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Scandal: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


As I drank in the woman’s perfume, I shoved all thoughts of business aside for now. She was the perfect distraction, allowing me to take my mind off the needed tasks. I had wanted some R & R. I couldn’t think of anything better than a down and dirty tryst under the sheets.

Why this beautiful creature had made me lose all sense of control was beyond me, but my hunger knew no bounds at this point, my cock aching. I pushed her down on the bed, immediately sliding my arms under her legs. When I bent them at the knee, pushing them against the bed, she laughed nervously, tossing one arm over her eyes.

She was a feisty thing, her slap as unexpected as finding a woman I craved after all this time.

I wrapped one arm around the mystery girl’s waist, easing her down onto the bed. She instantly pressed her hands against my chest, creating space between us, but the way she slid her tongue across her bottom lip was telling.

She was as hungry as I was, her needs increasing at the same rate.

While a part of me wanted to learn her name, I did enjoy the anonymity, which allowed me to be someone else for a little while.

After pulling my arm free, I cocked my head, allowing myself a few seconds of visual enjoyment basking in the beauty of her voluptuous body. When I rolled the tip of my finger down from her hairline, moving to the bridge of her nose, she pursed her lips. But I still heard her ragged breathing, her determination to try to remain in control as appealing as the rest of her.

“Watch me, cherie. Do not take your eyes off me.” My command was dark, the huskiness of my tone a clear indication my hunger was off the charts.

While she complied, I sensed her nervousness. There was a confidence about her that she’d exuded even though I’d surprised her with my actions. However, it was clear to me that she rarely allowed herself to indulge in moments of unexpected passion. That made me desire her that much more.

She was tense at first, her muscles as tight as her clenched jaw. There was something provocative about the way she skimmed her eyelashes across her shimmering cheeks, making my balls tight as drums. I continued my tender exploration, brushing my fingertip down the length of her long neck to her chest, still drinking in her perfume as if her scent was all I needed to remain alive.

Si beau.” Whispering she was so beautiful in my native language was simple yet truthful. Few words were needed, but the passionate and very sadistic man inside of me wanted nothing more than to issue dark commands, requiring her full surrender. I’d meant what I’d told her about the way women should be handled, but my hunger was something few luscious creatures could tolerate.

“Around you I feel beautiful,” she breathed, the way her chest rose and fell drawing my eyes to her full breasts and rosy areoles. They were the perfect size for my hands and after trailing my finger between them, I cupped both, my cock throbbing from hearing her surprised moan.

Using my knee, I kicked her legs further apart, leaning over until I was able to flick my tongue around first one then the other fully hardened nipple. While a part of me longed to spend hours exploring every inch of her body, the longer I remained the more danger we were both in.

A brief but explosive interlude would have to do.

“You’re so…” She didn’t finish her statement, pressing the back of her hand over her mouth instead.

“What, cherie? Tell me what you think of me.”

“I don’t think you really want to know.”

I chuckled darkly, enjoying the banter. “Trust me, cherie. I can handle the heat.”

“Be careful what you ask for. I’m merciless with my words,” she purred. “You’re ruthless, refusing to take no for an answer. You’re arrogant, so much so you act as if no one can touch you. And when you walk into a room, you claim it for no other reason than your amusement.”

“You surprise me. Very few people understand. Yes, I am all those things.” After blowing across her voluptuous breast, I sucked on her tight bud, savoring the sweetness of her skin.

“Mmm… I’m always right. You’re used to getting what you want.” She licked her bottom lip again, the move endearing. My cock pressed savagely against my zipper, the pinch a reminder that I felt more alive than I had in a long time.

“You say that as if it’s a bad thing.”

“No,” she murmured. “That’s exceptional.”

Chuckling, I bit down on her other nipple before pinching both between my thumbs and forefingers.

Her luscious skin was sensitive to my touch, goosebumps appearing on her arms and legs, her body quivering. I was shocked at the sensations coursing through me, the electricity that had lit up the entire bar. I’d wanted to crush the man who’d touched her, crush him like the offensive bug he was. I’d reacted in a violent manner, which was unusual given the circumstances, yet I’d felt possessive about her.

And still did.

I rolled my palms down her stomach, dragging my tongue under one breast then the other, the taste of her skin magnificent.

J’ai hâte de goûter ta chatte.” My growl was as heated as the moment, her soft mews adding tremendous fuel to the crackling fire between us.


“I said, my cherie, I can’t wait to taste your pussy.” I rolled my fingers down her thighs, sliding my arms under her legs, bending them at the knee.

