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Savage: A Rough Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

His palm cracked down hard against my naked backside and the shock of it made me stop fighting immediately. The sound was loud, and it echoed shamefully throughout the room. Mortified, I came to the realization that if anyone was servicing my chambers or walking through the hallway, they would probably have heard the sound of it.

“I won’t be spanked like a naughty little girl,” I exclaimed.

“It’s no longer up to you, Freya,” he replied darkly, and I twisted once more, only to have his palm smack my ass once again.

Once the initial shock finally wore off, the pain from those spanks spread across my backside and I opened my lips as I tried to silently process them. I didn’t want him to hear how much he was affecting me, and I really didn’t want him to know how much this punishment was making my pussy tighten with even more need than I thought possible.

He held me firmly in place and then my spanking truly began. He spanked the upper curve of my backside, all the way down my thighs, ensuring that he left no spot unpunished. His palm was hard, it stung a great deal, and for the first time in my life, I started to feel out of control. I couldn’t stop him from spanking me. I couldn’t get off of his lap and I couldn’t stop the way my hips were rocking lewdly back and forth, trying to avoid each painful spank. He could probably see my pussy each time I did that, but the only thing I could think of was ending this painful spanking as soon as I possibly could.

“Stop. Please,” I whispered, hoping that he would hear the concession in my voice.

“This isn’t going to end until you fully learn your place, Freya, both over my knee and at the end of my cock,” he said darkly.

He chuckled and spanked me harder, focusing more thoroughly on the lower curve of my bottom and then my thighs. I squirmed back and forth, but his aim was true each and every time. I screeched as the full weight of what was happening finally washed over me.

Oh, fuck. This was a different kind of pain than one I experienced in battle. This was one I couldn’t fight back against. Instead, I was being held over his knees, getting my bottom spanked against my will and I had no idea when it was going to stop.

“Such a pretty little thing with a bright red little bottom,” he observed, and I shivered with shame.

“Fuck off,” I snarled. He tsked and spanked me even harder, ensuring to punish the underside of my bottom until I was breathless from the overwhelming sting.

It was then I realized that I could feel his rock-hard cock against my belly. It was enormous and for a second, I wondered how it would feel deep inside my tight pussy. My mouth went dry and my core twisted impossibly tight. A lightning bolt of desire cracked inside me and a rush of wetness dripped down my folds. I hid my face in the blankets, not wanting him to see just how much of an effect he was having on me. I didn’t want him to see how much he was making me blush right now.

I tried to push all of it away, but it simply seemed to grow stronger and stronger until it felt like it was a part of me.

It almost felt like instinct.

Except it couldn’t be. It wasn’t possible.

He gave me no time to think about it any longer. His palm cracked hard against my backside again and again until I was so incredibly sore. My skin felt like it was burning with fire and my thighs ached, but he didn’t slow down. Instead, he spanked me even harder and I was unable to keep quiet any longer.

I begged him to stop. I begged for mercy. He gave me none.

“Are you feeling in control right now, little girl?” he asked carefully, taking a moment to thoroughly spank the backs of my thighs so hard that I had difficulty answering him until he paused. My entire backside burned hot, and I whimpered loudly with how very much it hurt.

“No,” I mewled.

“Good. Then we are just getting started,” he replied.

He spanked me even harder after that. He didn’t say anything more, simply punishing me far more thoroughly than I ever could have expected. It didn’t seem like it would ever end. My breath hitched in the back of my throat and I tried to swallow down my noisy cries of pain, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t possible, no matter how hard I tried.

The moment I realized I was going to cry over this man’s knee, I broke a little inside. My core twisted hard and I whined in pain, a senseless surge of desire racing through me even as I lay over his knees, my bottom bare and so incredibly sore.

This was wrong. This shouldn’t be happening, but nothing I could do would make it stop and once that realization fully settled on me, it was the beginning of the end of me.

