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Shared and Examined by Bella Jackson – Extended Preview

Shared and Examined by Bella JacksonKathryn stirred from slumber, becoming aware of her surroundings slowly. Her brain was foggy, like waking after a night of too many glasses of wine. Her body felt boneless. Replete. Yet she was also energized, like she could tackle a huge do-it-yourself project such as painting a room or refinishing furniture. She sat up, realizing she was in the bed in the nursery room.

Kathryn believed it was the first time in her life that she’d ever experienced such a full and strong orgasm—one that, it appeared, had made her pass out from its effect. The degree of pleasure at the hands of Edward and Phillip had been… she could not think of the correct word to describe it. Ecstasy. Stupendous. Astounding. It was as if her entire body was engaged with electric sensation that led her to a floating, serene, tranquil place where she understood nothing… and everything. It was similar to descriptions she had read about subspace. An endorphin rush. That must be what happened to her. Talk about a high. It was no wonder the submissive women she read about strived for the chance to be taken to subspace. Kathryn decided the actual experience was divine and could now attest to the heights of heavenly wonder and fulfillment.

Kathryn realized she was alone in the room, darkened by covered windows. She glanced at both nightstands to see if there was a clock but she did not find one. She was unsure of what to do. Phillip had told her not to get out of bed the night before but she was unsure if that was what he would always expect be the case. Her eyes wandered over at the wall. The wall with the non-existent door that existed long enough for her to physically drop into a Jane Austen novel. The door that led her to Phillip and Edward.

She was in awe of their personal strength to live as they wanted in a world where homosexuality was illegal, considered immoral, and, if discovered, could cost them their lives—or at the very least lead to imprisonment. She considered them to be pioneers ahead of their time to have the fortitude and bravery to live together and openly love one another. Kathryn was also curious to learn more about the special community they kept referring to. It all sounded forbidden and secretive, which she found to be exhilarating and provocative, teasing the deepest lechery within her just as her erotic romance novels did.

A yawn snuck up on Kathryn as she became more awake and aware. Believing she must have been asleep for a long span of time, she stretched her arms out and cracked her neck. It surprised her how much she had been sleeping since arriving there. She never slept more than seven or eight hours, and had never napped a day in her life, at least her adult life. She never needed to nor enjoyed it, although some of her friends at work would talk happily about their lazy-in-bed Sundays.

Kathryn realized she would never see those work friends again, the few people she considered friends. She didn’t have many close personal relationships and even less family. Her parents had passed away when she was in her early twenties. She exchanged annual holiday cards with a cousin who lived in Florida. Occasionally went out for Friday night margaritas with two of her office mates. She and Travis both had been only children. When she really thought about it, there was no one who would truly miss her and few who would notice she was gone.

It seemed that since she’d dropped into this room, this new reality, everything has changed for her, including her attitude. Kathryn took inventory of her person, both physical and spiritual. She had to admit, she felt really good. Rested and peaceful. Content. For the first time, she could truly envision this life… to become the little woman Edward and Phillip wanted. The thought gave her a sense of satisfaction and resolution.

The white wainscoting caught her attention again. With a scrutinizing and squinting gaze, she searched for an aperture. The slightest indentation in the wood or any indication there had been a door there. Compelled to examine the wall with sight and touch, Kathryn hesitated. There was no indication of an opening, no matter how many times she searched for evidence of a door… It was as if it never existed.

Kathryn crawled to the foot of the bed to get closer, her eyes searching the entire wall floor to ceiling. Positioned on her hands and knees, she strained her neck to examine the area. It was Phillip’s jovial chuckle that startled her, leaving the task abandoned.

“I didn’t get out of bed,” Kathryn defended nervously. “I only woke up a few minutes ago.” She quickly got off her knees and backed up to sit with her back against the headboard.

Phillip tilted his head, causing some wisps of hair to fall over his brow, giving him that sexy Keith Urban look women often swooned over.

“Calm down, my dear Kathryn. I am well aware you have been in your bed. You are not in trouble if such a concern is what has you so jumpy and anxious.”

Kathryn’s heartbeat slowed. Phillip strode toward her, perfectly polished, as if he had just gotten ready for the day. He was the epitome of a perfect Englishman. Dapper and reserved.

“What time is it?” Kathryn suddenly felt off. Disoriented and nervous, her stomach was in knots but she could not understand why.

