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Shared by the Highlanders by Ashe Barker – Extended Preview

Shared by the Highlanders by Ashe Barker“My…? You want me to undress? Now?”

“We do, aye.” Robbie stands and starts to undo the red, green, and purple plaid that is fastened at his shoulder by a heavy brass buckle. He unravels the fabric looped around his body to produce a generous length of tartan, which he lays on the ground. Clad now in just his loose-fitting wool shirt and his fur-lined boots, he watches the pair of us with undisguised amusement. “If you want to fuck her first, Will, I’ll not argue the point with you, provided wee Charlie finds herself in agreement with that notion. But you’d best not be hanging about.” He gestures to the front of his shirt, now tenting as his cock springs to life beneath the cream-coloured cloth. He’s quite correct, there does appear to be an element of urgency creeping in.

“Charlie?” Will eyes me, his expression warm, a caress almost. My remaining doubts evaporate.

“Yes. Yes, of course. Do you want me to do, like a striptease?” I spring to my feet, ready to oblige as best I am able.

“I don’t think we quite take your meaning, lassie. I reckon we just want you naked, and as fast as you can achieve it.” Will also stands up and starts to loosen his green and blue plaid. In moments it is arranged on the ground, on top of Robbie’s. Clearly they intend to see to my comfort. And I daresay their own.

I kneel up and pull my sweatshirt over my head, closely followed by my thermal base layer long-sleeved top. I draw a breath as I pause, allowing them a good view of my swollen, hardening nipples framed and presented by my vivid lilac sports bra. Not designed for seduction, it nevertheless makes a fine enough job of it.

“Very pretty, sweetheart. Do you require help with the rest?”

Will’s gentle reminder spurs me back into action. I get to my feet and bend to untie my boots. I toe those off, and my socks too. Then I hook my thumbs in the elastic waistband of my pants and slide them down my legs, taking my leggings with them. I step out of the lot, now wearing just my underwear and loving the warmth of the sun on my back.

At twenty-four years old I’m no blushing virgin and this is not the first time I’ve undressed for an appreciative male audience, but never more than one man. Not a natural exhibitionist, this is far from easy for me though not the sheer impossibility I might have considered it only yesterday. There’s something natural and unexpectedly right about undressing in front of these two. Will and Robbie seem to complement each other and both are equally sensitive to my feelings in the matter.

I stand, look each in the eye, my gaze shifting from one to the other. Robbie winks at me, then pulls his shirt over his head. He is naked beneath, and very aroused. He moves around to stand behind me, then lifts my hair in his hands. He bends to kiss the nape of my neck, a gesture that causes me to shiver in delighted anticipation.

“So, wee Charlie, will we be rid of this then?” He slides his fingers under the wide strap of my bra, tugging on the stretchy fabric.

“Yes, I’m sorry, I just…” I angle my elbows to fumble behind me for the fastenings.

“Let me. I expect I can fathom this out, given time.” Despite the unfamiliar tiny hooks Robbie only requires a few seconds, and my bra falls loose around my breasts. I catch it, then discarding any remaining modesty I drop it onto the ground with the rest of my clothes. I place my fingers in the waistband of my bikini briefs, but Will shakes his head.

“No, lass. That pleasure is mine.”

He nods to Robbie, whose embrace tightens around me. I frown, uncertain what comes next, but get no opportunity to voice my hesitation before Robbie slides an arm under my knees and lifts me in his arms. He carries me to the plaids in two long strides and kneels down. Then he turns me to face Will and arranges me against his chest. I am leaning back, resting on Robbie’s body, my legs stretched in front of me. His solid erection is nudging my lower back, a constant reminder of his arousal though he seems ready to ignore it. I suspect I’ll struggle to do so.

“Lift your hands, little one, and place them behind my neck. You’ll not object if Will ties your wrists together, will you?”

I’m startled. I’d thought we were beyond all that. “There’s no need to tie me up again. Really, I won’t struggle or anything. I’m happy to be here, doing this…”

“We know, and if you want us to stop, or release your hands, you have but to say it. There’s no force here, this is just for fun. So, we proceed, aye?”

I’m still uncertain of what is to happen, but I trust Robbie and Will so my answer is a simple one. I nod, and echo his word. “Aye.” Then I lift my hands to cross my wrists behind Robbie’s neck.

