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Share Me, Daddy: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

“You can’t be serious,” I exclaimed.

“Dead serious, naughty girl,” Connor scolded, and I turned to Caden, expecting one of them to relent and tell me that they were joking.

As I met Caden’s eyes, I was met with a look of dark amusement dancing in the depths of his icy blue gaze. His lips curled into a subtle, almost sinister smile, his expression a mixture of challenge and a playful sense of power.

He wasn’t going to save me from this.

“I’m not going to let you spank me. I can do whatever I want,” I countered.

Connor raised a single eyebrow, and the butterflies in my stomach turned to panicked songbirds.

“Oh, sweet girl, that’s cute,” Connor murmured, and I gritted my teeth and slammed my fork on the table.

Okay, it might have been a little childish, but whatever. I wasn’t going to stand for being treated like this, even though it was making my nipples hard and my pussy pulse like it was playing its very own drumbeat.

“I’m going to finish my breakfast upstairs,” I retorted with as much attitude as I could muster, channeling a teenage girl that had just been told no while on her period. I stood up, but then Caden cleared his throat.

“Sit down, little girl,” Caden said firmly, and just like that, my ass was in the chair again.

A bit flustered, I met his firm stare and licked my lips. His gaze followed the line of the tip of my tongue, which for some reason felt so shamefully filthy. An image of me on my knees kneeling before him flashed before my eyes, and I blanched, choosing to stare at my plate instead.

“Whatever. You wouldn’t dare,” I muttered.

“Little girl, would you rather be spanked in your bedroom after breakfast or right now at the table with the wooden spatula I used to cook it this morning? Either way, that defiant little bottom is going to be bare and bright red before lunchtime,” Connor threatened, and I opened my mouth before closing it again.

I glared at Connor like he was a bug I wanted to squish, like the biggest, grossest cockroach I’d ever seen. He looked back at me expectantly, like he was waiting for me to defy him and tell him off, and that pissed me off at the same time that it aroused me.

I hated that my body was reacting this way.

My face flushed a deep crimson as I opened my mouth again, ready to deliver a sharp retort. However, as I caught the daring look in Caden’s eyes, a challenge that seemed to beckon me to be even more defiant, I hesitated. Part of me knew I should hold my tongue, but my pride got the better of me.

My pride had always been my downfall.

A wise girl would have sat back and looked at the whole thing, would have seen the serious glint in both of their eyes, and would have been a good girl and shut the fuck up, but I wasn’t a good girl.

I wasn’t even close.

Okay, I was good some of the time when things went my way, like last night, but right now I was facing a bare bottom spanking, and I wasn’t going to let that happen without a fight.

A little part of me screamed out in warning, but I ignored it, choosing to level Connor with a cutting glare all of my own before I opened my lips and said the words that sealed my fate.

“I’d rather you fuck right off,” I snapped, the defiant spark in my tone unmistakable.

I hadn’t had to say those words, but they’d fallen off my lips, and it was already too late to take them back, not that I would have. As soon as I uttered my defiant challenge, my body thrummed with heat.

A deep ache settled in the pit of my belly, swirling and squeezing tight as the sound of a clock ticking in the background met my ears. Each tick seemed to come slower and slower as Connor leveled me with a look that made my stomach leap into my throat.

His face transformed into a stern mask, his features hardening as he fixed his gaze on me. The playful mischief that had danced in his eyes just moments ago had vanished, replaced by an intense and serious expression that seemed to make my heart pound in my chest. Connor’s lips curled into a dangerous smile, but it was a dark and highly suggestive one that sent shivers down my spine.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

“I was hoping I’d get to spank you in front of my brother,” Connor said, and I swallowed so hard that they could probably hear it.

Connor’s audacity was grating on my nerves, pushing the boundaries in a way that both annoyed and thrilled me. His brazen challenge, that devilish glint in his eyes—it was all too much. It irritated me, yet it was like a siren’s call, drawing me deeper into uncharted waters. My pride railed against his arrogant cockiness, but a burning desire simmered beneath the surface that refused to be extinguished no matter how hard I tried to push it aside.

