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Sacred Vow: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone – Extended Preview


He opens his car door and climbs out. The driver stays in his place, keeping his eyes forward, not so much as a glance into the rearview mirror.

Andrei jerks my door open and puts his hand out for me.

I ignore it.

“I want to go home.”

His demeanor stiffens.

“Isolde, get out of the car.”

“No. I want to go home.” I reach for the car door to shut it. A rookie mistake.

He grabs my wrist and pulls me from the car, only pausing long enough for me to find my footing when I stumble. I jerk backwards, trying to free myself from his vise grip.

“I’m done fighting you.” With the agility of a supervillain, he spins around, lifts me from the ground, and throws me over his shoulder.

I scream, but it’s useless. We’re in his garage. No one in the building or the other parts of the garage can hear me. And even if they could, would anyone come running to question what Andrei Petrov is doing?

“Keep yelling. You’ll wear yourself out faster that way.” He jostles me on his shoulder until he gets the right hold, and then takes us to the elevators.

I wiggle, but he’s holding my legs too tight. If I throw myself forward, I might unbalance him, but I’d probably knock myself out when my head hit the concrete floor.


He steps into the elevator with me slung over his damn shoulder like a bag of oats.

A sharp smack to my ass jolts me.

“Did you just slap me?” I yell, throwing my fists into Andrei’s back. The mammoth of a man doesn’t react, he just holds me steady as the elevator begins its ascent.

A moment later, the doors slide open and the beige tiling of the elevator floor is replaced by the white marble flooring of Andrei’s foyer. I hear footsteps, mumbled greetings, but when I try to lift myself up to see who’s around, there’s no one there.

“Andrei, put me down. We’re inside now. Just put me down.” I smack at him again.

“Not yet.” He’s taking me upstairs.

I try to grab hold of the railing, of the wall, of anything that will slow him down.

Nothing works.

He just keeps climbing in silence.

I’m exhausting myself, trying to get out of his grip, and it’s all for nothing because after only a few more steps, we’re in a room. He kicks the door shut behind us.

“I’m going to put you down now, but only if you promise you won’t run.”

I roll my eyes. “I won’t.”

His shoulders drop with his sigh. “You’re infuriating.”

“And you’re worse.” It’s hard to think of a good comeback upside down.

As soon as my feet touch the floor, I lunge forward. Unfortunately, hanging over someone’s shoulder makes you a little lightheaded once you’re on your feet again, so I stumble right into his waiting arms.

His hands grab hold of my upper arms.

“Such a little liar,” he chastises, but he doesn’t sound disappointed. “Luckily, I know exactly how to deal with little liars.”


“I want you to remember something, Isolde.” He pulls me to the bedpost at the bottom of the king-sized bed center of the room. He drags my hands up over my head and pushes them against the harsh wood.

“I already remember you’re an asshole,” I mutter as he holds me in place with one hand and undoes his tie with the other.

“I want you to remember that you chose this. You went with door number two,” he continues as though I said nothing. He brings his tie to my wrists and pulls them off the post only long enough to wrap the tie around them several times and work a knot in between them. When he’s secured them, he pushes me against the post again and brings the last bit of the tie around the post and works it into the knot.

I tug.

No give. The knots get tighter with my struggle.

“Get this off me!” I demand with a stomp of my foot.

He takes a step back with a heavy breath.

“Not until we’re done.” His hands wrap around my hips, holding me steady as he presses his body against me.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” I yell at the top of my lungs. “You are not my keeper!”

He brushes my hair over my shoulder, nuzzling into my neck. The scent of his aftershave, a heavy spice mixed with leather, covers me as he kisses just behind my ear.

“We’ll see about that, won’t we?” He moves his hands around my waist to the button of my black slacks. Easily he undoes them and tugs them over my ass and down to my feet. I press my forehead to the post and suck in a long breath.

The cool air brushes across my bare ass. I didn’t get to do my laundry. I have no panties.

“I should have been harder on you yesterday.” The tips of his fingers drag over my ass cheeks, where his spanks landed. The effects wore off shortly after, but something tells me he’s not going to allow that to happen a second time.

“Andrei.” I swallow, trying to wet my dry throat. My hands are bound, my ass is bare—I won’t even pretend my nerves aren’t starting to get the best of me. “Don’t.”

“Don’t?” He chuckles, gathering my hair into his fist before pulling my head back so he can see into my eyes. “I told you not to leave your apartment, but you did. So why should I listen to you?”

I wince as his fingers tighten.

“I had to. Don’t you understand that I needed to?”

He releases my hair and moves to stand beside me. I turn my head to look at him, to gauge his expression as best I can.

“I understand you think you had to.” He nods. His phone goes off and he picks it up, pressing it to his ear while staring at me.

Of all the times to take a phone call!

“Yes. I have her.” He trails a finger down up my arm while he has his cryptic conversation. “No, I’ll handle it. Thanks, Viktor.”

“Andrei, you’ve made your point. Please. Let me down, now.” I tug again, making the tie even tighter around my wrists.

His thick fingers wrap around the bindings.

“Stop pulling, you’ll hurt yourself.” He runs his knuckles down my arm. “And that’s my job.”

