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Shared and Punished by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Ned’s fingertips found Judith’s clit, and she bucked in his still firm grip. The 10 on Heather’s screen went red. An alarm bell sounded on the laptop’s speaker, written into the algorithm to make sure that an assessor would have their attention drawn to the proper place if they had focused elsewhere.

“Pre-orgasm,” Heather told Ned.

“Are you going to come, slut?” Ned asked Judith.

The 10 flashed and Judith cried out. The alarm bell chimed more rapidly.

“Recalibrator,” Heather said over the comm link. “Careful, Ned.”

Ned pulled his hand out a little, to run his fingers down the pussy folds whose slickness Heather could see from the humidistat now installed between Judith’s vagina and anus. The girl gave a sob of need.

“Yes, sir,” she said to the sofa cushion. “I… I mean…”

“You mean you were going to come, slut?”

“Yes, sir,” Judith gasped as Ned put the probing fingers against her anus.

“Dip to six, now back to eight,” Heather reported. As the metadata on Judith’s digital activity had indicated, anal represented a very sensitive and important subject for her. The occasional article about bottom-sex, sent through her social media feed, drew a long hover with her cursor and, usually in the morning when Judith tended to masturbate most frequently, a click about half the time.

“I’m not sure when I’m going to let you come, Judith,” Ned said musingly, his fingers rubbing a firm circle around her tiny bottom-hole, as Heather could see from the excellent close-up provided by a camera in the ceiling fan above them.

Judith whined and rode Ned’s thigh helplessly, pushing her bottom out as if trying to make his fingers leave the shameful spot between her well-spanked cheeks and begging them to give her much more—the much more she must know this dominant man intended.

“Would you like to earn an orgasm right now?”

“Oh… God…” she whispered, as her biometrics showed a clench that Heather herself could just make out on the screen through the golden curls of Judith’s pussy hair, the inner lips pursing delicately as the wave of pleasure went through the girl’s body.

“Recalibrator,” Heather told Ned, noting the flashing 10.

“Would you?” Ned moved his fingers down to rub Judith’s unseen clit, and made her moan long and low. “I know this is all happening very quickly for you, so you may take some time to think about it. Are you a slut, Judith, sweetheart? Would you do anything to come right now, naughty girl?”

He pulled his hand away at the last possible moment, and Judith wailed in need. Ned gave her a hard spank, and then another. The girl cried out piteously.

“Reach back and spread your bottom nice and wide for me,” Ned said in a low voice. “Show me your sweet little anus.”

“Still ten,” Heather told him, “with a nice big clench there.”

Judith let out a tiny whimper, and then she moved her hands, a little awkwardly and very slowly, to her backside. When her fingers touched the warm redness Ned’s spanking hand had brought, her back arched, and the number on Heather’s screen flashed yet again.

“Wow,” she said over the comm link, “another recalibrator. I’m going to recommend paying even more attention to training her anally than we were planning on.”

As Judith hesitantly obeyed and a whining sound came from her chest at the sensation of the air moving against the hidden valley of her bottom, Heather toggled over to the window that showed the team of nymphobi in the other bungalow. She saw that Joe and Sam were watching Judith’s feed intently now, their cards laid down.

“Joe, are you listening in?” Heather asked. Joe tapped his jaw to acknowledge, and Heather switched back to the scene in Ned’s cottage.

Ned had his forefinger against Judith’s wrinkly little bottom-hole, where wisps of golden hair seemed to set off the girl’s innocence in this important area of her coming submission.

“We’ll take all the hair here away, soon,” Ned said, leaning down so he could say the words softly, even as he pressed gently at the rosy button where he and five other men would soon open Judith Grant upon their hard cocks. Ned first, though, as he fulfilled the task of getting what the Guard needed from the girl before they completed the discipline they meant to mete out to a very naughty young woman.

“What?” Judith gasped, twisting her face back over her left shoulder to try to get a look at the man whom she had no choice now, really, but to trust. Her arousal dropped to nine for just a moment as she considered, then rose back to ten, as Ned moved his thumb lightly to her clit to remind her of the pleasure she could earn by behaving like his good girl.

No choice but to trust him, for Judith, here over his strong knee, because her psyche could, quite literally, not contemplate the possibility that she had done the wrong thing by walking in the door of this bungalow. She had come too far. When the moment came at which she understood the full implications of putting herself in the hands of a man who meant to discipline Judith Grant as she truly deserved and needed, it would be much too late to run away.

