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Ruthless Monster: A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

“I don’t understand. How? I mean…” She laughed nervously, the delicious sound filtering into every cell in my body. I adored every sound she made, the rebellious attitude that she carried like a badge of honor. She lifted her arm, floating her fingers near my neck, her stare incredulous.

“I am a wolf, Esme, a man who hunts down his prey, ensuring they know their place. You would call me a very bad man, ruthless and without a heart or soul. And you would be right. I don’t apologize for who or what I am.” I wasn’t prepared or ready to tell her the truth. “However, I am also a man who heals very quickly. Our entire family is that way.”

Wolf. He’s a freaking goddamn wolf.

I inhaled, her thoughts giving me a smile. The woman was far too intelligent for her own good. She was going down a slippery path, but it would seem the wolves had already marked her, which meant the scouts and soldiers from the Fontenot family would soon if they hadn’t already.

“Not possible,” she whispered. “That’s crazy. Read any medical textbook and it’ll tell you that skin can’t just repair itself, not with that kind of wound.” She did everything she could to scoot around me, digging her long fingers into my chest. All she managed to do was create wave after wave of friction, my balls tightening.

“There are many things in life that can’t be explained, Esme.” I lowered my head until our lips were almost touching. She struggled to keep as far away from me as possible, only succeeding in arching her back, shoving her hips against mine. I fisted her hair, wrapping the long strands around my hand, keeping her in that position. “Like the intense desire we share.”

“I don’t want you. I can’t. I just…”

“You’re lying to yourself.” I crushed my mouth over hers, immediately thrusting my tongue inside. She tasted of wine and cinnamon, a powerful combination. I drank from her mouth, taking my time to explore the delicious, dark recesses. There was nothing as sweet as the taste of her, the scent that clung to every inch of my skin. I wanted nothing more than to devour her slowly, but I couldn’t take that time. Yet I had to fulfill my needs, or I wouldn’t be able to control the building rage.

She clung to me, moaning into the moment of passion after a few seconds had passed. There was no denying our chemical attraction, as if our mating had been set in stone long before either one of us was born.

After a few seconds, I broke the kiss, rolling my lips from one side of her jaw to the other. As I pulled her head back even more, exposing her long neck, I took my time dragging my tongue down to her collarbone. Then I bit down on her skin, the carnivore in me finding it difficult to stop. Everything about her enticed my wolf, his hunger growing exponentially. His need to mate trying to take hold.

However, tonight wasn’t the right time. But soon, very soon.

Tonight was meant for enjoyment and nothing else.

Unable to stop a series of growls, I yanked the strap of her tank top down her arm with my teeth, finally exposing her voluptuous breast and perfectly formed areole, the hue the color of a gorgeous rose.

“This is wrong,” she muttered as she slid her fingers down my arms. Her eyes were closed, her skin shimmering.

I could feast on her for hours except my hunger was too great. Easing back, I lowered my head, engulfing her nipple. As I sucked, she undulated her hips, keeping the friction at a heightened level. I laved her hardened bud, my rush of adrenaline increasing yet I wanted nothing more than to take my time savoring every moment.

“Just go,” she whispered, her breath remaining ragged.

“You know I can’t do that.” I ripped down the other slender strap, now revealing both breasts. My mouth watered at the thought of sucking one nipple then the other, my cock throbbing even more.

She shifted her hands to the counter, holding the edge as she struggled to get out of my hold. “You don’t own me.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” While I took a few seconds to suck and nip, my needs outweighed my longing to remain passionate. I wrapped my fingers around her thin shirt, ripping it over her head.

Her glare was glassy-eyed and seconds later, she was unable to hold back her needs, jerking on my shirt, her mouth twitching as she attempted to yank it over my head.

I took a step away, finishing the deed for her and within seconds, we were both fully undressed. There was nothing quite like the sight of her beautiful naked body, the ugly lighting of the bathroom somehow managing to illuminate her magnificent porcelain skin.

A smug smile crossed her face as she snapped her hands against me, able to launch her body several inches away.

“Not so fast,” I snarled, grabbing her arm and yanking her back, shaking my head in admonishment of her ridiculous attempt at escape.

In turn, she raked her nails down my chest, able to draw a single string of blood. “Fuck you!”