The way he toyed with me, danced on the edge of decency, it was maddening. I couldn’t deny the tantalizing spark his words ignited within me. He knew just how to push my buttons, and it frustrated me to no end. Yet, a part of me craved his bold advances, even as it clashed with my better judgment.

In that charged moment, I found myself teetering on the precipice of something unknown, my world shifting beneath my feet, and there was no turning back.

“And I was hoping to see it,” Caden replied darkly, and that bad feeling went from bad to worse in a matter of a few seconds.

“Don’t get your hopes up because it isn’t going to happen,” I said, but there was a hint of arousal in my tone, and I hoped that neither of them noticed it.

“Anastasia, you will fetch the spatula from the sink, rinse it off, and bring it to me,” Connor dictated, his firm expression never wavering.

Where was the easygoing Connor I’d thought he was? Where had this stern darkness come from? This was a new side of him, and as much as I wanted to fight it, there was a part of me that was drawn to him like a moth to flame as much as I wanted to deny it.

Curiosity killed the cat, they always say.

“Not a chance in hell,” I countered, and his smile only grew wider and exceedingly more treacherous. The sudden urge to flee came over me, and I stood up, fully intent on abandoning my breakfast and escaping back to my bedroom where there was a lock on the door.

In a flash, Connor pitched forward, grabbing my wrist, and pulling me towards him like I weighed nothing at all. I shrieked, but he gently yanked me to the side, and I lost my balance, only to land facedown over his knee.

Oh shit. This wasn’t good.

I started to fight tooth and nail, but he tipped me forward, and the floor rushed at my face. With a cry, my hands lurched towards the ground, catching me as he slipped his leg over the backs of mine.

Just like his brother…

Maybe they were more alike than I had originally thought. Maybe both of them had a dark side, and I was about to learn about it firsthand.

“Let me go!” I blurted out.

“I don’t think so, little girl. I expect you to take me seriously, and we’re going to discuss that before I give you a second chance to fetch the spatula like a good girl,” he murmured, his voice echoing in the kitchen loud enough for his brother to hear, and for my cheeks to flame red hot.

“Connor, be serious. Let me up,” I demanded, but he simply grasped the material of my nightshirt and pulled it up until it gathered at the center of my lower back.

I was so caught off guard that my shock must have been written all over my face. With Caden watching, being exposed like this felt that much more shameful, and I tried fighting again, reaching back and trying to grab the material and shuck it back down only for Connor to grasp my wrist and pin it behind my back.


“Let me go,” I wailed, squirming as much as I was able, which didn’t really amount to much.

“Now that I have you in a more reasonable position…”

“This isn’t reasonable,” I blurted out, and he chuckled, his dark amusement obvious.

“We’re going to have a discussion.”

“I don’t want to discuss shit until you let me up,” I countered. I knew I sounded angry, and a part of me was, but I was mostly frustrated by just how aroused I was right now, and I was getting dangerously close to revealing that to the both of them. I didn’t want them to know that this turned me on. I desperately didn’t want that, especially right now.

Connor’s palm pressed against my panty-clad bottom, and I stilled, all of this becoming very real, very quickly.

“Little girl, I’m not going to warn you again. You’re already treading on thin ice. The more you fight me, the harder your spanking is going to be,” Connor replied, his steadfast calmness a little bit terrifying.

I turned my head to see Caden watching with extreme interest, and I immediately stared at the floor because that was less embarrassing than seeing him look at me like that.

“I don’t want a spanking,” I pouted.

“Then you should have been a good girl, shouldn’t you?”

I gritted my teeth, not dignifying him with an answer. His palm squeezed the left side of my ass, and I stiffened, the feel of his roughness against my skin causing a flush of heat to rush straight to my core.

I hadn’t really been that nervous for Caden to spank me, but right now? I was practically reeling with anxious arousal. My legs were trembling the slightest bit, and my inner walls were fluttering inside me like they had just arrived at dance practice, and it was time to bust a move.

