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Scandalous Liaison: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


I wanted her.

I just fucking wanted her.


The name hinted of conservativeness and class, just like her business attire had. But underneath the blanket of armor she’d placed around herself was the heart and soul of a warrior. And maybe a predator as well. That was why we were well suited together. She was just as dangerous, just as formidable, but she’d yet to blossom to her full level of power.

I would help guide her into doing so.

Maybe there was no rhyme or reason to my intense feelings. I hadn’t felt an attraction this profound and insanely intense when I’d walked onto the plane. At least not until she’d glared at me with hate in her eyes, loathing everything a man like me stood for. Then I’d crawled out of my lair, allowing the darkened desire I’d locked away to see the light of day.

After that, it had been ridiculous to try to ignore my needs.

There was nothing I adored more than fucking a beautiful woman. To see her writhing underneath me as I filled her with my thick cock was the best way to start a day or end a day. I could see waking up beside her, requiring her to suck me off prior to getting in the shower. I was truly an evil man.

I drove the key into the card slot, barely waiting until the light turned green before twisting the knob and shoving us both inside. When I pushed her against the wall, she lunged forward, using both her hands to rip the buttons from my shirt. Her sparkling laugh gave me the impression she thought she was in charge.

Growling, I shoved her against the wall a second time, immediately gathering the hem of her dress into both hands. When I yanked it over her head, she uttered a slight yelp, pushing me hard with both palms.

As I’d done so many times before, I grinned and advanced again, using my hips to slam and pin her against the wall while I yanked first one then the other arm over her head, wrapping my fingers around both wrists.

“You are a bastard and you don’t play fair,” she cooed, fighting my hold within seconds.

“You have no idea, sunshine, but you’ll soon learn.” Housekeeping had already provided turndown service, the single light in the room the only thing I needed to bask in her voluptuous form. I shook my head, savoring the way her chest rose and fell and how she nipped on her bottom lip.

No pearls to help with her nervousness.

I pulled away, cupping her breast, pinching her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

“Do you crave pain, prekrasna kvitka?”

“Do you?” She laughed when she almost managed to lift her knee into my groin.

“Very bad girl. I can see that you thrive on punishment.” I plucked and twisted her already hardened bud, enjoying every whimper escaping her mouth.

“Oh, yes. You have no idea.”

Her words were becoming breathless, her long dark lashes skimming across her shimmering cheeks. Just watching her reaction to what I was doing was priceless. It would seem I’d awakened a sleeping beast, the woman likely never feeling so free before.

When I was forced to release my hold on her arms in order to swipe her nipple with my tongue, I was surprised she kept her arms over her head. She even arched her back, taking gasping breaths as I sucked on the tender bud.

With her standing in only heels and a thong, I allowed the fantasy to play itself out, savoring every moment.

Suzanne finally fumbled with my shirt, easing the material over my shoulders. After it slid down my arms, I yanked it off, shifting my attention to her other nipple. I made certain she was aware of how famished I was with every sound I made.

I shifted from one to the other, biting down until she cried out. When she lowered her hands to my trousers, unfastening them again, pushing them past my hips, I lifted my head. “You will never be in control, sweetheart. That’s something you need to get through that pretty little head of yours.”

“We’ll see.”

I kicked off my shoes, backing away then kicking out of my pants. She cocked her head, raking her tongue across her lips several times as she locked onto my throbbing shaft. “My. My. My.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“I’m surprised it fit into my mouth.”

Laughing, I grabbed her arm, yanking her forward with enough velocity she was forced to straddle my legs. Then I swiveled, taking long strides toward the bed, her shoes slipping from her feet in the process. As soon as I dumped her on the bed, she laughed and bounded up, somehow managing to crawl to the other side. When she jumped off, she blew me a kiss then darted toward the bathroom.

I managed to catch her a split second before she closed the door, tossing her onto the bed for a second time. She still tried to evade me and I pulled her to the edge by her ankle, immediately sliding my fingers under both sides of her panties.

“Be careful or I’ll rip another pair.”

“Then you’ll need to buy me several more.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I snatched the front, my fingers punching through the lace. Then I snapped my wrist, jerking them away from her overheated body.

She yelped, raising onto her elbows as she glared at me, watching as I lifted and spread her legs open wide. Then I dropped to my knees, not wasting any time before swirling the tip of my cock around her clit.