“That’s exactly what you’re going to do.” When she continued fighting me, able to issue several brutal punches into my abdomen, I finally lost what little patience I’d had around her, pushing her hand against the wall. While there was nothing I enjoyed more than her rebellious streak, my needs were far too great to suffer the countless minutes of her attempting to get control even though she already knew that would never happen.

Esme hissed as I lifted and opened her legs, pinning her against the bathroom mirror. The look of horror quickly turned into something else entirely as I lowered my head and wrapped my arms around her thighs.

“You’re just…” she breathed. “No. No!” She threw one arm over her head as I yanked her bottom to the edge of the counter.

As I issued several hot breaths, moving from one thigh to the other, she whimpered, slapping her hand against the glass.

Then when I pressed my lips against the softness of her clit, her entire body began to quiver. I was instantly intoxicated by her sweet scent, my mind becoming a feeding frenzy as I swirled the tip of my tongue around her already swollen bud. The taste was a pure aphrodisiac, driving my desire to an entirely new level. Every growl sounded feral, every swipe of my tongue as if I hadn’t feasted in years.

I never took my eyes off her as her body writhed, able to learn very quickly what my mate preferred. There was nothing I enjoyed more than savoring a woman’s sweet pussy, lingering over every inch, bringing her to sweet ecstasy. But this time and on this night, the moment was even more delicious.

“Oh. Oh… Yes, I…” She laughed, her eyes now only half open, her pupils starting to dilate.

I continued licking, moving up and down the length of her pussy, merely darting my tongue into her tight channel. She bucked against me, every inch of her skin shimmering as the hunger continued to build. I dug my fingers into her soft skin, pushing her knees against the counter.

When she threw her other arm against the glass, the rattle drew my attention. Her beautiful face was pinched, her mouth twisting as ecstasy began to roll into her system. I continued my feast, sucking on her tender clit until I knew it was extra sensitive. I nipped and suck then thrust my tongue deep inside her tight little pussy, finally burying my head into her swollen folds.

“Oh. God. I. I. I. I…” She tossed her head back and forth, panting and moaning as I brought her close to an orgasm then pulled back, shifting to suck on her clit for several seconds then dragging my tongue to her slickened pussy.

“Delicious,” I muttered, the husky sound floating into the air, the electricity crackling to the point my body was completely on edge, my muscles tightening. I stretched her as wide open as possible, licking furiously, lapping up every drop of her sweet cream. Within seconds, I knew I’d pushed her to the point of no return. As she jerked up, arching her back, her scattered scream became the sweetest music I’d ever heard.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!”

I kept my tight hold, refusing to let her go. I wanted her worn out and begging for more. As I drove her into a beautiful wave, her body convulsing, my beast clawed closer to the surface. He was still famished, wanting to take everything from her magnificent body he could. And tonight, I was going to allow him to do so. I shoved several fingers inside and rolled my thumb against her asshole. When I shoved it into her dark hole, her entire body stiffened.

Gasping, her eyes clenched closed, her muscles clamped around my fingers, pulling them in even deeper. I flexed them open, thrusting into her with wild abandon.

After one last intense moan, she fell back against the mirror, her body still trembling and her lovely face covered in a light sheen.

I nipped the inside of one thigh then the other, finally removing my fingers. As I rose to my feet, I leaned over, rolling the tips back and forth across her lips. I didn’t need to command Esme to open her mouth; she did so quickly, purring as she finally opened her eyes. They were glassy, completely dilated and I knew I’d driven her straight into a state of bliss.

“You taste divine, my lovely Esme.” After pumping my fingers in and out several times, I lifted her legs off the counter, pressing the tip of my shaft against her slickened folds. I toyed with her for a few seconds, sliding my cockhead up and down until I couldn’t take it any longer. The moment I shoved my cock inside, my entire body shook from the force of our togetherness, a connection that could never be broken.

There was no denying who she was or her importance. I knew it.

She knew it.

As she stared at me, every thought she had filtered into my mind.

What the hell is he doing to me?

Why can’t I push him away?

He’s a dangerous man.

She had no idea how correct she was. Even though she was a sweet flower, the woman wasn’t an innocent creature. She had her scars and secrets like I had mine. She’d endured pain and heartache, enough it had changed her forever.