She laughed nervously as I pressed them against the comforter, sliding down onto my stomach until my legs were hanging off the bed.

“Oh, God.” The stunning vixen pressed the flats of her hands against the bed, lifting her head, her eyes narrowing as she tried to watch what I was doing.

I blew across her pussy, marveling at how wet she already was, glistening from the longing. The scent of her was sweet, a drug that I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to live without. The moment I darted my tongue around her clit, she threw her head back, pressing one hand against her face.

“I gave you a command. If you do not obey me, your punishment will be worse.”

Now she gave me the same look she’d issued in the bar, slightly annoyed while being completely aroused. She offered a sly grin, as if the thoughts running through her big brain were devious. She had no idea what kind of man I was, or the danger she was in. Her squeal was exactly what I needed when I wrapped my lips around her tender clit, sucking with purposeful need in mind.

“So bad. So…” Her words trailed off as she shifted her hips back and forth. If she believed she’d be able to get out of my hold, she was wrong. So very wrong.

I savored the flavor, sweet cherries in the spring, plump and delicious, taking my time before dragging my tongue down the length of her. Her skin was hot to the touch, the way her body reacted to my rough touches exactly what I’d expected.

Even the way she curled her toes was sexy. As soon as I buried my face into her wetness, she jerked up from the bed, clamping her fists around the bedding.

“Oh, yes. Oh… yes. You are so… bad.”

With her muscles finally relaxing, I was free to eat her like the true savage I was, basking in the moment of her submission. I drove my tongue between her glistening folds, licking her furiously while adding a single finger, unable to keep my eyes off her.

She was as embarrassed as she was aroused, her heated skin flushing with the perfect shade of pink and issuing growls of her own. We were more alike than she would ever dare to admit, her needs as primal and toxic as mine.

Together, we were combustible.

I dug my fingers into her skin, pulling her more open for me. Her juice had already stained the inside of both thighs and I was unable to resist, dragging my tongue through the sweetness. I moved from one to the other, the animalistic sounds I made floating between us.

The light in the room cast shimmering rays of copper into her long hair, the way it fanned out framing her aristocratic face. She had perfect features, but there was a coldness in her eyes indicating she’d closed herself off. Perhaps this would awaken the woman inside.

As I continued feasting, thrusting two more fingers into her wetness, she murmured words I couldn’t understand between gasps for air. She smashed her fists against the bed, half laughing as I continued. Moments later, I sensed she was close to coming, and all I could think about was having her sweet juice trickling down the back of my throat.

“Oh, God. I’m going to… I can’t…”

“That’s it, cherie. Come for me. Come for your master.” I used the words casually, yet she laughed again, as if it would never happen. As her pussy muscles began to clench and release, I shifted my head back and forth.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” She tried to stifle her scream, but the sound shot up to the ceiling,

I held her tightly, refusing to let her go as she squirmed and tossed her head from side to side. In the throes of passion, she was positively glowing, adding to her intense beauty.

“Come for me again,” I commanded, my voice dark and husky.

She did so without question, gasping for air as her body convulsed. When she jerked all the way up from the bed, her eyes opening wide, I drove all four fingers into her tight channel, flexing them open as I pumped savagely.

The luscious woman finally fell against the bed, her chest heaving from her ragged breathing.

I pulled away and onto my knees, dragging my tongue around my mouth before stepping off the bed completely.

She rose onto her elbows, staring at me with lazy eyes.

When I wrapped my hand around her ankle, yanking her to the end of the bed, she laughed. “What are you doing?”

I planted my hands on either side of her, leaning over until our lips were almost touching. “I’m following through with my promise to spank you.”

She didn’t hesitate before planting her foot in the middle of my chest, shoving with all her might. I allowed myself to be tossed backwards, amused that she truly believed she could win this fight. She scrambled off the bed, acting as if she was running for the door.

The bad man inside of me wanted to see if she’d go through with racing outside, allowing other guests of the hotel to bask in her beauty. The woman had fire built into her, the combination of sass, intelligence, grace, and extreme beauty keeping me on top of my game.

Or so I hoped.

I lunged forward, snatching her by the arm, twirling her around so she was forced against my chest. “Not so fast, cherie. You deserve the punishment.”

“You’re crazy,” she hissed, yet the sparkle in her emerald eyes remained.

My cock remained hard from the longing to tame the wild child, requiring her full submission. I could only imagine the kind of passionate lover she would be, and I made it my mission to have her scream out my name.

When she dared to lift her arm again, as if she believed I’d allow her to smack me, I drove her against the wall, easily maneuvering both her arms over her head. Her heated gaze stayed glued to me but the sly smirk on her face allowed me to know what she had planned.

