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Savage Brute: A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I’d done my research, reading everything I could on the man as well as his family. They’d been in control for so long they were just a part of everyone’s life in Baton Rouge. While they were feared, they were also highly respected, even performing community service and giving to charities. The dichotomy of their life in comparison to mine was a one-eighty.

They were wealthy beyond their means.

I just lived beyond mine.

They had everything at their disposal: fancy clothes, a dozen estates, foreign sports cars, jewelry. They owned several businesses, many of them legitimate. But they ruled the underground, keeping a firm grip on all criminal activity in several states. They had their share of enemies, but no one had ever fought and won against them.

They were the quintessential perfect, dark, and depraved family.

And I was a simple girl living a quiet life with few family members to count on and fewer still I cared about. I owned a beaten-up Chevy truck and a single CD collecting almost no interest in the bank. I had no retirement funds and no real plans on how I would be able to stop working at the bar.

While I might have nothing to my name but what was behind the walls of my small house, I’d managed to purchase them legitimately. I’d never done anything illegal, including jaywalking. Hell, I was a walking, talking example of a decent human being.

He was…

As he lowered his head, breathing a swath of hot air across my face, I wanted nothing more than to turn away, but I found it impossible to move a muscle. He was like a drug that I would never be able to free myself from needing, kryptonite that I’d been poisoned with. And I couldn’t for the life of me understand why Jackie believed firmly in the curse. Was it possible he was a wolf?

I shuddered at the thought, barely able to control my breathing. For as rough as the fucking asshole could be, the way he was touching me right now was gentle, almost loving.

A single growl erupted from his throat, creating goosebumps all over my skin but when he brushed the tips of his fingers along my jaw, I almost melted. The scent of him was richer than the night before, awakening all my senses. I was so alive, my body electrified even though every move created a wave of discomfort.

I couldn’t believe he’d spanked me again. Again. And I’d become aroused. Again. What was wrong with me?

“You’re going to be drawn to him even more if he’s your…”

“If he’s what, Jackie? What are you trying to get at?”

She shook her head, taking several gasping breaths. “If he’s your fated mate.”

Fated mate. I had no clue what the hell that meant nor did I want to learn. However, what I had discovered should send me far away. Instead, I’d known he was going to come to me.

To taste me.

Fuck me.

And I’d done nothing but remain waiting. Oh, my God.

Dax lowered his head even more until he was able to trail his lips over the same area where his fingers had just been, enflaming the embers until I could no longer breathe. As he continued his path, peppering kisses from one shoulder to the other, I closed my eyes, tangling my fingers in his hair. I could tell I’d arched my back, my body unresponsive to the wishes of my mind.

I lolled my head as he swirled the tip of his tongue around my nipple, taking his time before moving to my other breasts. This wasn’t the same man that I’d punched and almost shot. It was just… amazing.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, his voice floating across me, leaving me aching even more.

When he bit down on my hardened bud, I bucked up, purring like a wildcat in the jungle. Vibrations danced down my arms, shifting to my legs. I could smell the scent of my desire wafting between us. Even though I was embarrassed, the pleasure of his touch was overwhelming, leaving me so hot and wet that almost nothing else mattered.

He growled again, licking a trail down to my stomach and around my belly button before gathering my legs in his arms. I was wide open and exposed, but more relaxed than before. When I felt the first dart of his tongue on my tender tissue, I couldn’t hold back a series of cries.

That seemed to fuel him, the gorgeous rugged brute lapping at my cream. Within the next few seconds, he pulled me to the moment of ecstasy then yanked it back. I’d had men lick me before, but never in such a slow and easy fashion, enjoying every moment of providing me the pleasure instead of fulfilling some rulebook of how to get a woman in bed.

“I could feast on you for days,” he muttered, laughing softly after issuing the words. Everything about him reeked of danger, but I wasn’t afraid around him, at least not in the traditional sense, even though I knew I should be. He could have easily killed me if that’s what he’d wanted, but that’s not what this was about.

This was his endeavor at seducing me, attempting to command me to obey him through other methods. I stopped wanting to push him away, merely enjoying the sheer bliss.

He plunged his tongue inside, shifting it up and down as my muscles clamped around it. Then he added several fingers, drilling into me with such expertise that within seconds, I almost lost it.

