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Ruthlessly His: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley – Extended Preview

Several men were playing billiards when we burst into the room.

Luc took one look at them and ordered, “Out.”

Without any objection, the men dropped their pool cues and left.

Luc slammed the double doors shut after the last man… and locked them.

The cold, damning sound of the bolt sliding into place sent a chill up my spine.

I knew better than to call out for help. Not only would that cause an unforgiveable scene, but it would also be for nothing. They would take one look at Luc and not risk his wrath, or more accurately financial ruin, by helping me.

Crossing my arms over my middle, I tapped my foot. “Well, you wanted to talk. So talk.”

He shrugged out of his tuxedo jacket and tossed it over the nearest oxblood leather chair. Raising his arm, he unhooked his cuff link and rolled up first one sleeve then the other. “I misspoke. Talking wasn’t what I had in mind.”

I frowned as I backed up, placing the billiards table between us. I answered in a frigid tone. “You forget yourself, sir.”

“On the contrary, I’m reminding you precisely who I am in this relationship,” he ground out as he stalked around the table toward me.

I scurried to the other side of the table. Forgetting my earlier conviction, I threatened him. “I’ll scream.”

He continued to relentlessly pursue me. “I don’t mind an audience for what I’m about to do…but you might.”

I blanched, tripping over my skirt in my momentary distraction.

Taking advantage, he lunged.

Before I could object, he snatched me around the waist and bent me over the billiards table. A rush of chilled air raised goosebumps on the exposed flesh of my thighs as he flipped the voluminous skirt of my dress over my hips to expose my silk panties.

“How dare you!” My words hissed from between my clenched teeth as I flattened my palms against the green felt and tried to force up my torso.

He placed a firm hand between my shoulder blades to keep me in place. “You are about to learn I will dare a great deal when it comes to you.”

The retort died on my lips as he landed a sharp, stinging slap on my right ass cheek.

I cried out, more from shock than pain. “Are you mad? Unhand me!”

Luc responded by peppering my ass several more times, building in intensity with each connection of his palm against my silk-clad bottom.

I curled my hands into fists, pounding them on the billiards table. “Stop! It hurts!”

“It’s supposed to hurt,” he taunted. “It’s a punishment.”

I glared at him over my shoulder. “I’m not some little girl to be spanked over your knee!”

Fisting my hair, he leaned over me, his lips mere inches from mine. His gaze moved from my lips to my eyes.

My breath seized. Was he going to kiss me again? Did I want him to?

My toes curled inside my high heels as I clenched my inner thighs.

Everything about this was dark and twisted. It was as if the very air crackled with barely suppressed sexual violence, like the moment right before receiving a shock from an exposed wire. There was the spark. You knew the pain was coming. You could feel the rush of adrenaline as your body prepared for it. You knew there would be this sick rush of euphoria afterward, as if you just cheated death.

Then for some strange reason you couldn’t explain, you found yourself stretching your fingertip out again…to touch the wire…one more time.

I should be enraged. I should be screaming for the authorities, and yet there was something arousing about having him looming over me, his body weight pinning me down, his punishing hand on my skin. How the pain made my body come alive in ways I hadn’t felt before, my dull existence having tamped down all other forms of emotion.

Finally, he warned, “If you don’t want to be punished like a misbehaving little girl, then next time don’t behave like one.”

I narrowed my eyes. “I hate you.”

The corner of his mouth lifted. “Fortunately, love is not a prerequisite for a society marriage… or fucking.”

My cheeks flushed scarlet at the crude word. It wasn’t that I was so sheltered I’d never heard the word, I just wasn’t used to it being uttered in my presence.

Rising to his full height, he spanked me several more times.

Heat spread through my body, a mixture of arousal and anger, the two emotions mingling in a way that left me confused and helpless.

“Do you like that?” His voice was low and husky as he continued to punish my ass.

I gritted my teeth, trying to fight back the moan that threatened to escape my lips. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he was turning me on, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel my pussy growing wetter with each sharp smack.

“Answer me,” he growled, punctuating his words with another hard slap to my ass.

