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Sam’s Little Girl by Pepper North – Extended Preview

Sam let the silence build as the seconds ticked by. When she dropped her eyes to her twisting hands, he knew it was time for her to decide. “Would you like me to take you home or would you prefer to go inside, candy girl?”

“Why do you call me that?” she asked, obviously trying to delay her choice.

“When I saw you, all I wanted to be was the cotton candy you savored. After tasting your sweetness, the nickname fit you to a tee.”

“You don’t think I’m sweet now,” she accused, looking back up at him.

“I still feel the same way about you, candy girl. I know you’re my Little. That makes it even more important that I address your behavior. I could have lost you before we even had a chance.”

Her mouth formed a silent O. Dropping her eyes back to her lap, Hope moved one hand closer to him as if she was struggling with how to reach out. Sam reached over and wove his fingers with hers. Immediately, her hand clung to his.

“Ready to go inside?” he asked. When she nodded, Sam gave her fingers a squeeze before tugging his hand free. When he opened the door, she looked up at him with emotions painted over her face. Sam ducked into the truck and unfastened her seatbelt. He pressed a soft kiss to her lips.

“Come on, my brave Little. I promise to take care of you.”

When she nodded again, he straightened and tugged her gently from the car. Guiding her inside, he led her to a large armless chair. Sam sat down and pulled her between his thighs. Resting his hands on the curve of her waist, he could feel her body tense.

“When you make a poor decision and earn a spanking, you’ll know exactly what will happen. I’ll ask you why you’re getting a spanking. I’ll take down your shorts and panties…”

Hope interrupted, with panic in her eyes. “You can’t take my clothes off.”

“Daddy is in charge, Hope. All spankings will happen on a bare bottom. Your clothing will come off.”

“But I did something good,” she whined.

“And endangered yourself. What did you do wrong?” He started the ritual of her spanking.

“I tried to help!” she insisted.

“What did you do wrong to earn a spanking?” he clarified.

“I-I helped a lady but didn’t follow your instructions.”

“Did you put yourself in danger?” He pressed her to admit the most concerning factor.

“Y-yes,” she whispered.

Without allowing her any more time to worry, Sam lifted his hands to her waistband and untied the bow at the top of her shorts. Hope froze in place as he hooked his fingers into the material and pulled the garment down to her knees. Without delaying, Sam lowered her Saturday panties. Hope curled her fingers into fists at her sides, but didn’t stop him. His brain memorized the delicious womanly display in front of him in a split second.

“Good little girl. I’m proud of you,” he crooned as he turned her body to the side and helped her into place, stretched over his thighs.

“Sam?” Her voice warbled on the brink of tears.

“You are very beautiful, Hope. I’m attracted to your adult side as much as I treasure the Little you’ve buried inside. Let her out.” His hand dropped with a loud smack onto her bare bottom. A red handprint appeared on her pale skin. Sam immediately swatted her again in quick succession.

“No! That hurts!” Hope protested, squirming on his lap as she attempted to free herself.

Her legs kicked up and down without regard to the private view she gave him. He could see her body react to being under his control. Shiny juices appeared between her upper thighs. Sam celebrated her natural response to her punishment in his mind. What a treasure this little girl is!

Holding her solidly in place, Sam continued to pepper her bottom. Sam assessed her protests and waited as he watched her skin turn pink and then red. He did not wish to hurt her, but Hope’s first spanking was important. She would remember this feeling of allowing him to control her and having her misdeed erased.

To his delight, her Little emerged. Tears streaked down her cheeks when she looked back at him over her shoulder. Hope’s arguments faded into pleas.

“No more. I’m sorry. I’ll never ignore your directions. I promise!”

Sam waited until she melted over his lap, accepting her punishment completely. Her hands clung to his calf, pressing her torso as close as possible to him. He delivered two more swats to finish her punishment. Smoothing his hand over her reddened skin, he praised her. “What a good little girl. Everything is forgiven now, candy girl. You took your spanking well.”

“That hurt,” she whimpered. Hope’s thoughts whirled in her head as she tried to sort out her emotions. She had read spanking scenes in those books on her reader. Hope knew they must hurt, but feeling it was totally different from what she’d imagined. Her bottom was on fire. Tears fell from her eyes, drenching his pant leg.

“Come here and let me hold you.”

Sam’s voice was deep and husky. Had her spanking affected him as well? The burning sensation pushed that idea to the back of her mind. She recognized he was the rock of her existence now. The stability in all the whirling emotions that buffeted her. Hope allowed him to lift her with an effortless display of strength.

“Ow!” she wailed as he settled her on his lap. The rough feel of his jeans under her reddened bottom reinforced her spanking. She hid her face from him as she curled against his chest. “Sam…”

“When you are ready, I’d like you to call me Daddy, Hope. You’re okay. Spankings aren’t fun, my Little. They’re punishments. Now everything is erased. I’m very proud of you for accepting your consequence.”

