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Savagely His: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley – Extended Preview

The way Olivia squirmed in my grasp was making me even more furious.

Then the way she started throwing things at me, saying how her business was more important than mine because she created it herself?

She brought this on herself.

I wasn’t a fool.

I had heard the whispers when I started working for my father.

It was a family business.

Of course, he hired family.

Because nepotism was expected and tolerated didn’t mean there weren’t jealous men who said I didn’t earn my place, that I was handed everything.

Like any other man in my position, I ignored the gossip. They didn’t know what I had done to get to where I was. They would never understand how hard I had to work. They may have exceeded their parents’ expectations by rising to the top, but by doing the same, I barely met the bar my father had set.

I had earned every single bit of that company, and I had to fight twice as hard to keep it. Shit coming from the mouths of men who couldn’t hack it was to be expected.

Weak men always blamed others for doing what they couldn’t.

Hearing those words come out of Olivia’s mouth, however, was another story entirely.

Having her look down on me, belittling my work, made something in me snap.

Maybe it was because her brother did the same, or maybe it was because I had started to feel guilty about what I was doing to her.

Either way, her outburst was enough to remind me who she was.

I pulled the shirt she wore up and hooked it over my hand, the one that pinned her wrist to the middle of her back, holding her in place.

She had no idea what she was talking about.

I may not have started my family business, but I was going to take it further than anyone had ever dreamed. The digital age was changing the way business was done, and under my care, DuBois Investments was not only going to withstand the changes, but it would also flourish. We would be the name at the cutting edge of everything, not one of the many firms destined to go the way of the dinosaurs.

And this little princess had the audacity to think she was better than me?

My hand came down on her pert little ass and she shrieked, not in pain, but in rage.

She screamed out her fury as she twisted under my hands.

I spanked her again, letting out my hatred of her brother, her entitlement, and the fucking audacity that was apparently a dominant trait in the Manwarring bloodline.

“Let go of me,” Olivia demanded. Her face turned a deep red color; pretty soon, her ass was going to match.

“You think that you can just do whatever the fuck you want?” I swatted her again. “That the rules don’t apply to you, princess?”

“Let me go, now,” she yelled.

“No, you acted like a brat. I’m going to treat you like one.” I continued the spanking, each slap growing in intensity. “I tried to be reasonable. I was going to let you out of this with only your reputation in tatters, but not now. Now, I am going to make all of this hurt. You think just because your last name is Manwarring you get to treat the whole world like your playground.”

“Said the man who kidnapped me, then fucked me in his shower like a toy,” she screeched.

I spanked her harder, over and over, although being careful not to hit the same exact place twice in a row. I was angry, but not a sadist.

Her ass was warm to the touch and glowed from my punishment.

I wasn’t sure when, but she’d stopped yelling at me and was sobbing instead.

For a moment, I was worried I had pushed her too far until I noticed the damp feeling on my thigh.

I laid my hand on her warmed skin and then felt between her thighs.

She was soaking wet for me.

She may hate me, but it was clear she loved the way I made her feel.

“Why do you make me do this to you?” I asked, pushing my fingers inside her.

Her quiet cries turned to moans.

“Why can’t you just be my good girl? Be my obedient little princess while you are here, and I could be so good to you.”

“Why would I?” She hiccupped, but her hips moved to grind against my fingers. “You don’t want me.”

“And what gave you that impression?”

“You want Amelia. You’re doing all this because Luc took Amelia.”

“No, princess. This”—I pushed my finger in deeper— “is because your arrogant brother thinks he can mess with other people’s business, betray friends, and get away with it unscathed. This”—I then pulled it free and swatted her ass again, making her jump—“is because you started throwing and breaking shit like a toddler. And this”—I thrust my fingers in her again, then pressed down, dragging my fingers over her G-spot—“is because you want it.”

“Fuck you,” she spat.

“Oh, does the little princess need me to wash her mouth out with my cock, too?” I said it as a tease, but fuck, that sounded good.

I let go of her arm and she stood up, her face still red, tears streaking down her cheeks.

I sat back, not bothering to hide how hard my cock was as it tented my silk pajama pants.

“How dare you, you arrogant, self-centered, asinine—”

I cut off her words by grabbing her hips and pulling her down on my lap hard, then sealing my mouth over hers.

Her lips were salty from her tears. Her fingers laced in my hair and pulled hard, yanking my head back.

“You think you can just grab me and kiss me, and that makes it all okay?” she said, then pulled my hair back harder and kissed down the column of my neck.

I grabbed her throat and pushed her back, getting off of the sofa and pushing her onto the floor.

“Yeah, I do because I know you want it. Your pussy is aching and wet for me, and you want my cock deep inside of you.”

“I don’t want it. You call me arrogant and entitled, but you think every woman will just open her legs to you willingly.”

“Fine.” I sat up with my back against the sofa and called her fucking bluff. “If I’m wrong, I’ll stop. I won’t fucking touch you. You can go back to the table and eat your breakfast. It might be more comfortable if you stand, though.”

I watched as her face went from shocked to angry, then the light in her eyes ramped all the way up to loathing.

“Unless, of course, I’m not wrong, and you would rather I just fuck you. But then I am going to need to hear it.”