I refused.

His chuckle sent shivers down my spine. “Still want to be stubborn? Good,” he said. “Because we’re just getting started.” And with that, he pulled me up onto my feet and pinned me against the wall, his hard cock pressing against my thigh as he wrapped his fingers around my neck.

He squeezed my throat, and my body wanted to flee, fight, rage, and run as far away from this man as possible, all at once.

I gasped for breath, my eyes widening in both fear and desire.

His grip tightened further, his eyes piercing into mine. “I’m warning you once and only once. Test me, and there will be consequences.”

He trailed his free hand down my body, and it came to rest on my hip.

I tried to shake my head, to deny that this twisted mixture of fear and arousal was anything but repulsive, but my body betrayed me. The heat between my legs grew more intense, and my back arched involuntarily.

His lips curled into a sinister smile, and he leaned in closer to me, his breath hot against my ear. “You’re mine.” His voice was possessive and commanding. “And I’m not letting you go.”

He chuckled darkly and released my throat but did not move away from my body. Instead, he slid his hand down my curves, tracing the lines of my body with his fingers as if memorizing every inch.

My mind screamed at me to fight back, to push him away, but my body was already giving in.

I was the harlot my mother had always accused me of being.

He slipped his hand under the fabric of my bodice and cupped my breast, rubbing his fingers over my hardening nipple.

I bit my lower lip until I tasted blood, trying to suppress my reaction to his touch.

Without showing any mercy, he stroked my sensitive flesh, teasing and tormenting me. He bit my earlobe, hard, sending a stab of pain through my body that made me gasp.

When I finally worked up the courage to speak, my voice was shaking and soft. “Why?” My eyes watered as my body ached for his touch.

He pulled back, examining my face. “Because I can. Because like all beautiful things, you can be bought. Possessed.”

I moaned as his hand slid down between my legs, where he cupped my dripping wet pussy through my thin panties.

“Owned,” he finished viciously as he rubbed my clit through my panties, making me shudder and gasp with pleasure.

I tried to pull away from him, but the moment I did, he pressed his hand against my breasts, pinching my nipples as I whimpered with desire.

“Never pull away from me.” He pinched my nipple harder.

This was just another punishment from a man who clearly would never hesitate to correct me.

“Spread your legs.” His order was given as he lowered my panties.

I did as he commanded, and his hand came to rest between my thighs. I gasped as two of his fingers pressed down on my clit.

My head fell back as he swirled his fingers against my sensitive flesh, his touch far more experienced than I would ever have imagined. I moaned, bucking my hips against him as he continued to play with me, his fingers moving with the expertise of a classical cellist.

“That’s it, my sweet bride,” he purred softly, pushing a single finger into me. “Come for me. Now.”

I gasped and clawed at his upper arms. Whether I was still trying to push him away or pull him closer, I no longer knew.

He bit my neck, tracing the line of my throat teasingly with his tongue as he moved his finger inside me, his thumb finding my clit and brushing across it before coming to rest against my entrance.

I groaned, pressing my hips into him, wanting, but he pulled his hand away from me, leaving me aching for more.

This was wrong.


Luc was a powerful man. He got whatever he wanted. Whatever he demanded would be his. But I had no idea just how much until now. He had the ability to control everything… even me.

He began to play with me again, his fingers dipping into my wet folds, spreading my arousal over my slit. He groaned as I fisted the expensive material of his shirt.

I hissed as he ruthlessly thrust his fingers into me.

My body writhed in pleasure, my hips thrusting into him, begging him to give me what I wanted, what my body needed.

He finally moved his fingers faster, and my begging turned into loud cries.

I was already shaking, quivering with need, my thighs soaked with my own arousal, when he brought his fingers—coated in my arousal—up and painted my lips with my come. His eyes locked with mine, filling my vision until my eyelids fluttered at the touch of his lips to mine in a kiss.

Pulling away just enough so he could lock eyes with me again, he said, “You are my property. My pawn in whatever game I choose to play. Don’t ever forget that.”

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