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Seeking Her Out by Summer Graystone – Extended Preview

Cara silently followed Aiden up the steps of the Red Velvet club, a little bit nervous but nowhere as nervous as she would normally be. This was because all through the ride, Aiden had made sure that her mind was on something other than what she was about to get into. He talked about his day, and made her laugh with his narration of a particular frustrating conversation he had had with a certain Chinese businessman who thought he knew English well enough to not require a translator. After which he had made her talk about herself, her friends, and even a little bit about her family. By the time he pulled up at the club, she had entirely forgotten about what it was they were going to do and was laughing as she told him stories about her college escapades with Shelley.

But now as they walked into the club, she could steadily feel her nerves creeping back up and only the encouraging curve of his arm around her shoulder gave her the confidence she needed to keep going. As he had said, she had dressed as normally as she could in a blue off the shoulder dress that stopped just a little bit north of her knees. She had even almost gone for stilettos, but in the end decided she did not need to heap more pressure on herself and was wearing brown open-toe dress sandals with just enough heel to make her ensemble casual but still sexy.

Aiden walked up to the big burly man standing at the entrance of the club, and after a short conversation and a nod in her direction, they were allowed to go through.

When they entered the club, the first thing Cara thought of was that it felt just like any other club she knew of. There was a bar at the far end of the room with people around it ordering drinks, chatting. Scattered around the club were seating areas with people in them and even in the middle of the club people were dancing while others’ eyes darted around as if they were hoping to catch a date. But as Aiden led her to the bar, she started to notice other things too: the lighting, designed to throw some places in shadows and highlight other areas, and the prominently displayed platforms where men and women seemed to put on shows. Some of the platforms had wooden crosses shaped like an X on them as well as tables on which were displayed various props and instruments.

In the seating areas, she could just make out men and women not just talking, but also doing other things: things that made her hear moans, whimpers, the occasional odd cry and in one case the scream of a woman in what sounded like ecstasy. She knew it was easy to guess that this was her first time in the club, with the way she kept glancing around. Then Aiden squeezed her hand reassuringly and she gained a little more confidence.

“So what do you think?” he asked her as they got seats at the bar, and he nodded in greeting to the barman.

“Well, it’s almost like any other club. But still different, sort of. I mean the energy is a little bit different, I guess,” Cara answered him. By her side there was a couple with the man taking a sip of his drink while his partner knelt beside him with her head on his lap. Then to the far end of the bar, a man publicly fondled the breasts of his blonde-haired partner and Cara saw her wince as he pinched her nipples. She whipped her head back to Aiden as her cheeks colored in embarrassment and blushed even more when she heard his soft chuckle by her side.

“That is shocking to you?” he asked, as the bartender approached their side of the bar.

“Well, yes. I mean, how can she stand to be bared out in public like that, allow him to treat her that way?”

“You are asking yourself why she is not more modest, while the fact that she can be that way, open herself like that without your inhibitions is exactly how she gets her pleasure. That and the fact she loves that it pleases her partner.”

“So you are saying that she should do it because it pleases him?”

“Yes, Cara, that is what I am saying. One thing I have learnt is that true pleasure is gotten when the sole focus is on making your partner happy, and even though I understand that we all have different degrees at which we are willing to go to for that, there are people that find that completely obeying their mate’s wishes fulfills a particular need in them.”

“And you, would you be happy if I agree to undress naked for you in public while you play with my breasts?” Cara asked, smiling a little. But she had to wonder why the very picture of that elicited a certain feeling of pleasure in her.

“A good relationship can be seen to be two-way street, Cara. The need of the sub to submit and serve should only be equaled by the master’s need to take control, protect, and give pleasure.” He noticed her look of skepticism and smiled a little. “It means that, yes, I would love to see you naked in a roomful of people with eyes only for me as I make you try hard over and over again not to scream my name out in ecstasy, but the only way I would really enjoy doing that is if it’s something we both want.” The look of skepticism in her face went down a notch and Aiden noticed the soft whoosh of air that escaped her lips as she pictured herself naked in public for him. Knowing that she just may enjoy that particular scenario, he knew all that was left was convincing her of it.

The music in the room suddenly changed and Aiden knew a show was about to start at center stage. Paying for the drinks they had ordered, he offered her his hand and led her to the front row of the stage.

Cara was confused, mostly because she was no longer as confused as she thought she would be. It seemed the more time she spent in the club, the more Aiden whispered in her ear about doing this or wanting that, the more she wanted to try it all out. He had talked about having sex in public and she had felt herself getting wet between her legs, for Christ’s sake. Now she was about to watch a BDSM show and was actually looking forward to it. Shows how much could change between her walking into a club and him buying a drink for her.

They sat down on leather chairs that felt more like couches and that had barely enough space for two people so Cara was forced to sit partially on Aiden’s lap, her chest flush straight against his side. He placed an arm around her, and the two turned their attention to the stage.

