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Shared by the Doctors by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

Amy reached back and touched the tiny transmitter in her hair just as Andrew and Richard stepped into the room. For some reason, Amy felt something about her body change as soon as they did. She sat up, a little straighter than she normally might have. She did her best to smile at the two of them as they walked toward her across the room. Thinking about it, she realized she actually felt… happy that they were back.

“Well, well,” Andrew said, “what a difference a night of sleep makes! You look bright and chipper this morning.”

Amy felt herself smile a little wider at the compliment. She looked down. Once again she realized she was completely naked. Of course this caused her to blush but not as fiercely as she had the day before. She watched her nipples stiffen at the scent of the two men.

“Let’s begin the day on a good note,” Andrew said, stepping toward her. Amy had no time to resist. Before she knew what was happening his hand was pressed to her pussy, the tips of his fingers sliding down her slit. She gasped as he split the cleft of flesh open, revealing the wetness that had pooled there.

Amy grabbed his arm, meaning to push him away, but as soon as his fingers found the soft nub of her clit she felt herself shudder and she clung to him instead. Nothing like this had ever happened to her in her life! A man had never just stepped up to her and pushed his hand between her legs without asking! She knew she should resist him, that she should scream or tell him to stop. But his touch made her core ache in a way she hadn’t felt in a long time. She’d certainly never felt that way with Dale.

“There we are,” he murmured as his fingers began to spin around her clit. His hands were strong and firm, pressing her button in exactly the right way.

A low moan slipped past Amy’s lips as she realized the feeling in her middle was a climax, about to explode. She looked up. Andrew was staring down at her with a stern but approving gaze. She looked into his deep blue eyes. The feeling inside her swelled.

The sounds of her own wetness echoed in the room. Her thighs began to shudder. She clung to his arm even more firmly. Amy realized just how wrong this was. She shouldn’t be letting him do this. A complete stranger, one who’d whipped her just the day before, was about to give her an orgasm! The thought only amplified the ache between her legs, pushing her closer to the edge of pleasure.

“That’s it. Just give in to it,” Andrew growled. His voice had ceased to be soothing. Now it was a command. She looked up again to see him staring at her still.

He shifted his arm slightly. Helpless to stop the noise that came from her, Amy mewled, hoping he wouldn’t stop now. He didn’t. Instead, he replaced the fingers that had been spinning around her clit with his thumb. His fingers, soaked with her juices, slid down the length of her slit. She felt him at her entrance. Her eyes went wide as she realized what he was going to do. Without hesitation, he drove himself inside.

The feeling of his fingers pressing against her tight walls made her moan. Amy couldn’t believe she was letting this happen. She had just let this stranger push his fingers into her pussy! Pleasure swelled inside of her as he moved in and out of her soft flesh, and she was powerless against her own delight.

Screaming, she came, the ache that had been swelling bursting inside her and sending fireworks through her body as she quivered on Andrew’s firm hand. He kept up the even spinning, stretching out the orgasm for her, making time slow as her head filled with only pleasure. All other thoughts were pushed aside.

When the wave of pleasure ebbed, it didn’t go away at once. His spinning slowed, turned more gentle as he teased out every last shudder from her trembling body. When it was finally over, she slumped forward, still clinging to his arm. He left himself inside her as her pussy squeezed around him, his hand coated in her wetness.

When he pulled himself out, he did it gently. He let her rest against him. Amy’s head was spinning. She couldn’t bring herself to look up at the two men. She couldn’t believe that she’d just allowed that to happen.

Amy was stunned. The only thing that shocked her more was when Richard stepped in and took Andrew’s place. His hand was between her legs just as quickly. She didn’t have time to react. He wasn’t as gentle as Andrew had been. He pushed two fingers at once into her wetness. They were thicker than Andrew’s and they stretched her more.

Just as she had with Andrew, she grabbed his arm, meaning to tell him off. But as soon as his fingers curled up inside her and found that place, she was powerless to resist.