Phillip replied. “It is almost nine in the morning. We wanted you to sleep as long as your body needed. You’ve been out like a light since yesterday,” he added, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Really? My word! I’ve lost an entire day?” Kathryn asked, completely caught off guard.

“Indeed you did, little one. Clearly you needed the rest. You went through quite a… stimulating experience yesterday. Although we hardly finished what we started. It’s no matter though.” Phillip smiled warmly. “We shall easily pick up where we left off. We’ve only begun this journey.”

Kathryn bowed her head, heat flushing her face. Stimulating. That was one way to describe the sexual satisfaction she enjoyed at his hand. “Where’s Edward? I… I mean… um…” The word was on the tip of her tongue so she hesitantly said it. “Pa… pa.” To her ears she heard a toddler uttering his or her first word. It was ridiculous and made her feel foolish to say it.

At least that was how she felt until she noticed Edward standing at the foot of her bed, holding a breakfast tray. His eyebrows were raised and his jaw dropped. He stood frozen as a statue staring at Kathryn with genuine astonishment. His whole expression lit up as a wide smile filled with affection and delight softened his features. It was a sight that flooded Kathryn with a sense of connection and belonging.

“Kathryn,” Phillip’s breath brushed her ear, tickling and causing her to giggle. “May I please have your wrist so I can check your pulse?” Phillip held a beautiful, ornately etched pocket watch in one hand and with his other, he completed the task.

Edward gracefully glided to the opposite side of her bed and sat on its edge. Kathryn again found herself sandwiched between them and it gave her those familiar stirrings deep down.

“Now, sit back,” Phillip ordered, fluffing her pillows to provide a back rest.

The breakfast tray was placed over her lap and Edward uncovered the plate to reveal bacon, a soft-boiled egg, and a scone covered with apricot preserves. The tray also held a glass of orange juice and another glass held the dreaded milk. Yuck! Kathryn was, however, elated to see a cup of tea in the prettiest porcelain cup she had ever encountered. Tea, so British. Lucky for her she was an avid tea drinker.

Without a word, they started the process of feeding her. Edward would bring the fork to her mouth, encouraging her to take a bite of the egg and then Phillip would follow, holding the glass of orange juice to her lips.

The scone was delicious. Usually Kathryn did not enjoy their dryness, but this one was fluffy and moist and covered in the freshest jam. Absolutely enjoyable.

When the time came for the glass of milk, Kathryn grimaced. One glance at their expressions confirmed it was not the time to revisit that argument in particular so she toughened through it, earning positive praise throughout her breakfast. But there was nothing on the tray that tasted as good as the cup of English breakfast tea kissed with a bit of honey.

In between bites, Phillip broached the subject of the previous day. “Kathryn, it was quite a reaction you had yesterday. Intense enough that it rendered you unconscious for many hours. Has that happened to you before?”

Her eyes widened in alarm. Yeah, hardly. “I’m sorry…” she started to say before Phillip placed his fingers over her mouth to stop her from speaking.

“There is no need for an apology, little one. We simply want to understand your previous experiences and your physical responses so we can best determine how to take care of you. It is, after all, our job to keep you safe and healthy.” Phillip’s voice was laced with compassion.

“While we are quite pleased with the magnitude of your reaction to our touch, it was also quite alarming to witness you rendered unconscious. Phillip and I need to know if you fully disclosed your previous experiences as we had requested in your correspondence,” Edward added.

Kathryn was hesitant to speak, unsure how to respond to their inquiry. The issue of the alleged letters she had written to them kept coming back like a boomerang. She needed to sidestep the matter carefully because the response she gave could easily anger Edward again, resulting in a painful backside if she were not careful.

She decided it was best to answer honestly based on her experiences, few as they may be, and hope there was nothing revealed that would contradict what was in those letters. Kathryn took a deep, calming breath. “I’ve never reacted or… peaked so intensely. I mean, I’ve barely had orgasms,” she replied, shrugging her shoulders.

“So you have difficulty reaching climax with direct genital stimulation?” Phillip inquired.

Kathryn wanted to laugh at the clinical way he worded the question, but refrained from doing so. There was no doubt Phillip was a physician.