I take a breath, searching my brain for something to say that will make him change course. His job? My ass clenches just at the idea of what he might have in store for me.

He shucks out of his suit jacket. This time isn’t any less nerve-racking than the last, possibly more so, because he’s already unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt. He works on the buttons of his cuffs while waiting for me to answer.

“Did you really think you’d just go gallivanting around town, and I wouldn’t know where you went?” he asks.

I close my eyes, feeling every bit the fool I am. Of course he was going to show up. I’d done the opposite of what he’d told me to do. And he doesn’t tolerate disobedience.

“I’m sorry.” It’s hard not to choke on the words.

“For what?” He tilts his head.

“For leaving the apartment.” Maybe I can get ahead of this.

I shift my weight from one foot to the other.

“Can you let me down now?” I ask softly. He’s calmer now, more reasonable.

“Your punishment hasn’t even started.” He brings his hands to the buckle of the thick black leather belt around his waist.

My eyes go wide, my insides collide into my spine.

“But I apologized,” I point out in haste.

“No, you said what you thought would get you out of being in trouble, but it’s good that you know why you’re about to get punished.”

“What are you doing?” I ask, my eyes glued to his hands working the leather through the metal buckle and then pulling it free from the loops of his trousers in one single tug. The damn thing looks like a black snake dangling from his hand as he holds it up.

“I can’t use it if it’s still on,” he says, doubling it over and tucking the buckle into his palm.

I yank harder, which only makes the tie tighten. My fingers are burning, but I don’t care. My ass will burn worse if he gets to use that demon on me. I turn my hips when he gets too close.

“Wait. Wait!” I twist as much as I’m able with my wrists bound to the damn post.

“For what?” He turns his head, like he can’t wait to see what I have to say.

That makes two of us.

“You can’t spank me again. You already did yesterday.” It’s a weak argument. Even I have to admit that.

“Maybe you should have considered that before you climbed down your fire escape and took off to that donut shop when I already said you weren’t to go out.” His jaw locks again and his eyes are practically black. “Do you really have work today?” he asks, and I wonder if he tried finding me at the diner first.

“I do.”

His glare gets hot.

“I did.” I swallow. Probably not best to push it right now about work. “I’ll call it off.”

“You’re not going back there at all. I’ll handle it. After I finish with you.”

My nerves twist into knots tighter than the one holding me against the post.

I close my eyes, willing my brain to stop whirling.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” I stomp my foot again as he starts to take a step toward me. His jaw moves from side to side.

“And we’re back to that.”

Not the right answer.


“I left my apartment. It’s my apartment. I’m an adult!” I lift up my elbow and look at him from beneath it while still trying to squirm away.

He watches me intently, just letting me spin myself into a knot.

“I’ll scream. I’ll scream so loud your neighbors will call the police.” Even with all his money and power, he’s still a man. He’s not going to want to deal with the cops.

He stares at me for a long minute, then runs the tip of his thumb over his bottom lip. I think he’s considering the ramifications, but then he drops his hand and exposes his grin.

“We’re on the second floor of the penthouse. There are no neighbors to hear you. And even if they could.” He grabs my hips, pulling me back to my starting place. My ass right in front of him. “No one would come help you.”

A whimper escapes as he stands behind me, grasping my hips. The feel of the leather against my skin drives fear through my body. This isn’t going to be a spanking. This is going to be a full-on lashing.

Tears threaten, but I take a steadying breath. I will not cry. Not for him. He will not get that satisfaction from me.

His warm hand slides around my hip to my stomach, where he trails fire down my skin as he lowers his touch between my legs. I try to squeeze them together, but it is too late. He’s reached my wetness.

“I haven’t even started, and already your body reacts.” He raises his touch to my stomach and pulls me back, sticking my ass out more for him.

“Obviously, my body doesn’t realize what a monster you are.” His comment has me on the defense. He’s about to use his belt on my bare ass; my mind isn’t portraying the situation correctly to my body.

“I think you like this. You want me to punish you. The very idea of it wets your pussy. I think you want me to touch you even more.” His words are like silk wrapping around my body.

“I will never want you to do anything to me.” I’m shocked my brain is functioning enough to form the lie.

“Hmmm, I think you’re lying more to yourself than me right now, so I’ll let it go.” He moves his hand to the small of my back. Scrunching up my t-shirt in his fist, he pulls it up and away from my ass.

The belt crashes down on me as I take my next breath, and I round my back, pulling my ass in toward the post, away from him. He uses the t-shirt to yank me back into place, bringing the burning leather back down across my cheeks.

“Fuck! Andrei!” I scream. “It hurts!”

“Good.” He sounds pleased.

“Please!” I cry out as the belt continues to fall over my ass, searing white heat into my skin.

“Please what?” He runs his hand over my left ass check, caressing it downward, then digging his nails into my flesh and dragging them upward toward my back. I hiss as the new sharpness of it reaches my brain and rise up to my toes as if I can somehow evade his punishing hand.

“Andrei.” I breathe out his name when he releases me. “No more.” I shake my head while pressing my head to the beam I’m still bound to. “Please, no more.”