She let out another long moan when he fanned his fingers, one stroking her clit, another pressing up against the sensitive skin of her g-spot. A third finger, wet with her own excitement, made a tantalizing circle around her anus.

She could do nothing to resist when he pushed her onto her back. Her legs spread at his touch. He put his free hand on her breast and twisted her nipple between a finger and thumb.

She shrieked at the pain of it, but the feeling traveled through her and only seemed to excite her more. His fingers were pumping into her furiously now. Another orgasm was coming on but this one felt much more intense. The wave of it swelled, picked her up, and sent her soaring on a high unlike any she had ever felt. She looked down between her legs. His muscular arm moving between her thighs made her clench his hand with her pussy. She felt the wave come crashing over her and soon she was drowning in another climax.

She screamed and shook as she saw hot streaks of clear liquid come splashing from her pussy, onto his arm. Her whole body shuddered each time her pussy clamped down on his fingers, sending more of the liquid spurting from her. She clutched at the bedsheets as the orgasm tore through her. Amy was completely helpless, completely at the mercy of this man.

“Did you enjoy that, my little Amy?”

Still panting heavily, Amy couldn’t do anything but nod. She lifted her eyes to him. A warmth spread through her at the way he was looking at her. He smiled at her nod. That sent a shiver down her spine. Suddenly she wanted to be closer to him. She wanted him all to herself.

“Now, we have much to do with you today but we wanted to come see you, Amy, to make sure you knew we were thinking about you,” he explained, running a finger along the side of her head and tucking her hair behind her ear. “We’ll be back in an instant. We’ll have you moved to a different room as well but first there’s something else we must take care of. For the time being you’re free to do as you please as long as you stay in the room.”

He leaned down and kissed her forehead. It sent another shiver down her back. Then, both men turned around and walked toward the door.

Amy watched them leave and close the door shut. A moment later, she felt her skin tingle. Something was different. She groped in her memories for the distinction, and when she stumbled upon it her heart kicked against her chest. She hadn’t heard the lock.

Amy’s heart began to thud; she slid slowly off the bed and tiptoed toward the door. Her hand settled on the latch. She twisted it, expecting to meet up against resistance, but it continued to roll open, turning until it clicked open. The door was heavy and Amy had to use all her weight to swing it open. With her heart thundering in her chest, Amy stepped into the hallway beyond.

This was it! She was going to escape! She was going to go back to the steps and get transported back to the right time. To her time. She looked down. She was still completely naked. That was going to be a bit of a problem. She thought about it and realized she could tell them to have a robe waiting.

There was something else bothering her, though. There was something scurrying around in a corner of her mind that she couldn’t quite catch. She stopped to try to figure out what it was and nearly screamed when the voice next to her ear crackled to life.

“Uh… babe?”

Amy’s eyes and mouth popped open. “Dale?” she hissed. “How… how long have you been listening?” She began to panic. She could have sworn she’d turned off the device. She remembered reaching back and touching it behind her ear. Didn’t she?

“Uh… babe, we heard all of that,” came Dale’s quiet reply.

Amy’s heart started pounding even harder. All of it? They’d heard all of it? “Is… is… is Colby there?” she finally managed to stammer.

It was Dennis who replied. “Um, everyone’s here, Amy. The whole office just heard that.”

Amy had never felt like crawling into a hole and dying before. It seemed like this was going to be a day of firsts. The realization that the entire office had just heard her having two orgasms by some strangers’ hands settled on her like a heavy cloak. How could she ever go back? How could she ever face those people again? She couldn’t even come up with something to say now.

“This thing is such a piece of shit,” she whispered, and she had to resist the urge to throw the comms device across the room.

“Uh… babe?” Dale’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Dale… I’m… I’m sorry I…”

“Are you kidding me? Dude, that was super hot!”

The sound of Dale’s voice saying that turned on a light inside her mind, shining right on what had been bothering her as soon as she’d stepped through the door. What exactly was she going back to?

