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Ruthlessly Mine: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

His feral grunt said everything without the need for words. All the pent-up desires, the electricity we shared from the second we met had erupted. There was no holding back. There was no way to deny what had to be.

As he captured my lips, forcing his tongue inside, I tingled to the very core of my being. I could no longer feel my legs or understand anything but what we shared between us.

What he required of me.

He was a devious man, no good for me but everything that I needed. The way he’d spanked me, fucked me meant he could see past my mask. My breasts were crushed against his chest, allowing me to sense his wild heartbeat, the thump, thump that sent scattered echoes into my ears. And the taste of him was like nothing I’d had before, rugged and masculine. Our tongues entwined, our teeth gnashing together, and I threw one arm around his shoulder, my fingers clutching his hair. This made no sense, the way I was attracted to him, but since the moment I’d laid eyes on him, I had difficulty thinking about anything else.

The intimate engagement became a passionate roar, our bodies clinging together, a heatwave of desire. My heart fluttered and every cell and muscle in my body was on fire. I tore at his shirt, yanking the material from his waist and running my hand underneath. His body heat sizzled the pads of my fingers and the way his rippled muscles felt was the most powerful aphrodisiac I’d experienced. How could any man be this built?

A savage growl burst past his lips when he broke the kiss, his chest heaving from heavy breathing. He moved his open mouth across my cheek, licking along the base of my ear. When he whispered, my entire body seemed to float. “You’re mine. All mine.”

The words were exactly what I needed to hear.

He dragged his tongue down the side of my neck, moving to the valley between my breasts. Just his hot breath alone drove me crazy with longing. He kissed and licked the area, taking his time. My pussy quivered. I was so wet and so hot, wanting nothing more than to have his thick cock sliding in and out of me with savage abandon. I reached for him, cupping and caressing his crotch. With every ragged breath, every slight growl, I was flying free, no longer able to feel my legs.

Breaking the connection, he swept me into his arms. The way he held me was so possessive, a man who wouldn’t stop until he’d taken everything he deemed he owned. Taking long strides toward the door, he kicked it shut behind him and I fumbled to slide the lock into place. I clung to him as he walked straight to my bedroom, only the warm glow of a small lamp on my nightstand highlighting the space. I heard the slight ping as the knife was placed in close proximity. Then the kisses became more gentle, breathless caresses of our lips moving against each other. I could taste the vodka. I could taste the whiskey. I could also taste his unfettered desire.

After easing me to my feet, he tore off his shirt, yanking it over his head and tossing the material. He cupped both sides of my face, staring into my eyes then slowly moving his hands to my shoulders, peeling away the material until my robe dropped to the floor. The silky teddy was crimson in color, the indulgence one of few I had. I’d taken a chance, risking perhaps my own sanity in selecting something so risqué to wear, but I didn’t care about the fact he was nothing more than a treacherous nomad. I refused to think about the fact I’d never laid eyes on him before yesterday. And I pushed aside any concept of a relationship.

In truth, I might never see him again.

“Stay still,” he whispered, and I knew his command was not to be denied.

I could only nod, fearful my voice would squawk out an answer.

Blade issued a series of primal noises as he used his index fingers, sliding the spaghetti straps from my shoulder blades. Using just the tips, he traced zigzags and lines as he wound the material around his fingers, tugging as he lowered them down my arms, exposing my breasts. Taking his time, he caressed the skin on my forearms, a slight curl forming on his lips. I could easily tell he was salivating as he homed in on my already erect nipples, dragging his tongue across the seam of his mouth in appreciation.

Quivering, I had every right to be embarrassed, to try to hide myself as I usually did. But with this man, whose hunger seemed to have no bounds, I felt vindicated as a woman. My breath came in scattered pants and I realized my body was swaying. Even my vision was cloudy, as if I’d fallen into a fantasy.

Perhaps that’s all this could be, a glorious night of extreme passion that I would remember for a lifetime, the wicked incident before a mere taste.

Blade leaned down, breathing across the side of my neck, taking several deep whiffs. “Tell me what you crave.” He darted his tongue around the pulse in my neck before grazing the tips of his teeth back and forth.