When the first tear fell, I wailed in defeat. When the second fell, I moaned with arousal, feeling the rampant wetness gliding down my thighs as I tried to avoid the painful bite of his palm.

The tears began falling faster and my body went slack, the fight subdued in me as I tried to grapple with being forced over his knee and punished until my bottom was this sore. He grasped me about the waist and deposited me on my belly in the middle of the bed. I turned my head, pressing my palm to my mouth in an effort to quiet my sobs, but at the same time, I watched as he unclasped the thick belt. He slid the thick leather through the loops of his pants and folded it in his hand.

It hung ominously by his side and I swallowed hard, anxiously watching it swing back and forth.

He held me in place with a single hand on my lower back. Carefully, he released me, only to reach in between my legs with those fingers.

“So very wet for me, Freya,” he observed, and I moaned with shame. “It’s dripping down onto your thighs now. I think there’s a part of you that’s enjoyed this.”

He laid the folded belt on top of my ass and just held it there.

“Tell me. Why are you so wet, Freya?” he asked expectantly.

“I don’t know,” I whined. I reached back, feeling the heat emanating from my punished backside and his touch returned to my clit, circling and pressing harder than before. I was so ashamed that my body seemed to react of its own accord. I couldn’t stop the way my hips ground against his fingers and I desperately wanted to.

Why was I like this? Why did I want him to touch me at the very same time I didn’t?

I felt so hot, so feverish with need and it was so unfamiliar that I didn’t know how to handle it. The need for more was impossibly strong, and so heavy that for a moment, I wondered if it was charged by instinct. I sincerely hoped that it wasn’t.

“It’s time you learned how very much you’re out of your element now, Freya,” he murmured, and the warm leather of his belt pulled away from my skin. I chewed my lip and pressed my forehead into the bed, fully relinquishing the fact that he was going to stop when he decided I had enough and not a moment before.

I heard the belt cut through the air before it connected with my naked backside. Immediately, a blazing brand etched across my tender flesh and I keened.

“No. Please,” I begged.

“You know already what’s happening to you, don’t you, little alpha?” he said darkly, and my hips lifted to meet the next painful lash. “Even though you protest, your body is bowing to my alpha. You’ve spread your thighs for me. You’ve been raising your hips in acquiescence of your punishment and even now, you’re displaying yourself for me as I whip your defiant little bottom with my belt.”

“No. I’m not,” I protested. My voice carried with it an air of panic and fear that he could be right about everything he was saying.

“You are, Freya. I could spank that little pussy bright pink and still, you’d continue to spread your thighs for me, wouldn’t you? Even though it would hurt?” he observed.

I shook with shame. This couldn’t be. I couldn’t want these things. I was an alpha. I should be fighting him every step of the way, but instead, here I was lying on my belly waiting for the next terrible strike of the belt.

He whipped me hard and fast ten times in a row, lashing my bottom and the backs of my thighs. The tears came faster and before long, I was sobbing into the sheets.

“Spread your legs,” he demanded.

I was horrified at myself when I did.

His palm pressed against my naked pussy and he slapped it, hard. My hips rolled, trying to avoid another painful strike, but then he did it again, three times in quick succession. It hurt, but my belly roiled with arousal and when his fingertip just pressed against my entrance, I tried to twist my hips in a way to force him inside me.

“You still think you’re in control, don’t you, little alpha?” he questioned.

“Please,” I begged.

Wetness seemed to pour out of me, soaking the sheets beneath me, and I moaned as my body rolled, aching for something although I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t want to think about it any further because I was afraid of what it might mean.

I didn’t want to figure out what I actually wanted because I was terrified that I wanted his cock, that I wanted him to fuck me.

He gripped the cloth of my thin chemise and tore that too. He ripped it into shreds and used a piece of it to bind my wrists. He gripped one ankle and then the other, before spreading me wide and tying each ankle to the bedposts with the remnants of my nightgown.

