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Seized: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview

I had a screw loose. That was the only reason I could think of for accepting any kind of deal with three crazy, dangerous, sexy… strangers. Even now, I couldn’t think rationally, as if what was happening was normal on any level.

Sawyer inhaled, his nostrils flaring.

The asshole dared to rub his index finger across my cheek, creating a flash of anger deep within me. There was a hell of a lot more to their story. And I’d just made a deal with the devil. What the hell was I attempting to do, get to the bottom of this?

“Undress,” Jax said as if his request was no big deal.

“I beg your pardon?” I managed.

“You heard the man,” Rafael moved around Sawyer and me to the refrigerator, opening and dragging out a bottle of water, his dark eyes never leaving me. “We only officially punish a woman when she’s naked.”

I was sick inside, my stomach churning. Was this their method of handling women? And what the hell had the spanking been on the beach? Unofficial? My guess was that all three men were very single and had been for one hell of a long time. “You can’t be serious.”

“Don’t we look serious, sweetheart?” Jax asked, his voice even huskier than before.

“That’s…” I closed my eyes until Sawyer lifted my chin with the tip of a single finger.

“Obedience is a necessity in all things. Wouldn’t you agree?”

As Sawyer issued the words, he blew a swath of hot air across my face, his actions snatching at what sanity I might have left.

“Fine,” I repeated. “Where are we doing this?”

Sawyer gripped my chin, drawing me closer, his eyes no longer holding a sign of amusement. “You’re going to learn some respect.”

“Respect? You are kidding me.” The words slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them. I knew instantly I was going to regret it.

Sawyer sighed as he snaked my other hand around my neck, using enough pressure to help me realize he was serious. “Now, you’re going to undress and lean over this counter right here. When we finish punishing you, you’re going to begin to learn what respect is all about.”

He was larger than life as he loomed over me, his scent creating a drunken feeling in my head. So musky. Exotic. All male.

Oh, God. I was falling into some kind of safety mode in my mind. You can do this. “Who are you?”

He lowered his head, taking a deep whiff before barely brushing his lips across my jaw, moving in a back and forth motion. When he nipped my earlobe, I pushed my hands against his chest, immediately rewarded with nipples aching. I couldn’t be attracted to him. Nope. That wasn’t going to happen. They were holding me against my will, for God’s sake.

“Your worst nightmare, Delaney. That is, unless you obey every. Single. Command. You made a deal.”

Between the warmth of his breath and the feel of his muscles beneath my fingers, my emotions were dragged all over the place. They would pay the price for fucking with me.


If I ever got off this island alive.

All of a sudden, my body betrayed me, the visible shudder pissing me off more than anything. When the bastard crawled one hand down my back, cupping and squeezing my bottom while he dragged me onto my toes, the crush of his throbbing cock against me forced a moan. Shutting down my impetuous desire was almost impossible.

But I did it.

And I slammed my hands against his chest with enough force he tumbled backwards. My gall only made the other two chuckle. Two more deep and husky sounds that filtered into my ears.

Sawyer lifted a single eyebrow before pointing toward the island.

Big man in charge.

The words almost left my mouth. I turned around instead, my hands shaking as I attempted to tug my blouse from my shorts. Thank God I’d worn decent underwear. The thought made me cringe even more. I had to place myself in some other land, and that didn’t include lala-land either. While I wanted to believe Carter wouldn’t put me in this position on purpose, I certainly didn’t know my boss that well.

And these men were far too eager to use Tiffany to get to Carter. I’d say that whoever Tiffany was, she handled more than just his photographic moments.

As I folded the wet blouse over the back of the kitchen chair, fumbling to unfasten my shorts, I could hear one of them rummaging in a drawer.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

They were getting other implements to use.

“How much has Carter told you about me?” Sawyer asked in such a casual manner I had to think about what he was asking.

“I honestly don’t know who you are. I’ve only been at the firm for a few months.”

Every part of me trembling, I proceeded to lower my shorts, shimmying the cold, wet material past my hips. This was a case of mistaken identity that there was no way to prove. “I don’t know who any of you are. I’ve never met you before or even seen your faces. I’ve never heard your names mentioned.”

“I suggest you stop lying,” Rafael encouraged. “The ugly incident involving Sawyer and Mr. Bradley was all over the newspapers for months.”

Incident. I tried to piece together what they were saying. Carter and Sawyer must have been involved in some level of business. What had gone so terribly wrong?

“I’m not lying,” I said quietly, going through every account that I’d worked on in my mind during the course of the last few months. When I was able to kick the shorts off, I turned around, holding my arms in front of me. I could see by the expressions on their faces as well as the bulges between their legs that they were totally aroused. “I’ve only been in Miami for about nine months.”

Rafael narrowed his eyes, studying me intently.

“I think the spanking we promised her will jog her memory,” Sawyer stated then proceeded to place a plastic spatula and a wooden spoon on the counter before pointing to me. “Everything off.”

“I’m sorry?” No, no. He couldn’t really expect me to be entirely naked around them.

“Every single piece.”

