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Savored Innocence: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone – Extended Preview

Billie is probably tired; she should get a good night’s sleep, but that’s not going to happen yet. I have a need for her unlike anything I’ve felt before for a woman. And her opening up for me just now, it’s made me want her all the more.

I brush my fingers across her tight asshole.

“Hmm, I think it’s time I make you mine in every way, malyshka. What do you think?” I nip at her neck.

She clenches, which makes me laugh.

“If you do that, it will hurt more,” I remind her.

“You want to fuck me there?” She leans back so she can look at me straight on.

I nod. “You’ll want me to, when it’s time.” I pause a beat. “Well, so long as you’re a good girl. If you’re naughty, I’ll still fuck you hard in that tight little asshole of yours, but you won’t like it.”

Honestly, either way is good for me. I already admitted to being a bastard; she can’t pretend she wasn’t warned.

“Are you hiding another secret from Daddy?” I ask after noticing the little sparkle in her eyes.

She pinches her lips together.

“Are you going to tell me, or do I have to find out on my own?” I tease.

“Maybe we can play a game,” she says. “Right now, you’re very, very cold, Daddy.”

“Oh?” I fight back a laugh. “Then let’s go to your bedroom. I’m sure the secret is in there.”

I easily move to my feet while keeping her legs around my middle and clinging to me. She hangs around my neck tightly as I carry her down the hallway.

Once in her bedroom, I deposit her on the bed. Immediately, I grab her shorts and rip them from her body, pulling them off her legs and tossing them aside, leaving her pussy bare and open to me.

She scrambles to the middle of the bed, leaning back on her elbows and watching me carefully.

Immediately, I find her secret.

“What is this, malyshka?” I pick up the small tube of lubricant sitting out in the open on her nightstand. “What were you doing with this?”

She stares at it then at me. It seems her bravery is wavering.

“Were you using this to play with yourself?” I put it back down. “Tell me what you did with it.”

Her entire face blooms in a blush. “The other night in the tub… so I got that so I could… you know… when I… you know.”

I raise my brows. “I have no idea what you’re saying. Tell me.”

“Ugh! You know.”

I grin, fully comprehending now what she was trying not to say aloud.

“Tell me anyway.” The frustration in her eyes is almost enough to make my cock break through my slacks. “Malyshka, did you use this lube on your fingers so you could finger-fuck your asshole while you were playing with your pussy?” I take some pity on her, but my words don’t wipe away her blush. If anything, she’s a whole shade darker.

“Yes, Daddy.” She nods.

Fuck, I wish I’d been here when she was having so much fun.

“Then you’re ready for my cock in your little ass.” I grin, grabbing the lube again and tossing it on the bed beside her.

She visibly tenses.

“You’re not afraid, are you?” I ask as I pull my shirt from my waistband.

“I’m… unsure,” she admits. “One minute you look ready to kill and the next you have me cuddled in your lap.”

I drop my shirt to the floor and reach over my head to grab my undershirt, yanking it off and tossing it to the pile. Her eyes rake over my chest, at the tattoos etched into my skin. My brothers, being younger, have been sheltered from much of what my father wanted to teach. While they were allowed years in high school dating, and fucking their way through sororities in college, I was sent to Russia to learn what I could from the most ruthless of men. When I returned, I was kept on the move, keeping sure our men stayed in line, and taking control of whatever territory I could for my father. And all of this history is inked on my skin.

Billie moves to the edge of the bed, getting up on her knees and inspecting my chest with a feather-light touch. She traces the markings on my left pec muscle. One marking for every man I took out while in Russia. An old associate of my father had many enemies, and he turned me into his enforcer.

“Does it hurt when you get a tattoo? I mean, it has to, right, because of the needles, but does it hurt very much?” she asks, tracing the last mark.

I cover her hand with mine, which brings her eyes up to meet my gaze.

“It was nothing I couldn’t handle,” I assure her. I don’t tell her the artists in Russia weren’t like the shops you see here. These marks hurt like a motherfucker; it was part of the point.

“Like the other night? When you…” She moves her eyes back to my chin. Her favorite hiding spot. “Punished me? It wasn’t more than I could handle?”

“Something like that.” I reach down, pull her shirt up over her head, and toss it aside. Her skin is warm as I run my hands down her arms, across her belly, and up to her breasts. Keeping her gaze locked with mine, I flick my thumbs over her nipples. They’re hard peaks, teasing me.

“Daddy’s going to suck your tits, and you’re going to stay very still, aren’t you?” I cup one breast and lift it toward me as I bend toward her. The little hiss she gifts me when I roll my tongue over the beaded nipple makes my cock ache to be inside her.

I glance up at her as I move to the other breast. Her bottom lip is tucked securely in her teeth and there’s a rose blush covering her cheeks and her nose. I groan. This woman will be my undoing.

