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Shamefully Shared: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

Fear zipped through her belly. She’d known she was in serious trouble long before getting back to the cabin and seeing the satellite news feed. The moment Col grabbed her off that stool, she knew she was fucked. She’d been relieved when he duct-taped her hands and feet together, gagged her, and put her in the back of the van in the cage she usually so loathed. At least then she didn’t have to talk or explain herself to the five very angry mercenaries who had come for her.

They didn’t care why she’d done what she’d done. They cared that she’d put herself in danger. They didn’t understand about the ethics of journalism, or the importance of a story being told. They cared about money. Getting it, keeping it, and—she had to admit—using it to keep her safe.

Now there would be no arguing her way out of punishments. There wasn’t a single sympathetic face in the room. Least of all Col. Rex had just thrown her to the wolf.

She risked a glance sideways and saw his dark glower. It made her want to curl up on herself and whimper for mercy. Col was dangerously hot but he also had the least affection for her and the most anger. She was scared of what he would do in the name of punishment.

Col stood up and crooked a finger at her. “Come outside.”

She followed him meekly, knowing she didn’t really have a choice.

It was cold outside. The chill in the air made her nipples hard and would have caused her to shiver if it weren’t for the fear having that effect already. The rest of them stayed indoors. They were leaving her alone with Col. Even Chase wasn’t coming out to defend her. She had to face Col’s wrath alone.

As she stood and looked at him, she knew this had been a very long time coming. This wasn’t just about the events of the last day. This was three years of rage about to be unleashed on her. She didn’t know what he had in mind, but she knew it wasn’t going to be good.

“You’re smart, but you don’t know fucking anything,” Col began harshly. “I would have thought after getting worked over in Venezuela, you’d be more careful, but you’re not. You’re careless and you’re reckless and it’s like you want to die.”

“I wasn’t in that much danger! I can defend myself.”

“You can’t defend yourself against a fart,” he sneered, his lip curling as he folded his strong arms over his chest. “You’re a weak little girl who has to depend on men to defend her, but you don’t like the reality of that, so you run around like an idiot screaming how liberated and equal you are. Well, you know what, girl? You’re not equal. Not to me. Not to any of us. There’s only one way a woman matches a man in combat, and that’s if she has a gun. I’ll be damned if I trust you with one of those.”

“Why? You think I’d use it on you?”

“Wouldn’t put it past you,” he growled. “You like to turn on people who help you.”

Now he was just plain pissing her off. “Fuck you, Col. I could kick your ass if I wanted to,” she snarled.

Col rolled his eyes. “Delusional.”

“I could! I’ve been doing self-defense!”

“Oh, self-defense. Well then, I didn’t know you’d learned self-defense,” Col guffawed. “I’m sure that totally changes the laws of physics and makes a tiny woman somehow able to fight a man. Come on then, show me how you’re going kick my ass before I tear yours up.”

After Venezuela, Lacey really had put some serious time into martial arts. Enough time to know that Col was basically right: a woman of her size was not going to fare well against a man like him in a straight-up knock-down fight, no matter how good she was. There were only two ways to succeed: run or fight dirty.

The first one wasn’t really an option, seeing as she’d just told him she could defend herself, so she went with the second. It gave her no small measure of pleasure to feint toward his balls, then draw back and slam her fist as hard as she could at his jaw.

The blow never made contact. He turned to the side to parry her feint then grabbed her wrist as it shot forward. The second she felt him capture her arm, she panicked. She tried to pull herself free, but his hand was like iron around her smaller arm. Lacey lashed out with her other fist, but he caught that one too, staring down at her with a dark frown.

It was over in a matter of seconds. Her best shot had been absolutely nothing to him. It had been a lame attempt and she wished she hadn’t made it.

“Now what?” Col asked.

“Fuck you,” she swore, embarrassed. Truth was, all the self-defense classes in the world weren’t going to make her a match for Col. He was built for combat, and she wasn’t. She could still kick him in the balls if she wanted to, but they both knew that wouldn’t end well.