Hope sniffled and rubbed her face against his soft T-shirt. “I didn’t like that. It hurt.” She realized she was repeating herself, but couldn’t move past the childlike statement.

“That will fade. You’ll have a reminder of your spanking when you sit for a few hours or days. That will help you make better decisions.” His hands caressed her as he gave her time to recover.

“There are often secondary effects. A Daddy can reward his Little after a punishment as well.” Sam stroked one hand up her bare thigh to rest on her hip. “Are you brave enough to let me help you feel better?”

“I don’t understand,” Hope whispered. His touch focused her attention on her core. She squeezed her thighs together, feeling the wetness gathered there. She was soaked. He didn’t mean…

Sam shifted her easily to lean back against his body. His hand stroked back down her thigh. Gently, he lifted each of her thighs to rest over his knees, spreading her legs slightly apart. That caressing hand glided up her inner thigh. When Hope tried to pull her legs together, Sam widened his, exposing her most private area. She froze in place as his fingers traced the seam of her intimate lips and dipped inside to glide through Hope’s pink folds.

The breath caught in her throat as he explored her. Maybe she shouldn’t allow him to touch her like this. They had just met. Hope pulled her thighs together but was stopped by his hands, restraining her legs in place. She could feel the wetness of those exploring digits against her skin. She was so turned on.

“Relax, little girl. I will memorize every part of you. Let your daddy make you feel better,” his husky voice directed. “Daddy’s in charge.”

Hope lifted her hands to cover her face. She hid behind the barrier. It was easier to give him control that way. Her body yearned for his touch and the promise that he planned to know her intimately. He already seemed to know her secret desires.

Releasing his hold on her inner thighs at her surrender, Sam refocused on his explorations. He stroked his fingers along her inner lips to her clit. “You are so beautiful, candy girl,” Sam praised in soft intimate whispers as he pressed hot kisses along the graceful line of her neck to reward his Little.

Hope squirmed on her hot bottom as he circled the sensitive bud with his fingertip. The combination of the sting and the pleasure pushed her arousal higher. His slow, deliberate caresses blew her mind. Sam’s words replayed in her brain and she felt her body respond with a gush of fluid. He was indeed memorizing her body.

The breath caught in her throat as tingles gathered. Unable to process everything, Hope allowed her eyelids to lower. Concentrating on the delicious sensations he lavished on her body, she bit her lip to stifle the sounds that welled from deep inside her.

Sam lifted one hand and ran a wet fingertip across her mouth. “Let me hear you, candy girl.”

Her tongue darted out to lap at the juices he’d spread with his touch. A forbidden thrill zinged through her at the taste. “Mmm!” she moaned, opening her eyes slightly.

“Good, huh? Let me try.”

Hope watched his glistening fingers rise to his mouth. Sam’s firm lips parted to suck on his fingertips. She held her breath.

“Mmmm,” he echoed. “Little girl, I’m going to need to savor you often.”

He trailed a light touch over her shoulder to her collarbone and down her torso. Sam leaned her slightly forward to lift her shirt over her head. A whisper touch on her back made Hope shiver as she felt him flick her bra open. Dropping both garments to the floor, he drew her gently back against his hard chest.

She sucked in her breath as his hands stroked over her newly exposed skin. Her next quick inhale lifted her breast into his hand as his fingers glided over her taut nipple. Slouching no longer, her back arched naturally to thrust her hips firmly against his body. Hope froze at the feel of his thick cock, rigidly pressing into her now. She couldn’t miss the proof that he was aroused—very aroused.

Wishing to touch him as well, Hope reached back to slide her hands between their bodies. He moved quickly to restrain both her hands at her abdomen in one of his, before returning one hand to caress her intimately. “This is Daddy’s turn to pleasure you, Hope. You don’t have permission to touch me yet.”

Seizing on that last word as a promise of future intimacies, Hope didn’t question him. Sam was in charge. She closed her eyes again to concentrate. To reward her for her surrender, two thick fingers pressed into her tight channel. In one never-hesitating, slow thrust, they glided deep into her body, only to withdraw as her tight passage clamped down on them. Hope heard her soft sound of protest, followed by his low chuckle.

“I know, little girl. It’s so good,” he reassured her, pressing his fingers back inside.

She understood immediately that he wasn’t making fun of her, but enjoying her reaction to his touch. Hope jumped slightly when his lips and teeth nibbled at the length of her sensitive neck. Tilting her head to the side, she allowed him access to his newest target as he drew a purr of delight from her throat.

“You are a delight, Hope. Soon, I will be here. Deep inside you,” he promised, thrusting his fingers back into her. “No touch will be off limits.”

His other hand stroked lower as he widened his legs even more, spreading her thighs further apart. Hope realized that he had released her hands. She kept them pressed together at her waist, unwilling to distract him. The meaning of his words thrilled her as his fingers traced the small hidden opening between her cheeks. When his fingers pressed back into her, one digit pushed into her clenched bottom. The final sensation of his teeth biting into her neck launched Hope into a massive orgasm that shook her body and mind.

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