“I mean what I say, Isolde. If you disobey me, you’ll pay the consequences. Every time.” The leather lashes at me again and the tears I’m holding fall past my lids, steamrolling down my cheeks.

“I don’t want this.” I suck in a shaky breath. I can’t pretend that I didn’t fantasize about him, about this sort of thing. Being held down, overpowered by him, by his dominance; the fantasy wormed its way into my alone time more than it should have. I always knew he had this streak in him.

Before, I was too young to understand what it meant. I only knew he was dangerous and that he took no shit from anyone. But I understand now. And this isn’t a fantasy.

But my pussy is soaked with arousal, and my body craves his touch.

This is wrong. All of this is wrong.

“I don’t want you.” It’s such a lie.

The belt falls to the floor at my feet. “I’m going to show you what a liar you really are.”


The deep red of her ass is already fading to pink. By the time she goes to bed, she’ll only have a few tender spots to remind her of today’s lesson.

I run my hand over her left ass cheek, fisting it as I reach the bottom. She hisses again, and the sound plays right to my cock.

Letting go of her cheek, I slide my hand over the crack of her ass, down further, dipping between her legs. Her thighs tighten.

“Open your legs, or I’ll take my belt to your thighs.” It’s a promise I hope I get to keep. I’m a monster for it, but it’s the truth. The little markings on her ass would be even sweeter if there were matching ones crisscrossing up and down her thighs. Every time she tries to sit tomorrow, she’ll remember what I did to her tonight.

She slides her feet over the carpeting until her thighs are spread, her ass is pushed back. Her arousal is obvious. Her fucking thighs are damp with it.

I continue on my path with a feather-like touch, making my course to her pussy.

“You’re soaked.” I glide through her folds easily. A tremble runs through her body as I continue up to her clit.

Another hiss when I stroke the swollen nub. I clench my jaw. My cock aches with the harshness of my arousal. I need to be inside her.

But not yet.

First, I need to prove her for the liar she is.

Pressing down on her clit, I circle it to the right, then the left, each pass going harder, then softer, faster then slower, until she’s arching her back. Her head falls back. She’s forcing her lips closed, but the mewling sound she’s making still unleashes between us.

I kiss her cheek, lick away the tears still drying on her skin.

I’d rather lick her cunt.

But she hasn’t earned that yet.

She pushes at my hand.

“Are you ready to admit you want me?” I ask, sliding two fingers up into her passage. Instantly her pussy clenches around my fingers, sucking me into her.

Her mouth finally drops open, and she moans so prettily, I curl my fingers, searching for the sound to be repeated. Her body softens as I continue to stroke her pussy and brush across her clit.

“Answer, Isolde, or you’ll have to endure another sort of punishment.” I shift my stance more to her front, wiggling my thigh between her and the bedpost. “I’ll bring you right to the edge of orgasm and rip you away until you beg. And even then, I won’t give in.”

She brings her arousal-filled eyes to mine, searching me.

“I mean what I say.” I nod, answering her unspoken question. “I’ll keep you on edge until you can’t think straight. And then, I’ll put you to bed with your arms bound so you can’t touch yourself.”

I curl my fingers tighter, twisting them inside her.

“It’s just my body reacting.”

With my free hand, I pull her t-shirt up and yank down the cup of her bra, letting her breast free. “Your nipple is hard as fucking steel. Do you want me to suck on it?” I ask, stroking her pussy harder, faster. Her thighs tremble again, then tighten. She’s so close to the edge.

She presses her forehead harder against the post. She’s fighting it, so hard my girl fights.

“Do you want me to suck on your tits? My tongue to lick at your nipple?” Another twist of my hand, and she’s up on her toes.

“Yes! Yes!” She nods, no longer fighting her urge.

“Ask nicely. Be a good girl, and ask for what you want,” I tease her, slowing my thrusts.

“Please, Andrei, please, suck on my nipples. Please.” Her cheeks flush with arousal, and her lips swell as she bites at them. My girl is past the point of coherent thought. But she’s given me what I asked for, so I won’t torture her any longer.

“Such a good girl.” I kiss her cheek. “My good girl.” I lower my head to her breast, flicking my tongue over the hard beaded nipple before sucking it into my mouth.

“Oh! Oh!” A fierce shudder rips through her. I pump my fingers into her pussy harder, twisting them and curling them as her pussy grabs at me.

“Be a good girl for me. Come hard on my fingers,” I say against her breast, then scrape my teeth over her nipple. It’s just enough to send her over the edge.

She screams her release.

Her pussy pulsates around my fingers while the waves of her orgasm crush her.

I slow my thrusts, easing her back to reality as her cries soften, and she lowers herself down to her flat feet. Her chest heaves with harsh breaths, as she leans against the beam, eyes closed and mouth slightly open.

Easing my fingers from her soaked pussy, I bring them to my mouth, licking off her arousal. It only makes me want more.

I wrap my arm around her middle, lift her from the floor, and reach over her head, quickly undoing the knots at her wrists. Her hands fall dramatically to her sides. I lift her up into my arms and bring her to the bed, placing her in the middle and dragging the blankets from beneath her.

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