“Oh. My. God.” She threw her head back, gasping for air.

The taste of her was so sweet, cherries on a warm spring day. Who the hell had I become, some poet? I certainly wasn’t a romantic guy, but giving her pleasure, tasting every inch of her became necessary. I sucked on her clit and within seconds, she was extra sensitive, her entire body trembling in my hold.

“You are so… I mean I just…” She cupped her eyes, shaking her head back and forth. Her actions suggested she was embarrassed. The way she was pointing her toes indicated she’d never fully let go before. I couldn’t wait to require her release of every inhibition, demanding her trust as I took her to new heights of pleasure.

As I dragged my tongue all the way down the length of her pussy, she started panting irregularly, clamping her fists around the bedding and yanking. Then she thumped back onto the bed, opening her legs even wider.

Yes, I could easily feast on her for hours. I dug my fingers into her soft skin, holding her in place while keeping her spread wide open. The scent of her desire immediately put me into a drunken state, my needs bordering on sadistic. I blew across her slickened pussy, taking my time to watch her expressions shift from embarrassment to wild need, the woman inside breaking through the surface.

As I swirled my tongue around her clit, she bucked up from the bed, blinking rapidly, a nervous laugh pulsing past her lips.

“Breathe, prekrasna kvitka,” I said in a gravelly voice. Before I’d met her I’d never used the language my grandmother had taught me, not once. There’d been no need, including when I had a woman underneath me. Why her? Why now? In fact, the only time I’d acknowledged that part of my heritage had been when my grandmother visited or during the years I’d been the only one to spend time with her after my father had locked her away in a facility.

They hadn’t been close, their falling out affecting the entire family. With Suzannah, I wanted to call her something special. It made no sense but as I thrust my tongue deep into her tight channel, I couldn’t help but whisper a few additional words in Ukrainian in my mind.

Zakhoplyuye dukh. Breathtaking.

Vrazhayuchyy. Startling.

Shakhta. Mine.

I licked her with vigor, every sound erupting from my chest guttural. I was more than just a man caught in a desert, so thirsty he’d drink the sand. I was a crazed villain, someone she should run from, although given who it appeared her family was, she was no innocent flower. Could she be a pawn in her family’s empire? Absolutely, but the woman was highly intelligent, which meant she knew exactly what her father and brother did for a living.

Was it possible she’d learned about my flight, ensuring she was a passenger? I couldn’t ignore the possibility even though I’d booked a commercial flight at the last minute, a calculated decision to try to mask my arrival. Perhaps I’d been foolish, as Grayson had felt necessary to remind me of more than once.

If she was luring me into a dangerous situation, she would learn quickly that I was a formidable enemy. For now, I’d enjoy the opportunity presented to me. I buried my face in her sweet pussy, taking my time to revel in the taste and experience, driving my tongue as well as three fingers inside.

She writhed and moaned, pitching her body back and forth, the light in the room highlighting the glisten of perspiration across her face. She was even more beautiful when she let herself go, enjoying the moment. I sensed within seconds she was ready to come, her muscles tensing.

I plunged my fingers inside, flexing them open and curling the tips. A slight scream erupted from her throat, her eyes now open wide as her body started to shake.

“Oh. Oh. Oh… I can’t… I’m going to…”

“Come for me, sunshine. Come on my tongue.” I growled out my command, keeping my hold firm even though she bucked and attempted to roll.

She clung to the bedding, yanking and pitching, gasping for air. Then an orgasm rolled through her, her lovely mouth now open wide, a silent scream turning into a strangled series of sounds. I refused to stop, every sound I made adding obvious fuel to the fire, a single climax turning into a beautiful wave. I could watch her for hours, enjoying every reaction.

When Suzannah jerked all the way up off the bed, she reached for me, her eyes wild with passion and fevered need. As she thumped down on the bed, gasping for air, I pulled away but not before pressing kisses on one inner thigh then the other. She lolled her head to the side, a look of satisfaction on her face, her eyes mostly closed.

I shifted to a standing position, placing one knee on the bed and planting my hands on either side of her. As soon as I leaned over, she gave me a lust-filled look, purring as she reached for me. I allowed her a few seconds of exploration, rubbing the delicate pads of her fingers down my chest, kneading my muscles.

There was no need for words at this point, our body language the only thing that mattered. She bit her lip and danced her fingertip across my sensitive slit, her smile turning provocative. That’s the moment I chose to gather her into my arms, yanking her against me.