“A man to dominate you?” The thin straps fell past my hands and with the slightest tug, the teddy fell completely to the floor.

“Oh, yes.”

“Pleasure and pain?” He licked down from my shoulder blade to my upper chest. The raspy feeling of his tongue created a wave of wetness between my legs. Brushing the backs of his fingers across my breast, he issued the slightest growl before rolling his index finger around my nipple.

Everything about this man was intoxicating as his scent crawled all over me, filling my nostrils with a thick musky aroma: a deep green forest, a pocket full of spices. The kind of fragrance that was all male. “Very much so.” I closed my eyes, envisioning a walk in the woods, being shackled to the base of a mighty oak tree, chains wrapped around my wrists. I could almost hear the sound of a leather strap whooshing through the afternoon air just seconds before slicing against my tender ass.

And the delicious anguish rushing through every snippet of my system.

I was shaking with need, my pussy clenching, and I wanted nothing more than to beg him to shove his face into my snatch, licking and sucking until he was able to get his fill.

Blade seemed to sense my growing desperation, pinching then twisting my nipple until my hand absently palmed his chest, my fingers digging in. The pain was exquisite, driving me onto my toes.

“Oh!” I blinked several times, now starving for even more of his attention.

“Then you’ll have everything,” he said with utter dominance, the deep baritone of his voice floating between us, echoing even in the dense space.

I hadn’t realized he’d moved behind me until the very second he fisted my hair, twisting the long strands around his hand and yanking. My mouth was open, the series of breathless purrs so natural.

He tapped my ass before cupping and kneading my buttocks, rubbing in a ferocious manner. “And all little girls deserve a hard whipping.”

“Yes. Oh, God, yes.” He kept his hand wrapped around my hair as he walked me toward the dresser, grinding his groin back and forth across my bottom. I clawed the edge of the furniture and even in the dim lighting, the reflection was telling. We were nothing more than animals in heat, male conquering female.

“What do you see?” he asked, jutting his hips in a forceful fashion.

I slowly opened my eyes, staring at the almost unknown woman gazing back at me. “Unbridled lust.”

His eyes glistened, his grunts turning into husky growls. Easing away, he kicked apart my feet then slid his finger all the way down the crack of my ass, flicking the tip around my pussy lips. “Are you a bad girl, Crystal?”


“Then you need a hard spanking.”

I was prepared for anything with the man and would give all that he required. I’d spent half my life hiding from the inner girl, the very one who’d been pushed around, treated like nothing more than an object. This was entirely different. It was so protective even if he demanded everything I had to give.

His hand smacked across my bottom, the sharp crack forcing a whimper from my throat. The second pushed me hard against the dense wood. Blade’s eyes never left mine as he continued his methodical actions, slapping one ass cheek then the other. Over and over again. Each one was harder than the one before, the sound spinning in my mind, opening Pandora’s padlocked box.

Panting, I whimpered several times yet pushed back, ready to receive even more. His eyes seemed to be reaching deep inside my very soul and the connection was unwavering and intense. I could tell he was shaking, as if his adrenaline was crushing down. The pain was exhilarating, quickly sliding into that moment of orgasmic euphoria. When tears formed in my eyes, I allowed them to fall past my lashes, staining my cheeks. I was finally letting go.

His shoulders heaving, he stopped the round of discipline, caressing my skin in the most loving manner. And when he seemed to disappear into the shadows, I gasped, unable to focus in any manner yet trying desperately to find him.

The slight rustle of clothes, the deep and heavy exhales brought another round of delicious anticipation. Then seconds later, he stood behind me in all his beautiful glory. Every part of me was trembling as I was allowed to gaze on a creature of such masculinity. His shoulders were wide with chiseled collarbones, his upper arms muscular as if carved out of a fine piece of stone. Vibrant ink trailed down from the base of his neck, two dragons meeting in the center of his chest. The tattoos were enigmatic, much like the man himself. His cock was a thing of beauty. Long and thick, his shaft stood at full attention and his swollen balls hung low.