Will produces a kerchief and ties my hands together with a deft series of knots. Despite my agreement this is all new to me, and I might have still been a little disconcerted but my attention is somewhat distracted by Robbie’s warm hands on my breasts, lifting and kneading my curves. He takes both my nipples between his fingers and thumbs and squeezes, causing me to arch in a mixture of startled pain and sensual vulnerability. When I am bound and stretched out like this, my breasts are his—theirs—to torment or tease as they wish. And Robbie is absolutely right, it is fun. I find my vulnerability extraordinarily arousing, my pussy spasming hard as the pressure increases on my swollen tips.

“Oh, Robbie, I… Oh!” I lay my head back against his chest and relax into it.

“Good girl. Now, we don’t need these any more, do we?” Will moves back to kneel in front of me and removes his shirt too. He is now as naked as Robbie, and every bit as aroused. Both men are generously endowed, and I know a moment of panic at the thought of either of those perfect cocks stretching me. It’s to be Will though, both are agreed on that.

“Be easy, love. This is for your pleasure as much as ours. Maybe more so. If we hurt you, you may tell us and we’ll stop. Or slow down. Do you trust us?” Robbie’s tone is a seductive murmur in my ear. His breath brushes my cheek as he lowers his face to mine. He kisses my temple. I turn my face to his, and he brushes his lips along mine. I open my mouth, and he dips just the tip of his tongue inside, drawing it around the insides of my lips.

I gasp, then jerk involuntarily as Will draws my briefs slowly down. I lift my hips to help him, then offer no resistance as he parts my thighs. I close my eyes and allow my body to respond as it will.

“I like this, sweet Charlie. So smooth, so pretty.” Will draws the backs of his knuckles over my hairless mound, the soft caress almost reverent. He continues on to trail his fingers across my pussy lips, though he doesn’t part them yet. I have no doubt he will though, and soon. Not soon enough for me.

I thrust my hips toward him, the movement unconscious, signifying my need. I’m still self-conscious, but lust is fast dispelling any residual modesty.

“So eager, little one. But there’s no hurry. We have all this fine day to spend here, on you.” Robbie’s words are whispered into my ear as Will at last uses his thumbs to spread the entrance to my pussy wide.

“Oh, God…” My voice is breathy, ragged almost. My whole body is shivering, but not with cold. I just want Will to touch me, really touch me. I want his fingers inside me. I want him to stroke my clit, or squeeze it, or—anything. Everything. Just as long as he does it soon.

He lowers his head and blows on my exposed pussy, his breath cool against my throbbing labia and clit. I arch up, willing him to touch me. His tongue, his fingers, however he likes.

“Please. Please, Will…”

“What do you want, sweetheart? What is it you want Will to do to you?” Robbie murmurs against my hair, his right hand now cupping my chin. He turns my face toward Will. “Look at him, tell him. Tell us. Now, Charlie.”

“I want you to touch me. Lick me. I need it. Please.”

“Where shall I touch you? Here?” He draws his knuckles over my sensitive outer lips, a soft smile on his face. “Or here perhaps.” His fingers are again circling the entrance to my pussy.

I gasp, thrust my hips up again.

“Ah, I see. Here then?” Will eases one fingertip slowly into my cunt, and swirls it around the entrance. “Is this enough?”

I shake my head. “No. Deeper. Please, don’t tease. You know what I want.”

“You want to be fucked. Long, and hard, by both of us. Is that it?”

“Yes! Yes.”

“Soon, little one. But first we’ll have your release. I want to see it. Robbie wants to see it. So, how would you like me to bring you to climax, Charlie?”

“I don’t care. Anything. Just touch me. I need your fingers inside me. Now.”

Will smiles at me again, then finally takes pity. He plunges two fingers deep, withdraws, and drives them inside me again. I let out a satisfied moan, squeezing hard around him.

He curls and angles his fingers, exploring, seeking, until he locates that sweet spot where all my nerve endings seem to meet. There he stops. And he rubs. Hard.

I shriek, unravelling fast. Will doesn’t let up, concentrating on my G-spot, the friction so intense my pussy instantly starts to convulse. My orgasm is sharp, clenching, almost painful in the severity of it. My bound wrists and Robbie’s hands at my breasts hold me still as Will ramps up the pressure to draw a second climax from me hard on the heels of the first. My entire body is throbbing, shaking, spasming as wave after wave of pleasure sweeps through me. I plant my feet on the plaid under me, raising my hips to offer, to beg for more.

And Will supplies. No more teasing, no more holding back. He continues to finger-fuck me, hard and fast, at the same time lowering his head to take my clit between his lips. He sucks on that as I gyrate my hips greedily, grabbing, seeking, demanding release.