She needed to dump her boyfriend. She hated her boss. Dennis was okay, but…

She shook her head. This was crazy. She wasn’t actually contemplating staying here, was she? Why on earth would she do that? Her mind drifted toward the two men. It was absolutely crazy but she… well, she actually missed them already.

She realized that from the moment they’d left, she missed their touch. She imagined what was going to happen once they came back. If they’d come down and done that just to ‘start the day off right,’ what the hell was this pleasure therapy going to feel like?

The now-familiar ache returned between her legs when she thought about ‘pleasure therapy.’ It was absurd to give up everything she’d worked for back home, to stay in this time, to let those two hunks of man do whatever they wanted with her. She had a life back home! She had…

Amy cleared her throat. An odd sense of calm came over her and a smile cracked on one corner of her mouth. “Hey, Dennis?”

“Um, yeah?” came Dennis’ awkward reply.

“I still can’t get through this door. They’ve got me locked up. I’m going to… uh, turn off the comm until I can find a way out. So it doesn’t run out of batteries. I’ll let you know when I’m in position.”

“Uh, okay, but…”

Amy took the tiny pin out of her hair and pressed the button, silencing Dennis on the other end. With the smile spreading on her lips, she turned around and walked back into her room, swinging the door shut behind her. There would surely be another chance to get away. She was doing this only to see what was going to happen next, what they had in store for her. It was… research. For science.

It seemed like forever before the two men returned. Richard was carrying a strange object in his hand. Amy tried not to stare.

“Hello again, Amy,” Andrew said, standing in front of her.

“Hello again,” Amy replied, her voice shy.

“We’ve found what we were looking for. Now let’s get you in position.” He reached out with his hand.

“Position? Position for what?”

“For your training, of course,” Andrew replied.

“Training?” Amy asked. “What training?”

He answered simply, “Your anal training, of course.”

Amy’s eyes popped wide open at what she’d just heard. Richard, who’d walked across the room toward her as Andrew had been talking, already had her by the arm and was leading her back toward the table she’d been on yesterday.

“Uh… hold on a second,” Amy said, tugging at her arm and leaning backwards.

“It’s crucial to train for your complete submission to us. If executed properly, and with your cooperation, the experience can be pleasant and rewarding for all. Please don’t resist. We know what’s best for you.”

It was useless to resist, Amy could feel. Richard just continued dragging her toward the table, his mass too much for her to strain against. “You guys didn’t say anything about anal training!” Amy protested.

Andrew halted in the middle of his explanation and gave Richard a look.

Richard stopped in his tracks, spun her around with one hand, and bent her over. She soon felt a firm swat on one cheek, then the other.

The pain from yesterday’s whipping coursed through her as his hand landed on her behind. “Okay, okay! I’m sorry!” Amy cried out, unable to bear it any longer.

Richard’s spanking stopped as he straightened her up again. She let herself be led to the table and helped up onto it by Richard. As she stepped up, Amy noticed the small plug that Andrew was holding up, as if on display.

As Andrew moved closer, Richard stepped back. Amy felt a rush of adrenaline. She looked at Andrew with pleading eyes, hoping he might change his mind.

“Um, look, I don’t really do this kind of thing,” she said.

Andrew frowned. “Of course you don’t, my dear. That’s why you need to be trained. But don’t worry in the slightest. I’ve an excellent technique for this, you’ll see.”

Amy shook her head but one glance at Richard looming behind Andrew was enough to convince her she really had no other choice. She climbed up onto her hands and knees, her rear facing them.

A fresh swell of embarrassment raced through her as she realized what she’d just signed up for. Had she made a mistake? Would she ever get the chance to go home now? Why had she made this crazy decision? She looked back to see Andrew stepping toward her, the implement in his hand.

But it was Richard’s hands she felt touch her first. She looked back to see him tightening two cuffs around her wrists and ankles. He pushed her down on the table, pressing her face against the top, and pulled her hands in between her knees. She tried to look back but couldn’t. The cuffs seemed to have attached to the table, leaving her immobile with both her holes open and completely exposed.

