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Savage Daddies: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Sue Lyndon – Extended Preview

Home. I like the idea of having a real home, and it’s all I can think about as Nash removes my robe and the brothers both help me into the steaming bath. Axel pours water over my hair and massages shampoo into my scalp, while Nash proceeds to run a soapy washcloth all over my body.

It’s bliss and I can’t help but occasionally moan as they tend to me. I close my eyes and sink lower in the water, thankful the hot bath is soothing my aching muscles.

“We’re lucky the Lamberts’ Inn has running water.”

My eyes pop open and I look at Nash. “What do you mean?”

“Many houses and entire villages in the wildlands don’t have running water.”

“What about your house?” Horror clutches me at the prospect of living in a place without the simple amenity of running water. I can’t imagine living otherwise.

Axel finishes rinsing the shampoo from my hair. “If our house doesn’t have running water by the time we return, it will soon. Erik and Gage were nearing completion on the project before we left our village. They’re both excellent at building things. They designed a water tower for our village and a neighboring village to use, and that project was completed several months ago. Having clean, filtered water readily available has made a world of difference in our village. Less people get sick now and our overall quality of life has improved.”

“I see,” I reply, impressed by Erik and Gage’s ingenuity. I’ve always taken clean water for granted and feel a stab of guilt knowing that the people living outside the techno-cities live in such primitive conditions. I also feel another stab of guilt for my initial upset over the prospect of no running water at the brothers’ house. They’re doing the best they can.

“Now that you have filtered water, will the birthrate of females increase?”

A dark look crosses both their faces and my heart sinks. “The techno-cities released a virus into our water supplies long ago that has changed our DNA. Males born in the wildlands do not produce adequate levels of sperm carrying an X-chromosome, which is why very few females are born. Just over a hundred years ago, a scientist who was captured in the wildlands after defecting from a techno-city confessed what was done to us.”

“I’m so sorry. That’s awful. I-I wish there was some way to undo the damage.” What kind of world would exist outside the techno-cities if females weren’t scarce amongst the savages? A better world, I think, one where groups of men don’t kidnap women to keep as mates.

“Get on your hands and knees in the water, little girl,” Nash says, effectively changing the subject and cutting off my thoughts.

“What?” I stare at him, aghast. Shame rushes through me, hot and searing. I’m completely naked and though I know they can see me sitting in the water, I don’t wish to place myself in such a vulnerable position. My heart pounds faster.

Nash places a finger beneath my chin. “It’s time for your punishment, Josie. We’re going to spank your naughty, wet bottom, then we’re going to clean your privates thoroughly.” His deep, stern tone brooks no argument.

“You could have gotten hurt when you ran off all by yourself,” Axel says in a similar tone, and I shudder in place as heat abruptly starts throbbing between my thighs, hotter than the bath water. “You tried to escape us and you risked your safety in the process. We will not tolerate such disobedience from you, Josie, and you will suffer the consequences of your actions.”

I lower my head, feeling sufficiently chastised even though they haven’t begun my punishment yet. Nash runs the cloth over my shoulder while still holding my chin firmly in his grasp and I shiver at his touch. A sense of vulnerability steals through me, as well as helplessness.

I don’t have a choice.

They’re going to punish me in a most embarrassing manner, and then they’re going to clean my privates while I’m on my hands and knees, the most secret parts of me exposed to their gaze.

I start to move forward and both brothers help me get into place. My face heats when I lift my bottom out of the water. Axel trails his hand over my behind, cupping each of my cheeks in turn while I focus on remaining in place on my hands and knees, even though everything inside me screams to fall back into the water. Nerves besiege me. I have a feeling this spanking will be worse than the first one Nash gave me. Heated tingles flow through me as I recall all that happened that time in the boat, when he also fingered me and made me shatter into a million pieces, stroking my clit as he brought me to the heights of pleasure.

Will there be any pleasure now? I suppose I’ll find out soon enough.

Nash remains at my side and places one hand on my lower back. Axels scoops more water over my bottom and keeps cupping my cheeks. I tense, expecting the first slap to fall at any moment.