“Oh!” Her sharp yelp was followed by a laugh as she clung to me, wrapping one arm around my shoulder, digging the fingers of her other hand into my upper arm.

“Now, I fuck you.” My cock easily found her slickened heat, the tip pulsing as it slipped inside. Then I yanked her all the way down, filling her completely. As had happened before, the feel of her muscles collapsing around my shaft brought a wave of tingling desire unlike anything I’d ever felt. We both exhaled and I spun to face the massive window, the bright lights of the Bay City sparkling in the background.

Her laugh was jolted when I pushed her against the cool surface of the window, rolling onto the balls of my feet and pulling out. When I slammed into her again, she laughed nervously, fighting to wrap her legs around my hips. There was nothing like the lights of the city illuminating her voluptuous form, every nuance of the woman keeping me fully aroused.

With every brutal pulse, her expression turned darker, the look in her eyes as close to devious as I’d ever seen. My actions continued to be nothing short of savage as I fucked her long and hard, driving my cock so deep inside she moaned every time.

Within seconds, I found it difficult to keep control, my needs too intense. Gritting my teeth, I powered into her, realizing only seconds later that she was attempting to usurp my authority, squeezing her muscles on purpose.

With another series of throaty growls, I pulled out, immediately spinning her around to face the window. Then I crowded her space, pressing the full weight of my body against hers. Using my chin, I nudged the hair from her neck and face, taking a few seconds to control my breathing before whispering into her ear.

“I already told you that you will never be in control around me. I am your master, Suzannah. I am a dangerous man. It’s something you need to remember always.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“I’m promising you that you won’t like the other side of me.”

She chuckled as darkly as I was capable of doing. “You might be surprised.”

“Mmm… Don’t tempt me into finding out.” I brushed the backs of my fingers down her arms, enjoying the way she continued to undulate against me. Our bodies were perfect together, the sheer volume of electric current shifting from one to the other and back again undeniable. It was as if we’d been created with one thing in mind.

Utter fornication.

The salacious thought remained in the front of my mind as my cock throbbed between her legs. I nipped her earlobe, sliding the tip of my tongue into the shell as she shuddered against me.

“Arms over your head, sunshine,” I directed.

Suzannah took a deep breath then slowly lifted one arm and the other, planting her palms against the glass.

“Imagine what it would be like for others to see me fucking you. The buildings are close. See that light over there?” I pointed toward the closest building, one I knew was residential. Even though it wasn’t close enough to detect anyone inside, the moment a bank of lights went on, she stiffened in my hold. “What if they’re holding binoculars and can see us? Can you imagine the show they’ll get?”


“Then give them one, my special sunshine. Show them those long legs of yours while I get us a drink.” When I backed away, she instantly threw her head over her shoulder, licking her lips. “Keep your arms over your head and your hands on the glass.” I knew I couldn’t resist her for long, but I was parched.

“What if I don’t obey you?”

My answer was to provide four sharp cracks of my hand against her bottom. Exhaling, she rose onto her toes, throwing back her head then purposely swiveling her hips.

Chuckling, I backed away into the shadows, but not before turning on a light that would present her to the outside world in the most sinful of ways.

She shuddered audibly, bending her fingers until she was able to scratch them down the glass.

“Dance for me, sunshine. Don’t make me spank you with my belt.”

“Mmm…” She didn’t need any music, rolling to her tiptoes then swiveling her hips back and forth to whatever beautiful piece of music was inside her head. She had me mesmerized, my heart thudding in my chest.

She was easy to watch, her hourglass figure perfect, her rounded hips meant to be grabbed, held while I fucked her from behind. Her breasts were natural, not augmented as so many of the women I’d fucked over the years. And they fit perfectly in my hands. Even the way her long tresses swept across her back was sexy and exciting.

I shifted my hand to my cock, wrapping my fingers around the base and squeezing until pain tore through the raging desire. Goddamn, what the woman did to me. I pulled myself away, trying to concentrate.

The bar was fully stocked, my selection of champagne unusual but perfect for the moment. As she danced, it was difficult to take my eyes off her. She seemed to revel in the thought that someone could be watching. That made the dark man inside of me bridge the surface. I longed to fuck her in sinful situations, allowing others to partake in how lucky I’d become.

