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Seeded: A Dark Sci-Fi Menage Romance by Loki Renard – Extended Preview


Luca’s cock is deep inside me. My pussy is gripping him eagerly, welcoming his every thrust. Since I met him, I’ve been lost in lust and I don’t think I ever want to find my way back.

“Lyra, Luca, report to the captain’s ready room.” A voice comes over the locator badges we are wearing. Immediately, Luca drags himself out of me, the stroke of his hot cock pulling my outer lips with it as I whine in complaint.

“Do we really have to go now?”

“Not a good idea to keep the captain waiting.” He winks at me as he helps me put my suit back on.

What does Talon want now? I am not pleased at the interruption, and by the time we get to his private ready room, I am downright sullen. I was enjoying Luca’s attentions, and I want to get back to them.

As we enter the room, I swallow some of that impatience. I don’t get to see the captain very often, and it’s easy to forget what he’s actually like, the sheer size, strength, and utter alien-ness of him.

“Lyra, Luca,” he says. “You seem to be getting on well.”

“Very well, sir,” Luca says with a broad smile.

“Yes, very well,” I echo.

“Good,” he nods. “Lyra, I want you to understand what is happening here. As long as you are well behaved, and as long as you comply, you may enjoy Luca’s company from time to time. But you will be expected to fulfill other duties on the ship. We are down hands, and you have basic expertise which can be put to use…”

I’m not really listening. I’m looking at the bulge in Luca’s loincloth. He has some expertise I’d like to put to use. I didn’t get to come and I am on edge as a result, my pussy clenching with every breath I take as Talon talks about whatever it is Talon is talking about.

“Lyra!” He snaps my name. “Pay attention!”

“I am,” I say, not actually looking at him.

“Luca. Go to the corner and deactivate yourself.”

The command is so fucking strange, I don’t know what is happening. Luca leaves my side, goes to the corner, turns around and faces us, and then just… turns off. In seconds, the light fades out of those handsome eyes. He is just gone.

I let out a scream of shock. I’ve never seen anything like this happen before. Is he hypnotized? Is he dead? Did Talon somehow destroy him with a word?

“What did you do?” I turn to Talon in panic. “Did you just kill him?”

“He’s an advanced robot, Lyra,” Talon says. “There’s nothing wrong with him. He can come back online at any time. But I’m not turning him back on until you and I have a discussion.”

I stare in horror, not believing a word of what I’m hearing.

“He’s not a robot! He’s a person. We’ve had discussions! We talked about what life on Earth is like. He told me about growing up in Australia.”

“Luca was brought online just over a week ago,” Talon says. “He has a database and an advanced algorithm, which enables him to converse on the human level. I understand he seems convincing to you, but he is nothing more than a toy.”

I’m offended he’s implying that he can tell the difference between Luca and a real person, whereas I can’t because I’m human, and therefore weak and pathetic and… oh, god, I am so fucking angry right now.

They tricked me, and not just into being good and compliant. They tricked me into loving a fucking machine. The sense of betrayal I feel is huge. For the last few days, I have felt as though I belong. Now I feel even more empty and alone than ever.

“You made a puppet for me…”

“It’s common for people to keep small animals as pets on Earth, is it not? We witnessed small birds interacting with mirrors, mistaking their image for another bird. Luca was the result of that observation.”

“I’m a woman, not a fucking parakeet.”

“The differences are not as extreme as you might think. You share more than sixty percent of your DNA with a parakeet.”

“You’re going to share a hundred percent of your DNA with the fucking ground when I kill you for this,” I growl.

“Feisty,” Talon smirks. “You couldn’t hurt me if you tried, little human, and you know it. Now calm down. I didn’t show you this so you could throw a fit. I wanted you to know that you could have Luca when you were a good girl.”

“You think I want a fuck robot? Fuck you.”


I am confused. I thought she would regard Luca as a treat. She clearly enjoys him. She’s been inseparable from him since they met. And now she’s saying she doesn’t want him?