“Oh. Oh… Yes, I…” I dragged my tongue across my parched lips, tossing my head back and forth.

Dax picked up his rhythm, licking me fervently, his fingers keeping a firm hold. There was no command, no attempt at taking away my pleasure, just a continuous push into utter rapture.

Which he achieved only ten seconds later as a climax rushed into me, the intensity forcing me up from the bed.

“Oh. Oh!” My scream was ragged, loud enough to echo in the small room. After that, all I could hear were his savage growls, the raspy sound just as terrifying as the man.

But they were also strangely comforting.

Stars floated in front of my eyes as a second orgasm flowed through me, stealing what was left of my breath as well as any common sense. I was allowing a stranger, a man who’d been in prison to do with me what he wanted. Yes, I was clearly out of my mind, but it felt so good.

“Look at me, Margot,” he commanded in an almost unrecognizable voice.

I slowly opened my eyes, swallowing several times as I looked into his. They were entirely different than before, the shocking blue rimmed in gold, mesmerizing as well as intoxicating.

“What do you see?”


“Say it. Tell me what you see?” His words were now demanding, his entire chest heaving as he waited for my answer.

“A heartless beast.”

This time, my answer brought a smile to his face. “Yes. I. Am.” He backed away, letting go of my legs then moving to a standing position.

I kept my gaze as he started to undress, taking his time to unbutton his shirt. His breathing remained labored, his nostrils flared and as he peeled away the crisp material, exposing his broad chest and carved abdomen, I realized he was the most insanely gorgeous man I’d ever seen. His look remained carnal as he finished undressing, tossing his clothes aside. They were unwanted.


All he craved was being inside of me, burying his cock deep within my tight channel.

I kept my legs open, yet my mind was unable to process what I was experiencing.

And what this meant.

When he returned to the bed, he remained hovering over me, cocking his head as he studied me. Everything about him had changed, including his scent. Now it was muskier, woodsy.


I pressed my hand against his chest, tracing one of his tattoos. He watched what I was doing, a slight smile curling on his upper lip. When I felt a ridge, I realized the ink was hiding several scars.

“You’ve been hurt,” I said, although I wasn’t certain why I bothered to mention it.

“Many times, as I will be again. That’s nothing new. Life is brutal and unforgiving. Just the way I like it.” He sneered, his eyes trailing a line down to my breasts.

“Who are you?” I asked, but I knew he wouldn’t answer, at least not truthfully. How could he without terrifying me even further?

He lowered down, wrapping one of my legs around his hip. “A man who will fuck you as often and as hard as he hungers for.” As he positioned the tip of his cock just past my swollen folds, I gripped both his arms, marveling in the tightness of his muscles.

It was clear he hadn’t gotten them from spending days in the gym. He wasn’t that kind of man. He was rough and tumble, taking his scars in stride, relishing wearing them like badges of honor. How many terrible things had he done in his life?

Too many.

Enough that I didn’t want to know, but I had a feeling I would soon learn. He’d never leave me alone. He’d never allow me to live a normal life.

When he thrust every inch of his thick, throbbing cock deep inside, I jerked up from the bed, gasping for air. My muscles instantly tightened around his wide girth, stretching as they tried to accommodate his size. I was floored at the way vibrations rolled through me, electricity sparking into a wildfire of need and additional anticipation.

Then he began to fuck me.

Not in the gentle manner I’d just experienced. He pounded into me as if the only thing that could save his soul was taking me like the animal he was.

I wrapped my other leg around his chiseled hip, digging my nails into his skin, every nerve ending scalded from the explosive heat sizzling between us. The bed creaked under the pressure, the headboard slamming against the wall. The sound only seemed to entice him even more.

Every part of him was tense, his jaw clenched and his eyes never blinking. He was taking me the way he wanted. The way he’d intended. The sensations only increased, pleasure blossoming into pure ecstasy. I allowed myself to become lost in the moment, no longer fearful of what this might be.

Or what it would become.

I simply didn’t care.

I lolled my head, my muscles aching, excitement building.

He rolled me over with ease, forcing me to straddle his body. A grin crossed his face, the look filthy and devilish. Then he cupped my breasts, kneading them just as roughly as he was fucking me.