I poured a glass, taking a gulp before walking closer, able to see my reflection when I was a few feet away. She pinned her eyes on me, a sly smile crossing her face, her dancing becoming even more seductive. Watching her was an indulgence, one my cock wasn’t thrilled I was doing. I took another sip of bubbly, thinking about how delicious her body would look marked from my belt.

After taking another sip, I moved closer, wrapping one hand around her throat and tipping her head toward the ceiling. I was several inches taller, which allowed me to bend my head, capturing her mouth. As I used my lips to press hers open, she slapped her hands on the glass, swallowing the liquid greedily.

As the kiss continued, becoming a moment of intense need, I squeezed my hand around her lovely neck, finally taking a deep breath before issuing another whisper. “We’re going to get to know each other extremely well, Suzannah.”

“We are?”

“Absolutely. But for now, I continue fucking you. Now, I’ll enjoy claiming your sweet little ass.”


Lips weren’t supposed to be so captivating. Neither were commands given by a mysterious predator.

Or fingers that drove me to near madness when they pumped inside my pussy.

Only the man who was fucking me was no longer a complete mystery.

Kendrick’s stare in the reflection was one of intense hunger, famished even more than before. I sensed not just a moment of utter possession but one tripping into obsession. Was that possible with someone I’d just met, someone I was fucking as if our lives depended on it?

The question wasn’t one I could easily answer nor was I certain I’d like the answer. This wasn’t real life. This was nothing more than a brilliant, sensual overload of raw sin. I enjoyed taunting him, becoming the bad girl that he expected me to be. I wasn’t certain why, given I’d always preferred being in control. But with him, it was as if lightning had broken through my shell of armor.

Was I being too poetic? Placing too much emphasis on something that couldn’t last? Was my need to pretend to be maddeningly in love with someone tainting my mental faculties? Exhaling, I tried to keep from allowing him to know how excited and enraptured I was.

Not by his presence. I’d been around powerful men all my life.

By his prowess, his animalistic needs that likely confounded most people, adding to the fact his personality had an insufferable quality. But he was perfect for me. Or maybe I was perfect for him, his match every step of the way.

Even if we only knew each other by our first names, I felt strangely connected to Kendrick. My girlfriends would say it was all about the hot sex we were having, the touch of voyeurism and that fact he’d driven a bully away. However, the tingling sensations screamed that the closeness we felt was unusual.

Plus, the air of arrogance, the hint of danger was as alluring as the man himself. He had my pulse of life in his strong fingers, his muscular physique such that he could easily break my neck if he so desired. Why did I have the distinct feeling his admittance of being a bad guy was barely the tip of the iceberg?

At this point it no longer mattered. I’d thought about Morgan’s suggestion and decided I would ask him to the wedding. Why not? If nothing else, it would annoy my father and brother. While I knew that was a reprehensible thing to consider given the important event, perhaps it would allow both men to know I wasn’t the little girl of the family any longer.

I also wasn’t the kind to allow herself to be under anyone’s thumb.

There was no fear coursing through me as he squeezed my neck, only a heightened level of excitement. He was undoubtedly a sadistic man, his question regarding whether I enjoyed pain furrowing in the back of my mind. I didn’t have an honest answer. Unless the fact he’d spanked me was proof that I’d been craving something different in passion, something darker.

Even the thought that someone might see us fucking in front of a picture window kept an adrenaline rush tearing through my system. His reflection highlighted how gorgeous he was, and his kisses were just as possessive as the man had been in the bar. I’d thought for certain he was going to kill the jerk who’d approached me.

When Kendrick backed away, I almost removed my hands from the window. Instead, I watched as he placed the champagne flute on the table, returning just behind me. The reflection of his face was fascinating. I could swear the man was dissecting me inch by inch, including the reasons we’d accidentally run into each other. It was next to impossible for that to happen, the odds astronomical. I sensed he was wondering the same thing I’d been.

Was there a chance he’d purposely gotten on that plane knowing I was sitting in first class? And if so, why? I wasn’t provided with any additional time for contemplation. He grabbed my hips, yanking me away from the window, forcing my back to arch. Then without hesitation, he drove the entire length of his cock inside.

“Jesus Christ,” he muttered, his fingers digging in even deeper.

“Oh.” The moan was involuntary, my entire body alive with electricity. I took gasping pants, the heat from my throat creating steam against the glass almost immediately. He pulled out until just the tip was inside, plunging into me again.

