That is until we’re ready for you. After that? We’re going to begin another lesson, one you won’t forget. Would you like to know what’s in store for you?”

Jesus. The asshole was gloating more than he had when winning a contract. “Yes. Master.”

“We’re going to fuck you long and hard until you beg us for more. And Scarlett? There will be no second chances. You belong to us, body and soul.”

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