“Connor, please,” I tried, but there was a tone of desperation to my words that I wished I could take back the instant they slipped free from my lips.

As much as annoyance and defiance had welled up within me, desire began to surge like a tidal wave, sweeping away my resistance. The electric tension in the room crackled, and against my better judgment, I felt the fiery embers of longing sizzle to life.

I shouldn’t be this aroused. I should be angry. I should be fighting harder. I should be kicking and punching and trying to break free instead of lying over his knee and accepting that I was about to get my bottom spanked like a naughty little girl for the second time in the span of only two days.

I should be doing all those things, but I couldn’t move a muscle because deep down, a tiny sliver of me actually wanted this, and I couldn’t really accept that.

I didn’t want to accept that.

It was wrong. A woman shouldn’t be turned over a man’s knee and spanked, right? I shouldn’t want that.

I shouldn’t need that.

The thought startled me, and I stiffened over his knee. Why would I need this? Why would I even think that? Was something wrong with me? Had I gone certifiably insane?

“It’s alright, little girl. I’m going to take care of you,” Connor murmured.

I licked my lips as Connor held me tight, keeping me firmly in place. With a heavy swallow, I couldn’t help but notice that he was hard, too.

Just like his brother had been.

It dug into my hip, practically throbbing with his desire as he held me over his knee. I shifted a bit, rubbing my hip against his length only to elicit the most delicious sounding growl from Connor that left me reeling.

The sound of Connor’s low growl, like the rumbling thunder in the distance, sent a shiver of anticipation down my spine. It was a primal, almost feral noise that seemed to hang in the air, promising something savagely untamed and utterly exhilarating.

I desperately wanted to hear it again.

“Be a good girl for us,” Caden echoed, and my indignation at knowing he was about to watch the whole thing burned at my cheeks.

“But I don’t need a spanking!” I whined, even though I knew that a tiny part of that statement was a lie. My pussy pulsed with need, and I rocked my hips again.

He growled again, and my heart started to race just as all my senses came alive. Connor’s cologne enveloped me as I leaned into him, a sophisticated blend of warm and musky notes, with a hint of citrus, cinnamon, and sandalwood. The sound of my heartbeat pounded in my ears as blood surged through my veins.

I looked to Caden one last time, hoping to find some semblance of mercy, but finding not even the subtlest spark.

I squirmed as Connor’s strong hand pressed me over his knee. The position was undeniably intimate, and my cheeks flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and arousal. His firm grip on my waist held me in place, and I could feel the tension building in the air as he traced his fingertips lightly along the exposed skin of my thigh. The touch was electrifying, and I couldn’t help but let out a soft, involuntary gasp.

“If you didn’t need a spanking, you wouldn’t be over my knee about to get one, would you, naughty girl?” Connor answered, his sternness coming through with every syllable.

I tried struggling one last time, but I soon realized that I wasn’t going anywhere. With my wrist pinned behind my back and my legs firmly beneath his, I could hardly move an inch. I could barely even drum my toes against the floor.

“Connor…” I tried again.

“You were awfully sassy with me, little girl,” he continued, ignoring my plea, and squeezing my bottom roughly enough to cause a seizing ache to rattle through me. I sucked in a breath through my teeth, and he did the same to the other side.

It hurt, but at the same time my inner walls clenched tight with ferocious need.

“What’s your point?” I snapped, and the instant the words left my mouth, I regretted them.

“Sassy girls get their bottoms spanked bright pink, but defiant little girls get their bottoms spanked bright red,” Connor replied.

I stiffened, but my punishment didn’t begin right away.

Like a part of me wanted it to.

Instead, he pushed my nightshirt up so that my entire backside was visible. Then he slipped his fingers underneath the hem of my panties and pulled them upwards, wedging the fabric in between my cheeks and fully exposing my ass to both his and his brother’s view.

My face flared hotter, and I renewed my struggles over his knee, but it was as pointless as trying to hold back the tide with my bare hands. I didn’t move an inch, not even a little bit.