As I take her second nipple into my mouth, I slide my hand between her legs, finding her pussy wet and waiting for me. “Such a pretty, sweet girl,” I mutter against her nipple just before sinking my teeth into the sensitive spot and thrusting two fingers into her tight, hot passage.

“Oh, god!” Her fingers dig into my shoulders.

“I told you not to move, malyshka.” I pull my fingers free of her pussy and shove them past her lips, over her tongue. Her eyes widen, but she dutifully licks my fingers without further prompting.

“I’m sorry,” she says softly when I drag my fingers from her pretty mouth.

“Should I punish you for disobeying me?” I ask, moving my hands to my belt. Her eyes immediately follow and the little blush is now a raging red on her cheeks.

“I…” She sinks her ass back down to rest on her heels. “I didn’t mean to move.”

The belt buckle jangles once it’s open, and I practically see her ass clench with the sound.

“Would you like a chance to be a good girl for me?” I shove out of my slacks and my boxers, adding them to the mess we’ve made of our clothing. Her attention diverts to my cock.

“Yes,” she says, her pink tongue darting out to lick her lips.

Fuck, she’s perfect.

“Come down here and get on your knees, malyshka.” I hold out my hand to assist her, and she quickly takes it and climbs down from the bed. There’s a thin rug beneath the bed that will give her knees cushion. If I were really going to punish her, I would move her beyond the rug to the hardwood floor and let her knees suffer.

Once on her knees, she presses her palms into her thighs and looks at me with her bottom lip sucked into her mouth again. I reach down, plucking it free with my thumb.

“The only thing you’re going to suck tonight, malyshka, is my cock.” I tap the tip of her nose. I wrap my hand around my thick shaft. It’s enough to make my cock jerk with need.

She reaches her hand up toward me, but I knock it away. “No, malyshka, Daddy’s going to feed it to you. Open your mouth wide.”

After licking her lips, she parts them.

“More,” I say, shuffling forward a step until the head of my cock is nearly touching her bottom lip. A small pearl of pre-cum appears and I wipe it across her lip. I’m torturing myself.

She spreads her mouth wider, moving her tongue out, giving me the perfect opening. Placing a gentle hand on her head, I push forward, running my cock over her warm, wet tongue and further still until I feel the narrowing passage of her throat.

“No.” I fist her hair when she starts to pull back. “Close your lips around my cock, malyshka, swallow me down. You can do it, just like when I gave you a bath.” I shuffle closer, pushing further down. Her throat lets me in, but clamps around me.



I’m not going to last if she keeps this up.

She’s a good girl and swallows, letting my cock even further down her throat while she wiggles her tongue along the underside of my shaft.

“Such a good girl.” I pull back slightly then thrust forward again. “I’m going fuck your ass raw tonight, and you’re going to take it for me. Yes?” I tug on her hair, giving her a silent order to look up at me.

Tears glisten in her eyes when they meet mine and one single tear falls, rolls down her temple, and gets lost in her hair.

“You’re going to take it, yes?” I ask again through my gritted teeth.

She does her best to nod, and it’s enough movement that I continue, pulling back and plowing forward. Again and again, I hit the back of her throat, drive down as far as I can go, then pull back.

Her hands are on my thighs now, gently at first, then her nails dig into my flesh. But she’s not pushing me away. Every time my cock hits her throat, she swallows, and she takes me as deep as she can.

My balls tighten. That familiar tingle spurs to life at the bottom of my spine. I want to burst in her mouth. I want to watch my cum drip over her lips and down her chin. I want to mark her with my seed.

But not tonight.

I growl, yanking free of her mouth. With lightning speed, I grab her under her arms and lift her up, tossing her onto the bed.

She needs no direction. Rolling to her back, she parts her legs and opens her arms, beckoning me to her.

I lean over her body, brushing a kiss across her swollen lips.

“This is going to be rough, sweet girl.”

“Please.” She smiles gently.

Wrapping my hand around her throat, I press the head of my cock against her pussy.

“Hard and fast, sweet girl.” It’s the only warning I give before plowing into her pussy. Immediate relief washes over me as she clamps down around me; her hot, wet passage clings to me as I pummel her deeper and deeper.

Reaching between our bodies, I find her clit.

“So good,” I growl in her ear, squeezing her throat just enough for her to feel it, and I pinch her clit.

Her thighs, pressed against my flanks, tremble. She’s getting close, but I’m nowhere near done with her.

“Not yet, baby girl.” It pains me, but I slip free of her body. My cock aches to be back inside her. I reach beside her and grab the tube of lubricant. Her eyes widen, traveling with my hand as I lean back onto my heels. Squeezing the lubricant onto the tips of my fingers, I check her expression. Her bottom lip has completely disappeared between her teeth.

“Still not scared?” I bring my fingers to her ass, pushing past her cheeks and pressing against the tight hole. Immediately she clenches and I shake my head. “It will be worse that way, baby girl. Go on, relax for me.”