“Why?” Judith whispered, when her master—for he could accurately be described that way now—did not answer with words, but rather with probing fingertips that told her just how thoroughly she had put herself in his power and just how greedily her young body had responded to his dominance. “Sir?”

“Because I want you that way, slut,” Ned answered. “And I get what I want, where a girl’s cunt and ass are concerned.”

Judith shuddered at the coarseness, and her hips bucked again as she held her well-spanked bottom tightly, trying to be good for her master. The alarm on Heather’s feed, quiet for the last few moments, began to chime again.

“Careful,” she told Ned, though she knew he didn’t need the warning: his experience and training meant he knew exactly where his girl stood on the path to orgasm.

Heather toggled over to Tom and Nora, watching an old black-and-white slapstick comedy in Nora and Judith’s room with Nora’s laptop open on the bed showing the scene in Ned’s bungalow. Tom lay curled up on his side in his boxer briefs, obviously close to sleep.

Heather set her comm link to talk only to Nora and said, “You’ve got first watch, Nora?” she asked. Nora tapped her jaw, glancing over at the laptop to check on Judith and Ned and then returning her attention to the comic duo on the big screen. Nora would stay awake for the next three hours, including the crucial check-in with Judith, and then let Tom take over while she slept. They needed to be ready to go into action if necessary, in the unlikely event something went in an unexpected direction with Judith’s first sexual training session.

“When?” Judith whispered, clearly at a loss for what else to say, but needing to hear confirmation from her master that he would at least tell her of the dark things he had planned for her. She squeezed her bottom-cheeks with nervous fingertips, as if wanting to show Ned the anus he meant to bare but afraid of the idea, too. “Sir?”

“Tomorrow, sweetheart. We’ll shave you so you look even prettier in your lingerie.”

“Oh, God,” Judith moaned. “Sir, please… I’m… I’m not…”

“Hard clench,” Judith told Ned.

Ned took his thumb away from her clit.

“You’re ready when I say you’re ready, slut,” Ned replied, knowing and anticipating what Judith would say, so that she would feel that much more controlled. He replaced his forefinger with his two middle fingers, now, on the tiny flower of her anus.

Slut… sweetheart… slut; naughty girl… good girl… naughty girl: the alternation between modest and immodest, angel and whore, innocent and criminal, always emphasizing the immodest a bit more than the modest, was precisely calculated. In each tick back to calling Judith a naughty slut, in speaking of her cunt rather than of her pussy, Ned eased the girl deeper into her submission and her service to her master. More important, he brought her at an unconscious level to think of her sexuality as connected to the criminal act she had committed, for which she would soon be soundly disciplined.

The fingers pressed more firmly. Judith wailed and struggled fitfully over Ned’s knee. Her fingers clutched at her punished bottom-cheeks, and she rode up and down shamelessly in search of pleasure.

“You’re going to come with your bottom open, slut,” he growled. “You need to learn how to open to me when I want to use you here.”

The pre-orgasm alarm sounded again as Judith’s body responded to the suddenly increased pace of Ned’s mastery.

“Please…” Judith said. “I’m…”

Her head threshed side to side, golden hair moving enchantingly with the frantic motion. Her back arched. Ned pushed harder, and his middle finger entered as Judith threw her head back with a cry of need and shame and helpless pleasure.

Heather watched the movement of Ned’s hand, seeing the precise moment when he returned the ball of his thumb to Judith’s clit, and then watching with satisfaction as the 10 went red to show her orgasm.

“Good girl,” Ned said in a slightly less threatening growl that shaded into a patronizing tone that always got Heather herself hot and bothered. “Good girl. Come for Master, now.”

“Oh, my God,” Judith said in a weak voice, her head hanging now to the sofa cushion. “I’ve never… I’ve never come like that.”

“I know,” Ned said, taking his fingers from her wrinkly bottom-hole and letting it close. Judith let go of her cheeks, then, but Ned said, “No, sweetheart. Keep your bottom open until I tell you you may stop.”

She gave a low whimper in her throat at the instruction, and obeyed.

“It’s important to me that you understand about this bottom,” he said, stroking a circle around her anus.

“Understand what, sir?” Judith gasped.

“Eight,” Heather reported. “Clench.”

“That it belongs to me, now,” Ned said. “Kneel in front of me. You’ll keep holding your bottom open while you suck my cock.”