His palm returned to my pussy and he spanked it hard for what felt like forever. He held me still with one hand on my lower back, while the other continued to punish my wet, sensitive flesh until it was sore to the touch. It was painful to even press myself against the bed and I tried to lift my hips so that it wouldn’t hurt as much, but the belt whipped my bottom again.

My pussy spasmed with need and more of my arousal pooled beneath me.

Naked and on display, I’d never felt more out of control in my life. My body was getting hotter and hotter, the arousal spinning through me with growing intensity with every passing second, and the wetness between my legs was quickly soaking the bed. I wanted to feel relief. My skin itched with need and my fingers curled into my palms, pressing hard enough to ache, but nothing could have quelled the rampant urges that were developing with terrifying speed inside me.

I was petrified that I knew what was happening and I pushed it away with everything in me.

It couldn’t be. I couldn’t want this.

The belt continued to fall, relentlessly painful and I sobbed. The tears fell with wild abandon and nothing could stop them.

Nothing but Aric’s cock.

My body burned with need. I panted and cried, and his palm returned to my pussy, only to punish it once again. The sound of his hand spanking my pussy was embarrassingly wet and I shuddered with shame at the same time I wailed at the painful ache. My inner walls fluttered hard and his fingers teased my clit one more time.

Over and over he teased me, leaving me cruelly on the edge of release. Orgasm felt so close each and every time, but then he would take his fingers away only to slap my pussy once more, driving me insane with pleasure and pain the more he tortured me.

With every last breath, I fought the only possibility for all of this with everything that I had. My clit throbbed with need and my core twisted harder and more painfully than ever. I didn’t know how much longer I could survive this. Everything hurt. I was incredibly aroused. I was so impossibly wet, and I didn’t want to accept what all of this might mean.

“It can’t be,” I sobbed.

“What’s happening, little alpha?” he asked.

“There’s no possible way,” I whispered.

“Tell me, Freya,” he demanded gently. “What’s this between your thighs?”

His fingers traced down my legs, gliding across the rampant wetness that was gathered there. I was so soaked that there was only one possibility for what it was. I wailed, digging my fingers into the sheets beneath me, before I finally answered him.

“It’s slick,” I whispered forlornly. My hips twitched and rolled against his fingers. He wasn’t teasing me anymore and I came to the sickening conclusion that I was doing it to myself.

“Why would an alpha be so wet with slick?” he pressed, and I screamed into the blankets. There was no question of what this was anymore. I could fight it all I wanted, but that wasn’t going to stop this. This was estrous. I was going into heat. I could feel my alpha fading away and another presence inside me coming to life.

“Because,” I began, but I couldn’t finish the thought. I screamed again, not wanting to continue.

“Why are you this wet, Freya?” he pushed, his voice far too calm.

“Because I’m going into heat,” I sobbed. Tears raced down my cheeks and everything in me fought against what he was saying.

“Please, make it stop,” I begged.

“What are you, Freya?” he pressed, not allowing me to change the subject or ignore what was really happening to me right now.

Disbelief raced through me. I wanted to refuse to accept what he was insinuating, but even now, my entire body was twisting so hard with desire that it was quickly becoming more painful than I could bear. I needed relief and I needed it soon, or else I felt like I was going to be torn apart from the inside out.

His fingers gently caressed my clit and then he slipped one single digit inside me and I clenched around him desperately. He purred, the sound low and enticing and my core tightened so hard that I keened from the aching sensation. Slick poured down my thighs as my body prepared to take his length and there was no doubt left in my mind after that.

Alphas didn’t respond to another alpha’s purr. Alphas didn’t have slick pour from their bodies, and they didn’t go into heat.

Omegas did.

Which could only mean one terrible thing.

“I’m an omega,” I whispered with horror, as it finally hit me. Sobs racked my frame and his fingers continued to explore me. I hated it. I loved it.

I screamed.

My world fractured. A part of me died inside and another piece of me flared to life.