“I’ve had some difficulty, yes, but I have been able to… climax. Not to that degree of intensity for sure. I think what happened yesterday was a result of long-held feelings and urges never acted upon.” Kathryn considered that to certainly be an honest statement on her part.

Phillip eyed her questioningly. “But in your correspondence you conveyed your feelings and needs and how they were fulfilled with your lessons at the training school.”

Oh, boy. Kathryn was stuck, unsure what to say to avoid her getting caught. They would think she was lying and they had been very clear about their stance on that matter. If she could not be convincing, she would be upturned over their knees.

“In all honesty,” she attempted to convey sincerity in her voice, “I do not exactly remember all of the details I wrote to you in those letters. I promise you, I am telling the truth. I’m not lying to you.” Her eyes swept to Edward’s, gauging his reaction and hoping he would accept her statement as truth.

Phillip, thankfully, commented first and they were words that helped put her at ease. “Ah, well, it makes perfect sense and is easily remedied.” Phillip’s eyes caught Edward’s. “When you consider the quantity of letters and expanse of detailed content coupled with her lengthy voyage, it’s no wonder our darling Kathryn is a bit unclear on the particulars.”

Oh, thank goodness he believes me! Relief flooded Kathryn, although she held her breath when she noticed how Edward looked contemplative, as if gauging whether or not to accept the explanation.

Edward acquiesced, much to her relief. “Yes, I can see how that would make sense. They were many lengthy letters containing much detail. What is the remedy you refer to, Phillip?”

“After we get our little one through her morning routine, Kathryn can view the letters. In fact, it is an excellent way to truly acquaint ourselves. It will serve as a catalyst for a much-needed in-depth discussion. We’ve yet to establish and solidify Kathryn’s limits or to fully explain our expectations. It shall be an excellent way to get off on the right foot!” Phillip appeared pleased with himself, his broad chest puffed out and looking quite fine under the white silk shirt.

Edward appeared to accept Phillip’s conclusion. “Very well. Let us proceed with our morning, for we have a full course ahead.”

“Yes, first things first! We must pick up where we left off with yesterday’s examination.”

Soon, Kathryn found herself nude and in the exact same position as the previous day, on her back, legs spread eagle in anticipation of their erotic touches.

“While I find this covering of soft curls between your legs pretty, I deem it more appropriate for our little woman to be bare.” Phillip gathered a razor, soap, and brush while Edward poured a pitcher of hot, steaming water into the basin on the side table.

Taking a flannel cloth, he dipped it into the water, wringing it out slightly. “Spread your legs wider, Kathryn,” Edward demanded, placing the hot cloth on her mound.

“Oh, that’s hot,” she exclaimed. Her flesh was sensitized and engorged from the heat, and the eroticism of the experience stoked the wetness seeping from her channel.

Phillip’s handsome face peered over her knees. His eyes flashed to witness her arousal and his lips curved slowly into a sensual smile. “Alright now. Relax while I uncover that pretty pussy of yours.”

As Phillip proceeded to shave her pubic hair away until completely smooth, Edward played with her nipples, tugging and pinching them.

“Ah, so lovely to see you bared for our pleasure,” Phillip crooned, his voice was low and smooth. “It tempts me to have a taste.”

Kathryn could not deny the spark of excitement as he spread her labia and lowered his head. The wet heat of his tongue exploring her folds was equally as tantalizing as Edward’s mouth on her erect nipples. She was awash with sensation. The bareness of her sensitized flesh made her desperate for more while also making her hesitate from the sharpness of intensity. “It’s too much… Oh, it’s too… yes…”

Edward moved from one breast to the other with his mouth, his large hand stroking her tummy in a sensuous manner that made her tingle down to her toes. They were lulling her to euphoria as a quiver surged through her body. She panted, “Ohhh… I’m… I’m… ohhh…” Her body vibrated with liquid fire until that exquisite place of silent, still whiteness left her shattered.

She felt a light kiss on her knee, and then Phillip walked across the room to the sink. Kathryn was trying to gather her bearings, thoroughly spent from the attention they paid to her long-neglected femininity. Edward stood aside, stroking her shoulder in gently comforting circles. His eyes were glimmering with intoxicating satisfaction.

Glancing over, Phillip was filling that familiar red rubber bag from a pitcher of water he added a powder to, the result bubbling into a frothy mixture. He carried it over and hung the bag from the brass hook, a long rubber tube curled up over the hook also, with a black, solid-looking nozzle at the end. His expression was a mixture of confident determination.