There was no air of conceit about him, no arrogance, yet he held the kind of confidence that only a dominant had the ability to carry. I could tell he had no idea just how damn good-looking he was. In his hand was the thick leather belt he’d been wearing. Drawn to the implement, I watched in sheer awe as he fingered the well-worn material, his fingers rubbing up and down. Swallowing, I gave him a respectful nod. A cold chill trickled along the back of my neck, sliding down my spine then snaking around my trembling legs.

He was going to take me. Use me.

Claim me.

And I wanted nothing more than to submit.

He uttered no additional words as he rolled the tip of the strap along my spine, his breathing ragged. Allowing the belt to drape down the back of my legs, a smile crossed his face as he inched the tip to the inside of my thigh. Using sharp, quick motions, he smacked one then the other side.

“Oh…” Arching my back, I struggled to keep the grip on the dresser as he repeated the action, the snap of his wrist creating butterflies deep in the pit of my stomach.

Blade licked the tip of my earlobe before trickling his hot breath in circular motions, moving from shoulder to shoulder. He couldn’t understand how sensitive he’d made my skin, every inch covered in goosebumps from his touch alone.

“I could eat you raw,” he whispered, his tone husky as if coming from a famished man.

“Yes… I mean…” A nervous laugh popped from my mouth. As he slid the belt around my neck, holding the two sides together until the strap cut into my air supply, I didn’t flinch. There was no fear, only an innate trust that I’d placed in his hands. The reason why I didn’t need to learn. At least not at this moment.

Releasing the hold, he folded the belt and issued a hard crack across my bottom. The sting was incredible, driving me onto my toes. He kept his hand on the small of my back as he gave me a series of hard smacks, each one perfectly aimed.

I took a series of deep breaths, waiting for more, anticipating they would be brutal in their controlled nature.

And they were.

His arms were shaking, powered from the rush of the punishment, the veins in his neck standing out. I could see beads of sweat rolling down from his forehead, dripping ever so slowly onto his cheekbones. How I wanted to lick them off, savor the salty flavor.

My ass cheeks were on fire, the harsh discipline exactly what I needed. I would wear his marks proudly, if only for a few days, the moment joyously private. I lurched forward from the next volley then moaned when he dropped the belt, brushing both hands through his hair. His expression was one of exasperation and the second a slight sneer crossed his face, I braced for everything that would come next.

Yanking me against him, his massive hands covered my breasts as he held me tightly, grinding his groin against my bruised ass. Flexing his fingers open, he rubbed his palms down my stomach to the ‘V’ of my thighs, caressing in a possessive manner. In the next few seconds, he turned and lifted my body, thrusting my ass on top of the dresser and pushing out my legs. My hairbrush and boxes of pantyhose, makeup, and bottles of perfume were shoved off, their clutter unwanted.

Gasping, I flung out my arms, tossing the remaining few items as the clanking and crashing sounds rushed into my ears.

Blade tipped his head back and roared a split second before pressing his entire face into my pussy.

“Fuck! Fuck…” The actions were so ferocious, leaving me breathless and in a daze. I panted, and half laughed as he plunged his tongue all the way inside my pussy, lapping my sweet cream. The pleasure was immediate, curling my toes. One arm started to flail, slapping at the mirror while the other clutched his shoulder, trying desperately to remain in place. “Yes. I…” There were no words to describe the dazzling sensations as he pushed me wide open, exposing every inch.

His actions remained barbaric as he plunged two then three fingers inside, driving in a crazed fashion. He swirled his tongue around my clit, alternating sucking and nipping, taking my tender flesh inside his hot and wet mouth.

I tossed my head back and forth, groaning as the back of the mirror thumped hard against the wall as if threatening to topple down on us. I didn’t care. Nothing mattered but his mouth, tongue, and fingers, even his teeth. I wanted this to last forever, driving me into sweet bliss.

Slowing down, he dragged his raspy tongue from the base of my pussy to my clit, lapping as a cat would do when drinking the richest milk. I couldn’t get the image out of my mind as he growled like a wild animal, his eyes shimmering, almost inhuman in appearance.

My body bucking, I had difficulty catching my breath as well as trying to hold back what I knew would be an intense orgasm. “Blade… I’m going to…”

“Wait…” The single word was elongated, the rough and tumble tone full of control.

