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Savages: A Reverse Harem Romance by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

I wake, cradled in someone’s arms. I am being carried.

“She needs to be fed and watered,” Stryker is lecturing off to the side. “She cannot hunt as we do. She is weak.”

There is a rumble of agreement from the group at large.

“We should take her back to the city before she wakes.”


It is Maverick who refuses flatly.

“You will kill her out here,” Stryker replies. “I cannot explain how weak city women are. They do no exercise at all. Most of them never leave their huts. If they do, it is to walk a few steps to the public transport.”

“She will grow strong with proper care, as you did,” Maverick says.

“I was not weak. I was ready to come out here. She wandered into the woods.”

“I am not giving her back, and that is final,” Maverick growls. “She kept pace with us for a good time. I do not think she is as weak as you say.”

Darkness swallows me again.

When I wake the next time, I am wrapped in furs. There is a fire crackling nearby and when I open my eyes I see stars high in the sky. The air is cooler than it was before. I can feel it on my nose, but the rest of me is so bundled up and warm that I am in no discomfort at all.

After a moment or two, I realize that I am not alone. I am being held. There are two strong tattooed arms wrapped around my fur-clad waist. I look up and see Hans’ face above mine.

“Hello,” he says with a smile.

“Hey,” I say shyly, burrowing into the furs a little more.

“How are you feeling, my little rabbit?”

I smile. I like him calling me his little rabbit.

“I’m okay. I just got tired.”

“Is she awake? Feed her.” It is Maverick. I hear his dominant rumble nearby.

Hans picks me up, still wrapped in warm animal skins, and carries me over to the fire, where all things happen.

They have obviously been at work preparing food. There is a big green leaf shining as if it has been washed, and atop it are several food items. There is meat, and there are roots and berries, and at the corner, the sugar cookies I packed but didn’t have a chance to consume.

Hans sits down with me in his lap, offers me water and the selection of food and tells me to eat. I am hungry and thirsty and I don’t hesitate one bit. Usually sugar would be of most interest to me, but the meat is rich and calls my name. I start with a chunk of that, cooked to rare perfection.

They watch me intently, all four of them looking at me as if a girl eating is the most fascinating thing they have ever seen in their lives. It only serves to make me feel more shy.

“Aren’t you going to eat too?”

“We fed already,” Stryker says. “This is for you.”

I finish every bit of food on the leaf, and when I am done my belly is full and I feel much better. There is a peace at having eaten a meal that satisfies completely.

I avoid looking at them, knowing I’m probably in trouble. Maverick must be so mad at me. I ruined their hunt.

“I’m sorry I ruined your hunt.”

“No need to be sorry,” Hans replies. “You walked until you fell. You did as much as you could do.”

“I’m sorry,” Stryker murmurs next to me. “I’ll try to convince them to take you back. You don’t belong out here.”

I agree with him, but his words also make me sad for a reason I can’t quite explain. Maybe it’s because I wish I did belong out here. I don’t like being sad and weak and afraid. Maverick doesn’t respect me now. Ice never did. Hans is perhaps the only one who seems to like me as I am, but he would have let Maverick beat me without interference.

“I don’t want to go back.”

I speak the words softly, but I mean them.

“You were worked to exhaustion today,” Stryker says. “It will happen again. We can slow the hunt, but this life is hard. You will get sick and there will be no cures, no relief. It is not as it is in the city, where illness is inconvenience and injury is rare. This life hurts, Riley. It is painful and it will not end in a comfortable coma bed. You will pay the price for your place in the wild a hundred times over.”

“Stop trying to frighten her,” Maverick says. “She wants to stay. Come here, little rabbit.”

They are all calling me that now.

I slide from the furs and feel the chill of the night air on my skin. The warmth of the fire emanates only from one side.

“When I am mended, I will take you as you should be taken,” he says as he reaches out with his good arm and draws me down into his lap. “You are ours. The bear delivered you to us, and I will not give you up for anything in this world or the next.”

He speaks with passion and decision and I feel his possession. I am his. That is the end of it. We do not know one another well. We come from separate worlds. I do not know what it is like to be him, and he does not know what it is like to be me, but we see something in one another, a sameness that bonds us in spite of our limited knowledge.

I sit on his thigh and he wraps the good arm around my waist, holding me tight against his hard body. I am not cold anymore. I am cradled against him, the heat of his body keeping me warm. While I shiver, he is shirtless. These men are all far more acclimated to the weather than I am and don’t seem to notice the way the coolness nips and bites at their extremities. I curl up against him, enjoying the feeling of being held by a man. I never knew it was possible to feel this way, to be protected and cared for by another human so much bigger and stronger.

