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Sealord: A Dark Dragon Shifter Romance by Delta James – Extended Preview

Míorúilt tried to pull away from him but he held her fast.

“I warn you, Míorúilt, invoking my temper is not in your best interest. I will enjoy fucking you regardless of how it is accomplished. But you, my virgin drakaina, should be seeking to have me use you gently… at least the first few times.”

“First few?” she squeaked.

She had thought she could endure anything once. She had always known the loss of her maidenhead would be painful, but she had never imagined it would be given to a dragon with a large, imposing staff that he meant to use not just in her sacred sheath but in her forbidden passage. Even though his words and tone had been seductive as they walked, now that she was facing actually having it happen, she found her courage and stoicism failing. Perhaps she could insult his honor and he would toss her away. After all, he had said he could turn others to drakaina.

“Will you have your children born of rape?” she challenged.

He threw back his head and laughed, surprising her. Why was he not insulted?

“Nay, my drakaina,” he said, ripping the shirt from her body. “Before I mount you and claim your maidenhead as my prize, you will call my name as you climax and beg me to do so.”

“No,” she screeched, trying and failing to scratch at his eyes and shift to her dragon form.

She could hear and feel the rumbling coming from deep inside him as it washed over her, soothing her fears and calling to her seductively. His song of arousal summoned her and overwhelmed any and all other thoughts. As desperately as a part of her wanted to flee and be rid of him, a greater part compelled her to stay and give herself to him. Kellan managed to remove his boots and breeches and she found herself alone with her new mate and confronted by his throbbing and bulging cock.

“Yes, my beauty. Come and lie with me, Míorúilt. Come take your place as my mate.”

“Kellan, please…” she stopped, not knowing what it was she wished for.

Kellan pulled her close, running one hand up her spine and cupping her still tender bottom with the other. He latched onto her turgid nipple with his mouth, making her gasp as pleasure shot throughout her system and her pussy clenched in anticipation, but of what exactly she wasn’t sure.

Her knees threatened to buckle once more, and she steadied herself with her hands on his shoulders. Kellan pulled her closer, parting her legs with his knee, and then forced her to move forward along his thigh. She feared that she would begin to drip onto him. His hands roamed her body as he continued to suckle, moving from one breast to the other. The resonant sounds from him grew louder and more demanding, forcing her body to respond to him.

Míorúilt felt his fingers slip between her buttocks and delicately explore the outer rim of her bottom hole. She struggled against him, but he held her fast, increasing the pleasure his mouth was giving her as he deftly penetrated her rear passage. The stretch was new and unsettling, but she found herself quickly beginning to take pleasure from that as well. She felt the ring of muscle give way and he gently stroked her, causing her to gasp at the carnal feeling of bliss that was beginning to overtake her.

“My beautiful mate, the last drakaina born of another era. How proud and strong our children will be,” he crooned.

He removed his hand from between the cheeks of her derriere and began to rub them soothingly and sensuously. Her hips began to move of their own accord. His other hand moved to her front and palmed the breast that he didn’t have in his mouth, rolling the sensitized nipple before giving it a gentle tug. She gasped, and he ran his hand down her side before cupping her mons and stealing between her legs. Míorúilt tried to close them against his intrusion, but straddling her on his thigh prevented her from doing so.

Kellan rolled her swollen clit between his fingers, massaging it before flicking it with his thumb as his long fingers slid down her labia to seek the entrance to her core. Míorúilt moaned as he slipped them into her, and her greedy pussy clamped down on them.

“Kellan,” she gasped as her breathing became ragged.

“Come for me, Míorúilt. Allow yourself to be pleasured and submit to my desire.”

He stroked her with a bit more urgency and she found herself clinging to him as she groaned. Once more his mouth took one of her nipples between his lips. As he began to suck, he continued to stroke her sheath. She might not have succumbed had he not pressed his thumb into her engorged nubbin. Míorúilt threw back her head, clutching at his head to pull him closer and crying his name.

As the powerful orgasm burst forth, it seemed as if she could see their destinies, past, present, and future flash before her eyes. She needed to be one with this man, this dragon, her mate. Fear fled in the face of an onslaught of arousal and need. Kellan brought her face down to his and captured her mouth with his own, his tongue pushing past her teeth to sweep through her mouth. He continued to kiss her, making it difficult to focus on trying to resist him when everything in her urged her to yield.