“That’s right, little omega. You’re going into heat and you need my cock, don’t you?”

I wailed as he teased my clit and he purred once more, making my entire body answer to his call. More slick poured down my thighs and rampant desire amplified in my veins until I was nothing more than a panting animal that needed to be fucked.

He’d done this. He’d made me into this.

Now I wanted nothing more than to ride him into a pleasurable abyss. I needed to come, and I needed it as badly as I needed air to breathe. The sheer desperation inside me boiled over and nothing could quell it until he gave me every last inch of his cock.

“Please,” I pleaded.

“I want to hear you beg me for it, little omega. I want to hear you beg for the privilege to ride my cock,” he demanded, and I whimpered with misery. I was still bound and on display for him. He could see how much I needed him, that my pussy was swollen and throbbing just for him, over and over like the deafening drumbeat of my heart.

I didn’t want to give into these primal urges. My pride was still strong enough to win out, and I still felt the last dregs of it holding me back. I didn’t want him to know how far gone I was, but the more he teased my clit, the more I came to realize that very soon, it wouldn’t be up to me. Maybe it never was.

He teased me for what felt like forever. Then he went completely still. And that proved to be the worst thing of all.

Now that I had recognized what was happening, the heat rolling inside of me intensified. My fingers dug into the blankets beneath me and the chilly air from my fan overhead caressed my naked flesh. My clit pulsed heavily and my pussy clenched down hard. The knowledge that I was going into heat and the only thing that would stop it was alpha cock weighed heavy on me and it made me want it even more and I hated it. I was craving the inevitable and I didn’t want to.

My legs were spread. My pussy was on display. My head lolled to the side and I breathed in his scent. I couldn’t help myself as I lifted my hips, hoping he was staring at the place between my thighs. I hoped he was looking at the place where I needed him the most.

He was all alpha.

And right now, I was an omega. I couldn’t even feel the faintest shred of alpha left inside me.

I was something I never thought I’d become.

His fingers stayed ruthlessly still and because I was still bound, I couldn’t rub myself on his fingers to reach completion. Ferocious agony cut through me as my core twisted impossibly tighter, far more than I even thought possible. My skin burned. My insides felt like they were tearing apart with desire and pain and sensation too strong to bear.

I suffered through the throes of estrous alone, trying to hold onto the very last piece of my pride until that disintegrated in ash too. At that moment, I broke completely. I opened my lips and I finally said the words he wanted to hear.

“Please,” I begged. “Please, give me your cock.”

My face heated with shame as I lay there on my belly with my pussy clenching hard over and over in hopeless despair, aching to be filled with every inch of him. I wanted his knot. I was frantic for it.

His fingers still hadn’t moved. They were still pressed up against my pussy, touching me and teasing me even though they were entirely motionless. Honestly, I didn’t know how much more I could take. I needed release so very desperately.

“Please,” I begged. “Please, it hurts.”

Finally, he began to move. I felt his other hand untie my left ankle and then the other, before he moved to unbind my wrists. Quickly, he flipped me over on my back and took a step back, watching me as I gazed back at him. I pressed my legs together, suddenly ashamed for my behavior even though I still needed him so badly.

I whimpered, feeling my freshly punished backside press firmly against the surface of the bed. It ached painfully and I rushed to touch the backs of my legs, still feeling the welts from the belt marking my thighs. For some reason, although it should make me angry, it only managed to make me even hotter than before.

“Show yourself to me, omega. Show me where you need every last inch of me,” he said, cocking his head to the side. My eyes glanced down to his waist, taking in the long length of him still hidden by his dark pants and I licked my lips. His hand dropped to stroke along his shaft and I shivered hard, licking my lips as he did so.

Delicious and terrible agony raced through me, pleasure so strong that I was beginning to doubt that it could ever be quelled. I feared I was doomed to feel this way forever.

Fuck. Why was that so hot? Why did I want him like this?