Kathryn shuddered in dread knowing exactly where the nozzle and liquid would be going. While she had many fantasies that involved the administration of an erotic enema, she was certain the actual application of liquid in her bowels would not be pleasant, but the reaction of her body betrayed her. Her mons was swollen and dewy, surprising her with a reaction of small spasms of anticipation, as if her body had not experienced the bliss of a few moments ago.

Phillip’s striking, animated profile appeared between her knees. Edward stood next to him, off to the side, with plenty of opportunity to view the show but still be in proximity to Kathryn’s reclining form, his hand on her shoulder.

“Time to clean you out, little one. I did not make the water too hot but the solution is strong. It has to be so it will have a successful purgative effect. This preparation will be important when you lie with us at night and we take you in both places. I can hardly wait to fill your dark channel with my cock.” He stated it so plainly as if it were something he did on a regular basis. “You shall feel my finger first so I can apply lubrication. Do try to relax as it will go much easier for you. This should be a familiar experience from your training at Miss Pritchard’s School.”

Phillip’s cooing tone did nothing to help Kathryn relax, given she had never experienced an enema before, but they believed she had therefore she had to persevere and make it through somehow. Something solid and foreign was being coaxed into her sensitive hole.

“Take a breath in. Come on. Relax and the nozzle will go in much easier,” Phillip instructed as she felt a pop, allowing the nozzle to become fully seated. “Excellent. There now, all in.”

Before she realized it, she freaked out. “No,” Kathryn cried out. “Please stop. I can’t do this. I won’t do this.” Kathryn tried to get up off of the table but soon found herself with her legs pulled up and back with her knees almost touching her torso. An eruption of searing pain took precedence over Kathryn’s begging. A tirade of slaps peppered her cheeks.

Each whack jarred the enema nozzle, providing a double result. Where the spanking hurt, the jolting of the nozzle provided an arousing effect. Kathryn was trapped between the sensations of pain and pleasure. “Oh, no. Please. Please. Stop.” Kathryn’s head thrashed as she begged for mercy, unable to resolve the conflicting feelings.

“You will cease your complaining at once,” Edward demanded, accenting each word with the application of a wallop harder than the previous. “You will learn to behave, little one. Obedience. Complete and total obedience. That is what is expected of you. Do. You. Understand?”

Oh, yes, Kathryn understood. She understood she had to find a way for the door to reappear and get the hell away from these sadists. It was too much, too unbearable. How did she ever think she could comply and submit to these men as their little woman? She needed to stop wavering in her decision. There was no choice. She had to get back to her life. Her real life. The life that did not involve discipline and scolding and all of the things that had happened to her. All of the things they had done to her!

Kathryn cried and cried, long after the chastisement ceased. She flinched at Edward’s touch. The hand that only moments before had been searing her ass was now pushing her hair back and wiping the tears streaming down her cheeks. Kathryn regarded him in horrified fascination. His eyes were filled with empathy, his smile without malice.

“There, there, little one. It’s all over now. You took your punishment like a good girl.” How he could offer words of comfort after the blistering he just delivered, she could not understand.

As her cries turned into sniffles, Phillip appeared next to Edward with a linen handkerchief, which he used to dry the remaining tears. “Here, little one, blow your nose.” Kathryn complied, a sense of calm starting to befall her, like the tide after a turbulent storm, when the waves are small and rhythmic.

“Kathryn, it’s time for your enema now. Daddy and papa are here to help you through it, alright? We know how much you enjoy a good cleaning out, so here we go.”

Oh, God, will I survive? Kathryn’s fear of the unknown seized her mind. They believed she enjoyed an enema. How could anyone enjoy an enema?

A rush of warm water filled her bowels. “Take slow, deep breaths, Kathryn.” Phillip coached, making gentle circles on her tummy. “Good girl,” he cooed. “You’re our good little woman.”

Edward continued to soothe her by running his hand over her hair, smoothing it back. He occasionally ran his knuckles across her cheek lightly. His expression continued to radiate understanding. Kathryn was unsettled and emotional. They were in complete control of the most private aspects of her body. She wanted to jump off of the table and run far and fast.