A shudder went through Judith’s whole body.

“Nine,” Heather said.

The girl over Ned’s knee didn’t move, though her fingers clutched at her punished ass-cheeks anew.

“Did you hear me, sweetheart?” Ned asked with a little severity in his voice.

Judith heaved a sobbing breath. “Yes, sir… but…”

“But what?” Ned asked. “When I tell a girl to suck my cock, I expect her to do as she’s told.”

“I haven’t… I mean…”

Ned took her hands from her bottom-cheeks and held them atop her back, in his left hand, while with his right he gave her six spanks, very hard, in the center of her backside though covering her whole little bottom simply because of the size of his hand.

Judith screamed as she felt her punishment renewed, and struggled, but Ned had clamped his restraining leg back over her lower thighs, though now with her knees well apart so that some of the force of each hard spank easily reached her pussy.

“No… please, sir… please… I’ve… I’ve never done it…” she wailed as she received her reward for her slowness to pleasure her master.

“I could have guessed that, slut,” Ned said when he had delivered the sixth spank. “But I don’t care. I’m going to teach you to give head just like I’m going to teach you to take the cock in the way I choose everywhere else. Now get on your knees and get that bottom open.”

He accompanied this command with forceful action, opening his legs and manhandling the girl down off the sofa to kneel as he had instructed. Her dazed face looked up at him, an expression of helpless arousal there even as the tears shone bright on her cheeks. Her hands still hung at her sides, and Ned made sure she saw him notice it.

Judith’s eyes went wide, then, and she reached her hands down and back, her mouth opening as she clearly realized what she would look like, and her eyes as if in confirmation going to the precisely placed mirror above the sideboard to the left of the sofa. Her brow creased as she saw herself doing as her master had commanded, kneeling in her pretty white lingerie, the thong around her lower thighs, and holding her punished bottom spread because Ned wanted it that way while he had his cock sucked.

In the mirror Judith saw it all, and she wondered if Ned would punish her for looking.

The girl with the lacy panties around her legs, just above the knee, because the man she had just met that afternoon on the beach had taken them down to give her a spanking.

The slut, kneeling in front of her master, putting her hands back behind her just as he had told her to do, shamefully spreading her punished cheeks because he wanted her to feel how thoroughly he had claimed her already, how much more thoroughly he must mean to claim her, not just with his fingers but with his cock.

The man, standing up, pulling off his polo shirt in one fluid motion and dropping it to the floor, then moving his enormous but dexterous fingers to the waistband of his shorts to unfasten the button, unzip the zipper.

“Look at me, sweetheart,” Ned said in a low, commanding voice. “Look at what you’re going to suck. Look at your master’s cock.”

One final glimpse in the mirror: the sweetheart slut, as the man reached out to grasp her chin and enforce his command. Her bottom held wantonly open, as if begging him to use her there exactly as he pleased, her face turned to look at the degrading sight of the girl in the pretty white lingerie serving a man who had begun to lower his khaki shorts and his black briefs, so that she could learn to give pleasure.

She looked, as he dropped the shorts and briefs to the sisal rug, to fall around his ankles, and the huge, hard penis seemed to spring out at her, pointing right at her face, demanding that the kneeling slut do as she must. Judith had never gotten this close to a cock, even her one boyfriend’s. The simple fact that Ned had made her kneel in front of him and then taken off his shorts seemed to say that he must be right: Judith Grant must be a slut who had never had a New Modesty man treat her as a slut should be treated. Judith Grant had to suck a penis now, because she was a slut. Hadn’t she obeyed, and wasn’t she holding her bottom open so that the cool air of an island night, blown by the ceiling fan above, moved against her little anus? Didn’t Ned mean to fuck her? Her mouth, now… and then…

She felt her face go as hot as the sun as she looked at the hard manhood that swayed slightly in front of her. After stripping down his shorts and boxers Ned had taken gentle hold of her chin again, and though Judith tried, weakly, to shake her head, he didn’t allow it, but kept her face right where he wanted it, confronted by his enormous penis.

“Open your mouth, slut,” he said. “Suck the cock like a good girl or you’ll go right back over my knee.”

“Please,” Judith begged, raising her eyes to look into his stern, hungry face. “I don’t know how, sir.”