The moment she tried to drive her knee into my groin, I crushed the full weight of my body against hers, pinning her against the wall. Both of us gasping for air, I lowered my head until our lips were almost touching. “That wasn’t very nice of you, cherie.”

“I never said I was a nice girl.” She jutted her chin forward as if daring me to kiss her.

“Mmm… I guess you did not. But you will not do that again.”

“Watch me.”

“Then your punishment will be something you won’t soon forget.” I kept my voice low and stern, unable to resist the lushness of her full lips. I crushed our mouths together, immediately driving my tongue deep inside.

She struggled at first, her body wiggling against mine, not realizing that all she was doing was fueling and feeding the monster underneath my freshly pressed suit.

The taste of her was even more powerfully effervescent than before, hints of the briny olives I’d watched her consume mixed with the pure rich taste of good vodka. I could easily become intoxicated from the intimate moment of passion alone.

But I chose not to, my hunger for her far too significant.

I swept my tongue back and forth, capturing every moan, deep-throating her as she continued to try to loosen my hold.

The kiss was a powerful draw, but with every passing second, my libido continued to increase tenfold. I was in far too much need to continue playing this game. When I broke the kiss, I bit down on her lower lip until she cried out, finally releasing my hold.

She attempted to use that to her advantage, issuing a dark purr, but I was no fool. As soon as I took a step away, she grabbed my arm, able to twist it in a martial arts move. The woman had no way of knowing I’d anticipated her moves, able to break free with ease, the force I used tossing her backward.

The slight sound of shock was following by the vixen narrowing her eyes. “Bastard.”

“You just earned yourself a spanking with my belt.” Using one hand, I unbuckled my belt, and she watched in a mixture of fascination and horror as I jerked it free from my beltloops in one brutal tug.

“Hell, no.”

“Think again, baby girl.”

She continued the useless fight, jumping onto the bed from the other side, taking three long steps then jumping to the floor, racing into the bathroom and slamming the door.

All I could do was grin.

The woman was exactly what I’d needed for the night and nothing I should indulge in. After all, being with her was a sin, but I’d never considered myself a good boy under any circumstances. I should do the right thing and leave before our actions got out of hand.

But when had I ever done the right thing?


“Oh, my God.”

What in the hell had just happened?

After locking the bathroom door and flipping on the light, I stumbled backward, almost ripping the shower curtain down and falling on my butt. Great. I’d just experienced the most passionate moment of my life and I was about to make a fool of myself.

I took a deep breath, staring at the door as if he was going to huff and puff and blow it down.

Or maybe I wanted him to.

After all, he did remind me of the big, bad wolf. Only one with sensual… everything.

I laughed softly, pressing my hand across my lips. Dear God, the brutal man could kiss. He’d made me tingle more than I’d ever experienced in my life. But this was crazy. Did he really think I’d allow him to spank me like a bad child?

Not a chance in hell.

He might be the sexiest thing next to peanut butter and chocolate, but that gave him no right.

Why are you tingling all over? Huh?

“Shut up, little voice.” But she was right. I was so excited my pussy continued to clench and release, the scent of my desire filling the small space, leaving me lightheaded.

There was so much explosive heat between us that I was thrilled to my core, yet uncertain of what the hell I was doing. With my breathing finally in check, I took cautious steps toward the door, pressing my ear against it. Hearing nothing, I became perplexed. Had he walked out in disgust?

No, he was playing a game with me. Men like him never lost in any competition, especially to a woman. It was far too quiet in the room, which continued to fray my nerves. I pulled away from the door, chewing on my inner cheek. What was I supposed to do now? I couldn’t stay locked in the bathroom forever. Eventually I’d need sleep then food. Plus, I’d need to check out of the hotel at some point. Oh, come on. Why was my brain reacting this way? I wasn’t his captive, just a woman in the throes of lust.

Exhaling, I rolled my eyes. What the hell was wrong with me? Of course, I’d eventually leave. I backed against the counter, glancing over my shoulder at my reflection. Was it possible my skin was glowing, my hair shimmering because I’d had the best orgasm of my life? Maybe.

Was I capable of admitting to Jenny that her idea had been spot on?

Not a chance in hell.

I expected to hear my mysterious hunk knocking at any second. There was nothing but silence for a minute, then five. Hell, maybe ten, I grew exasperated, ready to throw open the door.

As I shifted from foot to foot, I was certain I heard something. Or maybe I was being hopeful that I did. A part of me wanted to scream for him to come and get me if he dared, but somehow I had a feeling he’d do just that.