Amy let out a whimper at how bare she felt. She knew both men could see every inch, every crevice of her intimate places. She felt her face go red with shame but there was nothing she could do. She could only wait and see what they were going to do to her.

Amy gasped as she felt Andrew’s fingers on her soft center lips. He was spreading them apart. Amy knew that all the men behind the glass could now see inside her tender hole. Then she felt the tip of the implement. He wasn’t pushing it into her ass, though. He was pushing it against her pussy, slipping it slowly inside.

The tapered object began to stretch her as it moved in. Amy couldn’t believe what was happening, but she was even less capable of understanding herself: she was here because she wanted to be. She could have easily escaped earlier, but she’d turned around and come back instead!

Amy couldn’t help the moan that escaped her as the plug moved deeper inside her still. Andrew’s gentle hand was letting it slip in and out of her, making her whole body relax. Amy closed her eyes. There was something so… liberating about not being in control. There was nothing she could do. Andrew and Richard could do with her exactly what they wanted and she was powerless, completely powerless to stop them. Amy let the feeling envelop her. It felt like sinking into a big, soft bed.

The ache from earlier that morning had returned. Amy knew that there was nothing she needed to do, nothing she could do. The only remaining action was submission, to whatever the two large men were going to do with her. That was her only task.

She let the pleasure of the coming orgasm fill her body again. She felt the tips of her fingers start to tingle with anticipation. Her core tightened around the plug. She felt wetness soaking her soft pink flesh.

“Ah, an excellent response!” Andrew growled from behind her. The sound of his voice shook her from the warm place in her mind. It made her realize, once again, that she was here on display for the men. Strangely, the thought only seemed to excite her more, and more of her wetness seeped from her.

Amy moaned as she felt Andrew pull the plug from her pussy. She tried to rock backwards, to let him know how much she wanted it back inside. She moaned again as two firm fingers pushed into her wet sex.

“Now Amy,” Andrew went on behind her, ignoring her low moans. “Just relax.”

Amy’s eyes popped open as she felt the wet tip of the plug touch her tight ring of muscle. Andrew’s fingers were moving in and out of her more quickly now. Her body responded with even more wetness and even though she wanted to tighten her back hole, she couldn’t. She was completely helpless, powerless to stop what was happening, swimming in a deep pool of her own pleasure.

“That’s it. Relax and take it in, Amy,” Andrew said, guiding the thickening plug into her.

With each pulse of the strong fingers inside her, her back hole opened wider. Andrew put a gentle pressure on the plug.

“Oh!” Amy groaned. His fingers inside her were sending more and more throbs of pleasure shuddering through her body. Now the added pressure of the plug pressing into her insides was even more arousing. It made Amy realize once again how powerless she was. He could do whatever he wanted and she could do nothing to stop him. She was his to use as he pleased.

As another orgasm threatened to engulf her, Amy felt the plug spreading her wider. It pressed deeper and deeper inside her, pushing against her untouched walls. She groaned again, at the pressure and at the coming climax.

Finally, she felt the thickest part of the plug slip inside. The stem of it rested on her cheeks. She’d never been filled this way before. With Andrew’s fingers pumping into her wet pussy she began to come again.

“Oh, God!” she moaned as her whole body shook. More liquid spilled from her. Her pussy pulsed around his fingers. Her whole body swayed back and forth as much as it could, trying to squeeze even more pleasure out of the moment.

As the peak of it passed, Amy began to float slowly back down to earth. Andrew had pulled his fingers from her but the plug remained inside. She could feel her pussy closing slowly, but she knew that the men could see every intimate detail of her raw pink flesh. She flushed with fresh shame.

She felt the cuffs around her wrists being undone. Richard helped her lie down on the table and covered her with a blanket.

“Now, just rest, little Amy,” he whispered. “We’ll be back in a few hours to inspect the plug.”

Her eyelids were already drooping. The sensation of being so filled was not something she’d ever felt before and yet, she found it strangely comforting. Unable to stay awake, she slipped into the darkness of a deep sleep.

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