But I still couldn’t grab onto whatever she was hiding from me. That burned deep within, the need to finalize the mating would come soon.

Esme wrapped her long legs around my waist, pressing her knees against me. A sly smile had crossed her face, as if the woman was planning something, an attempt to get away from me. She would soon learn that would never happen.

As I plunged deep inside, lifting her legs even higher, she jerked up to a sitting position, pressing one hand against my chest, the other planted on the counter. Her touch sent another wave of fire into every muscle, pushing me into a manic state. The way her pussy muscles clamped around my cock was yanking at my control, just as she’d done before. I wanted this to last, but it was becoming impossible.

“Mine,” I growled, my heart thudding against my chest.

“You will never own me,” she countered, hissing after saying the words.

I lowered my head, issuing several guttural, animalistic sounds. “I already do.” With savage abandon, I powered into her, the force enough to shove her against the glass. The same look of almost desperate desire remained on her face even as she dug her fingernails into my chest. I was in heaven, hungering for more than just her body. I wanted to know everything about her.

That would come with time.

After several additional thrusts, I pulled away, clasping both sides of her face with my hands. She slammed both of hers against my chest, laughing in a devilish way, wiggling in a vain attempt to get away from my hold.

That wasn’t going to happen.

I jerked her off the counter, swinging her around and forcing my beautiful, provocative, yet caustic mate to stare into the mirror. As I fisted her hair at the scalp, she pitched her body against mine, still doing her best to break free. With one hard jerk of my hand, she stopped moving altogether, yet her look of hatred as well as hunger remained brimming on her face.

The moment I nuzzled against her neck, she bristled, but only a few seconds later the tension she’d coveted seemed to dissipate. She couldn’t fight her burning desire any more than I could fight mine.

I slipped my hand between her legs, fingering her swollen, dripping pussy, shoving my fingers inside several times until they were slickened from her honey-coated juice. Then I rolled them to her dark hole, circling it several times before plunging my fingers in deep.

“Fuck!” she snarled, once again doing everything she could to break free.

“What do you see, Esme? Look into the mirror.”

Her laugh was laced with a bitter tone, her continued reluctance to let herself go remaining a driving force. But she finally obeyed my command, staring into the mirror as her rapid breathing increased. There was so much emotion in her eyes, her confusion keeping her entire system on edge.

“I already told you. I see a monster who thrives on seducing women and killing men. Bastard.”


I’d enjoyed several in my life, appreciating those who had no issue succumbing to my dark, sadistic needs, but they’d been fleeting moments in time. Arm candy and nothing else. Even though I’d sworn I’d never become involved in any kind of typical relationship, here we were. If she was any other female, I’d use then toss her aside. Even if that was possible, I knew I could never get enough of her.

“How fascinating what you think of me.” I positioned my cockhead against her tight hole, wasting no time before pushing the tip inside.

She tensed, taking several shallow breaths, her expression of hatred increasing. Then she pushed back against me, the action one of compliance, although I knew better. I jutted my hips forward, driving past her tight ring of muscle, ignoring her cries until I was fully seated inside. Goddamn, the woman’s asshole was tight, so hot that I was forced to take several deep breaths. I couldn’t seem to stop shaking as I yanked my cock almost all the way out, keeping just the tip inside as I planted one of her hands against the mirrored surface then the other.

As I dug my fingers into her hips, relishing the way her soft skin felt against the rough pads of my fingertips, she issued a curse of her own.

“You will never be safe from my revenge, Sebastian. One day, you won’t have the upper hand. Then you will suffer the kinds of consequences that you could never anticipate.”

How thrilling. How amusing.

How seductive.

I plunged into her once again, repeating the move several times. Within seconds, I’d developed a rhythm, relentless in my actions, driving her against the counter over and over again. I was barely a human after a few minutes, my only desire to fulfill my needs.

To keep my wolf at bay.

To resist the rage that could turn into storm of retaliation that I couldn’t control.

And she met every hard thrust with one of her own, driving her ass against my hips, a look of utter joy remaining on her face.

Harder and faster I plunged, my cock throbbing the same as my heartbeat. I was no longer a man, merely a beast taking what he wanted. Only when there was no chance that I could control my needs did I finally release, filling her tight little ass with my seed.

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