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Shared by the Gentlemen: A Victorian Romance by Aurie Jameson – Extended Preview

Emil waited until the horse was calm before slowly approaching it, talking softly. The stallion seemed to calm after a couple of moments, lowering his head to meet Emil’s greeting. He sniffed his owner’s hand before looking to the side, uninterested. Emil then rushed over to the two on the ground.

Eliza was shaking, but she seemed unharmed. Emil set a hand against her cheek, needing to feel her. “You’re alright, Ms. Hill?” he asked breathlessly.

Eliza managed a stiff nod, tears welling up in her eyes. “Yes, sir. I’m so sorry I spooked him. He almost let me touch him. He’s really not dangerous like you had said.”

Leon’s arms tightened around her waist. “How can you say that after he almost put his hoof through your head?” he demanded. He stood up then, easily pulling Eliza with him. He kept a firm grasp on her upper arm, putting a wave of dread through her. He looked at Emil. “Bring her inside. I’m going to cut a switch.”

“No!” Eliza gasped, clutching onto the sleeve of Leon’s shirt. “Please, no. I’m so sorry!” She started to shake even harder, never having been switched herself, but she feared the practice all the same.

Emil was angry with Eliza as well, but her fear brought out compassion. He took her hand and fixed his cousin with a look. He didn’t appreciate being ordered by Leon. “I’m sure we can find a suitable implement of correction inside.” He then led Eliza out of the stables and up toward the house. Leon grumbled his displeasure, but followed.

“Please, Mr. Bennet, I’m so sorry,” she said to Emil as he pulled her along. “I only wished to see the horses before we rode. I hadn’t been to the stables yet and I didn’t wish to bother you two.”

“Enough,” Leon said firmly from behind them. “You will hold your tongue. You are to be punished and therefore, will not speak unless spoken to. Is that understood?”

Eliza glanced back at him warily before nodding miserably.

Leon came up next to her and swatted the back of her skirt sharply, causing her to gasp. “What was that?”

Eliza bit her lip. “Yes, sir.”

As soon as they were inside the house, they ushered her into the small study. Once they were all inside, Leon shut the door behind them.

Emil didn’t let go of her hand and squeezed it more firmly. “Did we not clearly forbid you from going anywhere near the stables on your own?”

Eliza’s lower lip trembled. “You did, sir.”

Emil nodded grimly. “And what did we say would happen the next time you required punishment?”

Eliza’s widened eyes told them both that she remembered. “Please don’t make me say it,” she begged.

Emil dropped Eliza’s hand as Leon stepped forward. Leon wrapped an arm around Eliza’s waist and spanked her half a dozen times. Eliza cried out and struggled against him, but he held her tightly against his side.

“What did we say would happen next time you required punishment?” Leon asked sternly, resting his hand over Eliza’s pert bottom.

“You said that I would get spanked on the bare,” Eliza cried. “But please don’t. I’m sorry. I promise I won’t go near the stables again.”

“You certainly will not,” Emil said. He walked over to the large wooden desk and gestured toward it. “Bend over this desk, Ms. Hill.”

She eyed the desk warily, swallowing thickly. She turned teary-eyed to the two expectant men. “Oh, must I?” she cried miserably.

This time, the two answered in unison. “You must.”

Leon put a hand on the small of her back to guide her forward. “Dawdle any longer and you’ll find yourself stripped completely.”

That got Eliza whimpering and practically flinging herself over the edge of the dark wood desk. She squeezed her eyes shut when she felt two pairs of hands on her. One of them loosened the ties of her corset while the other lifted her skirts up over her back, revealing her thin cotton underwear. She was surprised when she felt one firm hand on the seat of her undergarments and looked back to see Emil standing behind her, Leon just a couple of feet behind, his arms crossed over his chest.

“We will start over your bloomers,” Emil informed her, patting the firm, but soft bottom before him.

Eliza blushed, somewhat relieved. “Thank you, sir.”

Emil grinned. She was a sweet little thing. He patted her a few more times before beginning the punishment, bringing his hard hand down in the middle of one cheek, then the other.

This was the first time since she came into their lives that Eliza was being punished by both of them. Leon had been the one to punish her the previous time. He had been jealous of the other man as he watched Leon spank the girl he had come to love.

Emil’s resolve to make Eliza his hardened further as he continued to chastise her.

Both boys had been terrified when they saw Eliza in front of the horse. Once they had her safe with them, they both knew at that moment that they couldn’t live without her.