“No,” I whispered. Deal. You made a deal. I’d been a damn fool. As if I’d had a choice. I gritted my teeth, trying to remain calm.

Sawyer took a step closer. “If you don’t, I will have no issue tearing them off. Do you understand me, princess?”

The bastard had the audacity to call me princess. I wanted to call all of them a litany of names, but what was the point? I was stuck in the middle of the Caribbean on an island that likely wasn’t on the majority of radars. While there was a single boat to get me out of harm’s way, sailing one was a different story. Then there was the fact the three men were a solid six inches taller, outweighing me by several hundred pounds and they had at least a single gun.

If not more.

And they’d come for me.

Well, the wrong me but they refused to believe my story, and I had no way of proving myself. Grimacing, I turned away from them once again, only my eyes caught the two implements. They were brutal, nasty men, hungering to take what didn’t belong to them. I couldn’t stop shivering even as the heat rose along my neck and jaw, creeping up slowly. I wanted to find the rage I knew was inside, but I also wanted to live.

At least they had the good graces not to make fun of me when I was fully undressed, although one of them sucked in his breath. However, there was no mistaking the bulges in their pants, or the look of desire on their faces.

Rafael struggled to place the half-consumed bottle of water on the table, his dark and dangerous gaze even more intoxicating than before.

“Come here,” Sawyer commanded, the tone of his voice just as sultry as before but tinged with the kind of darkness that refused to be denied.

I couldn’t look him in the eyes as I walked closer, finally noticing that he was in the process of unbuckling his belt. I couldn’t for the life of me get my eyes off the action, as if I was intrigued. As he tugged the thick leather through the loops, I realized my mouth was watering. What the hell was that all about? With every jerk of the belt, my left leg twitched until I forced myself to look away.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were looking forward to your spanking,” Jax said in an almost inaudible tone.

“Hell, no,” I snapped then sucked in my breath.

I wasn’t surprised when Rafael closed the distance, fisting my hair and yanking me onto my toes. His eyes were imploring, the slight shake of his head indicating I’d crossed another line. “Little girl, you seem to think we’re playing here. I assure you that we’re not. You’re going to learn respect and if it takes all three of us breaking you down until you are at your most primal level, that’s what we’re going to do. Do you finally understand?”

I swayed slightly, finally forced to accept I had few choices if any. I was their captive and they could do to me whatever the hell they wanted to. I answered the only way I could.

“Yes, sir.”

“Better,” he half whispered before tossing me over the edge of the counter. “You’re going to slide your arms across to the other side and you’re going to hold that edge until we tell you that your punishment has been finished. If you move, we’ll start the entire process all over again. If you kick out, we’re going to add several additional strikes.”

“Yes, sir.” A series of chills swept down the length of my body as I eased my arms across the cool marble, trying to catch my breath. I could get through this. I was a very strong woman. Hell, I’d been living by myself for years, pretty much the majority of my life. I could do this.

Then why was my heart in my throat?

I was aware that Rafael had grabbed the damn spoon before moving behind me. I knew he’d been chomping at the bit to continue where he’d left off from before.

He smacked the spoon against first one ass cheek then the other, the sound of his wrist snapping the first thing that filtered into my mind. Second were the stinging sensations jetting down the backs of my legs. My legs quivered involuntarily, and I found it difficult to remain still.

“Oh…” I lurched up from the counter, my eyes already watering from the embarrassment alone.

“Pain is good for the soul,” Rafael said, the damn huskiness of his tone sending a shower of prickles across every inch of naked skin.

As the spanking continued, I was forced to take gulping breaths, the pain curling my toes before exploding through the entire lower portion of my body.

“Oh! Oh, God.” I loathed hearing the sound of my own whimper. I couldn’t believe I was being treated this way.

“This is just the beginning, Delaney,” Rafael finally said. He rubbed his hand across my bottom, his fingers searing my heated skin.

I bit back any retort as he smacked me several additional times, each crack harder than the one before until I couldn’t hold back a series of yelps. The pain continued to be explosive, but I had the terrible feeling this was nothing in comparison to what was coming next.

Rafael delivered four more in rapid succession then tossed the spoon into the sink. “That’s a useless implement.”

Jax snickered as he approached. I craned my neck, watching in a weird mixture of curiosity and horror as he picked up the spatula, twisting the kitchen utensil in his fingers as he studied it with fascination. When he smacked it against his hand, the sound forced me to jump for the umpteenth time.

I had to fight off my urge to fight back, my fingers curling around the edge of the marble as if a lifeline. When the bastard ran his fingers along the inside of my thigh, finding the audacity to slip the tip over my swollen folds, I was shocked that I bit back a moan.

Of pleasure?

Oh, God, help me.

“She’s hot and wet. I think she’s enjoying this,” Jax growled then yanked my legs open, forcing them into an uncomfortable position. “As a matter of fact, I think she’s just as hungry as we are.”

“Not a chance, shithead,” I shot out, instantly closing my eyes. I knew I’d pay for that one.