“You’re a hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet,” he growled down at her. “I’m two forty. Do you know what I could do to you?”

“Yes!” she screamed. “Yes, I fucking know!”

He jerked her forward against his hard body and snarled down at her. “Do you know what I’m going to do to you?”

“Hurt me.”


Nose to nose, eye to eye, heat sparked between them, a raw mutual hate that transformed into a brutal kiss. Col grabbed her ass and pulled her hard against him, his other hand in her hair as his tongue lashed inside her mouth, demanding everything she had to give and more. This was not a lover’s kiss. This was the kiss of a man who was going to ravage her. Lacey’s heart hammered in her chest as Col ripped her clothes off her, tearing the only attire she had into shreds.

His hand squeezed her breast and pushed her back up against a tree. She let out a squeal as his teeth found the nipple and clamped down, holding that sensitive bud in place as his tongue punished it with lashing strokes that made her cry out in pleasure pain.

“They’ve all had you,” Col growled. “But not one of them has fucked you like you deserve to be fucked.”

He pulled her legs wide, holding her up off the ground. He yanked her panties to the side, baring her pussy so the hard scimitar of his cock could find her slit. He pushed back and forth, the head of his cock crudely sliding along her slit, gathering her juices.

“You’re a little slut,” he said as the hot head of his cock found her cold little clit hiding between her outer lips.

When she’d thought Chase thought she was a slut, it had been devastating, but hearing the word out of Col’s mouth in those heated, hateful tones made her body run hot with erotic fire. She was a slut. She didn’t care. As much as he hated her, he needed her pussy just like the rest of them. He wasn’t immune.

“You’re wet,” he growled, propping her up with one hand and slapping the head of his cock against her pussy with the other. “Why are you so fucking wet?”

“Because I’m a slut,” she said, owning the word. “You might be two forty, but I don’t need to be. You want me. You’re so fucking angry because you don’t want to want me.”

“Shut up,” he growled, covering her mouth with another rough kiss.

She felt his palm slide between her legs, his foot kicking them wider. He gathered her wrists in one hand and pinned her up against the tree, his fingers running along her spread slit. He spanked her pussy over and over again, making her arch and cry out in pain. It hurt. Her sensitive lower lips were swelling under his punishment, but he didn’t care. He wanted this to hurt, and maybe she needed it to hurt as well.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he growled against her mouth. “I’m going to tear your pussy up, girl.”

He thrust roughly up inside her and she screamed out as his cock drove into her, her hair swishing wildly back and forth as he pounded her with remorseless, relentless strokes from the get go.

“Asshole,” she hissed as her pussy clamped down around his cock.

“Little bitch,” he growled back, kissing her furiously.

She gave him as good as he got, her darkest, wildest animal impulses free as they fucked viciously, her nails raking down his back, her legs wrapped around his hips. She wanted him as much as she hated him. She needed him. She needed this. None of the others would give her this release. Only Col could, because Col didn’t care about anything other than ravaging her utterly and completely. He tore into her pussy as his eyes raked into her soul, his cock thrusting so deep she felt him hit her cervix stroke after stroke, punishing her to the core. This was the absolution she had been waiting for, the punishment only he could give.

They were connected. Fully. He was the dark. She was the light. He wanted to overcome her and she wanted him to draw her down into the night she deserved.

“Faithless little slut,” he growled. “Lying little bitch.”

Every word was accompanied with a devastating thrust that made her pussy ache. Her clit was grinding against his hard pubic bone and she was trapped between his demanding body and the tree behind her, rough bark scratching her back as the mercenary took his pleasure in her soft body, his mouth finding her breasts and her nipples, licking, biting, making her scream out.

“Sadistic fucking asshole!” She threw words back at him even as her pussy clenched and spasmed around his cock, milking him with desperate contractions that demanded he give her everything he had.