I come again, my clit tingling and throbbing as Will takes the swollen nub between his teeth and flicks the tip with his tongue. He twists his hand, his fingers, three of them now, providing the friction I crave against my inner walls. The sensation is sublime, unbelievable. My senses shatter in a fourth breath-taking orgasm.

Will’s fingers are at last still. He slides them from me as my body drapes bonelessly across Robbie’s thighs. Will kneels up, his lips wet from my juices. He flashes me another of his brilliant smiles. “Ah, sweetheart, you do come so beautifully. So sweet. And so fuckable. Are you ready?”

I hold his gaze. And I nod.

“Say it, little one. We need to hear you.” Robbie’s voice is so soft, so seductive. I turn my head toward him.

“Why? Why do I need to say? You know what I want.”

“We do, aye. But oblige us. Please.”

“I want Will to fuck me. Then you. Is that clear enough?”

“Aye, lass. Perfectly clear. Lift your knees up then.”

I obey, and Robbie reaches for my legs, hooking his large hands behind my knees and spreading them wide. My body is open, exposed, totally theirs. I relax against Robbie as Will leans over me.

“This’ll be hard and fast, lass.”

I don’t answer, apart from the small gasp I let out as he drives his cock into my pussy. He fills me, my cunt stretching around his wide erection. I stiffen, bracing for the promised onslaught.

“A moment. Give her time to adjust.” Robbie’s voice again, low and tender. He caresses my breasts, the rhythmic massage softening my tense body. Only when I’m yielding and pliant in his arms does he give Will a curt nod.

Will draws back, almost pulling right out of me, then he drives his cock balls-deep inside me. He does it again. And again.

My lips are parted as I moan my delight, my pussy quivering around his glorious cock.

“She needs it harder, faster.” Robbie’s voice, urging Will on.

“Yes. Please… oh.”

Will shifts up a gear, his hips moving like a piston as he plunges his cock in and out of my welcoming pussy. The friction is intense, quite awesome as my body convulses around him. I know I’m about to come again, but I try to fight it, try to draw out the moment.

Robbie knows, and is having none of it. He reaches for my clit and rubs hard, sending me into another freefall of orgasmic lust. I’m shaking, squeezing, clenching, beyond all coherent thought. Will is inside me, but Robbie is every bit as much in command of my responses as I shudder and arch through my climax, controlled by both of these wonderful men.

Will lets out a savage oath, something purely Celtic in origin I suspect, then grips my hips hard as he buries his cock one last time. He holds still, his erection jerking hard as his balls pump semen up and out into my slick, wet pussy.

So much for twenty-first century notions of safe, responsible sex. Our body fluids are well and truly mixed as Will climaxes into me. It should matter. It does matter, or would, in another age, another time. Here, now, condoms are an anachronistic irrelevance. I dismiss my doubts as the wet heat of Will’s release floods into my pussy and I allow my body to go limp.

Will withdraws and rolls to lie alongside us on the plaid. Robbie eases me over onto the tartan, on my side, facing Will. He eases himself behind me and I find I’m sandwiched between these two men. It’s a truly wondrous place to be, safe and secure, warm and lazy.

Will brushes my lips with his. “Thank you, sweet Charlie. That was quite a ride.”

“Yes,” I breathe, still a little stunned by the intensity of my response.

“Are you all right? No bruises?”

“I, no, I don’t think so…” I’d flex my body a little, make an attempt at checking, but that would be too much trouble. Instead I wriggle back against the solid warmth of the man at my rear and I smile at the one before me. “You were very gentle. Considering.”

“Gentle? Perhaps, this time.” Will raises his gaze to meet Robbie’s. “Maybe our wee girl needs something a little more demanding. We wouldn’t want her to become complacent, would we?”

“That we wouldn’t. And she does have such a sweet arse.”

“Aye, sweet. And yielding, I suspect. Or maybe she’d need persuading. Is that so, wee Charlie?” Will raises an eyebrow, his grin one of pure lust.

I stare at him, baffled. Surely they don’t mean…

“Oh!” I let out a yelp as Robbie slides his hand between my buttocks to find the tight pucker of my anus. He presses and his intent is obvious. I try to wriggle from between them, but Robbie’s leg across my hips holds me still, at the same time as Will cradles my face between his hands.

“Trust us, little one. We won’t harm you.” His voice is like liquid lust, almost a caress in itself. And I know that what he says is true. I’ll come to no harm here. Even so, I’m scared.

