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Shared by the Barbarians by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Shared by the BarbariansOn board the Pride of the Trestrimar, Kar waited in the pilot’s seat and Hed in the co-pilot’s.

“Any trouble?” Kar called back, into the passenger compartment, once Pag had secured the hatch.

Pag looked at Jalinda, standing wrapped only in the sleeping fur that he supposed could now be docked from their pay, along with the assessed value of the stunningly beautiful girl General Kroban had chosen for himself. She looked back at him out of her bewitching green eyes with an anxious, confused air, as if interested and worried to see what he would say. Pag could get used to having Jalinda care that much about his opinion; he had ensured it for the moment with the discipline he had given her, and now he must proceed to earn it with his care for her.

“Well,” he called back, his eyes still fixed on hers, “I had to put the cloth of silence in her mouth and switch her backside to get her to see reason.” The flight from the general’s palace had been easy: there were no guards anywhere on Vion, of course, because imperial order was kept through constant surveillance, and the whole household, including those who tended the train station under the palace, had drunk itself into a stupor.

“Oho!” Kar said, laughing.

“I thought you said she would come with us freely,” Hed said, frowning.

Jalinda took a step back at Hed’s words, as if frightened at the mere sound of them. Pag sighed inwardly. Hed could have that effect on girls, and he didn’t mind having it. As a man of the Trestrimar, he didn’t have to put up with any nonsense from anyone, least of all a pretty girl. Whether he wanted to fuck a girl or not, he believed in keeping her in line, and he made sure she knew it. Hed didn’t want there to exist any confusion about whether he would discipline the women over whom he had responsibility, just as the law of the Trestrimar laid down.

“She did, Hed. She just had to have the situation explained to her. Jalinda, please tell Hed and Kar that you have decided to leave with us and to marry us as cunt-brothers.”

Pag watched her face turn red at that. He alone of his brothers understood a little of the way girls on worlds like Vion and Sherdon were raised when it came to what sorts of words people used in polite society, but he saw no reason to obscure his meaning now: Jalinda must understand that her fate had placed her on the path of marriage according to the law of the Trestrimar. Her young cunt would soon be deflowered by Pag’s cock, since he held seniority among his brothers, and then he would share that cunt first with Hed and then with Kar.

“Yes,” she said softly, looking through the door to the cockpit.

“Why?” Hed demanded.

Jalinda’s chin quivered. “Because it’s… better than being with the general.”

“Fair enough,” Kar said. “Let’s see the cunt. It’s time for the betrothal, no?” He looked at Pag expectantly.

Jalinda, too, looked wildly at Pag. “What does he mean?” she said, her eyes wide in alarm.

“We’ll have the betrothal once we get to Zulin,” Pag said to Kar. Hed nodded. “These Vionians are so overconfident that there’s no security at all, and they have disabled themselves with their wine, but Jalinda will be missed soon, and when we and the Pride are missed as well and they check their surveillance vids, it won’t take them too long to figure out what happened. Start the takeoff. I’ll get Jalinda strapped into her acceleration couch.”

“What’s the betrothal?” Jalinda said

Kar answered. “It’s when you offer your cunt to us, sweetling.”

“And your mouth and rump,” Hed added.

“We don’t fuck them right then,” Kar continued. “But we get to take a good look, and we make you look at our cocks, and kiss them, and then we mark you with our seed.”

She looked at Pag again, obviously hoping he would tell her that Kar had made it up, as a joke.

“It is the law of the Trestrimar,” he said simply. “As I said, we will have the betrothal as soon as we get to Zulin. You must make up your mind to show us your cunt like a good girl, so that we mark you thoroughly, for that makes the powers smile upon a marriage, and grant good fortune. Come, lie down on the couch behind you. We will take off in a few moments.”

Fastening the soft straps over Jalinda’s naked body, as she winced at the pressure even of the couch’s soft padding upon her poor whipped bottom, distracted him more than he would have liked to admit, especially since he had become very hard at the thought of the betrothal. He resisted the temptation to kiss her sweet little pink nipples, though, and command the pleasure between her thighs to keep her thinking of her need for cock and contented himself with smiling down into her face.

She looked up at him, the anxiety obvious in her eyes. “When will you…?”

“When will we fuck you?” Pag guessed, and Jalinda nodded. “After we are married, by custom. The Trestrimar fuck whatever girl they wish, if she does not belong to another man of the Trestrimar, but when they take a bride it is usual only to have her mouth before the wedding, and to begin to train her bottom. Then, when they are married in the sight of all the Trestrimar, the men tie the bride to the bench of discipline and fuck her cunt as many times as they like. Because I am eldest, I will take your maidenhead and spurt inside you first. Then Hed will fuck you, then Kar. After the wedding night, though, we will take turns with you, night by night. But every thirtieth night will be a three-cock night for you.”