The anticipation of punishment prompts the aching in my core to intensify. I exhale a shaky breath and close my eyes, my skin prickling with sensation as I await the inevitable pain.

“You will never run from us again, Josie,” Nash says sternly. “You’re our little girl and we mean to keep you safe. We can’t keep you safe if you go running off. You’re ours.”

An instant later, Axel smacks my bottom. I gasp at the intense sting. The pain grows worse, more so than I expected, as the next five or so slaps fall hard upon my backside. Apparently, having a wet bottom makes a spanking hurt worse than usual and I open my eyes and shoot Nash a dirty look. He chuckles and brushes a strand of hair behind my ear.

“You were naughty, little one,” he says. “This is what you get. A hard, extra-stingy spanking on your bare, wet bottom. I bet once we’re through with you, you’ll think twice before you do anything so foolish again.”

It becomes hard to think as Axel continues thrashing me, landing quick, hard swats upon my wet ass. Every so often, he pauses to scoop more water over my smarting cheeks. It’s not long before tears burn in my eyes, but I blink rapidly in an effort to keep myself from crying.

“You’re going to live under our roof, little girl, and we expect you to follow our rules,” Axel says, not slowing once as he delivers harsh smack after harsh smack to my poor bottom. “You are lucky you weren’t attacked by an animal. Or worse—taken by another band of savages.”

Their continued scolding deepens my feelings of shame. It really hadn’t been smart to run off into the wildlands by myself, especially as woefully unprepared as I did. And while I’d been nervous about animals, it hadn’t occurred to me to worry about other savages out in the forest. I shudder at the thought of running into other men in the wildlands, perhaps a large group of them. What would they have done to me? I suppose I’m lucky I didn’t have to find out.

“Look at this naughty little girl,” Axel says, striking my left cheek with a searing slap, “getting her bottom spanked bright red by her daddies.”

Unable to stand the pain, I try to dodge the next blow, but Nash grabs me and holds me in place. “There will be none of that. Now settle.” The sternness of voice causes me to go still.

Axel finally ceases spanking me and I sigh with relief, thankful my chastisement is over. But then he changes places with Nash and my heart sinks. It’s not over yet.

Nash cups my sore, punished cheeks, giving them each a squeeze while Axel places a steadying hand on my lower back. “You ran away from both of us and you’ll be spanked by both of us.”

Nash does as his brother did earlier and scoops up water onto my bottom, soaking my cheeks in preparation for the first hard slap. I gasp again and again while he spanks me. His blows aren’t as hard as Axel’s, but he’s faster and the buildup of the rapid spanking on top of my already sore bottom is enough to finally drive me to tears. I sniffle and blink hard as my shoulders heave. I bite my lower lip to stop its trembling, hoping neither of them sees I’m crying. But Axel notices and the sternness of his expression wavers slightly, though he still keeps holding me in place. After a few moments, he strokes my hair and leans down until his lips graze my ear.

“A few more swats and then this will be over, sweet girl. You can take it.” For a reason I can’t fathom, his gentle tone makes me cry harder. By the time Nash delivers the last painful blow, I’m a sobbing mess. I’m crying because it hurts and for the home that was never really home. I can’t return to my techno-city, not after the veil has been lifted from my eyes. I remind myself that the brothers promised me a real home and my tears fall faster. More than anything, I want to believe them. I don’t want to be alone anymore.

Axel gathers me into a tight hug and I cling to him as I release my sorrows. Nash moves closer and massages my sore behind, his caresses easing the very sting he and his brother just inflicted. I feel thoroughly punished and sorry for running away from them. Will I ever dare attempt such a stunt again? After receiving this embarrassing spanking in the bathtub, and knowing what I know now about the Wise Leaders, I don’t think I will.

A sense of reluctant acceptance washes over me as I realize this is my life now—I’m a resident of the wildlands and I’m to belong to four savages, two of whom I haven’t even met yet. The rest of my life, which will hopefully last longer than sixty-two years, will be entirely real.

