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Savage Prince: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

Anger continued to rush into every cell and muscle, but this time I was furious with myself. How could I feel anything but utter disgust for the man? How could I climax? I closed my eyes, unable to look at him any longer. He’d already taken from me something he could never return, but I refused to fall subject to his actions.

He could burn in hell as far as I was concerned.

Nothing seemed real. Even being in his luxurious penthouse was like something out of a nightmare. Enrique was the kind of man who took everything he wanted, any refusal to comply resulting in some kind of horrible punishment. I could tell by the stark look in his eyes that he had no soul.

Maybe I was fooling myself that my father was any better. I’d heard enough while eavesdropping over the last few years to know he’d doled out severe discipline of his own, including to several of the men who worked for him.

My father had zero patience for anything out of the norm. It was obvious my captor was no different.

I folded my arms across my chest, my nipples still aching from being plucked and abused. The fact they remained hard only fueled my rage. I continued to shake as he licked his fingers, enjoying the game he’d obviously started with my father. Maybe it was to him, but this was just the beginning of the destruction of my life.

And I hated the man for it almost as much as I loathed myself.

Swallowing hard, the lump in my throat remained.

Enrique stood back, his gaze falling ever so slowly all the way to my polished toes. He was sizing me up, much like one would a piece of fruit in a grocery store. Only the juiciest would be accepted. Oh, God. I couldn’t believe I was thinking this way.

I also couldn’t stand the fact I found him so damn attractive. He was more muscular than I’d originally believed, his carved body a thing of beauty. From his sculpted chest to his narrow hips, his muscular and very long legs only added to the package, much like his thick, throbbing cock. I found it almost impossible not to stare at his shaft, eyeing the veins popping on both sides.

Jesus. My mouth even watered from the sight alone. When I turned my head away, I was given another animalistic growl. Obviously, my actions irritated him. What a damn shame.

“Look at me, Gillian.”

And I hated the way he continued to call me by my name. Only my father did that, especially when he was displeased with something I did or didn’t do. I refused to comply, clenching my jaw to keep from screaming. Not that doing so would do me any good. The building was obviously very secure, probably even soundproof.

When I didn’t obey him right away, he clamped his hand around my jaw, forcing my head in his direction.

“Bad girl. How quickly you forget that you’re required to follow my rules.”

I started to curse at him, but the last thing I wanted was another spanking. My bottom continued to ache, the heat in my skin remaining. Instead, I gritted my teeth, glaring at him with as much hatred as I could manage.

He chuckled in the same dark, demanding way as I’d heard before. “You’re still fighting me. You will learn.”


“Drop to your knees.”

“What?” This I hadn’t expected.

“You heard me. If I need to tell you again, I will be forced to punish you.”

I huffed when the bastard let go of my face, shaking my head in some crazy effort to push away his germs. Still, I found myself lowering down, every inch of my body trembling. Why was it that his exotic cologne remained in my nostrils, the scent enticing? And why was my mouth watering at the thought of sucking on his cock?? Nothing about this was right or normal, my mind refusing to accept what was happening.

“Suck me.”

I gazed up at him, chewing on my inner lip.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair, forcing me to stare him in the eyes. “I suggest you be a good little girl as you do.”

Instead of biting him? The thought had crossed my mind. As I gazed into his eyes for another few seconds, a bit of my resolve started to crumble. There was no doubt just how powerful he was. He’d obviously managed to terrify my father, enough so to force him into allowing this to happen.

As I crawled closer, I tried to push my mind somewhere else. This just couldn’t be happening. Surely my father would come for me at some point, surrounding this horrible man with an entire army.

Unless there were things I didn’t know. Was it really possible that my father had something to do with killing his? The thought left a bitter taste in my mouth, my refusal to believe it barely holding water any longer. All I wanted to do was curl up under the covers, watching my favorite movie while the world passed me by.

When I was directly beneath him, the look he gave me was even more intense than before. Carnal. Possessive.

My heart continued to hammer against my chest making it difficult to catch my breath. How was I expected to obey this horrible man? I just needed to get this over with. The second I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock, I had the same lightheadedness as before, but it had nothing to do with fear.

The explosive electricity surged through me all over again from the touch alone. I couldn’t believe my reaction or the burning desire that continued to build somewhere in the darkness of my being. The entire situation was crazy.

But I was aroused, unable to resist him. Shivering, I lifted his cock, blowing across the tip. Almost immediately, his breathing changed, becoming more scattered. I darted my tongue across his sensitive slit, shuddering even more as he growled, the sound dark and husky. While my mind remained frozen, my body was lit from a fire ignited the first time he’d touched me. I’d never believed that there was just one person for another or that fate had anything to do with finding the right mate.