Jalinda seemed to have begun to breathe very hard. Pag wondered if his words alone had excited her, somehow, or if the arrangement, which seemed so natural to Pag, frightened her. “What’s that?” she whispered.

The engines underneath them roared to life, shaking the Pride with an intense rumble. “Takeoff in one minute,” Kar called back. “Strap yourself down, Pag.”

“I think you can figure out what a three-cock night is, Jalinda,” he said, as he turned to climb into the well-padded confines of the other acceleration couch, and gave her an encouraging smile. “Girls who have to please three men at once have trouble being good girls at first, because they often find the sensations too overwhelming to relax and enjoy them, and it can be embarrassing to have three men exploring every part of your body and using you as they like, but you will get used to it as soon as you understand that you must not refuse your husbands.”

The shaking and the noise increased. Pag lay in his couch strapped down, and looked across at Jalinda, wishing he could soothe away the fearful expression on her face. But he knew he must make the outlines of her new life as clear to her as he could.

“We will train you,” he said over the engine noise. “You will have our hardness in your mouth very often from now on, before the wedding. We will need to relax, as we try to evade the Vionians, and a man of the Trestrimar always relaxes inside a girl. Sucking our cocks will teach you to be a good girl, as you learn how much you need a man’s firm hand.”

They reached Zulin after three hyperspace jumps to confuse the Vionian pursuers—who, they knew after the second jump into the Rekan system, had raised the alarm.

“Know this,” came the message broadcast on the hyperspace comm-link. “The Vionian imperial command seeks the ship Pride of the Trestrimar and the brothers Pag, Hed, and Kar of the Trestrimar, along with a girl of Sherdon. A reward of one billion credits is offered for their capture or proof of their deaths.”

Kar laughed. “Almost makes me want to turn myself in,” he said.

“Hush, Kar,” Hed grunted. “We need no bad luck.”

“Will they catch us?” Jalinda asked.

The rockets had long since given way to the nearly silent ion impellers that kept them moving through outer space, when they weren’t using the gravitium-drive to jump across the galaxy.

“No,” Pag answered. “We’re going to refit the Pride here on Zulin and give her a new name. We’ll resupply our gravitium and triple jump to Mara.”

“What does triple jump mean?” she asked.

Kar said, “It means that no one can track you from where you start to where you end up, unless they know exactly where each jump is headed.”

“It means a fortune in gravitium,” Hed grunted. “And what we just did means that our mercenary days are over. We’ll be hiding on Mara for the rest of our lives. The more reason for you to obey your soon-to-be husbands, girl, and not put up a fuss when we know what’s best for you.”

Pag watched Jalinda’s face crumple and go red. She looked at him and in her eyes he could see anger mingle with fear at showing any resistance. She had seemed truly curious and lively, just a moment before, and now Hed had ruined it.

“Hed,” he said in a tone of warning. “I am eldest. We need no money on Mara, and the Trestrimar will be glad of our return.”

Kar said, somewhat to Pag’s surprise because his youngest brother rarely displayed much consideration, “Hed, you need to apologize to our bride. She didn’t ask to have Pag steal her, did she?”

“Hush, Kar,” Hed said. “Jalinda needs to understand how things will be, with me as her husband. You may treat her with softness if you like, but I went along with this plan because Pag is eldest and because the girl is pretty and I know I will enjoy disciplining her and fucking her all night long, the way I like to have my girls, every third day. I will not pretend that I don’t regret that I have a bride I must share with both of you, and I will not conceal from her how firm I will be with her during her first nights with me, so that she can learn to enjoy my cock as I plan on enjoying everything she will obediently offer me.”

“Hed,” Kar said, shaking his head, “I think that may be the longest speech you’ve ever given. Jalinda, you’re turning our brother into a sage!”

“Hush, Kar,” it was Pag’s turn to say. He looked over at Jalinda, whose face had gone from the angry expression to a more apprehensive one, as if Hed’s words had actually helped her, in their bluntness. Pag often found the same thing about his usually taciturn middle brother: when Hed spoke, his frank, honest way of expressing his pragmatic—often even pessimistic—view of the situation seemed to reassure one that Hed would take charge and ensure that nothing worse happened than the realistic scenario he had just laid out.