A man walked up the stage, leading by a leash a young woman who followed him with her head bowed. She was completely naked except for black thigh-high boots, a metal choker round her neck, and a thong that only seemed to cover the small V between her legs. She looked helpless and totally at the mercy of her handler, who held the leash firmly as he paraded her around the stage. Then finally he led her to the cross at the center of the stage and in a loud voice asked, “State your name and crime.”

“My name is Andreas and my crime is disobeying my master’s order not to seek personal gratification no matter how much I want to,” the sub said, her voice sounding shaky but Cara could have sworn she caught a glimpse of anticipation in her eyes.

“And what is the punishment for that?” the man on the stage asked again.

“For my crimes I am to be flogged and must accept any other measures of punishment my master sees fit to carry out.”

The man did not say a word, just reached into a bowl on the stage and drew something out. Then in a loud voice said, “Go down on all fours,” and the girl scrambled to obey him. He scattered what appeared to be small balls all around the stage and in no time the next order came. “Fetch.”

The sub immediately went hunting, finding each ball and bringing them back to her master one by one, with her mouth. As Cara watch her go after her task with a single-minded determination, she squirmed in her seat, not totally sure she was comfortable with such a blatant display of submission.

“You are wondering why she would do something so demeaning,” Aiden whispered in her ear and she nodded her head.

“Well, Andreas knows she has displeased her master and is ready to do anything to get back in his good grace. But to understand what I mean more, take a look at what is happening now.”

Cara returned her gaze to the stage where she saw that the sub had completed her task and was now back on her knees at the foot of her master. The smile on her face as she saw her master was pleased with how well she had executed her task was a true beauty to behold, as was the way she preened under his palm as he slowly caressed the rich tresses of her hair. But it was when she looked into his eyes that Cara finally saw what Aiden was talking about. There was a proprietary look as he gazed down at his sub, but far from being materialistic it was more of pride: pride that he was the one up there with his partner and not anyone else in the room, proud that she trusted him this much with her pleasure, so much so that she was ready to do anything he asked of her. It was a look of ownership that was so entirely erotic, Cara felt the singes of it where she was sitting and even far more potent was the look of love that was exchanged between the couple on the stage. It was a look that made Cara realize that she would trade places with the girl on stage in a heartbeat, and if she did she already knew who she wanted up there with her.

She watched with bated breath as the girl’s hands were tied to the cross with her back to the crowd, the rope tested and stretched until the dom was satisfied it was a perfect fit. Then he went to the back of the cross and cranked it so that her arms were fully stretched. Velvet-encased cuffs were used to chain her ankles together before he walked to the selection of whips and floggers on a table in one corner of the stage and returned with a leather whip. A crack of the whip and Cara saw Andreas’ head come up just a fraction, probably recognizing what her instrument of torture was. Then after ordering her to start counting, he drew the whip and landed the first lash right on her ass. Cara’s heart flew into her throat as she saw the whip leave a bright red mark on the creamy ass of the sub.

“It’s not as painful as it looks, honey, and Raoul is an expert with the whip,” Aiden murmured into her ear, even as she felt his strong safe hands gently massage her neck. And she found it very hard to disbelieve him, because as each stroke landed on her, Andreas pushed out her ass for more, even as she cried and moaned and whimpered. Cara saw the whip land dangerously close to the junction between her legs visible from the back and could have almost sworn she saw a trickle of shiny liquid slide down Andreas’ thighs. Then they got to thirty and the whipping stopped as Raoul walked to her and untied her hands, only to place his hands on the area he just finished spanking, gently caressing it, even as he slipped his hand between her legs.

Cara was hot and breathless, her entire focus on the couple on the stage as the female went down on her knees and eagerly took the cock of her dom into her mouth. So hot was she that she did not bat an eyelid when Aiden slipped his hands under her gown as he drew it up to her thighs. She felt the cool air of the air-conditioned club in between her thighs, a perfect contrast to the fire between her legs.

“Do you see how it could be for us, you giving me that much control over your body, trusting me to help you find the very apex of your pleasure, again and again till you are mindless with ecstasy?” Cara could see it, only too well. And as Aiden’s finger finally slipped between her legs, she could have cried out in pleasure. Then his fingers began to expertly strum the center of her and it was not long before her moans joined the moans from the stage and other couples around it. Then closer to her ear, “I can’t wait to get you on your knees with my cock deep in your throat and your ass red from me spanking you.”

The image came so perfectly to Cara’s mind that she dropped her head back against Aiden’s shoulder as her mouth opened in a silent scream of ecstasy and she came, the orgasm rippling through her with the force of all the emotions she had fielded throughout the course of the night. It wasn’t her biggest orgasm, but it was so unlike any she had ever had she had nothing to compare it with. She was still coming down from that high, breathing loudly as Aiden lazily circled her nipples through her clothes.

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