That’s why there was no way to explain the odd sensations coursing through me, all of which I hated. Wife. I couldn’t get the single word out of my mind. Only hours ago, I thought I’d eventually be able to break free from the tight reins my father had on me, living an entirely different life, maybe in another city.

Now I was going to be swept away to another country to live in another nightmare.

Because of my father.

I closed my eyes, trying to perform duties I knew would be required for months and years to come. The thought was revolting as well as exciting. As I slipped my hand between his legs, swirling my fingers across his fully swollen balls, a single bead of perspiration trickled down the side of my face.

At least it wasn’t tears cascading from my eyes. No man would ever make me show that kind of emotion.




I was strong and bold, my Irish heritage creating one little bitch. That’s exactly what I would be. Maybe Enrique would get tired of me, allowing a divorce. Or maybe he’d just toss me aside, choosing another. Either way, there would be a way for me to find freedom.

No matter how long it took.

I rolled his testicles between my fingers before squeezing, using enough pressure he moaned above me. The sound was garbled, and he fisted my hair, holding my head in place in order to keep me on my task.

My requirement.

God, I hated the asshole.

The musky scent of the man filled my nostrils, clinging to every molecule. He was insanely good looking, and he knew it, likely using his sex appeal to garner as many women as he wanted. Jesus. I had no doubt he had several mistresses waiting at his beck and call, prepared to do anything he commanded. I wasn’t going to be that girl. He would have to take me forcefully for however long I was forced to endure being near him.

I pulled the tip of his cock into my mouth, realizing I was salivating. Grumbling inside, I swished my tongue back and forth as I sucked, only to be rewarded with several beads of pre-cum. The taste was sweet and salty, not at all unpleasant like I’d expected. Within seconds, I found myself enjoying the moment, pumping just two inches inside my mouth as I continued squeezing.

“Very nice, Gillian. Take all of me. Every. Single. Inch.”

While I knew his demand wasn’t to be denied, I took my time anyway, removing his shaft and licking down the underside. He could pound sand in his efforts to get me to do exactly what he wanted. I wasn’t that kind of girl. The thought brought an inner smile as I continued performing my duty, twisting my hand around the base as I lowered my mouth to his balls. The second I pulled one into my mouth, he exclaimed in Italian, his body shaking as his grip tightened.

I sucked as I allowed the friction in my hand to increase. He had to be experiencing pain. So what? I wanted him to feel the same way I did, captured, uncertain of what would happen. I rolled my lips to his other testicle, darting my tongue back and forth before engulfing the swollen tissue. His ball filled my mouth, the taste more pungent but my mouth was watering even more than before.

God. What was wrong with me? I cursed in my mind as I licked back up to his cockhead, taking several inches inside my mouth. That’s when he took over completely, pumping my head up and down, forcing me to take more of his thick shaft. Within seconds, I gagged as I struggled to relax my throat. He backed off only for a few seconds in some crazy effort to allow me to get used to his wide girth.

The man’s cock was huge, more so than what I’d experienced before. I pressed my hands on his thighs, digging my nails into his skin in hopes of causing him more pain. He didn’t seem to notice, still rocking on the balls of his feet as he thrust his cock hard and fast, face-fucking me. When the tip hit the back of my throat, it was all I could do to keep my composure.

But I was determined not to flinch a muscle.

I managed to look at his face, amused from the pinched look and the way his rosy lips pursed. Suddenly, I couldn’t take my eyes off him, mesmerized by the emotions crossing his face.





They were all mixed together with something that I didn’t expect.


How could a successful businessman, no matter that his activities were criminal in nature, be unhappy? He was obviously wealthy, definitely good looking and if I had to guess, he had a luxurious house in one of the most gorgeous sections of Italy. Maybe that’s why the art pieces I’d studied were so avant garde. The colors were so bold that they’d dragged emotion from the depths of my being, the depictions reminding me of some horrible tragedy, or at least the kind of mental instability depicting a tortured soul.

Enrique was complex, but that shouldn’t matter in the least.

He was still a monster.

His guttural sounds increased in volume as he drove his cock deep inside my mouth. The way he was staring at me was unfocused, but there was no doubt the session wasn’t finished. He would take me in every way possible.

I had no doubt he was close to coming, yet within seconds he stopped, letting me go and stumbling back by two feet. His chest heaved as he wiped his mouth, still staring at me with lust in his eyes.

Then he did something I would never have expected. He swept me into his arms, cradling me against his chest. There were no words of passion or intimacy, no promises of the delicious night ahead as lovers might do. There was just taking me.