Emil’s hand rose and fell several times all over Eliza’s bloomers. Even through the thin fabric, both men could make out the shape of her bottom as it jostled and danced with each punishing swat. Eliza was squeaking and lifting her feet off of the wooden floor over and over again as the heat built up in her bottom.

Eliza was breathing heavily by the time Emil paused. She looked back over her shoulder to see him smiling softly at her.

“You’re doing well, Ms. Hill,” he said, his tone tender.

Eliza should have been kicking and yelling at them. What they were doing was hardly proper considering that they were not related nor were involved romantically, but she couldn’t help but smile through her tears at Emil when he used that gentle voice with her.

Leon stepped up and took Emil’s place behind her. He patted the seat of her drawers before finding the slit and pulling the two sides open, revealing her bare bottom. Eliza gasped and her face flamed with shame. She flinched when she felt fingers in between her cheeks. She looked back and her eyes rounded when she saw a strange object in Emil’s hand.

Emil smirked as he caught her gaze and leaned forward to hold the object in front of her nose. “This ginger root is going up your bottom. Since you were so eager to befriend the horses, perhaps you’d like to be familiar with some of their experiences.”

Eliza gasped and squeezed her eyes shut. She was well aware of the fact that ginger root was put into the backsides of horses in order to encourage them to perform more enthusiastically in shows. She couldn’t bear being treated similarly.

“Please don’t,” she begged for what felt like the hundredth time. She tightened the muscles in her bottom, earning her a dozen more firm smacks.

Emil spanked Eliza until she finally relaxed and he was able to once again part her full blushing cheeks. His breath hitched slightly as her beautiful, puckered hole came into view. It was pink and perfect. He traced his finger outside of her moist feminine lips and used some of the slickness to coat her twitching rosebud.

Eliza flinched when she felt Emil’s finger on her anus and cried out when she felt something else slowly begin to push past her tight entrance. Emil was working it in slowly. It hurt, but not extremely. It was cold and uncomfortable. She couldn’t help but squeak like a little mouse until it was fully seated inside of her, then she writhed around and groaned as she felt heat begin to build inside of her bottom.

Leon stared down at the blushing pink bottom before him. It was perfect as far as he was concerned. The cheeks were full and smooth, but not overly large. He set his hand against it and it flinched against his hand, making him grin. Her bottom looked even better with the ginger root peeking out from between her cheeks. He pulled open a drawer on the desk and took out a thick wooden ruler. He removed his hand from Eliza’s bottom and replaced it with the wooden tool, making Eliza flinch and whip her head around to stare up at him in shock.

“Contrary to what you’ve allowed yourself to believe, you are not nothing to us,” Leon said firmly, tapping the ruler rhythmically against Eliza’s tense cheeks. “I for one am becoming rather attached to you, young lady. Which is why I must punish you harshly for putting yourself in harm’s way.”

“Attached to me?” Eliza gasped, but then cried out when the ruler smacked against her bottom with a snap. He got in a few more well-placed swats before Emil pushed him away, yanking the ruler out of the other man’s grasp.

“How dare you say something like that during her chastisement,” Emil chided, blue eyes blazing.

“How dare you interfere with her punishment,” Leon retorted, stepping up until they were nearly nose to nose. He shoved the slightly smaller man in the chest, making him stumble back.

Eliza gasped and stood up from her spot against the desk. “Please don’t fight,” she begged, warm brown eyes widening as she stepped toward them.

“It appears we have little choice,” Emil said grimly, straightening up to his tallest height. “His intent is to steal you away from me.”

Eliza’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Steal me? But—”

“It is your intent to steal,” Leon growled.

Emil turned away from Leon and rushed to Eliza’s side, taking her hand carefully in his. “We’ve not known each other long, Ms. Hill,” he said, eyes burning with intensity. “But it is my intent to marry you if you’ll have me.”

Eliza nearly stopped breathing as she stared at him in awe.

“Eliza, that is my intent as well,” Leon said, stepping forward and taking her other hand. He badly wanted to pummel Emil for interrupting his own advances on Eliza, but he wasn’t going to let that hinder him. “Please. My heart nearly stopped beating when I saw my horse nearly kill you. I need you to always be by my side.”

Eliza was touched by Leon’s words. It was no secret to her that he was the rougher of the two, but she had sensed from the beginning that he was gentle by nature beneath his hard exterior.

“I’ve come to care for you both quite deeply as well,” Eliza said.