I can’t keep my eyes off the stitches in his chest and arm. Stryker did a good job, but Maverick will bear the scars of that encounter until he dies.

“I am sorry you were wounded.”

“It was the price to have you,” Maverick says. “I pay it gladly.”

He’s not putting on a brave face. He means it. There is a sincerity in his tone that tells me he does not see the world as I do. I have been taught to stay far away from things that hurt.

But pain is not something to be avoided. To him, it is something that must be paid. It makes sense. In the wilds nothing is free. The city gives us everything we need as a matter of right. But here there are no such rights. There is only what a person can endure, can take, can hold. If you put it in your mouth, it’s yours, but that’s it. There are no great deposits of wealth. Every creature takes what it needs and little more.

“I hope I am worth it,” I say softly.

“You are,” he says. “You have the red hair of the firebird, beautiful skin, and eyes that flash bright green. You left the city and sought us out. Your feet were guided by fate. You are worth it many times over.”

He runs his fingers through my hair and looks deep into my eyes. His gaze does things to me, makes my heart beat faster and my palms sweat. I am afraid of him in the best way possible. He has a brutality and a power that it is wise to fear, and that makes my flesh quiver.

I want him. I need him. These men have woken something in me that calls to be sated. I am no longer hungry for food, but I am utterly ravenous for him.

Maverick seems to sense my desire. I see his gaze spark and his arms tighten around me. “You are going to be worth it so many times over. You have much to learn, and we have much to teach.”

“Such as?” My hips squirm with the question.

“It is time you learned to please a man,” he says, easing me to the ground slowly. My knees touch the ground, warm from the fire and I look up into Maverick’s face. This position is perfect in a way I cannot explain. I feel a sense of belonging I have never felt before as he reaches down and settles me into position between his powerful legs.

“How can I please you from down here?”

He smiles warmly. “Such an innocent little rabbit. Take my cock out.”

I do as I am told, working awkwardly at the binding of his pants. He strokes my hair and waits patiently. They are quite resistant to the efforts of my slim fingers until Maverick helps me out, his thick digits pulling the flaps of his pants open, the leather binding crisscrossed over his thick rod.

His cock is not the same as Hans’. It seems thicker, and the head is larger. Veins run in thick ridges over the shaft and his dark-furred balls swing low. His manhood is a monster, and as I look at it, I see it twitch and throb in the cool air.

“Wrap your hand around the base,” Maverick says, giving me a gentle but firm order. I do as I am told, taking hold of that hard flesh that is still so foreign to me. I wonder at how differently men are made. I am all soft flesh and tender petals down there, but he is hard and his spear is ready to impale me.

I feel a trickle of moisture between my lower lips as I feel his skin against mine. It’s smooth and totally unyielding, and I find my fingers stroking up and down the length of it out of sheer fascination.

“Put your mouth on it.”

I give him an uncertain look, then sort of mush my face against his dick.

There is a burst of laughter from somewhere behind me as Ice and, to a lesser extent, Hans and Stryker laugh at me and my ineptitude.

“Open your mouth first,” Maverick says patiently, his blue eyes kind as he reaches down and runs his fingers through my hair, gentling me in my embarrassment.

“Oh,” I blush. “You mean, inside my mouth.”

It is a strange request, but everything is strange. I part my lips and let my mouth slide over the thick head of his member. I don’t know why he wants this, but I want to please him, and the moment his cock breaches my mouth I hear a groan of pleasure escape him.

I learn instantly that he likes this, the touch of my soft tongue against his hard manly rod. It is still strange, but it feels good even to me. To put his cock in my mouth is perverted I’m sure. City dwellers would be horrified if they could see me on my knees like this, taking a savage’s cock inside my mouth.

“Deeper,” he growls. “More.”

His hunger is rising quickly. I try to do as he says, but my mouth is not nearly as deep as his cock is long and I can only take the first few inches between my lips. When he sinks his cock inside my pussy, he’ll fill me completely, but right now the hot wet chalice of my mouth can only give him partial pleasure.

“Use your tongue,” he urges, his strong fingers curling in my hair. He draws my head further down and I find that I can take him a little deeper. The thick head of his cock finds the back of my throat and stays there for a moment before drawing out.

I can see the savagery in his eyes. He wants to thrust roughly inside me, no matter what hole he is taking—but he holds back. He lets me taste him, allows me to explore his cock with my lips and tongue, even as I feel his grip tightening with the effort it takes him to restrain himself.

I cast my eyes up to him and see the tension in his face. His breath comes in short hissing gasps. Having my mouth around his cock is driving him into a lustful frenzy from which I know I will not escape unscathed.

“More,” he growls softly.