Col could not resist. He kissed her roughly, his body slamming into hers as he came inside her, his seed flooding her pussy in thick loads as she wrapped her legs around him, holding him deep inside her.

And then the orgasm faded and they were left standing there, devoid of arousal. He slid from her pussy and let her stand, her aching sex throbbing between her thighs. She could still feel him inside her. She probably would for a long time. He had been rough and merciless, and she had deserved every bit of it.



“I don’t hate you,” Col said, running his fingers through her hair.

“I know.”

He gave her a quizzical look and drew her close, letting her rest her tired body against his. “You do, huh? Cocky little thing.”

“You knew where to find me. You’ve been keeping a closer eye on me than anyone else all this time. You knew where I was going and why, when everyone else thought I was just running away like a crazy woman. You caught me because you get me.”

“The best predators know their prey,” Col said with a dark smirk. “You bet your ass I knew what you were up to. Someone had to keep an eye on you all this time. The rest of them were so damn distracted by your body. You could have killed them in their sleep if you wanted.”

“I’m not a murderer.”

“No. You’re a tattle-tale. You can’t help but run and tell,” he said, rubbing her ass. “And I know you’re going to try to tell this story one day too, aren’t you? You’ve probably already started writing it in your head.”

“I don’t have to tell everything,” she said. “I’ve learned my lesson.”

“We’ll see.”

She felt her stomach clench. She wanted him to believe her. Suddenly, it mattered a lot what he thought.

“Col, really, I won’t tell. I know you were so angry with me, but so were the others. It was different for you though, and I don’t know why, but I know it was, and I’m sorry.”

He gave her a long, considering look. ”Do you really want to know why I couldn’t forgive you like the others did?”

“Yes, please.” Her eyes were misty with tears. “Whatever it is, I’m so sorry.”

He pulled out his wallet, and then plucked a picture from it and held it out to Lacey. She saw Col, and another younger man who looked a lot like him, but was in a wheelchair.

“This is my brother. He’s special needs. I pay for his facility. When we were discharged, I couldn’t keep up the payments. He had to move out of the home he liked and into one where they were less careful about his meds and his supervision. Long story short, he overdosed on his medication because he forgot he’d already taken it twice that day. He almost died.”

Lacey’s stomach clenched with guilt.

“Col… I am so sorry. If I could take it back, I would. I really would. Is he okay now?”

“I got him back into his previous home once we got our first paycheck. He’s doing okay.”

“The others… Rex and…”

“They don’t know.”

“They don’t know about your brother?”

“Nope,” Col said. “I don’t talk about family.”

“Then I won’t say a word about your brother,” she promised earnestly. “Not ever. I know you don’t think I can keep a secret, but I’ll keep this one.”

Col gave a little shrug. “It doesn’t matter,” he said. “I just figured you deserved to know why you had to suffer.”

A dark little tingle ran through her body. Yes. He’d made her suffer, and she’d loved every minute of it. Suffering for Col was beautiful and intense. It ached, but it filled a part of her she hadn’t known was empty.

Pressing herself to his chest, she looked up into his eyes. “Will I have to suffer again?”

He looked down at her with a dark gaze, his hand cupping her ass roughly. “Oh, god, yes,” he promised. “I’m going to take this ass.”


“I want to fuck your asshole,” Col repeated. “Hard.”

“Oh. Uhm.”

“Yeah, not so easy when it’s not your pussy in play, is it,” Col snorted. “I want to take a part of you that you won’t enjoy. I want to whip your ass red and then fuck it until you cry.”

He was saying terrible things to her. Terrible, mean things. He wanted to hurt her. He wanted her to cry. He wanted to push his cock inside her dirtiest hole and punish her there too. She was frightened, but she couldn’t help pressing against him, smearing his leg with her naughty clit and the mixture of her juices and his cum.

“I just got started with you, girl,” Col promised darkly, patting her ass. “Get down on your hands and knees.”

She sank down next to him, going to her hands and knees in the dirt. This was filthy and depraved. This was wrong. Col kneeled behind her and she felt him pulling up what remained of the skirt she’d gotten from wardrobe.