“Ride me, sweetheart. Take all you want before I explode deep inside of you.” Even his voice captivated me, pulling me into another dimension. And I did as he commanded, rocking up and down, pussy juice trickling onto his skin. When he pinched my nipples, the eruption of pain forced me to toss back my head, crying out. I couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think. Couldn’t focus.

But I rode him like a wild stallion, tossing my head back and forth, my long hair whisking across his chest. Nothing had ever felt this good.

“How does it feel?” he asked, his eyes piercing mine.


“Mmm… Just imagine when I fuck you in the ass.”

His words titillated me, keeping me on edge from the delirious anticipation. No man had ever fucked me in the ass before him. And I had a feeling no man ever would again. Did that trouble me? Hell, yes, but I would fight that at a later time. This was far too delicious.

He moved to a sitting position, the switch in the angle throwing me into a cataclysmic moment, an orgasm rushing into my body like a powerful tidal wave.

“Oh. Oh. Oh!” I gripped his shoulder, arching my back as I continued bucking against him. The climax seemed to last forever, swimming through me, electrifying every nerve and cell. I’d never felt so alive or open and everything about this confused the hell out of me.

Dax allowed me to have control for several minutes, studying me intently. What the hell was he looking for? My complete surrender? My acceptance that he owned me? That was not going to happen. While this was spectacular in every way, no man would ever possess me.

“If you’re his intended mate, he’ll never let you out of his sight.”

Jackie’s warning remained in the forefront of my mind.

“He’s dangerous, Margot. Never forget what the man is capable of. One day he will destroy you.”

I’d left the café feeling nauseous and uncertain. And now? The only difference was that every ounce of my body craved him more than ever.

When he flipped me over again, forcing me onto all fours, I was dragged out of the memory.

“I love your tight little ass,” he whispered, wrapping his hand around my hair and yanking.

I clawed at the comforter, shifting enough he thought I was trying to get away. The two brutal slaps against my bottom were a reminder that there was nowhere for me to go.

No place to run where he wouldn’t find me.

Several growls sounded off behind me as he raked his nails down my spine, teasing me with a single finger inching along the crack of my ass. I shuddered and took shallow breaths, clenching my muscles again. The second he shoved his hand between my legs, fingering my swollen clit, I let out a single wail. He had no idea what he was doing to me.

I was wet all over, pussy juice slickening my inner thighs. Then I stiffened when he placed his cockhead against my puckered hole. “No. God. I just…” What the hell was I trying to say and why was I tongue tied? This wasn’t me. I wasn’t the kind of girl to allow any man to take control. There was no time to try to figure out the answers. He simply pushed his shaft inside inch by inch, plunging past the tight ring of muscle.

Maybe I should be grateful that he took his time, allowing my poor muscles to accept him. Panting, I couldn’t seem to stop shaking or clawing at the bed. At that moment, we were nothing but animals in heat, fucking by instinct.

Pain tickled every nerve ending, tears forming in my eyes, but within seconds it was quickly replaced with another wave of bliss. How could this feel so damn good?

When he was fully seated inside, a growl unlike anything I’d ever heard filled the room, echoing as it bounced off the walls. It was primal. It was possessive.

It was like a cry of battle.

What the hell was he fighting against?

He drove deep inside, taking his time and allowing me to get used to his incredible thickness. Then he lost some of his control, plunging hard and fast.

The force he used was even more brutal, tossing me against the bed as he slammed into me over and over again. The entire bed was shaking, the hard slams as the metal posts hit the wall unable to overpower the noise of skin slapping against skin.

He pounded into me for what seemed like hours, every sound he made becoming more guttural.

More like an animal still in heat.

I could swear the walls were shaking as he continued, refusing to let me go. I was exhausted, my throat tightening but still he wouldn’t stop. Then he lowered his body, placing his hands over mine then nuzzling against my neck. I would never forget the words he whispered into my ear or the meaning.

“Now, you belong to me.”

As he pressed a series of kisses against my neck, slowing his rhythm, suddenly we were as one. We rocked together, his hot breath pushing me into a lulled state. As his raked his teeth across the skin on my neck, I could feel his body tense even more. When he let out another primal cry, I squeezed my muscles.

Then a roar filled the room, savage and unforgiving as he erupted deep inside, filling me with his seed.

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