He took long strides, storming through the house, kicking a mostly closed door open and taking me inside.

The view from the floor-to-ceiling windows was just as spectacular as the living room, but the glass was on two sides, allowing the bright lights of the city to illuminate the area with sparkling colors. There was a massive bed, one much larger than a traditional king, but very few other pieces of furniture.

He kept me in his arms, walking me toward one of the windows. For a moment, I had a feeling of acrophobia, the building taller than the majority of others close by. He said nothing, just stood like a statue studying the perimeter.

When he finally spoke, I found myself mesmerized by what he was saying, as well as the tone of his voice.

“There are millions of people in this city. There is either the rich or the poor, barely anything in between. They go about their day to day lives pretending to be something they aren’t, wanting more out of their lives but too afraid to attempt anything different. Cogs in a wheel. They will never be happy no matter how much money they have or how much power and influence. They will just be until the day they die. Then no one will ever remember they were ever here.”

I had no idea what to say, but the slight glimpse inside of the man almost managed to touch my heart.


I couldn’t allow myself to forget why I was here or what was going to happen.

“You’re that man. Aren’t you?”

He took a deep breath before slowly lowering his head, a slight smile curling on his lips. “Perhaps one day you will find out.” As he took me to the bed, carefully yanking down the sheets and comforter before placing me in the center, his gaze remained on my face.

My heart raced, my skin tingling all over when he crawled onto the bed, hovering over me for several seconds. He was still studying me, memorizing every detail. I still felt terribly exposed, but the situation was different now. I’d expected brutality, a man not giving a shit about how the experience felt, but that wasn’t the case.

This was almost romantic. I half expected he’d bring wine and cheese after we made love, holding me tightly against him as we talked and laughed half the night. Blinking, I forced the lovely fantasy aside, holding my breath as he lowered his head until our lips were almost touching.

Enrique pressed his lips against my forehead, then moved in a deliberate manner from one side of my face to the other, the touch gentle. I was so confused, wanting to push him away yet unable to fathom why he acted as if he gave a damn. He’d brought me to such a powerful series of orgasms that my pussy still tingled, clenching and releasing every time he touched me.

He gingerly lifted one arm over my head then the other, forcing my hands to wrap around the thick iron bars of the ornate headboard. Then he gave me a stern look, telling me without words not to move or I’d face consequences.

I clamped my hands around the cold surface, trying to control my breathing. My father was brutal in everything he did, cursing at his men in order to keep them in line. I’d seen him smack a man just for being five minutes late. That was his method of ensuring his power.

Enrique was entirely different. All he had to do was provide a look.

He sat back on his haunches, cocking his head as he slid the tip of a single finger down the side of my neck, his gaze following his actions. I couldn’t stop shivering as he shifted it between my breasts then swirling the tip around and around first one nipple then the other.

By the time he moved to my bellybutton, I was hot and wet all over, almost desperate to have his cock buried deep inside. He shifted a few inches, allowing him to keep the trail going down one leg to my toes then back up the other. There was a sense of satisfaction in what he was doing, a moment of peace that I suspected he almost never achieved.

There was no sound in the room, not even the air conditioning turning on and off. All I could hear was the combined beating of our hearts. When he finally pushed my legs further apart, settling between them, I was panting, slight moans escaping my throat. He’d been able to keep me aroused, vibrations dancing through me, the fire licking at every nerve ending.

And the charge of electricity was more explosive than before.

A single purr left my throat, which delighted him, his eyes flashing in the dim light. Growling, he lifted one of my legs, shifting it around his hips then the other before positioning his cockhead against my pussy lips.

Damn if the man didn’t wait, kissing my lips for almost a full minute.

I’d fallen into some kind of haze, bucking my hips involuntarily. He whispered words in Italian, none of which I could understand, but the sound alone was so beautiful and alluring. I could listen to him speak for hours.

He didn’t thrust inside of me like some wild animal. He slowly slid his cock inside, allowing my muscles to stretch in order to get used to the thick invasion. I was so turned on my nipples ached to the point of actual pain, my mind still one huge blur.

And I wanted him.

All of him.

There was something possessive about the way he remained inside without moving, finally lifting his arms and allowing his hands to intertwine with mine. I was breathless, every muscle tense. He remained hovering over me like a man obsessed, finally pulling out then thrusting inside again. As he developed a pace, pumping in slow and easy motions, I found it difficult to catch my breath.

His silence was almost deafening, the way he drove into me as if we’d known each other for years. My pussy muscles ached the deeper he went, my pulse so fast I was terrified I’d have a heart attack, but I’d never been pleasured this way. I arched my back, crushing my body against his, unable to take my eyes off his.