All at once, a sense of helplessness washed over me. I tried to push it away, but it consumed me all the same.

“I’m not… sassy…” I began, but then his hand slapped against my right bottom cheek for the first time, and my mouth snapped shut. This was really happening.

All at once, I realized two things.

The first being that there was no way I was getting out of this. It didn’t matter what I did or said, I was getting spanked and that was that. I could plead or fight all I wanted, but this was really happening.

The second being that Connor spanked much harder than Caden. I didn’t realize how gentle Caden had been until Connor’s hand bit into my bottom cheek for a second time.

It hurt.

The sting hit me like a freight train, and all of a sudden, my sense of self-preservation kicked into high gear. I drummed my toes on the ground, rocked my hips from side to side and clawed at Connor’s ankle with my one free hand, but nothing I did stopped the third smack from landing right on top of the first.

Fuck. That stung so much worse than I thought it would.

When the fourth slap struck my left cheek, one last wave of defiance crashed over me. I tried to push past his hold on my wrist, but that didn’t work. I tried to buck myself off his knee, but his legs kept me firmly in place.

I snarled and his hand bit into my cheek again, the overwhelming sting catching me by surprise. A sharp jolt radiated through me, making me gasp and inadvertently clench my bottom cheeks as an attempt to protect myself. Another electric shock hurtled through me as his palm struck my bare cheek, leaving me breathless and in shock.

“Connor! Please!”

Without pause, his hand lit into my backside with ruthless force. The scalding hot sting radiated across my ass, almost like my cheeks had caught flame, and I couldn’t help but suck in a breath at the escalating pain.

“You’re going to take me seriously, little girl, and if a bright red bottom is what you need, then that’s exactly what you’re going to get,” Connor scolded, and I bit my lip, trying to keep quiet.

I couldn’t let him know he was getting to me, especially not with Caden watching, too.

“You can’t let him do this,” I appealed to Caden, but his answering smile was so dark that it sent a chill straight down my spine.

“I’m enjoying the show, babygirl,” he replied. He wasn’t going to save me, and my clit pulsed fiercely with overwhelming need. Honestly, I didn’t know why I’d tried to appeal to him. I’d known deep in my heart that he wasn’t going to save me.

And honestly, a tiny piece of me didn’t want to be saved, either.

I struggled to regain my composure, each breath shaky, my heart racing in a rhythm that mirrored the chaos of my thoughts. I teetered on the edge of discomfort and an unexpected craving for more, and his palm didn’t slow down.

If anything, he spanked me even harder. Each firm smack reverberated throughout the room, announcing the sharp sting before it rose over me in waves. With each spank, the pain rolled up and down my spine before it settled deep in my core. I bit my lip, vowing to keep quiet, but it was so hard.

Connor’s hand was ruthless, and before I knew what was happening, my mouth was open and tiny gasps of pain were escaping my lips. I didn’t want to make a sound.

I didn’t really have a choice.

Scalding hot fire radiated across my bare cheeks, and before long, I was whimpering and crying out for Connor to stop. His palm bit into my ass more times than I could count, and I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to maintain my composure.

“Her ass looks so pretty bright pink, doesn’t it?” Caden murmured, and my face flared red hot with embarrassment. It was one thing to be over a man’s knee getting my bare bottom spanked. It was another to have it happen in front of someone else.

My shame wrapped around me like a cloak, but the most alarming part of it was that it only seemed to escalate the building need in the depths of my core. My desire seemed to squeeze tighter and tighter, and I keened softly, unable to reconcile with the desire swirling within me and the brutal sting scalding my backside.

“Are you taking me seriously now, little girl?” Connor pressed, and the heat in my cheeks flared red hot once again.

“Yes!” I exclaimed.

The stinging ache burned like an open flame. It was like a fierce, unrelenting fire, scorching through my skin and deep into my core. Each throb of pain only seemed to intensify, one after the other until the only thing I could think about was the resounding impact of his palm. I clenched my teeth, trying to suppress the urge to cry out, but the fiery sensation persisted, branding itself into my awareness.