The explosive sound as he splintered the frame, breaking the lock forced a sharp gasp. But seeing him completely naked in all his delicious glory drove me into another round of shock. Oh. My. God. He was built for sin on a bad day, every muscle perfectly chiseled. I was so taken aback by his insanely gorgeousness that it took me a few seconds to register what he’d done.

That answered that question.

He glared at me, his chest heaving, the lurid look on his face more heated than before. If that was possible.

“You are a bad girl,” he huffed. “And all bad girls need to be tamed.”

“I…” What the hell was I supposed to say? Tamed? Not a chance. And why were my words stuck in my throat?

I allowed my gaze to fall to the deep V from his six-pack abs down to the thick bulge between his legs. Seeing his huge cock up close and personal, the shaft a thing of beauty, made my mouth water. I was suddenly cognizant I’d let out a whimper of appreciation, which allowed the brutal man to smile.

“See something you like, cherie?”

Goddamn the man and his soothing, sexy accent.

“Not at all.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I am not in the habit of lying. Get out,” I barked, although there was no conviction in my voice.

“That’s not going to happen. You invited me in.” His nostrils flared as he gazed down the length of me, the lust in his eyes igniting more than a single flame deep inside.

His comment was only true by a technicality. Although I had begged him to fuck me, which wasn’t my finest hour. I pointed at him. “I revoke my invitation.”

“That’s not going to happen, cherie. As you already pointed out, I am the kind of man who gets every single thing I want. And I happen to want you. Every morsel. Every inch. Every brutal moment of fucking you.”

Oh, dear God. Every word out of his mouth kept me stunned, so aroused that my entire body ached from the insane desiring coursing through it. He was also so mesmerizing that I couldn’t react fast enough as he jerked me around the face the mirror, pressing me down with his hand.

“First, you get that spanking I promised you.” His eyes twinkled as if he was enjoying my discomfort.

And I still couldn’t break out of the haze I was in.

I was still in a crazy state of shock as he brought the belt down three times in rapid succession. What the fuck did the man think he was doing? My mouth opened but no sound came out, something that never happened. “I think I hate you.” Really? That was the only thing I could think of saying?

“What is it they say, cherie? There’s a fine line between love and hatred. But hate sex is the best.”

Only when he brought the belt down three more times did the pain finally register, the fire in my system becoming a torment, jab after jab of white-hot current.

And not the good kind.

“Fuck. That is… Don’t do that!”

My squeal was met with a salacious smile, his entire body oozing of sex appeal and dominance. I should hate every aspect of what he was doing, but for some insane reason, my reaction was exactly the opposite, my mind spinning while my body hungered for more.

Oh, no. I wasn’t the kind of woman who accepted this kind of behavior. I’d never had any man attempt to do this to me. Even Matt the fuckhead would have known better, realizing I’d break his neck for a single attempt or at minimum drive a knife into the back of his hand.

My savior brought the thick strap down against my upper thighs and I almost howled like some animal. Planting my hands on the mirror, I used it to push hard against him, almost breaking free.

The man crowded my space, cocking his head and issuing a tsking sound. “Try that again and we’ll start all over.”

Jesus. My mystery guest was having far too much fun with my discomfort, his eyes glistening as if on fire.

“Now, be a good girl and plant those lovely hands of yours against the mirror again and open your long legs wider. Much wider.” He waited, lifting a single eyebrow as he fully anticipated I’d follow his harsh command.

When I did involuntarily, another trickle of lust and shock tore through me.

“Very good girl.”

The strange phrase sent a thrill through me that should have left me with chills instead of the extreme heat it had done. I was suddenly lightheaded, holding my breath as he backed away, watching the arc of the leather strap as it was brought down, almost as if in slow motion. I wasn’t entirely certain the harsh snapping sound wasn’t his wrist versus the thick belt.

But when the rush of endorphins shot through me from the anguish bursting in every muscle, I knew exactly what I was experiencing. Shit. Shit. Shit. I kicked out, fighting to maintain my stance. I never blinked, studying him intently as he brushed the tough pads of his fingers from one side of my bottom to the other.

The light touch was scintillating, almost as much as his heated kisses had been. I was floored at how much I wanted the man. I longed to feel his thick cock driven so deeply inside that I couldn’t breathe.

I was still contemplating my sinful level of desire when he stepped back again, cracking the belt against me four, maybe five times. I wasn’t certain. All I knew was that the pain was horrendous, my bottom on fire while the throb between my legs continued to increase. Everything about this was crazy, certainly not something I could tell any of my friends about, including Jenny. Admitting the big, badass attorney allowed a mystery man to spank her wasn’t my finest hour.