A clean cloth is pressed to my face and I blink up at Axel as he dries my tears, grateful for his comfort even though he caused some of my pain. I’m grateful for Nash’s presence too as he continues rubbing my bottom. I can’t help it. Even though they captured me and took me away from the only life I’ve ever known, I’m starting to feel safer and safer in their company. I have the overwhelming sense that they will always protect me. They’re big and strong and they seem to care about me in their strange we-found-you-and-you-belong-to-us kind of way.

“Everything is going to be all right,” Nash says. Somehow, he knows I’m not only crying because of the spanking. Of course he does. He’s always so perceptive that sometimes I fear he’s reading my mind.

Now that my face is all cleaned up and I’m no longer sobbing, Axel sets the cloth aside and resumes hugging me tight and running his hands up and down my back. I soak up the comfort they’re offering, wondering if I’ll ever be able to think of them as my daddies. They say I need guidance and part of me supposes they’re right. I’m used to being the boss, even though deep down I never really reached a point where I felt entirely grown up. I’m still that girl who’s shaking in her bed at the group home, afraid of the shadows in the dark. But at least when I’m with Nash and Axel, I’m not alone in that scary place. They’re right there with me, two large bright beacons standing guard, refusing to let anyone or anything hurt me.

Nash delves his hand lower, until he reaches between my thighs and strokes my gathering wetness. I gasp but don’t try to evade his touch.

“She’s soaking wet,” he announces and I flush with shame.

He continues his explorations, drawing his fingers through my moisture. I quiver as the sensation builds and my clit pulses harder. If I were wearing a VR suit that was vibrating, I would have already come. But I need him to stroke my clit and I moan in frustration when he doesn’t touch the part of me that’s throbbing most. He chuckles deep in his throat, and I realize he’s taking pleasure in teasing me. My hips jerk back as I seek more of his caresses. Axel cups my breasts and runs his thumbs over my hardening nipples.

“Does our little girl need to come?” Nash asks, his voice a sensuous whisper against my ear as his beard tickles my cheek.

I whimper. “Yes, please.”

“You have to ask for it,” Axel says. “Say, ‘Daddy Nash, will you please make me come?’”

I press my lips together at first, resisting as I manage to cling to one last thread of resistance. I shouldn’t want this and I shouldn’t want them. Real sex—or anything close to it—is considered one of the most taboo acts a person can experience.

He’s already made you come once before.

My need mounts higher and I whimper again. Finally, I relent. “Please, please, Daddy Nash,” I whisper. “Will you please make me come?”

“Of course, little girl. Thank you for asking so politely.” A second later, he presses one finger over my clit and circles my pulsing nubbin with deliciously precise strokes.

In mere moments, a rush of ecstasy crashes over me. I clutch onto Axel and moan as I catapult into the starry night sky, awash in an endless quaking euphoria that steals my breath. I fly higher and higher, until the last waves of my orgasm begin to recede and I start floating back down to Earth. When I regain my senses somewhat, I open my eyes and realize I’m dizzy. But Axel keeps holding me up, and he continues supporting me while Nash drags a wet soapy cloth through my sensitive, intimate folds.

“Good girl,” Nash says.

Though I’m not sure what exactly he’s praising me for, I soak up the praise and bask in his kind, gentle tone. Both the brothers can be stern, but they can also be gentle sometimes. I like their gentleness, when they’re tending to me and comforting me. I’ve never experienced such undivided attention from anyone before. They make me feel like I’m the center of their universe and the thought brings a brief smile to my lips.

I jerk forward when he spreads my bottom cheeks and runs the cloth over my most private place. “Please, no,” I utter, but Axel holds me in place and I have no choice but to remain on my knees in the bath water while Nash tends to my bottom hole.

“Yes,” Nash says. “I know this might be embarrassing for you, Josie, but it’s a daddy’s job to take care of his little girl in all ways. Now stop tensing up or I’ll give you extra swats on your bottom hole.”

My breath catches and I immediately relax my behind cheeks. I shouldn’t be surprised by his threat to swat my bottom hole, but I am. It sounds more scandalous than real sex, though I can’t help the heated flushes that move through me as I imagine him inflicting such a shameful punishment.

“Very good girl,” Axel says, stroking my hair.