“I’ve never, you know…”

“Aye, we can tell that. But if you’re to fuck both of us, we’ll need to make use of all that your delectable body has to offer. Your quim can receive a cock, so can your mouth. And your arse too.”

“All at once?”

I’m not naive, nor am I some sweet innocent. In my job I see a lot of strange things, and I’m not easy to shock. Somehow these two have managed that anyway and I can’t disguise my reaction. Will is no better able to conceal his amusement. He grins at me, his perfect teeth gleaming. “Aye, lass, eventually. But we’ll work up to that. Will you let Robbie into your arse though? Now? Today?”

I regard him, turning the possibility over in my mind, all the time conscious of Robbie’s finger, gentle but persuasive, pressing against my rear entrance. At last, I nod.

“Say it, lass.”

Ah, that again. “Yes. I will. But, I don’t know how…”

“We know. Let us take care of you.”

Again, I nod, and this time Will accepts that answer. He kisses me, his lips warm and soft against mine and I wonder that could ever have been afraid of this man. Of either of them.

Will rolls onto his back, pulling me on top of him. I take my weight on my elbows, tunnelling my fingers through his long, dark hair as I become the aggressor in the kiss. I plunge my tongue into his mouth, twisting it around his. Will’s response is to suckle my tongue, his palms pressing large, firm circles across my shoulder blades and my naked bum.

I’m aware that Robbie has gotten to his feet. He steps away, but moments later he’s back, kneeling behind us.

Will breaks the kiss. “Ready, lass?”

I whisper my answer. “Yes.”

Will places his hands on my hips and urges me to kneel above him. He smiles up at me. “Arch your back, Charlie. And spread your legs.”

I obey, and sigh as Robbie parts my buttocks with his hands.

“Such a sweet virgin arse, little one. Will you open for me, do you think?”

“I, yes. Of course…” I turn to peer at him over my shoulder, mildly indignant. I know what I’ve agreed to.

“Aye, I expect you will. Eventually. With a wee bit of coaxing.”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“You soon will, little Charlie. And believe me, you’ll find the coaxing something of a challenge, this first time. But I wager you’ll love it too.”

“Look at me, sweetheart.” This from Will, his tone harder, more insistent. I obey at once.

“Watch me. Listen to me. Talk to me. Tell me if you need to stop.” Will’s instructions are curt, and clear. I chew on my lip as I nod my acceptance.

Robbie’s fingertip is again circling my anus. I concentrate on remaining still as he probes and explores, I flinch as something warm and slick splashes against my skin, some sort of oil I imagine. This must be why he left us for a few moments; he was fetching the lubricant. I could ask what it is, I suppose, as I don’t for a moment imagine K-Y Jelly was prevalent in Elizabethan England, but instead I close my eyes and concentrate on the sensation he’s inspiring as he works the oil into my arse.

His finger slips through my tight opening, which has slackened to admit him. Just the tip at first, but he presses harder, and soon his entire finger is buried inside my arse. He swirls it around, the movement slow, gentle, agonisingly patient as he works to loosen the sphincter.

Incredibly, I’m at ease with this. His hands are gentle, his touch assured. My eyelids droop as I relax into it.

Will lifts his shoulders from the tartan to kiss my forehead. “Good girl, so sweet, so brave.”

Robbie slides another finger into my arse alongside the first. It’s tight now, and harder to accept. It hurts, almost. I gasp as he thrusts, his strokes long and deep, conquering me fully.

He pulls his fingers out, and seconds later the blunt head of his cock nudges my entrance. Now the moment has arrived, I’m scared. Really nervous. My body tenses, I start to panic.

Will’s hands bracket my face, forcing me to meet his gaze.

“You can do this. It’ll be slow, take as much time as you need. But you can and you will. Yes?”

“I’m not sure…”

“Do you want us to stop?”

I shake my head. I’m not entirely sure what I do want, but it isn’t that.

Will just nods, first at me, then over my shoulder at Robbie.

The pressure is intense, forcing my tight muscle to open, to admit the wide intrusion of Robbie’s cock. He pushes, just a little, then withdraws only to push again. Harder, more insistent, demanding entry. And suddenly, he has it. My arse opens and the head of Robbie’s cock is inside me.

I let out a strangled cry, more one of surprise than pain. Will lifts a hand, his signal to Robbie to stop. The pressure is there, my arse stretched tight around the intrusion, but Robbie doesn’t push any further in.