“Good girl,” he praised, and my heart swelled.

I sighed in relief as his palm slowed and cupped my left bottom cheek. My ass was thoroughly scorched, and I fidgeted a bit on his lap. He released my wrist, and I reached down to touch my tenderized ass. The heat radiating off it was startling at first.

“That hurt,” I whispered.

“It was supposed to, naughty girl. Now stand up for me,” he directed, slowly lifting his leg off the backs of mine. His hands wrapped around my waist as he lifted me up and helped me to climb to my own two feet. Thankfully, my nightshirt fell down and covered my red bottom, which made me breathe a sigh of relief.

That didn’t last long.

“Hold your nightshirt up, little girl,” Connor instructed.


“Do you need to go back over my knee?”

“No,” I scoffed, blushing a little at his suggestion.

“Then do as you’re told,” he said, cocking his head as a dangerous grin made his lips curve upwards. After a lengthy pause as I just stood there, he raised his eyebrows and stood up beside me.

In a rush, I grasped the bottom of my nightshirt, and he nodded, almost too imperceptibly to see. My blush deepened, and I very slowly lifted my nightshirt inch by inch. Somehow, this was worse than being over his knee, more shameful, and then he knelt right in front of me.

“What are you doing?”

“I told you that your spanking would be on your bare bottom, didn’t I?” he warned.

“But you already spanked me!” I exclaimed, and he shook his head.

“That was for your defiance, naughty girl. Now, we’re going to deal with what happens to sassy little girls who tease their future husbands,” he countered, and I blanched.

“My bottom hurts already!”

“Maybe next time, you’ll do as you’re told, won’t you?”

“Humphhhhh,” I pouted and Caden leaned forward. I glanced at him, seeing the dark glint of his own arousal on his gaze. He was watching Connor and I with rapt attention. I swallowed hard when I noticed that one of his hands was stroking his cock over his jeans and my pussy nearly spasmed with desire right then and there.

While I was distracted, Connor moved closer, and his fingers slipped beneath the hem of my panties. I started, my eyes growing wide as I stared down at him.

“Please,” I begged.

He didn’t listen. Instead, he slowly peeled my panties down my hips, and I wanted nothing more than to hide my face as the gusset stuck to my wet folds.

There would be no hiding my arousal, not like this.

“You’re soaking wet, little girl,” he chided, clicking his tongue scoldingly, and the flush that had graced my cheeks before turned absolutely molten.

My face burned with my shame, and I could feel the heat of embarrassment spreading like wildfire. Every inch of my skin tingled with a crimson hue as I blushed, wishing fervently for a black hole to miraculously appear and swallow me whole just so I could escape the heated looks from both of them.

“I may have not taken down her panties yesterday, brother, but there’s no doubt in my mind she was just as wet,” Caden confirmed, and I wanted nothing more than to cover my face so I could hide. So I did the next best thing. I closed my eyes.

“Naughty girl, you enjoyed your spanking, didn’t you?”

“I didn’t,” I protested, my eyes bursting open as he dragged my panties down the length of my legs. Gently, he lifted one foot and then the other before he took my panties and laid them out on the table. The seat was thoroughly soaked through.

“I don’t know, Connor, I think she’s even wetter than yesterday. I think our naughty little girl likes it when we deal with her together,” Caden murmured.

“Hmmmm. I think you’re right,” Connor answered, his eyes twinkling with mischievously dark delight.

“I’m not wet,” I tried.

“You’re not? Then reach those pretty fingers between your thighs and tell me that again,” Connor instructed, and I swore even the tips of my ears were bright red at this point.

“I’m not going to do that,” I whispered.

“Don’t make me tell you again, little girl,” he warned, and my ass clenched nervously as he appraised me with a knowing look. Knowing that I was in way over my head, I balled my nightshirt at my waist and reached down with my right hand. Time slowed as I made the trek downward, my shame sizzling through me like a hot knife through butter.