I tighten my lips and lower my head further down, taking more of his hard shaft between my lips. His moan sends a rush of pleasure through me, and knowing that I am giving this incredible beast of a man some reward for all he has done fills me with pride.

Without Maverick, I would be so much flesh inside a bear’s belly. Because of him, I am safe. The hands holding my head, drawing my mouth down on his cock, demanding all I have to give, are the same hands that protect me from the vicious wilderness which surrounds us on all sides.

This is a form of worship from me to him, my tongue swirling around his shaft, my lips gripping his cock, drawing back all the way to the flared head of him. Soon I find my rhythm and my head starts to bob faster, my mouth making his shaft gleam wet. I can taste him now, a salty tang smeared across my tongue when I run it over the tip of him.

“No more!” His snarl startles me as he pulls me off his cock roughly.

I let out a squeal of surprise and fright, thinking I have somehow angered him, but it’s not anger that lights his eyes. It’s fierce desire, a need I feel when he presses his lips to mine, kissing me passionately. His tongue winds with mine, his arms wrapping tight around my waist.

He keeps me held tightly against his body as the world tilts and spins. I find myself on my back in front of the fire, Maverick poised above me, his cock hard between my raised, spread thighs.

There is nothing between us as he pushes his cock against my lower lips. I am no longer a virgin—Hans has seen to that—but I feel that rush of first mating excitement all over again. Maverick was right to let someone more even-tempered take me first, because his patience has run out and now I am to be ravaged.

Not a bit of this is said in words. It passes between us in a flurry of sight and scent, his hands gripping my thighs and pulling them wider apart, my sex on lewd display. There is a brief moment in which I feel the head of his cock find the little space between my tender inner lips and then with one rough, dominant thrust, he is deep inside me.

He fucks me there on the ground in front of the fire, before the eyes of the other men. They watch as his hips pound against mine, his hard pubic bone punishing my clit with every single thrust, my ass grinding against the ground. He hoists my legs above his shoulders, lifting my hips off the ground. I am suspended from his great fists as he saws his massive cock in and out of me, stretching my greedy walls with his rod. I am not just being fucked. As Maverick takes my body to the limits of pleasure, I am learning what men are. In all this world, there is nothing so awe-inspiring or so dangerous as a human male at his peak. There is no beast that can best him, because he has wits and cunning to set traps for those creatures that come at him with tooth and claw. He is capable of cold villainy, merciless pursuit. There is no limit to what a man unleashed can do.

The men in the city are not men. They are neutered versions of males. I understand why Stryker left and why he roams with the wild ones. There is no life in the city. We exist there and wait until we die.

I have not been a woman. I have been a perpetual juvenile. Even as an adult I have been raised to think myself small, to be amused with bright, shiny, irrelevant things. I have not felt true desire, because there was never anything in my world worth desiring.

Until now. These men light a need in me that has been dormant for far too long. The feminine power of my unleashed sexuality calls them and they respond. My pussy grips Maverick with desperate desire. I need him inside me, I need his essence flowing into mine. It opens me in a million ways and transforms my experience of existence.

I am glowing with pleasure, it flows through every cell in my body. I am free in a way I never knew I could be, and as I get closer and closer to my climax I feel my breath coming quicker and faster, my toes curling, the roots of my hair tingling. There isn’t a part of me untouched by the pleasure Maverick commands.

He cries out, a ragged male sound of triumph and release. He thrusts deep and hard inside me and I know he’s spending his seed. The knowledge sends me over the edge, the complete branding of my sex, his ownership a tangible thing as he pulls out and the warm liquid spills between my thighs.

Maverick is finished with me, but I am not done. My desire demands more. The other men are circling in the firelight, waiting for their turn. I have had Hans. I have had Maverick. Only Stryker and Ice are left.

Ice outranks Stryker. There is an order to these men. Stryker is at the bottom of them all, but it is him I want. He is the one who offered protected from Maverick. Ice is not my friend. Ice is my tormentor. I fear him too much to have him enter my body.

“Have her,” Ice says, ending the tension as he slaps Stryker’s shoulder. “The wet seconds should be yours, city boy.”

Stryker has tried to be so refined with me until now. He is the only one among them with any real understanding of how taboo their actions are. In the city, sex is close to forbidden. Unprotected sex is literally illegal. He knows that taking me this way is tantamount to a crime.

Our shared bond of knowledge only makes the act more decadent as he turns me over onto my hands and knees. He plans to rut me like an animal. My wet, slick, sticky pussy accepts his cock in a hard thrust and we both cry out in shared ecstasy as his rod plunders my pussy, pushing out the cum Maverick left deep inside me in a pounding effort to leave his own seed in its place.

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