And again.

There was a sense of desperate need, his jaw clenched as he fucked me from behind. I couldn’t get my mind off the promise he’d made. To fuck me in the ass. I wasn’t a virgin to that either, but it wasn’t something that I chose for myself as enjoyment. But with him, everything was different, filthy, and a sin against everything I’d been taught to believe in and avoid.

I loved it, including the thought of releasing the last of whatever inhibitions I might have been holding onto. He ground his hips against me, his cock so deeply planted inside that my pussy muscles ached from being stretched. He was huge, much more so than any man I’d ever had. I clawed and slapped the window, fighting my ragged breathing.

“Yes. Yes.”

“My hungry flower.” He grinned and pressed his thumb against my dark hole, lifting his heated gaze to watch my every expression.

I bit my lower lip to keep from moaning, staring at him defiantly in the glass. His pontification about being in control left me with goosebumps everywhere. As soon as he slipped his finger into my asshole, I threw my head back, half laughing and half moaning.

“Oh, gosh. Yes…”

“I was right about you. You crave pain and domination.” Kendrick quickly replaced his finger with the tip of his cock, pushing in an inch at a time. He was the kind of man who not only took what he wanted but also refused to allow anyone else to touch. It was an innate feeling, an understanding that by being with him I would need to toss aside everything I’d encountered before.

He allowed me to get used to the invasion as well as the wash of instant anguish, the corners of his mouth upturned in a crooked smile, which allowed me to catch a slight glimpse of the dimple in his chin. While he’d shaved, I could still catch a hint of a dark shadow already crossing his strong jaw.

It made him sexy and wild looking, as if the man was incapable of hiding his true predatory persona. Once he was fully seated inside, he took a deep breath then developed a rhythm. I allowed myself to fall into the moment of euphoria as I’d done on the plane. I was no longer the conservative girl I’d pretended to be but the wild child who needed to be sullied by his touch.

Soon, I met every brutal thrust with one of my own, my breathing strangled but not nearly as much as his. His exertion was about holding back, keeping himself from losing control. So I pushed him hard, pressing my palms against the glass and arching my back even more.

“You’re pushing my buttons on purpose,” he muttered.


“You want me to punish you.”

All I could do was smile at that point, the tingling sensations now rocketing through me, heat searing every nerve ending. He cracked his hand on my right ass cheek several times, the force he used pushing me onto my toes. I was so alive that explosive vibrations slammed down my spine, curling my toes.

“You will get what you need, not what you crave,” he muttered then bit down on my shoulder. I could swear he’d broken through the skin, the flash of pain blinding. Then he smacked my bottom three more times before gripping it, digging his fingers in. He rolled onto the balls of his feet, every muscle tensing as he fucked me, driving in slow and even strokes, yet with so much power that I was knocked breathless every time.

Beads of perspiration trickled down both sides of my face and when I moved my head, a few drops slipped across my lips. I lapped them up greedily, tossing my long hair back and forth. When he fisted a handful of strands, I laughed softly. He didn’t want me moving on my own without his permission.

The brutal fucking continued, the man’s stamina unbelievable. Just when I thought for certain he was ready to release, he wrapped his arm around my waist, lifting me from the floor. Then he dumped me onto the bed onto all fours, immediately crawling behind me, planting one foot behind my knee before driving his thick cock back into my asshole.

“Oh, my God.” I was unable to keep from issuing a short scream, the shift in the angle pushing his cock to the deepest recesses. I was lightheaded, focusing next to impossible. Exhaustion was taking over, pushing me to where I could barely think. He rocked our bodies forward, a slight creaking sound forming, floating between us. It matched our animalistic sounds as he fucked me like a crazed animal, once against fisting my hair and using it for a leash.

I clawed at the bed, every sound I made unrecognizable. The perspiration continued and a crazy thought entered my mind, something my mother had told me a long time ago. Why it stuck in my mind now was beyond me.

“Good girls don’t sweat when they fuck.”

Obviously, I wasn’t a good girl. Perhaps I’d never been. The thought brought a smile to my face as he growled his sentiments, his hunger off the charts. I pushed hard against him, bucking wildly, the throbbing of his cock increasing. Then without any additional warning, his entire body tensed, every thrust more brutal than the one before.

Then he issued a single deep roar that had to be heard from inside other rooms as he erupted deep inside.

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