“You’re here to learn to please me, Judith,” Ned said. “The way a New Modesty bride in white lingerie like yours would on her wedding night—if her boyfriend hadn’t already decided to enjoy her as he has a right to do—the way I’m going to enjoy you tonight. Didn’t you wear that underwear because you know you need training, sweetheart? Didn’t you come in the door even though you knew you were going to get a spanking? Aren’t you holding your pretty bottom open so that you learn who owns it now?”

“No…” Judith protested. “I… I mean…”

But… I’m a naughty girl, aren’t I?

“I’m going to teach you the way a husband or a boyfriend teaches a girl who needs training and discipline. Now lower your eyes and open your mouth.”

She felt her forehead crease as she obeyed, so that she had to look at the fluted head and the prominent veins that made the cock seem to have a life of its own as it menaced her. She lowered her jaw a little, and clutched her sore bottom, wanting to ask Ned to be gentle but also oddly reassured that she could not say anything now and didn’t have to.

“Put your tongue out, and open your mouth wider, Judith,” his voice said, high above her.

A whimper came from Judith’s chest as she obeyed, and then she couldn’t suppress a little cry, for he had laid the head of his hard penis right on her tongue, and her face went very hot at the thought of it.

“There,” his voice rumbled. “So pretty.”

Then, without warning, he moved his hands to the back of her head and began to use her mouth in shallow thrusts that grew deeper each time.

“That’s it,” Ned growled. “That feels so good.”

The cock felt enormous, demanding on her tongue, deep in her mouth. Judith gagged a little, but Ned kept fucking her face. In a moment of panic, she let go of her bottom-cheeks, but Ned said, “No, sweetheart. Keep your backside spread for me or I’ll have to get my belt and whip you while I enjoy your mouth.”

That made Judith cry out around the thrusting cock, but Ned didn’t stop using her, his dark curly hair tickling her nose now as he trained Judith to take him deep. Though her hands on her bottom seemed terribly far away from her clit, something about the glowing warmth that lingered from Ned spanking her seemed to make the sensation travel forward, then, and keeping her hands where he had told her to keep them gradually became a torment of arousal as well as one of shame. Without even meaning to do it, Judith began to squeeze the cheeks she held, trying to knead them and press them so that they might give her some pleasure to match the enjoyment her master took in using her mouth.

Ned noticed. “What are you doing, naughty girl?” he said in a low voice, slowing his thrusting between her lips a little. For a moment Judith wondered if even trying to get a little pleasure from playing with her punished bottom would bring the belt. She couldn’t stop, though, for she was a naughty girl: she squeezed and she moved her hips, showing him now how much she needed, and where she needed it most.

He stopped his motions in her mouth, with his cock’s head just inside her lips.

“Look at me, slut,” he growled.

Judith obeyed, turning her eyes up to his with a little cry deep in her throat, sure that he would say he meant to fetch the belt, to punish her for trying to feel good when only his pleasure mattered. For wasn’t that the essence of the New Modesty, that the man’s rights came first, above all in the bedroom?

She saw hunger in his eyes, not anger, and the expression made her squeeze again, bounce again, and whimper around his huge, hard cock.

“You’re going to get up and go to the bedroom,” Ned said. “You are going to keep your panties where they are, and hold your bottom open the whole way. You are going to get up on the bed, right at the foot, and kneel there, and then bend over, with your cheeks still spread, and put your face against the sheet. I’m going to come to the bedroom when I’m ready, and I’m going to deflower your ass.”

Judith felt her eyes go very wide.

Ned moved his right hand to stroke her cheek, as above her he nodded slowly, his eyes confirming that he meant every word, every shameful command.

“That’s right, slut,” he said, much more softly though his words came out at an even lower, more rumbly pitch. “I’m going to have your anus before I have your pussy. I want to take your last virginity now, and come in your little bottom while it’s still nice and rosy from your punishment.”

Judith’s nose twitched, and she heard a tiny sob come from her chest. Ned pulled the head of his cock out of her mouth.

“Get going, Judith,” he said. “Remember, hold your ass open all the way to the bedroom.”

She didn’t know how she got up, thought he must have helped her, because she knew she couldn’t take her hands off her bottom-cheeks. She knew, too, that she couldn’t look at him, or at the mirror, which would now show a girl going to a bedroom in the most shameful way possible: going there to have her bottom’s virginity taken. Her eyes sought the bedroom door and found it. She shuffled there with her panties around her knees.

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