He laughed as he slipped his finger past my swollen folds, only seconds later shoving it into my pussy, pumping several times. The jolt of electricity as well as fear was the kind of dichotomy I hadn’t expected, another wave of longing pushing into my system. Ted had been nothing more than a perfunctory every Friday night fuck and little more.

This was… enticing.



But it still sickened me that my body responded to them. They didn’t own me. I wasn’t for sale.

“Just discipline her,” Sawyer snapped, a hint of anger in his tone.

Jax snickered. “You take the fun out of everything.” After slowly removing his fingers, he tapped the spatula against both my thighs then gave me a hard crack, the chunk of plastic coming down on my pussy.

“No!” I reared up, my back arching, my eyes concentrating on the knife block. As if I could reach it. As if I could dare cut them into ribbons.

“Bad little girls deserve to be punished severely.” Jax’s voice seemed far away and when he smacked the implement across my bottom, I slowly lowered my body, pressing my face against the cool marble.

I’m not a bad girl.

But the words spoken in my mind held no meaning, at least not to these three brutes who believed me to be some horrible person. When he smacked my bottom several times, the sting was almost cathartic. Maybe I was a naughty girl. I’d fantasized far too much, pretending I was a special girl who needed to find a man who could fulfill every wicked desire.

I bit my inner cheek as Jax brought the spatula down several times, even striking my upper thighs. The spanking was far too intense, but because it dragged me out of my comfort zone, grabbing at the guilt I’d felt for so very long.

Jax exhaled then leaned over me, tugging my hair from my face. “Do you like that, sunshine? Do you enjoy having men take control over your voluptuous body?”

There was no right answer and he laughed when I remained quiet.

I hated this.

I loathed them.

And I still couldn’t help but think this was some horrific test of my resolve. For a promotion? Fucking forget it. Carter Bradley could find someone else.

When Jax slid not just one but two fingers inside my wet channel, I let out an involuntary moan, my muscles clamping onto the invasion.

“Damn, woman. I’m going to enjoy fucking you over. And. Over. And…”

Over my dead body.

I wanted to scream the words, to do everything to push him away. But I didn’t. I wanted to shut down every emotion. But I couldn’t. Why was I wet, my pussy aching? Why did I find any of them attractive? I should be repulsed, not crackling from electricity. Deal. Deal. Deal. The damn word continued to float in my mind. Just what kind of wretched deal had I really made?

He eased his fingers along the crack of my ass, shoving until he breached my dark hole, sliding the tip just inside. “I just might take you in that tight ass of yours as well.”

I held my breath, my nipples aching even as a single bead of perspiration trickled down my forehead.

“Get on with the damn spanking, Jax. We have work to do.” Sawyer’s voice was harsh, commanding. He was obviously the leader. Did they have another purpose in being here besides tormenting me?

Jax brought the spatula down several more times before placing the implement beside my head. As if reminding me that he could continue. As if to force me to realize that I had no control. The hard thumping of the man’s boots was jarring, creating a wave of jitters. I could tell Jax was pissed at Sawyer’s continued interference and when I heard what sounded like a fight ensuing, I lifted my head, scanning the distance to the counter in order to reach one of the knives.

“You’re an asshole, Sawyer,” Jax growled, the words barely audible.

But I heard them.

“You’re right in that you’ve changed one hell of a lot,” he continued.

“I already told you I wasn’t the same man, Jax. Solitude will do that to you,” Sawyer retorted. There was such a haunted quality in Sawyer’s tone, the same quality that I’d witnessed in his intense stares. He was struggling with anger, hatred for Carter.

Rafael exhaled as he walked closer. “Perhaps the lovely Delaney has more information than she realizes. She’s been inside the estate before. She’d know all the juicy hiding places.”

“I’ve never been here before,” I countered. What in the hell were they hoping to find?

“Either way,” Jax retorted. “We’re going to enjoy giving the little filly exactly what she deserves.”

Sawyer laughed. “You’re right about that. My turn and I don’t think our… guest is going to like it very much.”

I didn’t need to twist my head to know exactly what he was doing. Stars floated in front of my eyes as he walked closer.

“Sweet Delaney, I’m going to give you thirty strikes with my big, fat leather belt. Then do you know what’s going to happen?”

I cinched my eyes closed, taking shallow breaths, trying to shift my mind to anywhere else. When I didn’t answer, he yanked my head up by my hair, peering over my shoulder, a snarl on his face. “Ah!” My squeal sounded pathetic.

“When I ask you a question, you are going to answer. I will repeat it once. If you don’t answer me, then I’ll be forced to double my portion of your punishment. Do you understand me?”

“Jesus Christ, Sawyer,” Rafael snarled.

“Shut up, Rafael. I’m in no mood for bullshit. Go on, little girl. Answer me.”

“Yes. Sir. I understand, sir.” While the fear was crippling, the desire ridiculous, my anger was increasing.

“I do love a woman with spunk. Do you know what will happen then?” he asked as he doubled the strap, the scent of the leather wafting into my nostrils.

“No. Sir.”

Sawyer rolled the belt down the length of my spine, sliding it all the way down one leg then up the other. “Then you’re going to learn what it means to be owned. In. Every. Hole.”

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