“You’re covered in cum and dirt,” he said, slapping her bare ass hard enough to make her squeal. “You’re a filthy little slut, aren’t you.”

“Yes,” she moaned softly.

He pushed the skirt up and she felt him wrap his fist around the gusset of her panties and pull. There was a tearing sound as he ruined her only pair of underwear, and then there was nothing but cool air between him and her.

She felt him scooping up his cum and her juices, pushing it against the tight little bud of her asshole. A whimper escaped her lips as he started pushing his finger there, but he didn’t care. He liked it. He wanted it to hurt. He wanted to punish her, and that knowledge only made her pussy wetter.

“You’re a bad girl,” he growled. “The others don’t know how bad. Rex thinks you’re a brat. Chase thinks you’re an angel. But I know what you are, Lacey. You’re a scrappy little liar, you survive because you’ll do whatever it takes. You’re not weak. You’re not broken. You don’t need our protection. You’d survive anything and anyone. That’s why you keep finding trouble. Because it’s in your fucking soul.”

He pulled his finger out of her ass and spanked her hard several times, his palm exploding against her bottom with rough slaps that made her scream.

“I will be waiting, Lacey. Every time you fuck up. Every time you disobey. I’m going to have them send you to me, because I’m the only one who can really punish you, aren’t I?”

“Yes!” She screamed the word.

“What they do is too gentle, isn’t it,” he continued, belting her ass with his hand hard enough to make her cry out each and every time. “They tease you and get you close, but they never really satisfy the dark little slut in your soul.”

He used his finger on her ass, sawing it in and out as he spanked her harder than she’d ever been spanked in her life. It hurt, but more than that, it transcended pain. It made her warm all over. She was in the dirt, but she was floating too, lighter than she’d ever been before.

When he pulled his finger out and put his cock to her hole, she let out a feral moan of need. She needed him to fuck her there. She needed to feel him hard and rough inside her ass. She craved it, and he gave it to her, pushing forward steadily.

“Oww, Col… Owwwww, fuck…”

“I know it hurts,” he growled softly. “It’s supposed to. Let it hurt, Lacey. Don’t fight it.”

She felt the thick head of him spreading her wider and wider, making her sphincter give way. Suddenly there was a pop of sensation as he pushed past and then his hard shaft was inside her and he was fucking her there, in the place where good girls never got fucked.

He grabbed her hips and used her ass like he’d used her pussy, long strokes that became more intense as her muscle gave way to him and allowed him in, her whimpers and moans only serving to make him harder. He scooped some more wetness out of her pussy, using her cunt like a lube dispenser, and smeared it on his cock as he rode deeper inside her ass.

Lacey was dizzy with desire, her whole body and being caught up in the moment of being fucked and ravaged by this vengeful man who alone knew how to punish her completely. Her hands dug into the dirt as he fucked her harder and rougher, making her scream into the forest with every thrust.

“I’m going to come inside this hole too,” he promised. “You’re going to drip for me, girl. You’re going to ache for me for a long time too. Every time Chase or Max or Rex or Brian sink their dicks inside you, it’s me you’re going to feel.”

She was going to come. She couldn’t believe it, but she was on the verge of orgasm. His words were fierce and cruel, his cock was rough inside her ass, but her pussy was aching with desire and her clit was one painful bud of tingling nerves desperate for release as Col pounded her ass to his own roaring orgasm, his dominance over her complete as he shot a fresh load of cum deep into her sore hole.

Lacey screamed as she felt him come. He reached under her and pinched her clit and it was like a button activating a rocket. She screamed with ecstasy and writhed beneath him, her orgasm so powerful she lost consciousness in the midst of it, pleasure and pain and dirt all mixed together in the gathering dark.

She was only half-sensate when she felt him pick her up and hold her in his arms. “Time to get you cleaned up, girl,” he murmured. “You’ve got four other men to fuck.”

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