I couldn’t stand it. I felt like I was becoming something less than human, a feral being driven solely by the need to breed and the unquenchable desire to feel his knot deep inside me.

I had no other choice. Slowly, I spread my legs, revealing my wetness to him.

“Your pretty little pussy is still bright pink from your spanking, little omega. Not only that, sweet girl, but you’re soaked for me, just waiting to be fucked good and hard, aren’t you?” he observed, cocking his head to the side as he moved a bit closer and studied my needy flesh.

My chest heaved up and down. I panted, trying to draw in air, but the only thing I could think about was feeling his enormous length spearing into me for the very first time. He growled this time and I doubled over in pain and immeasurable desire, my core tightening hard in response to his dominance.

“Are you in control, little omega?” he asked.

“No, alpha,” I whimpered, keeping my legs spread open wide.

“Will you decide when you’re granted the privilege of my cock, omega?” he questioned, leaning over me as he said it. His scent hit me, and I trembled as I waited.

“No, alpha,” I whined, lifting my hips toward him in hopes he needed me too. “Please fuck me,” I begged, hoping against hope that he would give me what I needed now.

“The scent of your slick is so very enticing, little omega. You’ve soaked your nest and soon, you’re going to soak every last inch of my cock, aren’t you?” he whispered into my ear, tickling the hairs of my neck as I quivered beneath him. His fingers curled around my throat, reminding me of his power and the fact that he had rendered me into a wet, needy little mess that craved him in a way I’ve never wanted anyone else ever before.

I wanted to come. Badly.

I heard him reach down and free his cock. I felt his long length press against my wetness, and I thought he was going to slide it inside me, but instead, he cruelly gripped my wrist and pulled me up, forcing me off the bed and up to my feet.

“Get down on your knees. You’re going to show me just how much you want it with that pretty little mouth,” he demanded.

Slick dripped down my thighs. My core tightened helplessly.

I couldn’t wait much longer. I needed to feel him inside me. I’d gone into estrous and the only thing that would quell the heat rampaging inside me was his cock thrusting in and out of my freshly awakened omega pussy.

“Please,” I pleaded. He didn’t answer. I moaned in misery and shame, shaking with hopelessness as I obediently followed his instructions even though it was the last thing I wanted.

I knelt down in front of him, swallowing nervously as I peered up at him, taking in the sight of his length for the very first time. He was enormous and for a long moment, I was incredibly worried that he wouldn’t fit inside me. His cock was so hard that I could see a vein pumping with blood along the side and there was a part of me that wanted to touch it. The head of his dick was thick, and a small slit at the top dribbled with a droplet of his own pre-cum. Tentatively, I reached for him and gathered that drop with my finger, pressing it between my lips and onto my tongue.

It was salty and sweet, and I lost control of myself for a brief second as my eyes rolled back in my head. The taste of him was almost more than I could bear as my arousal intensified even further. His fingers wound around the back of my scalp and he pressed himself against my lips. Obediently, I opened my mouth and he pushed inside me. At first, my throat protested his thick girth and I had to force myself not to push back away from him even though I desperately wanted to.

He pushed even further into my mouth and I choked, gagging several times until I made myself relax. He growled softly in warning and I tried hard to take him without complaint, but it was hard, and I’d never done this before. He didn’t allow me long to get used to his size, and before I knew it, he took control completely. He thrust in and out of my mouth, using me for his own pleasure. His hand wound around my head and held me in place as he thrust even more deeply into my mouth. He didn’t give me a choice. He just took what he wanted.

I swirled my tongue around his length, trying to suckle to the best of my ability and show him that I needed him, but he wasn’t looking for any of that. Instead, he wanted to show me that he could master me with every long inch and that even though I desperately wanted him to fuck me, he would be the one who decided when I’d earned it.

“You wanted my cock, omega, and you’re going to take it however I decide to give it to you, whether if it’s in this pretty mouth or that tight little omega cunt,” he growled and my pussy spasmed convulsively with need.

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