Wrapping one hand around her upper back, holding the nape of her neck and cupping her bottom in his other, Kellan leaned back pulling Míorúilt on top of him. He rolled her onto her back as he swung her legs up and around so that she was now centered in the large, comfortable bed. She felt him slip his hands underneath her, grasping her hips with his thumbs as his palms and fingers cupped her buttocks. Kellan continued to kiss her passionately as he eased himself between her thighs. Much as she wanted to deny him, Míorúilt found herself spreading her legs to allow him easier access. Steadying her, Kellan drove his cock powerfully up into her, stretching her entrance and tearing asunder the fragile membrane that had once guarded her virginity.

Míorúilt screamed as she struggled beneath him. Kellan whispered kisses over her face while humming soothingly to her. He kept still and allowed her body to recover from his penetration. As pain began to be replaced by a feeling of fullness and pleasure, he began to stroke her—long, slow thrusts that encouraged her body to accept his claiming. Her sheath seemed to hug his staff and he groaned and then rumbled his carnal need for her, picking up the pace of his plunging rod.

Nothing had prepared her for the wonder of the man who sought to bend her to his will and claim her as his one true heart. Over and over she felt the strength of his cock and the hard ridge wrapped around it as he plundered her pussy, the dragon’s tongue doing its job to score her vaginal walls as he did so. Míorúilt screamed again, but this time in pure hedonistic need as Kellan began to hammer her pussy with his mighty staff. Her sheath shuddered all along the hard rod that now plundered it.

As another powerful orgasm began to overtake her, Míorúilt felt him almost withdraw completely. She wrapped her legs around him, grasping his buttocks and urging him to plunge back to her depths. The low rumbling that he murmured in her ear was the song she knew he would sing to her whenever they coupled. It felt as though something was falling away from his cock. As he drove into her again, Míorúilt could feel something small and sinewy slithering from her sheath to her bottom hole. She gasped as she felt it slip inside her and then begin to swell. Suddenly, moving her hips in rhythm to his became more difficult.

“The dragon’s tongue has you now, my drakaina,” he purred.

Kellan redoubled his efforts as his thrusting grew more powerful and frenzied. Soon the amount of pleasure he was inflicting and the climaxes he was exacting made coherent thought impossible. All that existed for Míorúilt was the sound and feel of the mighty dragon that had her pinned beneath him.

Kellan held her tightly to him both with his hands and the dragon’s tongue lodged deep within her bottom hole. She felt every inch and texture of his large staff as it filled her and grazed her inner walls. His movements became more deliberate and forceful. The faster he moved, the larger he seemed to grow within her. Her muscles tensed in a way she had learned was a precursor to another climax. Kellan’s lips moved down the side of her neck. As her muscles convulsed in a powerful orgasm, she felt his seed begin to flood her womb.

Míorúilt screamed again but wasn’t sure if it was in pleasure or final surrender to his mastery. Her pussy trembled blissfully all up and down his length as he continued to send his essence to the very end of her channel. As she felt him finish, he withdrew from both her pussy and her bottom hole completely and rolled her to her belly. Kneeling between her thighs, he grasped her hips and pulled her onto her knees.

She felt the hard pointed ridge, which had lost little of its girth, thrust deep into her pussy as she felt Kellan’s cock push past the tight, puckered entrance that guarded her back passage and began to stroke her. Once more, Míorúilt found herself doubly penetrated by both Kellan’s cock and the dragon’s tongue. When it had been the dragon’s tongue that claimed her bottom hole, it had been small enough to be given easy access before swelling to fill her. But Kellan’s large and fully engorged staff was another thing altogether and he was beyond his abilities to take her there gently.

Instead, when the head of his cock encountered her natural resistance, he surged forward forcefully, breaching her to claim that hole as well. Míorúilt screamed into the bedclothes as he began to stroke her dark passage in the same way he had her most feminine sheath. As he thrust his staff in her, the dragon’s tongue seemed to anchor itself in the walls of her pussy, stabbing at her before burying itself, making her scream again. Just as the pain threatened to become intolerable, the ridge let go. Míorúilt tried to catch her breath, only to have it stolen away as the ridge dug its barb into her again.

Míorúilt struggled to be free of him, but the rutting and almost continual climaxes had exhausted her and sapped her of her strength. Kellan continued to take her bottom hole with the same ferocity and power he had once used in her pussy. The devil’s tongue repeatedly stabbed her, leaving his seed in the furrows it had prepared while still twisted around his cock. She struggled and thrashed, clawing at the bedsheets to try to get away. But, as he relentlessly continued to breed her, the orgasmic pleasure he inflicted overtook every other sensation and she gave herself to it and to him.

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