“Connor, please,” I tried once more.

“Do I need to spank that soaking wet little pussy too?” he warned, and a quiet cry escaped my lips.

Just like in your fantasy, you little slut.

Every inch of me burned with embarrassment, but I did as I was told. As soon as my fingertips graced the top of my mound, I stilled, and he cleared his throat. I pushed on, stiffening as soon as my flesh contacted the rampant arousal dripping down my thighs.

“You’re soaking wet, aren’t you?”

“I’m not,” I lied, and he sighed, the sound almost weary.

“Go to the sink and clean off the spatula. Then you’re going to bring it back to me so I can teach you what happens to naughty little girls who not only tease, but lie too,” he demanded.

His stern expression commanded my compliance, and I whimpered as I released my nightshirt and let it fall back into place. Without a word, I took a step towards the sink. Feeling the persistent warmth in my cheeks, I looked down, saw the thick wooden spatula, and picked it up.

The sticky remnants of our shared breakfast clung to it, and I turned on the water to rinse it off. As the warm water washed away the remains of our meal, I couldn’t help but worry about what was going to happen next.

I was about to get spanked with the very thing I was holding in my hands, and I whimpered quietly.

It was made from thick, polished wood. Its handle provided a comfortable grip, while the broad, flat head allowed for efficient flipping and serving of food. Smooth to the touch and well-worn from years of use, it bore the marks of countless meals prepared with care and attention to detail. Now it was going to light into my bottom.

I took as long as I dared to wash off the wooden implement before I carried it back to him, my steps deliberately slow and filled with a mix of nervous anticipation and overwhelming curiosity.

Would it hurt? Would it make my pussy wetter than the spanking with his hand?

My heart pounded as I handed it to him. He accepted it with a stern expression that only intensified my blush and the nerves fluttering around inside me.

“Hold up your nightshirt, Anastasia,” Connor commanded, and a quiet whimper slipped free from my lips as I obeyed him. My clit pulsed and I wanted nothing more than to slide my fingers over it, or better yet, I wanted either one or both of them to do it for me. My nipples pebbled, and I wondered if they’d be able to see them beneath the fabric of my nightshirt.

“My God, isn’t she beautiful?” Caden murmured.

“She’s a fucking vision. The perfect little fantasy,” Connor replied, and a soft hum of delight escaped me.

Despite my initial shame and embarrassment, as Connor and Caden exchanged knowing glances and appreciative looks, I couldn’t deny the transformative power of their attention. A sense of newfound confidence washed over me. The realization that they both desired and admired me at the same time filled me with a heady sense of power. It was an intoxicating feeling, and I relished it even though I couldn’t take my eyes off the spatula in Connor’s hands.

As both of their appreciative gazes roamed over me, I felt a twinge of shyness creeping in. Their intense scrutiny made me acutely aware of the fact that they could see my naked pussy, and it sent a rush of warmth to my cheeks. Their unabashed appreciation of my body as they looked me up and down left me feeling both exposed and utterly desired.

I couldn’t get enough of it.

“You lied to me, didn’t you, little girl?” Connor scolded, and my mouth opened and closed as my cheeks burned.

“I didn’t,” I tried.

He snapped the spatula against his palm and the sharp sound made me jump.

“Yes,” I whined, swallowing heavily as he tapped the wooden implement against his hand, over and over again as if wanting to taunt me.

“You teased me too, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“Now, little girl, tell me what you need,” he pressed.

I opened and closed my mouth like a fish out of water. I stepped from one foot to the other, keenly aware that with every movement my thighs slid against one another. With embarrassment, I chewed the inside of my cheek and searched Connor’s face.

What was he insinuating? Did he think I needed to be spanked? Did I need to be? How did that make any sense?

Why would I need something like that?

My clit pulsed so hard that my hips rocked forward, and Connor’s gaze flicked downward, a clear indication that he had seen my moment of weakness.

“I need…”

“Tell us what you need, babygirl,” Caden pushed.

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