Enrique continued driving into me, picking up his rhythm until the thrusts were hard and fast. I could tell he was totally savage in nature, doing everything he could to keep from ravaging me like the true beast he was.

I fell into the more intense pace, bucking my body against his, every cell in my body on fire. Just his touch alone seared my skin, his rough hold pulling me into his world. For the few precious minutes, we were connected, our bodies as one.

A huge part of me remained incensed, refusing to accept the ecstasy he was providing, but it was no use fighting. Another orgasm pulsed into my system, jetting into me like a giant tidal wave of rapture.

I tilted my head, trying to keep from screaming but it was no use.

“Yes. Yes!”

“Come for me, my bride,” he whispered as he lowered his head, nipping my earlobe.

There was no way I could hold back, the climax like a burst of energy, overtaking every molecule until I was left breathless, stars floating in front of my eyes. I tossed my head back and forth, finding it almost impossible to keep my hands wrapped around the metal posts. He had full control over me, guiding me into a series of the most incredible orgasms any woman could ever experience.

One orgasm turned into another, leaving me breathless.

He plunged into me savagely, the force enough to shove the headboard against the wall, the hard thumping becoming a rhythm all its own.

Then he added another surprise, yanking me off the bed until I was forced to straddle him. Panting, I slammed my hands against his chest, digging my fingertips into his muscles.

He chuckled as he rubbed his fingers against the side of my face, pushing stray strands of hair away. “You have no idea how beautiful you are, do you?”

His question wasn’t just rhetorical. It was as if he’d managed to dig deep into my psyche, hunting down the girl who’d never thought she was good enough. I couldn’t answer. I didn’t want to respond. If I did, it would allow him to capture another part of me.

I tossed my hair across his chest, purring several times more to entice him away from peppering me with questions than anything else. He certainly didn’t deserve to know anything about me, let alone the respect he thought he was owed. I was just playing a game, one I knew I could win if I kept my resolve.

I clenched my pussy muscles, basking in the moment of being in control. When he cupped my breasts, flicking his fingers back and forth across my nipples, I didn’t want to enjoy the moment.

But I did.

I remained on fire, struggling to remember why I was here.

“Ride me, little one. Ride me like you’ve hungered to do your entire life.” He said the words as another gesture that he knew what I was made of.

The brutal man was in for surprises. I wasn’t a typical woman. I was rough and tumble, able to hold my own against more aggressive men. But I would bide my time, hiding my attributes until the right moment occurred.

Then I would strike like a black widow.

I did as he commanded, bucking hard against him, clenching then releasing my muscles every few seconds.

He closed his eyes, a smile remaining on his face as he pinched my nipples. The pain was intense, but only added to the moment of sheer bliss. I found myself losing control again, riding him like some wild stallion men were unable to break. The friction only added to the revelry, pushing me into an intense orgasm that I didn’t see coming.

As I threw my head back, gasping for air, he slid his hands to my hips, once again taking control. I couldn’t believe how incredible I felt, the raw ecstasy something I would never have expected. I could also tell he was holding back, doing everything in his power to keep from erupting deep inside.

My rational side took over, wanting nothing more than for this to be over. I lowered my head, staring him in the eyes as I slowed my actions, grinding against him as the scent of our lust filtered into the air around us. I squeezed my muscles as I rode him, tossing my hair back and forth across his face.

I was filled with a sense of joy as well as relief when his entire body tensed, his grip on my hips even more possessive than before. When his guttural sounds turned ragged, I let loose, sliding up and down his body.

He twisted my hardened buds to the point pain turned into anguish.

Then he erupted deep inside, filling me with his seed.

I refused to stop, moving up and down as I pushed my hands against his chest.

When he opened his eyes, never blinking, I was pulled once again into the man inside. What I saw both electrified as well as terrified me.

He was a soulless man, his entire being incapable of feeling anything other than primal desires. Another tender and unexpected moment occurred when he cupped both sides of my face, rubbing his thumb back and forth across my lips. For those few seconds, I was unable to read his expression, but the silence was almost too much to bear.

As he rolled me off, easing me onto the sheets, he leaned over as if he was going to kiss me passionately.

I should have known better.

His expression changed, once again becoming the hard, cold man I’d seen earlier. Then he pulled away, climbing out of bed. As he tucked the covers around me, I couldn’t move, uncertain of what to expect.

Then he leaned over, planting his hands on either side of me.

This time, his words left me with a cold shiver snaking down my spine.

“This is just the beginning, Gillian, a taste of what you can expect. Only next time, I will fuck you in the ass.”

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