“Jalinda,” Pag said across the narrow space between the acceleration couches, “my brothers and I had planned to fight for the Vionians on one more campaign, and then go home to Mara. We had hoped to bring more gifts, I suppose, for our family and our tribe, but instead we will bring you, and you will be a good girl and give us strong children.”

Jalinda nodded slowly, as if absorbing the words and searching each of them for its meaning.

“Third jump in two minutes,” Kar said. “We’ll be on Zulin in twenty.”

Pag saw the memory of what she had heard about the betrothal flit across Jalinda’s face, and the fear return.

“We’ll spend the night in the home of a man of the Trestrimar who settled on Zulin twenty years ago,” he said. “We’ll have the betrothal there, in his living room. Don’t worry, Jalinda. Girls of the Trestrimar take great pride in their betrothals. You will remember yours with happiness someday very soon, I promise.”

“But…” she whispered. She seemed to think for a moment about what Pag said. Then she shook her head, as if coming to the conclusion that she couldn’t see matters his way. The expression of quiet defiance on her face struck Pag as so adorable that his heart skipped a beat. “I just can’t do it. I can’t… show you… that. I mean, I know you can make me, and tie me up, and whip me, but…” Now her face turned very red as she obviously pictured herself offering her most private places to three men she barely knew, inviting them to use those places for their pleasure. “I can’t do it willingly, the way it seems like I’m supposed to.”

“Don’t worry,” Pag said. “Younger brides like you, who do not yet fully know their need for cock, sometimes have a little trouble. We will make certain you have a fine betrothal, even if we must spank you to teach you about a husband’s authority. I know that does not sound very reassuring, but I promise that you will understand more after the betrothal.”

Jalinda’s brow puckered and her mouth turned up in a sweet pout that made Pag want to kiss her anxiety away. “Alright,” she whispered. Then, as if trying vainly to reassure herself, she repeated it. “Alright. Alright.”

Gep, the man of the Trestrimar who lived on Zulin, met them on the landing pad in the spaceport. He stood almost as tall as Pag and his brothers and, though Gep was clearly at least twenty years their senior, his age seemed to sit very lightly on his shoulders though his long hair—black like theirs—had many streaks of gray. Jalinda found she liked him immediately, and the regard in which he clearly held Pag comforted her a little.

Even so, the resolve to escape she had formed on the brothers’ ship did not desert her. She would find a way to return to Sherdon on one of the ships at this busy, if rundown, spaceport, and she would find her parents, one of her cousins, or someone she knew. She would change her name, and she would live whatever life one could still live on a conquered world.

“The Vionian garrison is on alert,” Gep said to Pag as soon as they had exchanged greetings, “but there’s no sign I can see that they think you might have headed here.”

Gep’s living room was small, especially with four enormous men in it, surrounding Jalinda. Two benches stood side by side on either side of a stove that the garrulous Gep had fed with pellets that he explained came from the biomass cultivated around the spaceport, which made the place sustainable for human living.

Then Hed, who had remained completely silent from the moment he had said the terrible things about her first nights with him and becoming used to the cock, until now, said to Pag, “Time for the betrothal.”

Kar, who Jalinda found she couldn’t help liking, said, “Gep, we’re going to do it here, if that’s okay. Pag said so.”

Gep looked at Pag, who nodded. “Of course,” he said. He turned to Jalinda. “You’d better take off that fur, girl. As the representative of the tribe, I’m the one who will say how this will go. The law allows cunt-brothers to perform the ceremony without a witness, or really as each other’s witnesses, but it’s better when there’s an elder like me around.” He turned to Pag. “Is she a virgin?”

“Yes,” Pag said. Jalinda felt her face glow with shame.

“And you’ll save the cunt for the wedding night?”

“As the law commands,” Pag said.

“Well,” said Gep, “you know that’s a kind of gray area. But I’m happy to do the ceremony of virgin betrothal.” Again he addressed Jalinda. “If Pag here wanted to deflower you tonight, I’d get a turn inside your cunt, as the chief witness. I can tell I’d enjoy that quite a bit, but your eldest husband-to-be wants to follow the letter of the law, which means that I won’t even get to have you suck me.”

Gep said all this not in the grave and almost threatening tone Hed had used to say similar things, or in the comforting tone in which Pag had started to teach Jalinda about what it meant to become the wife of three men of the Trestrimar, but in a jocular tone like Kar’s but with what seemed to her greater authority behind it. Her face couldn’t get any hotter, but she began to see that among the Trestrimar to talk of cunts and cocks and fucking had a very different meaning than it would have on Sherdon 2 or Vion 4.

She just didn’t think she could ever get used to it, even if it seemed in some ways more natural than the modesty she had learned, growing up in a very different part of the galaxy.