He continued the spanking, taking his time doling it out as if I’d broken every cardinal rule he had. I closed my eyes, finally accepting the moment and his savage actions, unable to open them again even after sensing he’d tossed the belt aside.

But when he crushed his massive hands around my breasts, pulling me against his heated body, I couldn’t ignore the intoxicating set of vibrations or the man’s incredible scent. It filtered into my system with such ferocity I suddenly couldn’t breathe.

He pressed kisses against my neck, nipping my skin every few seconds. When I finally had the courage to open my eyes, his were even more piercing than before, the shimmer in them telling me in no uncertain terms he would ravage every inch of me.

And dear God, I wanted him to.

In fact, I’d never wanted anything as much as I wanted him to take me like a wild animal. He didn’t disappoint, pressing the tip of his cock against my pussy before returning his hand to my swollen and aching breast.

Maintenant, je vais te baiser, ma belle, jusqu’à ce que tu cries mon nom.”

“What did you say?”

“I said that now I am going to fuck you, beautiful one, until you scream out my name.”

“I don’t know your name.”

“I guess we’ll need to change that. It’s Jonny.”

“Fucking me will never happen, Jonny,” I whispered hoarsely, no longer recognizing my voice. There was something so boyish about his name. It wasn’t Jonathan or John, but sensual and dominating Jonny. As I rolled the syllables across my tongue, a jolt of current occurred, almost making me laugh.

“Oh, yes, it will.”

The man was obviously arrogant as hell, adding to the bad boy persona, but it also made me want him that much more.

He bit down on my earlobe then drove the entire length of his cock inside. I was shocked to the point I yelped, my heart racing as my pussy muscles stretched, trying desperately to accommodate his huge girth. No man had ever filled me so completely, almost managing to drive me straight into an orgasm. While he held still for a full minute, his body remained tense, so much so the electricity shooting from every pore was overwhelming.

“Oh. Oh… my…”

“That’s it, baby girl. I want to hear you scream.” He pulled all the way out, thrusting a second time and I was instantly lightheaded.

Dear God, the man could growl with the best of them.

He pulled almost all the way out once again, the smile drifting across his face positively evil. The moment he pinched my nipples, twisting them painfully, I threw my head back with a ragged moan. Only then did he drive his cock back into my wet heat, muttering something else in French. I would enjoy hearing him speak and nothing else, but this… his savage actions were incredible.

As he plunged into me again, I slammed my hands on the glass, surprised the reflective surface didn’t come crashing to the floor. The rhythm he used was somewhere in between possessive and brutal, but I met every hard thrust, arching my back as much as the weighted heat of his body would allow.

Everything about him was sensual, including the way his full lips looked when he issued guttural sounds. I remained frozen, trying to get control of any aspect of my breathing while he fucked me. I was enthralled, both of us out of breath. The sensations coursing through me were powerfully electric, leaving my pulse racing even more than just a few moments before.

Even the sound of his hard fucking as our bodies molded together was sensational, adding to the filthy passion. This had to be a sin, but it was one that I would fantasize about for weeks, hell, maybe even months to come.

Jonny pinched my nipples again and while the pain was real, just as explosive as before, I was pushed closer to the moment of rapture. My mystery lover seemed to sense it, whispering direct commands in my ear.

“Come for me, cherie. Come on my fat cock. Make me proud of my baby girl.”

His baby girl. I swooned from hearing the words, shocked when my body responded as it had done from his spectacular mouth. The rush was instantaneous, pushing me straight into the blissful world of pure ecstasy.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.”

I couldn’t believe the rush of sensations or those of emotions. He twisted one hand in my hair, yanking back my head before biting down on my neck. I was now staring up at the ceiling as a single orgasm burst into a second, pushing me almost completely out of control. I was exhausted already, licking perspiration from my upper lip as he continued thrusting so deeply inside I was certain he’d hit the entrance to my womb.

His hold was possessive, the man proving the point by shifting his fingers to my throat, squeezing until stars floated in front of my eyes. If any other man had attempted something so brazen, I would have done everything in my power to knock him to the floor, calling the cops afterwards. But with this brute of a man, I was spun out of control, in the heated moment with another blast of desire roaring through me.

He pounded harder, refusing to allow the sensational climaxes to leave just yet. As the pleasure skyrocketed, what he’d commanded of me to do easily came just as every muscle in his body tensed, his face contorting as he was ready to erupt deep inside.

I screamed out his name.

It was that moment he filled me with his seed.

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