“Charlie, are you still with us? Are you doing all right?”

“I don’t know, I, oh…”

“Am I hurting you?” This from Robbie, his voice gentle behind me.

I shake my head. In truth, it feels odd, somehow wicked to be doing this with two men I met just yesterday. But he isn’t hurting me. And I don’t want to stop.

“I’m fine. Just, it’s a little strange…”

“Push back against him. Open, relax, and let him in. All the way in.” Will’s voice is quiet, even, hypnotic almost. And so exactly what I need to hear. I obey.

Oil splashes onto my skin as Robbie pours on more lubricant. He presses forward again, and this time the effect is magnified as I push back. His slick cock slides further in, helped by the lubricant that he has applied liberally, to both of us. I gasp, and Will signals a halt once more.

I’m glad of the brief interlude and use it to draw in several long, deep breaths. When I make eye contact with Will again, he lifts that expressive eyebrow, asking me if I’m ready to continue. I smile, though I fear my efforts may be somewhat shaky, and resume my pushing back to settle my arse even further around Robbie’s solid erection. He joins his efforts to mine, and in the next seconds his cock slides home.

“So good. So hot, and tight.” Robbie’s breathy murmur is gravelly, little more than a growl as he holds that position, waiting for my body to reshape around his.

Exhausted, almost overcome with the intensity of sensation, I allow my shoulders to fall forward to rest on Will’s chest. His arms are around me, his palms caressing my shoulder blades, so those must be Robbie’s hands at my hips, holding my bum still as he slides back out, ready to thrust.

I let out a low moan as he does just that, the stroke long and slow, considerate of my near virgin state. It feels wonderful, intimate, wicked, and utterly delightful. I’m open, exposed, used in the most delicious way I can imagine. I lift my hand, seeking—something.

A hand links with mine, our fingers interlock. Will, surely, though it hardly matters to me. I squeeze the hand holding mine, and am squeezed back.

Will shifts, reaching, and I squeal as he connects with my clit. The combination of Robbie’s cock in my arse and Will’s fingers strumming my clit is explosive. I orgasm immediately, clenching around Robbie as I roll my hips from side to side.

“Fuck, wench, that feels good.”

“It’s Will. He’s touching me, and… Oh! Ooh.” Will pinches my swollen clit, the pressure focusing my attention and causing my arse to relax then spasm hard as yet another climax gathers.

“Sweet Jesus, you two, this isn’t going to last long if you carry on like that.” Robbie’s voice is almost tortured, but he manages to deliver several hard, sharp thrusts even so.

Will releases my clit, and the blood rushing back tips me over the edge again. I cling to his hand as my world tilts on its axis, the sensation more intense than anything I’ve encountered before. Robbie drives his cock deep again, and I scream as the pleasure overwhelms me. This is enough, too much. My orgasm seems to go on and on, subsiding then whipped back into shimmering, pulsating life by the firm, relentless friction of Will’s fingers against my clit.

Robbie swears, spears his cock into me one last time, and holds still as his erection jerks inside the constraining tightness of my arse. The heat of his semen hitting my inner walls is a shock, far more than I imagined. I whimper, though in ecstasy rather than pain. Will seems to appreciate the difference as he just squeezes my hand tighter, muttering something incomprehensible into my ear. Something soothing, calming, reassuring.

For several minutes no one speaks again. The sound of laboured breathing is all there is to hear as the three of us remain motionless on the tartan blanket, sated, Robbie and I still joined, Will’s hand gripping mine. Eventually someone has to move, and it’s Robbie. He withdraws from me and rolls onto his back. I might have shifted too, but Will’s arms hold me in place, my breasts flattened against his solid, wide chest. In truth, I have no pressing desire to go anywhere. I’ve never felt more content in my life.

Time passes, I have no idea how much. At last, the fresh spring air takes on a chill. I shiver, and this time it is due to cold. Robbie stretches, then stands up. He strolls away, to return after a few moments with another plaid, which he drops onto my back. Will tugs it into place, tucking it around me. I turn my head to see Robbie, still magnificent in his nakedness though looking considerably less rampant now, reaching for his discarded shirt.

“Is it time to move on?”

He glances back at me. “Soon. No hurry. I’ll relight the fire. Can I use your little magic candle?”

“Of course. And it’s not magic. Why do we need a fire?”

“Would you prefer to wash in cold water?”

Ah. Right. I smile at him and snuggle closer to Will. This could turn out to be a very nice arrangement. As long as I’m here.

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