“Take the fur off, Jalinda,” Hed said. “Or I will take it off for you, and spank you, too. You must learn your place.”

The sleeping fur in which Pag had stolen her from the general’s palace hardly covered her at all anyway, but it had felt comforting, at least, to have some concealment.

Pag said, “Do as Hed says, Jalinda. Drop the fur and then sit on the bench behind you. You will present your cunt to us now.”

Again Jalinda felt the resistance she had felt on the Pride of the Trestrimar, at the thought that she had to do this shameful thing—though she did not even yet understand what they meant by presenting her private part. She looked at Hed, looming above her. Her hands trembled as she parted the fur and slid it back over her shoulders. She could stand to be naked in front of them, surely, for her stay in the women’s tower, being prepared for the general, had taught her that as she watched other girls be naked for punishment. And hadn’t waiting naked for the general, and seeing the terrible scene of the feast, where she had received the horrible whipping on her bare bottom for no reason and had thought the general was about to do to her what Pag and his brothers had done to their own naked girls, made it easier?

Gep said, with more seriousness in his voice than she had heard before, “Jalinda, a wife of the Trestrimar must understand that her naked body is a possession—a prized possession—of the men who care for her. If you will not show Pag and his brothers the respect they deserve, Hed is correct: you must be spanked until you learn your place.”

“But… but…” Jalinda said, searching her mind desperately for something to say, some way at least to delay this terrible embarrassment. “But my bottom… you’ll see! The horrible general whipped me so hard, and then Pag switched me, too. Surely… I mean, don’t they want to…” A hot flush burst anew into her cheeks. “Don’t they want a bottom that’s still pretty?” she blurted out, not knowing why the thought of her bottom’s prettiness to her three frightening barbarian husbands would somehow also mean that the funny feeling and the warmth and even the wetness would come between her legs.

“Of course they do,” Gep replied, “even if between the cheeks they will train your secret blossom, as all wives of the Trestrimar are trained, until your bottom is easy to fuck, while still tighter than your cunt.”

“Powers…” Jalinda whispered, feeling her whole body tremble. Easy to fuck. Oh, powers.

“But,” Kar said, seeming to pick up where Gep had left off, “we do want sweet little bottom-cheeks to hold and to spank, and to make you hold open for our cocks when we fuck you there. So don’t fear on that account. If you won’t strip and offer your body, we won’t spank you on your bottom.”

“What?” Jalinda asked. What could he mean?

Hed growled, “Enough. Pag?”

Jalinda looked from the angry expression on the middle brother’s face to the grave one on the brow of his elder sibling. The fear rose in her higher than she thought she had ever felt it, even on Sherdon when they had known the mercenaries were coming to take their town. She already knew that these barbarians would always protect her with their lives; she had known it, she understood now, the moment Pag had told her why he had come to the general’s chambers. Somehow she even felt that she owed them her body for that, although from the point of view she had once had as a girl growing up on Sherdon 2 the thought seemed a shameful one. Somehow, finally, the thought that she owed them her mouth and her private parts, to do as they pleased with the places where she had learned so recently that men like to put their hard cocks, made the funny feeling and the secret heat much, much worse.

In that moment she understood at last the nature of the funny feeling, and the realization startled her and redoubled the blush in her face. Desire. Need. Her need for cock, as Pag had called it. Strange as it would have seemed to the Jalinda of only a day before, a part of her—her quim, her cunt—wanted to submit to them, even though she had no idea why, and the rest of her still fought very hard against the idea and quailed back very far from it.

“Enough,” Pag agreed. He spoke sternly to Jalinda. “Betrothed and married women on our planet get the discipline they need, girl, and they get it right where they need it. Hed, Kar, put her on the bench and open her legs. We have to make certain she understands exactly what we mean. Gep, do you have a cunt-paddle? It would be good if we could make our girl understand her new life from the beginning.”

“I don’t. Not a lot of call for it for an unmarried man of the Trestrimar on Zulin,” Gep said regretfully.

Jalinda stood with the soft, warm fur still in her hands, unable to move a muscle. “What?” she whispered. “What’s that? Wh-what’s…?

Kar said, with a crooked grin, “It’s what wives get when they can’t learn to behave. I think Pag can give you a good idea of it, with his hand. Are you going to lie down and take your punishment, Jalinda, or do Hed and I have to hold you?”

“Enough, I said,” Hed growled, and stepped forward.