Despite myself, I melt under his praise. I don’t understand it, but whenever they call me a good girl, it makes the heated aching between my thighs flare up all over again. Nash seems to notice my freshly cleaned pussy is becoming wetter once more, and once he finishes with my bottom hole, he grabs a brand-new cloth and dips it into the soapy water before dragging it over my folds. Though I just came a couple of minutes ago, I’m certain I could have another orgasm if Nash would only touch my clit again. Whenever the cloth moves over my nubbin, I give a keening moan and arch my back as I lean further into Axel, which makes my center jut out so Nash has better access to my privates.

Unfortunately, I don’t receive the attention to my clit that I’m hoping for. Nash finishes cleaning my pussy and Axel pulls the plug on the tub, allowing the water to drain out. Once the tub is empty, he turns on a showerhead that’s connected to the tub and rinses me off. Afterward, Nash helps me stand up and wraps a large fluffy towel around me, while Axel grabs another towel to dry my hair. I open my mouth, preparing to tell the brothers that I’m capable of drying myself off, but Axel shoots me a stern look, as if he knows I’m about to protest, so I clamp my lips shut and lower my head. My bottom is so sore I’ll have to sleep on my stomach, and I most definitely don’t want to receive any extra smacks tonight.

I suppress a yawn as I’m led to the large bed where Nash set a stack of clothing earlier. He selects a long white nightgown that’s trimmed in lace from the pile and turns to me. I eye the other clothes, wondering if they’re for me, too. It looks like a couple of dresses, shirts, and some pants.

“Henrietta made these by hand and they are for you,” Nash explains. “You aren’t the first girl from a techno-city to stop at this inn. She has a business making clothing for the young women who are taken from the techno-cities to be kept as mates.”

“Thank you,” I say, truly grateful. I’m glad I don’t have to put my dirty clothes back on and the items are beautiful. A bit girlish-looking, but pretty nonetheless.

“You’re welcome.” Nash’s eyes flicker with warmth and he holds out the nightgown. “Arms up, little girl.”

I comply and he slips the nightgown over my arms and head, drawing it down over my body. He steps back to look at me and smiles.

“You look very cute in that.”

I flush. “Thank you, Daddy Nash.” Then I gasp and cover my mouth. I hadn’t meant to call him Daddy. It had just come out. I lower my hand and try to pretend nothing strange just happened.

Nash gathers me in his arms, and Axel stands nearby, stroking my hair. I’m crowded between both savages in a bedroom, just the three of us. I can see the bed from my peripheral vision and wonder if they plan to put their cocks inside me tonight. They want me as their little girl and their mate.

Why haven’t they claimed me yet?

Are they waiting until we reach their village? I want to ask, but I’m also afraid of the answer. If I know exactly when they’ll do it, I’m not sure I’ll be able to withstand the anticipation as the hour draws nearer.

“Let’s get your hair completely dried, then we’ll tuck you in for bed,” Nash says.

I’m led to a vanity where there’s a small hair dryer mounted nearby on the wall, similar to the one in my apartment back in Emerald. I stand in front of it and turn slowly, at Axel’s direction, as it blows hot air through my long damp locks. Nash stands by, watching as his brother helps me.

Finally, once my hair is dry and my teeth are brushed, they guide me into a small enclosure that only contains a toilet. I sigh inwardly, knowing they likely won’t give me any privacy. And they don’t, but at least I can be faster about my business when I’m not squatting in the woods. I recall how shocked I was the first time Nash watched me pee in the bushes and how positively mortifying it was when he wiped my privates afterward. I flush at the remembrance, and I flush hotter still when Axel wipes me this time, not allowing me to do it because he’s the daddy and he insists on taking care of his little girl—his explanation.

Once I’m finished in the bathroom, they guide me to the bed and pull back the covers. I crawl inside while repressing another yawn. Despite my nap in the truck, I’m utterly exhausted. Nash draws the covers over me and then he and Axel sit on opposite sides of me, both stroking my hair and staring into my eyes. I get the sense that they won’t be sticking their cocks in me tonight. They look like they mean for me to get some sleep and I will happily comply. My eyelids grow heavier by the moment and I can’t stop yawning.

“Sweet dreams, little girl,” Axel says, leaning down to kiss my forehead.

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