At the same time, it was difficult to resolve those feelings with the emotions that overcame her in response to the comfort and solace in their loving touches. That she could experience reactions on each end of the spectrum seemed to defy logic.

Kathryn’s eyes captured the sight of a flat enema bag and knew all of the liquid was churning inside of her. There were waves of cramps Phillip chased away with massaging pressure over her stomach. She was surprised the enema did not cause worse cramps, a fact for which she was utterly grateful.

After a period of time Kathryn could not determine as there were no visible clocks, they brought her to the toilet and, to her complete humiliation, remained present in the room, although Phillip busied himself at the sink dealing with the bag and nozzle while Edward turned the faucet on to fill the bathtub.

When she finished, Phillip cleaned her bottom and led her to the bathtub, where Edward was dropping citrus-scented oil in the water. She sank into the bath and sat quietly while the two men washed her with soap in the same scent as the bath oils. She’d survived the ordeal and it hadn’t been as terrible as she’d predicted, although she would never characterize it as something she would ‘enjoy.’

She found her center of calm once again, although it didn’t last long as her mind started to process the two extremely different responses her body had experienced. The same debate ruminated in her mind again. She could not comprehend the sense of contentment she found in their presence while also feeling exposed and possessed. She struggled with her internal battle, unbalanced by her extreme emotions.

The waterline was up to Kathryn’s neck as she allowed the warmth to seep into her bones, while Edward and Phillip sat on short wooden stools placed next to the tub. They simply stared at her, wordless, as she gazed back at them.

“May I ask you a question?” she asked hesitantly.

“Of course you may, little one.” The kindness in Phillip’s voice was a welcome sound.

Here goes nothing. “I mean, how can you go from being sweet and coddling to harsh and punishing in the span of a few moments? It’s so puzzling to me you can be that way and I can react to both extremes the way I do.”

Edward leaned toward her, elbows on knees. His expression was open in beautiful candor as he answered. “We are dominants, Kathryn. It is in our nature to need and exercise control over you. Going from coddling to punishing, as you say, is how exercising domination is accomplished, especially sexual domination. A dominant has certain expectations, rules… whatever you wish to call them and, with that, also has an obligation to teach the submissive how to meet those expectations and follow those rules. It is a give and take, an exchange of power built upon an understanding between us.”

Phillip expanded, “Ultimately, Kathryn, you have all of the control. It is through your gift of submission that empowers us to give you the freedom to be who you are. You are malleable, open to control with a yearning to explore your sexuality and we provide you with what you need, to be emancipated without judgment.”

“The relationship between us as dominants and you as the submissive must be based on trust, mutual respect, honesty, communication, and emotional connection. Without those pieces, none of this will work.” It was as if Edward could reach right into her thoughts when he added, “A trusting exchange of power allows you the freedom to be vulnerable while also providing you with a space to be free of worry, obligation, or fear.”

It made perfect sense to Kathryn but her cravings and fantasies to be dominated by Edward and Phillip were in direct contradiction to her upbringing and background. When she was a teenager in the 1990s, Sex and the City—breaking the glass ceiling—‘women can do anything and have everything’ was drilled into her psyche and she bought into it, grateful to live in a time where it was possible for women to have a family life and a career. She was fortunate Travis supported her in that regard so she was able to receive a college education and use it in the work world.

But Kathryn realized that was a long time ago when everything seemed possible. Now she was immersed in a different kind of life. A life filled with rules and obedience and punishment. A life… her life, dominated by men with an expectation to do as she was told and submit her body and mind to their will.

It was not long before her dominant men insisted on washing and drying her body and then returned Kathryn to the table where she was again positioned on her back with her legs spread. Edward and Phillip took the same places as before, announcing it was time for them to continue her examination.

“Alright now, we shall take this slowly. I’m going to check your little cunny so you shall feel my fingers. I want you to stay still,” Phillip announced. His fingers maneuvered through her folds and Kathryn arched her back slightly, raising her hips, unable to stop herself from reacting, moving into the sensations he created by touching her intimately.

“Easy now, little one, or we shall apply restraints to prevent you from moving.” Edward’s threatening tone was enough for Kathryn to get a grip, but the twinkle in his eye gave it away that the threat was not as menacing as he would have her believe.

“I’m sorry,” she acquiesced. The sting of two rapid-fire slaps landed on her inner thigh. “Ouch!”