Jalinda cowered back but Hed merely grabbed her by the shoulders and ripped the fur away, then picked her up and laid her on her back on the bench, which had a top of padded leather. Jalinda looked wildly from him to Kar and back, and saw Hed give Kar a look that spoke more than any words could. For the first time, Jalinda saw that having her to care for and to guide into the ways of the Trestrimar pleased him—perhaps even on a level deeper than Kar could ever feel, with the light way he seemed to live—but she also saw Hed’s frustration with Kar’s already clear tendency to go easy on Jalinda.

Pag’s voice drew her gaze to his face, a sort of mixture of his two brothers’ gravity and lightness. “Kar, do as I’ve said. Hold the girl open so that I can spank her cunt.”

“No, no, no,” Jalinda wailed. The idea of what Pag would do had been obvious from the moment he had told her brothers to hold her legs open, and said right where they need it. When he had said cunt-paddle she had nearly screamed with fright. But still her mind had refused to travel all the way to the place where Pag had now forced it with the simple words spank her cunt. “Please… no, you can’t,” she cried. “I can’t bear it. I’ll offer it! I’ll offer my… my c-cunt and… and my bottom! Let me suck your cocks, like the girls at the feast. I want to kiss your big cocks and suck them. Please! Just not… don’t punish me there, please! Not there!”

Gep spoke with great seriousness. “From now on, girl, you will understand how important it is to obey your husbands. A girl’s first cunt-spanking is hard, but every girl must have one, sooner or later, to teach her how her cunt needs discipline, to be pleasing for the men who fuck her, just as she needs discipline herself, to please them with her actions. I venture to say it will be a long time before you feel the cunt-paddle, now that you know Pag, Hed, and Kar won’t hesitate to use it upon the place where they put their cocks when the need is upon them, and where they will make their sons and daughters in the fullness of time.”

Jalinda feared Pag’s hand so much, between her thighs, now spread wide by Hed and Kar, each of whom grasped one of her knees, that she barely noticed what Gep had said about the babies. She looked down her body and saw that the way they pulled her knees up and apart, almost to her breasts, exposing her completely and shamefully to her own view: the little pink pout, bared for the general’s frustrated pleasure of the red curls that had once adorned it, and peeping out between the whiter outer lips. Even when they shaved her in the bathing hall, and she had caught a glimpse of the process in the mirror, Jalinda hadn’t really seen what her quim looked like.

“Jalinda,” Pag said, “look at me.” She looked up to see him standing at the end of the bench, with his enormous right hand upraised, the fingers held tightly together to make a single surface. “I am going to punish you now. Usually after a cunt-spanking, there is a punishment-fuck, but because you are a virgin, you will offer your cunt when I am done spanking it, and my brothers and I will let you kiss our cocks before we come on your face, your breasts, and your belly.”

Then he put his left hand firmly on the little hill above Jalinda’s quim, and with his right he began to teach her the terrible lesson. Jalinda screamed, and screamed, and screamed, but Hed and Kar held her firmly despite the struggles she couldn’t help making, though from the beginning she understood that she would obey now, for how could she not obey men who would do this to her?

Pag merely kept spanking her, each sharp slap covering the whole of the place: her terribly sensitive secret lips and the little place at the top that seemed to have all the feeling in the galaxy locked inside it. After each spank he would look into her eyes, impassively, as if to see whether he thought she had learned yet what she needed to know: my need for cock, Jalinda realized. My need for cock.

Then, when she sobbed on the bench, her legs released, the brothers lowered their leather breeches and for the first time she saw their hard cocks close up, the cocks that someday soon, she knew, unless she escaped, would fuck her in her mouth, in her quim, and even in her poor bottom. In a sort of trance created by the pain Pag had inflicted on her between her legs and the sight of three enormous men holding their manhoods in their hands, stroking those huge, stiff parts of themselves, she kissed the knobs arrogantly presented to her lips, and then she watched each brother rub his cock while he fixed his eyes on her bare quim.

“Offer it,” Pag said. “Play with yourself, Jalinda. That will show your need for cock at last, and you will learn to come for your husbands.”

The order startled her, but Jalinda couldn’t help obeying if her life depended on it. She put her hand there, where all had burned like fire just a few moments before. Instantly the pleasure flooded her senses beyond any ecstasy she had ever known, and now she understood all too well. This need Pag kept talking about: she had it, but it wasn’t what she thought it would be. It didn’t feel bad, or even shameful. It felt wonderful. Jalinda didn’t really know what coming was, but then suddenly she did, and it happened and happened and happened as she watched the seed spurt from her husbands-to-be and felt it splash upon her—Pag’s on her face, Hed’s on her little breasts, and Kar’s on her smooth belly.

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