She seems genuinely upset at not having realized he wasn’t fully human, but I find myself wondering how she didn’t notice. He may look human and conduct simple conversations, but he is not nearly as mentally or emotionally complex as a real one. Are humans unable to discern one another’s internal states? Can they only interact with the superficial exterior?

“You are telling me that you did not notice a single thing about him as being less than entirely human?”

She shakes her head furiously. “How could I? He looks like one, he talks like one, he fucks like one…”

Oh, the poor little thing. When Luca is activated, he seems animate to me but I do not, in any way, mistake him for a real creature. She clearly does not have the same filters of perception.

“It wasn’t our intention to mislead you quite so completely,” I explain. “We thought you would notice…”

“I didn’t notice! I told him things! I told him things I never told anyone else! You’re saying that’s all stored in his databanks, ready to be extracted by you?”

“Luca has a live feed to the control room.”

Her jaw drops. “So you already know…”

“That you stole cookies from Mrs. Hislip’s corner store when you were ten? Yes. Fortunately, that’s hardly sensitive data. We’re not going to crack humanity’s defenses with that little nugget of information.”

“Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you!” She starts swearing and cursing and losing her temper in a thoroughly unsupportable way.

Deciding to put a stop to the tantrum, I grab her by the arm, spin her around and land a hard slap to her bottom. She’s starting to act out far too much for my liking. The shock of discovering what Luca is one thing, but these curses will not go unpunished.

When I’m done spanking her bottom, I turn her around and pull her up against my body hard, making her soft flesh press against my hard lines. The armor between us is a travesty right now. I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her properly, so there’s no mistaking what real sex feels like in the future. I am going to make what she had with Luca feel like the pale imitation it was.

“What are you doing?” She breathes fire at me as I step back and begin to strip my armor off. She’s seen me without it before. But she’s never seen my sexual organs. They remain hidden beneath the pubic shield that is native to my physiology.

“I’m not going to fuck you now,” she sneers.

The first time we were naked together, I kept myself contained. This time there will be no such mercy. The pubic shield disengages and my cocks spring free, two hard rods both stiff with rampant arousal.

“Holy…” Her eyes widen. The whining stops. That alone is worth it.

I rip her suit from her body and push her up against my command console, her butt sitting on the lower ledge, her back against the breadth of it. This puts her at the perfect position to take my cocks, her holes aligned nicely. I push her thighs up and back, spreading her open. She is so small, so soft. Her human body is frail by nature and I will have to be very, very careful not to harm her once my lust takes over.

She is just staring at my crotch, her eyes wide with shock as I surge forward. She’s already wet and defiant. Foreplay is unnecessary when the point is to teach her a good long, hard, sexual lesson, and thanks to Luca, she is already wet and open.

One cock slips into her well used pussy. Luca has made her easily compliant here, and even though I am much larger than the human male, I feel her sex stretching easily to take me.

Beneath her pussy, my other cock presses against the much tighter hole of her bottom. This will be a shock, but one she deserves.

“Can you tell the difference now, girl? Can you tell how it feels to be taken by a man who knows how to truly control you rather than merely appealing to your hormones?”

“Fuck you, Talon!”

She is spitting with anger, but her legs spread of their own accord and there is no doubt in my mind she wants this. She is practically forcing herself onto my cock, her wet inner walls gripping my shaft.

Her bottom is a slower fit, but my cock exudes a natural lubricant, and with every rubbing motion against her tight hole, it starts to relax and allow entrance. I cannot go deeper in her pussy until her bottom surrenders, at least not in my current configuration, and if anyone deserves a long, hard bottom fucking, it is this spoiled little human who threw a fit because her toy was not to her liking.

“Open up, human, give me your holes,” I growl.

My words make her moan, her wetness slicking my upper cock even as my lower cock gains slow entrance to her ass. It takes time, several minutes to ease myself in, but the wait is worth it, and every second of her anal surrender is exquisite. The expression on her face is one of arousal and rebellion, her pretty features contorting as her anus spreads for me, her pussy clenching the head of my cock so tight.