“What is your rule about addressing Phillip and me?” Edward demanded. “We’ve been much too lenient regarding the issue thus far. That changes right now.”

Kathryn saw the bloom of a handprint on her thigh. It was an acute reminder she had to carefully play the role they expected and follow the rules they instilled. “I’m sorry, m-master.”

She caught Edward’s expression of disappointment before he turned to Phillip. “Seems I’ve been relegated, downgraded as it were to a more formal form of address.” Kathryn was unsure of his meaning at first but after a moment, it dawned on her. She had called him papa earlier and it was apparent this was what he truly wished to be called.

Testing it on her lips again, she said, “I’m sorry, papa.” An irresistibly, devastatingly handsome grin stretched across his face as a gush of hot liquid seeped from her pussy, leaving her hot folds slick with heat. She could not believe her body could become aroused again so quickly with a simple image.

Kathryn’s body responded favorably to Edward’s reaction and it could not be hidden from Phillip, given his location between her legs. “Ah, our little one is getting excited again! You must be happy calling Edward papa with all of the honey covering my hand. It is quite a copious amount from when we started.” Her pussy clenched tightly around Phillip’s fingers as he thoroughly felt every area inside all around. Not even her gynecologist was so thorough but this was not anywhere near the types of exams she had in the past.

Phillip’s studious examination of her wetness transported Kathryn to a place of pure eroticism. She sank into the feelings and sensations, abandoning logical thought and reason. She only wanted to experience the perceptible bodily responses in the moment. Phillip’s magical fingers pumped in and out of her channel a few times, then traced the outer and inner lips of her labia before making several lazy circles on her nub. He continued this pattern until Kathryn thought she would explode.

“Please,” she begged. “Please…”

Edward chuckled and Phillip asked, “Please what, little one? What do you want?”

Her eyes opened in shock when Edward pinched and tugged on her nipples. The sharp, precise pain on her responsive nubs in combination with the pleasurable sensitivity of her swollen channel intersected into a shattering crescendo that rippled through her like shockwaves from an earthquake. Her screams of pleasure echoed in the cavernous room, bouncing off the walls. The agonizing pleasure went on and on, one heightened wave followed by several little tingles building into another intensified upsurge.

Phillip’s rich laughter drowned out her diminishing cries of ecstasy. “I believe our little one answered that question without words and got exactly what she wanted.”

“Our little Kathryn enjoys a bit of pain with her pleasure. How lovely.” Edward cupped her left breast, swollen and sensitized. “We do need to work on teaching you to stay still when told. Perhaps we should tie her down for the rest of the exam.”

Rest of the exam! Kathryn could not imagine being touched ‘down there’ again. Her pussy was still engorged and tender from the aftereffects of another climax. She was sated and ready to take a nap.

“Should we restrain her?” Phillip inquired. “I’d prefer not. I rather like watching her wriggle with wild abandon.”

Edward scoffed. “If you say so, doctor. Mark my words and remember that I expressed concern when we need to pull her down from the ceiling.” His voice was filled with amusement.

“Indeed I shall,” Phillip stated wryly. “Now, dear Kathryn, there is a bit more for me to examine down here.” Phillip alerted her before starting to probe her rosebud, first with light taps and touches, which led to shallow entry breaching the tight ring. The forbidden orifice clung tightly around his finger that filled her, stretched her. It felt amazing and sparked her arousal yet again as if she had not already climaxed.

“You shall require extensive training to stretch this lovely rosebud before you can be filled with our cocks,” Phillip informed. “Tell me, Kathryn, do you like having my finger in your sphincter hole?” While one finger continued to probe, another lightly tapped the swollen, sensitized pearl.

The room was quiet except for her sharp intake of breaths and a moaning sound deep in her throat until Edward’s booming voice bellowed, “Answer your doctor daddy, little girl, or I will turn those creamy cheeks into a raging inferno.”

There was already an inferno raging between her legs. Kathryn was so caught up in the new sensations, reveling in the eroticism of the moment, she did not hear Phillip’s question.

“I’m sorry… please… I… I didn’t hear the question.” Kathryn caught herself before another chastisement. “Doctor. I didn’t hear your question, doctor,” she panted.