They waited for her to say more, but she just continued to smile gently at them. It was Leon who asked the burning question. “So which of us will you have?”

Eliza frowned then, her eyes widening and filling with tears. “Oh, please do not make me choose,” she begged, holding both their hands tightly.

“You must, Ms. Hill,” Emil told her, his eyebrows furrowing in concern over her obvious distress.

“Yes, you must,” Leon added in a firmer tone. “You cannot expect us both to marry you.”

A couple of tears leaked from Eliza’s eyes, trailing down her flushed cheeks. “No, of course not,” she agreed. She squeezed her eyes shut, tugging at her hands that each man held tenderly, but firmly. “I cannot choose. I love you both, I’m so sorry!” She sank down to her knees in front of them then, sobbing delicately.

Emil immediately lowered himself down on his knees in front of her, wiping her tears away with the back of his hand. “Please don’t cry, Ms. Hill.”

Eliza was inconsolable however, her sobs becoming more pronounced however still dainty and it broke both Emil’s and Leon’s hearts to see her that way. “Oh, I feel just dreadful for my selfishness,” she said between her sobs. “You have both been nothing short of saints and I’m to repay you by being unable to decide which of you to marry.”

Emil and Leon shared a look. Neither could say that they were pleased with this turn of events, but they couldn’t deny their deep affections for the simple girl.

Leon scoffed and looked away. “It is only fitting that we are fated to share everything,” he said.

For the first time in years, Emil grinned at Leon. They couldn’t agree on many things, but they were going to agree on this one; they would do whatever it took to keep Eliza Hill in their lives.

“It is settled then,” Leon announced, lowering himself down in front of Eliza as well.

It took Eliza a moment to quiet her cries to answer. “What is settled?” she asked tearfully.

“There appears to be no other option,” Emil said, bringing the dainty hand he held to his lips and kissing the small fingers. “You will simply have to be with us both.”

Eliza’s face crumpled even further. “I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

Leon stood up, pulling Eliza up with him. “It would appear that a certain young lady has a heart that is much too big for one man,” he said with a small smirk. “So she will just have to make do with two foolish young men instead.”

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly,” Eliza protested, looking between the two with a perplexed expression. “Just to think of the scandal! No, you mustn’t sully your good names on my behalf. I beg you!”

“It is not simply on your behalf that our decision has been made,” Emil assured her, tightening his hold on her as if she would bolt like a frightened filly if he didn’t. “Please, Ms. Hill. I’ve longed to be with you since the moment you dropped your delectable baked goods at my feet. If having you means sharing you with Leon, I am more than willing to do so.” He hesitated very briefly before leaning toward her. Eliza didn’t fight him when their lips met, but melted against him completely.

Both Emil’s and Eliza’s eyes were glassy when they pulled away. Emil was beaming from ear to ear and lightly caressed Eliza’s cheek with his fingertips. Not to be shown up, Leon stepped up and Emil respectfully stepped back so Leon could firmly press his mouth against Eliza’s. She gasped against his mouth before shutting her eyes and setting her small hands on his shoulders to pull herself closer.

As Eliza and Leon got lost in each other’s embrace, Emil came around behind Eliza and boldly kissed the side of her neck, causing her to gasp once again against Leon’s mouth. Emil wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed himself against her back, so she was pressed against both men. Eliza reached back and grasped onto Emil’s hand. All three moved against one another rhythmically. Eliza felt so much emotion, she felt ready to burst. She was making little whimpering noises that were bordering on moans as both Emil and Leon sought to pleasure her.

Eliza was crying again once they all pulled apart to breathe. She was smiling so widely that neither man was worried.

Leon chuckled. “Seems as if it won’t matter what we do, this little lady will always have tears in her eyes.”

Emil laughed and kissed Eliza’s cheek. “I find it endearing.”

“Forgive me,” Eliza said, wiping her tears away and grinning at them both. “It’s just that I’ve never felt such happiness.” Her smile faltered a little bit and she looked down at the floor. “I can’t help but be anxious about the future. Is it not childish to expect our life together to be peaceful?”

“I hardly find it childish to wish for happiness,” Leon quipped. He tilted her chin back up so she was looking at him. “I promise we’ll make you happy, Eliza. You only need to trust us and stay with us.”

Eliza blushed under his strong blue gaze. His eyes were so much like Emil’s but somehow more intense. She nodded. “I very much want to stay with you both.”