Slowly she softens and I’m able to easily push two fingers into her tight passage.

With a soft whimper she turns her head so she can see me.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about. You like having my fingers in your ass and I’m going to love having my cock buried in your ass.” I’m not sure I’ve comforted her at all, and I’m too much of a bastard to really care. I love her blush, and I can’t get enough of the shimmering tears in her fucking eyes when she looks back at me.

“It’s going to hurt.”

I nod. “A little.” I squirt more lubrication onto my fingers then run them over my cock, squeezing just enough to ease off some of the pressure. “It will hurt more if you’re a bad girl,” I promise then toss the lubricant back onto the nightstand and wipe my hand on the bedding.

“I won’t be, Daddy,” she promises, but she’s still sucking on her lip.

I grab it, pulling it free of her teeth.

“Keep doing that, and I won’t be able to control myself, and I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk tomorrow.”

She grins. “Promises, promises.”

“Brat,” I chide playfully. Reaching between our bodies, I fist my shaft, bringing it to her ass. “Pull your legs back more, spread them wide for me, malyshka.” I press the head of my cock against her tight ring while she moves. Her obedience is the sweetest thing I’ve experienced all day.

I lean over her, our mouths only inches from each other as I push against her asshole. Again, she clenches, but this time it’s around the head of my cock.

“Fuck,” I groan. “If you do that again, I’m going to plow into you hard.” It’s a warning she completely ignores. Her tight asshole clamps down around me.

“I’m sorry,” she breathes, looking up at me with a mixture of daring and concern.

“I warned you.” And with one hard thrust, I’m inside. Her scream hits my ears but not as hard as her hands are hitting my shoulders. “I told you, but you didn’t listen.” I grab hold of her hands and bring them down to the mattress.

“It burns!”

“It will be better in a second,” I say through gritted teeth. If she doesn’t stop all her wiggling, I’m going to fuck her raw. “Let yourself get used to me.” I lean down and brush my lips against hers. “Just get used to me, because I’m not going anywhere.”

“All right.” She licks at her bottom lip. “All right, Daddy,” she corrects when I hold her stare for a beat.

She wiggles again, but it’s a sign she’s ready for me to move, not a way to wiggle free of me.

“Hard and fast, remember that, baby.” I repeat what I said only moments before, and she nods.

“Hard and fast.” She laces her fingers through mine and pulls her knees further up toward her chest, spreading her legs even more.

“Fuck, baby girl,” I growl, withdrawing my cock from her sweet tightness just enough to plow forward.


And again.

Her whimpers of pain quickly morph into groans of pleasure. My baby needs the sting before the honey.

“Oh, god. Oh, god!” She grits her teeth. “Oh, god!”

I release one hand and reach between our bodies until I feel her slick, swollen clit. As soon as my finger brushes against it, she whines all the louder.

“Does my baby like this?” I ask while rubbing her clit harder. “Tell Daddy you like this.”

“Yes!” She’s right on the edge, waiting for the little push to send her over.

“Do you want to come for Daddy?” I ask her, lessening my touch on her clit, earning myself a musical whine of regret.

“Yes! Please! Please let me come!” She squeezes my hand. “Please, Daddy. I need to come.”

“Such a sweet girl, asking so nicely.” I reposition my fingers and line up my hard gaze with her pleading eyes. “Come,” I order and pinch her clit with another hard thrust of my cock into her tight asshole.

Her eyes go completely wide, and her mouth drops open on a soundless scream. I pump into her ass over and over again, driving through her orgasm while rubbing her clit. A whimper, then a groan escapes her as her body softens beneath me. When she brings her eyes back to mine, they glisten.

I plow into her until my balls pull tight, and my body is coiled and ready to explode. Only then do I pull free of her asshole and grab hold of my shaft, jerking my cock over her stomach.

I bellow my relief when it comes, and thick ropes of my cum drape over her belly and her tits, marking her truly as mine.

Sparkling diamonds flitter in the edges of my vision. I let go of my cock, letting it rest against her thigh.

“We’ve made a mess, Daddy,” she says quietly.

I blink a few times, letting my vision come into focus as I look down at her.

“Yes, we have.” I run my finger through my cum, already cooling against her skin. “You’ll wear my cum all night while you sleep. In the morning, you can wash it off.”

Her brow pulls tight with confusion.

“Daddy’s cum is a gift. You’ll wear it until morning.” I climb off the bed. Scooping our clothes from the floor, I carry them to the bathroom, where I deposit them onto the countertop. My heart is rattled. My soul is electrified.

I look in the mirror, trying to catch my breath. I’m riddled with battle scars. My past is dark, and my future holds violent promises. Billie is an innocent who deserves much better than a monster like me.

And yet, I can’t let her go. I will not let her go.

She’s mine.

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