“Hear what?” Her jaw was clenched so tight she spoke between her teeth.

“That you want this arrogant, entitled cock to make you come.” I gave her a smirk as I reached down under the waistband of my pants and pulled out my cock, stroking it slowly in front of her. “You seemed to like it well enough last night.”

“Fine,” she bit out and moved to climb on top of me.

I put my hand on her chest to stop her.

“No, not unless you say it.”

“Fuck you.”

“That is the idea, but you are still going to have to say it first.” I grinned, loving the way her small fists clenched and her eyes narrowed, staring me down. “Just admit you want it, Olivia. Admit that you crave my arrogant, entitled cock ramming deep inside you and I just might oblige.”

“I hate you.” Her voice quivered with every word.

Before she could change her mind, I grabbed her hips.

“The feeling is mutual, princess. Now, say it.”

“I want you to fuck me.” Each word dripped with sarcasm and disdain.

Still, it was close enough.

The sweet, clean scent of her skin surrounded me. I wanted to make her beg for it, to hear her tell me she was sorry and she would be a good girl for me. But there was only so much temptation a man could take before he broke.

I held her hips still while I bucked up, slamming deep inside her.

Her moan was almost as loud as mine. Her tight, hot, wet heat gripped me like a velvet vice. It was perfect. So completely, undeniably perfect.

Of course, it was.

She was perfect. Why wouldn’t every part of her be perfect too?

She wanted to come, but I was going to make her work for it.

I leaned back against the sofa and grabbed her hips, showing her how to ride me.

She picked up the rhythm almost immediately.

I let go of her hips and pulled the T-shirt off her.

Having her ride my cock while I was sitting, slumped down just a little, was my new favorite position.

Her tits were at eye level, and I could watch them bounce and tremble with her movements.

Her eyes closed as she bounced harder, a blush starting at the tops of her cheeks and moving down her neck, coloring the tops of her breasts.

With my hand on her back, I urged her to lean forward, the new angle forcing me deeper inside her and putting her pink nipples just within reach of my mouth.

When I pulled the first between my lips, her pussy got even tighter around me as she moaned my name.

Fuck, I loved the sound of my name on her lips.

If I wasn’t careful, I would fall for this girl and then my plan would be ruined.

That was her plan.

It had to be.

Suddenly, her arms on the sofa cushions on either side of my head felt like a cage.

The way she was riding me felt like she was in control.

I couldn’t let her command me.

I was in charge.

She would obey me.

I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her off of me.

Without letting her go, I flipped her face down onto the sofa and positioned her body so she was on all fours, her red ass high in the air. One hand tangled in her wild mess of auburn curls, pressing her face to the cushion, while the other pushed her shoulders down, forcing her to arch her back and raise her ass up toward me.

There was nothing gentle about the way I slammed into her, keeping her head pushed down so I didn’t have to hear her cry and moan.

This wasn’t about making her feel good anymore.

This was about controlling the woman who’d tried to control me.

Every time Olivia walked, or sat down, or even moved, I wanted her to remember that as far as she was concerned right then, I was her god.

I let go of her hair and put my fingers to her mouth.

“Suck,” I commanded, not letting up the brutal pace.

She tried to fight me, but I pushed my fingers past her lips and forced her to comply.

The way her mouth pulled at my fingers made me wonder how well she would choke on my cock.

I was going to find out soon enough.

When she started gagging, I withdrew my fingers from her lips and started drawing circles on her tight little ass.

If she had never had anyone inside her pussy before me, then I would bet her tight ass was virgin too.

Eventually, I was going to train every single part of her body to take me. I was going to make her addicted to my cock. Why stop at ruining her reputation when I could take it all?

The firmer I pushed against her body, the more she tried to fight my hold.

“Stop squirming!” I slapped her ass, and she jolted hard.

“Fuck you,” she said as I pushed a finger in her ass up to the first knuckle.

“You say that, but your pussy is dripping juice down my sack. You like this, you like being used as my little slut.”

I pushed my finger in further, still slamming into her pussy.

Her back arched, letting me in deeper.

She was so close to coming I could feel her trembling under me, and I wanted to fill her with my come.

“Say it, and I’ll let you come,” I taunted.

“You are an entitled, arrogant asshole, and I hope you burn in hell.”

“That would have been so much more convincing if your cunt wasn’t pulsing with need and gripping me tighter. Just admit it. You love my cock. You want to be my good girl, my sweet little princess, and my dirty little whore. Admit it, and I will make you cry out my name as you milk my cock dry.”

She needed to say it soon.

I wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer. The pressure in my balls was building, sweat was dripping down my back, and there was only so long I could watch this beauty under me come undone before I followed. I was going to come soon and hard.

“Admit it,” I growled.

She pressed her lips together, trying not to make a single sound. If that was the way she wanted to play, fine.

I pushed a second finger into her ass and twisted. Then I slapped her butt cheek again.

She let out a howl of pleasured pain.

“Admit it,” I demanded.

“You’re going to make me come, and I love it,” she screamed as she came, pulling me right along with her in the most intense orgasm I had ever felt, pulse after pulse of hot come burning through my cock and erupting into her tight cunt.

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