“Then you always will,” Emil said seriously. He then pinned Eliza with a stern look. “Now, I believe we’re not finished with your chastisement. Kindly get back into position.”

Eliza’s lower lip quivered as her small hands flew back to gently cup her already burning posterior. “That’s hardly necessary. I assure you that I’ve learned my lesson. You won’t find me by the stables unaccompanied again.”

“Eliza, do as you’re told,” Leon said firmly. He set a hand on her shoulder and guided her back toward the large wooden desk. “You were promised a harsh bare bottom punishment the next time you disobeyed and that is what you shall receive.”

“I’ve already received it!” Eliza protested, but she allowed herself to be guided into position, with her torso pressed against the surface of the desk and her bottom pointing toward the two young men. She squeezed her eyes shut when she felt her skirts being lifted and the part of her undergarments pulled to the sides to reveal her bare cheeks, with the ginger root still nestled snugly between them.

Eliza squealed when her backside began to burn even more inside and out. She swung her head to look over her shoulder when she realized both cheeks had been struck at once. Emil and Leon were standing behind her, both with a hand raised above her squirming bum. Together, they began to chastise her, bringing their hands down at the same time on the soft rosy mound closest to them.

“Extraordinary that the color in her bottom had already begun to fade,” Emil pointed out.

To Eliza’s dismay, Leon just chuckled. “We’ll have to work together to ensure her bottom always has a delightful blush to it.”

“Oh, please don’t,” Eliza cried, wiggling her bottom back and forth. It was with great difficulty that she kept her cheeks relaxed. Otherwise, she found the ginger burned even more if she tightened her back muscles.

The two gazed at her bright pink bottom before Leon once against picked up the wooden ruler from where it lay on top of the desk. He tapped it against Eliza’s flinching cheeks.

“I hope this teaches you never to act so recklessly again,” Leon scolded, snapping the ruler down across both cheeks, right on top of the ginger root.

Eliza yelped and stomped her feet against the floor, the burning in her bottom from the ginger almost unbearable. Emil came around to the other side of the desk and took Eliza’s hands to help her stay in place.

“I won’t do it again,” Eliza said miserably, looking pitifully up at Emil who just smiled gently.

“I sure hope not,” he said, pressing a kiss to her forehead before tucking some stray hair behind her ear. “We are going to be taking our devotion to you rather seriously and that’s going to mean adding pretty red stripes to your bottom whenever necessary.”

Eliza moaned before squeaking when the ruler landed on her vulnerable bottom yet again. Her hands twitched to move back to rub some of the intense burn away, but Emil was holding her tightly, so she settled for kicking her feet and crying out as the ruler continued to crack down over and over.

Leon yielded once Eliza’s entire bottom was covered in ruler stripes. He set the ruler beside the sobbing girl on the desk and set his firm hand against her red backside. He kneaded the soft sensitive flesh, enjoying the way it caused Eliza to whimper as he dug his fingers into her reddened skin. He grasped one red mound in his hand, squeezing it roughly.

“I trust we won’t have to revisit this lesson in the future?” he prompted, jiggling the handful he had for good measure.

“No, sir!” Eliza gasped. “I promise it won’t happen again.”

“And if it does?” Emil asked, raising an expectant eyebrow.

“It will not!” Eliza insisted, her face flushed.

Leon slapped the cheek he had just been holding. “But if it were to?” he pressed.

Eliza swallowed. “I suppose I would be punished yet again.”

Emil hummed in approval. “And how would you be punished?”

Eliza looked down at the desk with shame. “With a spanking.”

Leon nodded. “Yes, one far worse than the one you just experienced,” he warned her. He patted her bottom then, signaling the end of her punishment. “You may readjust your clothing.”

Eliza breathed out a sigh of relief and stood up once Emil released her hands, but she kept her eyes on the floor as she straightened her skirts. “I’m truly sorry,” she murmured. “I was so looking forward to going out riding with you both.”

“I don’t see why we shouldn’t go,” Leon said, perplexed.

Eliza’s eyebrows furrowed with confusion. “But I disobeyed you. I assumed that I shouldn’t have the pleasure of a ride after my behavior.”

Emil came around the desk to stand next to her. “You’ve been thoroughly chastised for your disobedience,” he said. “It is over and forgotten.”

Eliza nodded her understanding. “Thank you,” she said softly.

“One would even call sitting atop a horse with a freshly striped bottom full of ginger a continuation of a punishment,” Leon said with a coy grin her way.

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