Phillip’s chuckle lightened the mood. “I asked you, do you like having daddy’s finger up your bum hole?”

Kathryn answered immediately. “I… I don’t know, doctor… I mean, daddy. It is not a feeling to which I am accustomed.”

“It’s alright if you call me doctor, although I do prefer daddy. I did tell you it was your decision to decide what to call us and I will not push the issue. But in the interest of full disclosure and open communication, I have to say it makes my heart melt when you call me daddy.” His fingers stretched her hole, cajoling her anus to expand and open while the index finger of his other hand worried her clit.

Kathryn meant it wholeheartedly when she said, “I do. I do wish to call you daddy.” She certainly preferred calling Phillip daddy more so than referring to Edward as her papa. She did not feel a connection to him in the same way she did Phillip. Her daddy. She could more easily accept that. Her inner musings were interrupted with a sharp pain.

“Owww, that hurts now. Please stop. Please,” she begged. It had felt fantastic up until that point, but pleasure morphed into pain.

“Give it a moment. The more you relax, the less discomfort you will experience.”

Kathryn’s body had tensed and she was unable to release her tightly held muscles easily. “Please stop. It’s enough. Too much. Oh, I don’t know…”

“I’m afraid I cannot stop, little one. You must become well accustomed to all treatments that allow for your little bottom hole to stretch. You must be able to accommodate your papa and your daddy. One of us in this hole,” his fingers circled and pumped, “and your quim. So it is imperative we work on stretching you out in preparation. You want that, don’t you, little one? To have your daddy and your papa take you together. One of us here,” he swirled his finger repeatedly around her anal walls, “or here.” He used his other hand to fill her heat. With at least three fingers in each hole, Kathryn was filled to capacity.

Kathryn was overwhelmed and astounded she could expand to such a degree. Again it was a situation of ‘love the fantasy, not so sure about the reality.’ But she was unable to stop the very real invasion taking place.

Another sharp pain radiated from her abused hole. Kathryn whimpered, “Please stop. It’s too much.” There was no way she could take them in at the same time. Not with the size of their manhood and she had yet to see them both fully erect. They were already large enough for Kathryn to determine it was impossible for her body to absorb them together.

Kathryn shrieked. “Oh, please stop, doctor. It hurts! I don’t like it!”

It earned her another slap on the sensitive inner flesh of her thigh. “It’s not for you to decide whether you like it or not. You knew when you accepted our invitation you would be fucked by the both of us. Now, you will accept his fingers up your arse quietly and submissively.” Edward’s harsh, scolding tone was back with a vengeance.

Phillip added, “Make us proud, little one. Behave and comply, for you will be well rewarded for such behavior. We do not wish for you to feel pain when we take you here. This training is necessary and will be completed regardless of your complaints.”

He removed his fingers, continuing to invade her bottom hole with rectal dilators, one larger than the next, stretching her wide. He took his time and used plenty of lubrication as he used graduating sizes to further stretch her rosebud.

“You enjoy being stretched to accommodate your daddy and papa,” Phillip said. “Your little cunny leaves no doubt in my mind.”

With her dark channel filled more than she thought possible, Kathryn was lost in a sea of profligacy as Phillip’s tongue cajoled her bundle of nerves and Edward’s mouth sucked on her peaks, alternating back and forth. Before long, another release tore through her body like a freight train, shattering her mind into a place where there were no thoughts.

“Ohhhh… yes… ahhh…” That mysterious pulsation of ecstasy raced through every limb as one orgasm carried through to the next, the plateau of climax seeming to last for infinity.

A pulsating wave of hot fluid sprayed and spilled from her body. If Kathryn were able to think coherently, she would have thought she peed herself but instinctually she knew what she had experienced was the squirting of female ejaculation. She was beyond any inhibitions, needing to do nothing but feel the intimacy of the moment with her two men.

Kathryn was panting hard, her body radiating heat, bells ringing in her ears, and bright light shone behind her closed eyelids. Nothing could compare, nothing felt as good, filling her and draining her at the same time. If she could have multiple orgasms with only the use of their fingers and tongues, what would happen when they filled her with their cocks? They might actually kill her or at the very least, cause her to become comatose.

“That was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.” Phillip’s voice was filled with wonder.

“What a gift, to have such a sensuous woman react to our touch in that way,” Edward added.

Her thoughts exactly.

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