“Yes, sir. Yes…” The word came easily, as if he’d owned me for years. I concentrated on watching his face as he feasted like a king, taking his time and savoring every drop. When I wiggled he reared back his head, taking his index and middle finger and slapping my pussy. Once. Twice. Three times.

“Aaahhh!” I jerked up, smacking my hands on the hard wooden surface, panting like a wild dog in heat. Agony and euphoria mixed together, ripping into every cell, the dichotomy mind blowing. I was weak, unable to think clearly and unable to stop begging like a bad little girl. “Please let me come. Please.”

A single growl was followed by fingers sliding into my asshole, pushing past the tight ring of muscle. Claiming. He was claiming every hole as belonging to him. Lolling my head, I was lost in the jagged electricity pumping throughout my body.

He smacked my pussy again. And again. Then the blissful sensation of his wet and soothing mouth followed, but not before he gave a command.


There was no holding back, no hesitating in any manner. I exploded into his mouth, the orgasm shredding every last ounce of humanity. “Yes!” The single climax turned into a wild riding wave. As beads of perspiration trickled in and stung my eyes, I rested my head against the mirror, staring up at the ceiling and trying to relearn how to breathe.

When my body stopped shaking, Blade stood, reclaiming his full height. His hands still wrapped around my legs, he yanked me forward until my ass was lifted off the dresser. “Now, you belong to me.”

The second I slapped my arms around his shoulders, he used the power of his upper legs, tugging me into the air. Thrusting the entire length of his cock inside, he lowered his head to mine, breathing across my face.

He claimed my mouth, shoving his tongue deep until the tip hit the back of my throat. Stars floated in front of my eyes as the kiss became a passionate roar as he pumped me up and down on his shaft. I was nothing more than a ragdoll, so light in his arms. His cock filled me completely, so tight that my muscles strained to accept every inch of him.

Taking long strides, he forced my back against the wall, using it as an anchor as he drove harder and faster. He jerked my arms over my head, holding both wrists in one hand as the hard fucking continued.

With every frenetic plunge, every savage slam of my body against the wall, I squeezed my pussy muscles. I was driving him to the point of madness.

Breaking the kiss, he licked around the seam of my mouth, holding his body against mine, all motion stopped. “Do you like, little girl?”

“Yes. Yes!”

A dark chuckle slipped past his lips as he held the stance, merely shifting his hips back and forth. He let go of my arms, sliding me further up the wall until he was able to suck and nip on first one then the other nipple.

I rubbed my hands along the back of his neck, my fingers just able to reach past his shoulder. I could feel another scar, this one cruder in formation, the edges jagged, and the center caved in. A wound? None that I could imagine. Then what?

Blade shifted his shoulder, forcing my hand away. Whatever he’d endured was just as private as the horrors from my past. Two damaged souls. The thought would never leave my mind. He bit down on my hardened bud, regaining my full attention. I knew he was holding back, waiting to come, but the wait wouldn’t be for long.

Every motion over-exaggerated, he carried me to the bed, tossing me down in the center. I tumbled and turned, but there was no getting away. Planting me on all fours, he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down the crack of my ass then shoved his cockhead inside. A series of guttural sounds rose from the depths of his throat as he pushed his fingers into my hips.

The pain was blinding, breathtaking and I jutted my entire body backward just as he thrust his hips forward, impaling me with every inch. “Oh!”

Both our bodies shaking, he kneaded my skin before moving in an orchestrated motion, driving in and out, taking his time.

I met every hard thrust, arching my back as I clawed the bedding. A wild fire enveloped my system as this man, this amazing and very dominating man ravaged me, taking what belonged to him. Skin slapping against skin and primal moans floated up toward the ceiling. This was pure magic.

“Fuck…” he rumbled.

As a string of sweat from his face trickled down my back, I squeezed my ass muscles, smiling when he roared.


He hovered over me, his body swaying and covering me completely. I closed my eyes, taking deep breaths. Everything about this experience had been cathartic, pulling me into an amazing bliss.

Easing us both onto the bed, he wrapped his arms around me, tugging the hair from my face and nuzzling against my neck.

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