She doesn’t know how to submit. She doesn’t know how to obey. But she knows how to take my cocks, and that’s all I need. I should have fucked her the day we met. I should have treated her the same way I treat all those I mate. I should have filled her up… but then I would have let her go and I don’t want to let her go. Not ever.


He is cruel, but this is pure pleasure. I have never in my life been taken this way. A few past boyfriends ‘slipped’ from time to time, but there is nothing accidental about the way his twin cocks are sinking inside me. He is not naturally meant to fit me, but he is making it work and my sex and ass are eager to comply. My pussy is stretched wide around his shaft and my ass is so fucking tightly stretched I don’t know how I’m taking him, but I am.

“You are mine,” Talon growls, pushing into me with a rough thrust, making me take both of his cocks simultaneously. This is utterly sinful, the way he has turned my genitals into a playground for punishment. I know he is displeased with the way I spoke, and I know my pussy and ass are paying for it now.

He puts his hand to my throat and holds me there, making that hot throbbing sound that is so much like a purr and yet goes much deeper into my body. I feel it humming inside me, traveling through his cocks and making my flesh resonate with his desire.

My shrieks and gasps turn to moans of shocked desire. I never imagined I would be taken this way, used so utterly roughly and shamefully. He is not taking it easy on me. He is not being gentle. He is making a point.

“Luca! Wake up! Watch me fuck her!”

The light returns to Luca’s eyes, and I see him lock onto me. There’s no anger in his expression for being deactivated, there is only pleasure at the sight of me with my legs spread wide, both holes stretched out nice and tight around the captain’s cocks. I know what kind of a scene I am making.

“What do you think, Luca?” Talon growls over his shoulder.

“I think she looks very pretty when her pussy is being used,” Luca smiles. “I think her bottom deserves your cock too, sir.”

“That’s right,” Talon grunts, slamming deep inside both my holes. “What is she to me?”

“She’s your toy, sir,” Luca says. “She’s your wet little human fuck doll.”

“Luca!” I gasp in shock, even as my pussy contracts with desire at his words.

“It’s true,” Talon says, squeezing my throat a little more firmly. “And you’ve known it’s been true since you came aboard. I claimed your pussy with my mouth. You’re mine. And I’ll let you have your fuck fun with Luca, because I know you’re a dirty little girl who needs her pussy filled daily, but you will never forget who owns that cunt.”

He is growling the words at me and they are making me clench and squirm and building the orgasm inside me. He’s right. I feel the strength in his body, the vicious lines, the serrated brows and hard planes of his nearly monstrous face, and I feel those cocks plunging in and out of me with ever harder strokes, forcing my human body to take his alien seed.

I’m going to come. I’m going to orgasm all over his cocks. I can’t help it.

“Say it,” Talon orders. “Tell me who owns your pussy, and beg me to fill it up.”

“Y-you!” I gasp as he grinds his cocks deep into me, the hard plate of his pubic bone rubbing my clit.

“I what?”

“You own my pussy. I need you to fill me, please…” I am breathless and helpless. I am caught in his grip, fucked like a ragdoll as he pulls me from his desk and bucks me up and down on his cocks, using his hips to urge me up, and then letting me fall back down, impaling myself on his ravaging rods.

Luca is watching all of this, his cock as hard as ever. As climax starts to rise, I realize that this is all true and real, so much more so than the life I lived before this. I never felt like this before. I was never so connected in the flesh, I was never so completely female.

I wrap my arms around Talon’s neck, bury my head in his hard chest, and let him pound me to a vicious climax that makes me scream at the top of my lungs when it breaks over me in a wave that rushes out, leaving me weak and satisfied.

He has ravaged me. My bottom was virginal, but it is now sore and open, leaking whatever passes for alien seed. I don’t think my body will ever be the same. I don’t think my mind will ever be the same.

Talon carries me over to Luca, and hands me over as if I weigh nothing.

“Take her to her room,” he instructs Luca. “And, Lyra, don’t forget who owns you. Next time I call for those holes, you have them ready. Say, ‘yes, sir.’”

“Yes, sir,” I mumble softly.

“Good girl,” Talon says, patting my bottom. “You’re dismissed.”

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