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Shared by the Pirates by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

Philip stepped forward, the emotions and urges in his heart and his body a turmoil within him. He put a leer on his face, hardly finding it difficult because the scene certainly did arouse his basest instincts. He would at that moment happily have plunged his iron-hard prick into Evangeline’s lovely pink cunt and ridden her over the barrel until she could scarcely walk next day.

His tactics seemed to have worked, though, and it would require just a little more finesse to ensure that Evangeline’s maidenhead be spared, tonight at least. He stooped to inspect the noble girl’s alluring rear view, helplessly presented to him as she lay bottom up over the barrel. He dipped two fingers gently inside her, and heard Evangeline moan in needy response.

“Scarty is right that this pretty cunny is very wet,” he announced to the pirates around him. “This girl needs it very much. But…”

Philip pressed further in, until he could feel the barrier there that he so hoped he would have the chance to conquer as he made a woman of the lovely girl. Evangeline gasped. He pulled his fingers out and peered down in the torchlight.

“She is a virgin, certainly. I can see the maidenhead. Scarty, you shall hold the pussy open and all may have a look inside her sweet young cunt.”

Evangeline sobbed with shame as the pirates filed past, then, each of them giving her a wank and looking at her most secret places. Nor did Mary escape the same treatment, despite no longer having a maidenhead to inspect; the maid moaned as loud as the mistress while the pirates inspected their new possessions.

“Strip them now, lads,” said the captain, finally. “And bring two girl-cats, if you please, Mr. Norris.”

The girl-cat represented an innovation of Captain Mountjoy’s own: made of rope like the cat used upon fractious men, it was however considerably shorter in length, so that a man who whipped a ship girl with it could both stand close to the bottom he whipped and be sure not to render a girl’s backside unattractive in either the short or the long term. It could provide a ship girl with exquisite pain, of course, but a skillful man wielding the cat could control the pain very precisely, to correct the girl as he chose, and make her amenable to the doing of her duty, no matter how shameful.

As Philip went to the locker where the cats of every kind were stored, the men began to pull and rip the girls’ clothes off them. Evangeline and Mary wailed as they felt their gowns torn and removed at last, and their shifts pulled all the way to their bound wrists. When the first mate turned back he saw two naked girls over the barrels, ready to learn the ways of nautical discipline—at least as it applied to the girls Captain Mountjoy made it a point to provide to his crew.

“I believe,” the captain said when Philip had handed him one of the cats, “I know a way to handle the wager we have made to perfection. Scarty and Grendon, take your places, each in front of your girl, and take out your pricks. Show them well as we whip their little arses, and we shall see about the begging.”

Philip had no idea how he could feel at once so jealous of Evangeline’s body, and of her erotic favors, and so aroused by what then occurred: the two experienced pirates loosening their breeches as they moved to stand before the barrels where the girls, now entirely naked, must look upon what Scarty and Grendon produced. Two fine pricks jutted forth in the rough sea-dogs’ right hands, to menace two sweet young faces.

Grendon took Mary’s chin in his other hand and held her face up.

“Open your eyes, you little cunt,” he said. “Look what I have for you.”

Scarty slapped Evangeline across the face. “You, too. Open those eyes, girl. You must look at the prick, now, virgin or no. You’ll have it between your legs and up your arse soon enough as well.”

Evangeline cried out. Philip wished he could see her face, and read there what he thought he could hear in that cry—that something in this shameful treatment had set her blood afire as it had set his, too. He raised the cat and brought it down upon Evangeline’s lovely bottom, his prick swelling at the sight of her cunny just peeping out between her milky thighs, so that those private lips would receive some of the sting.

“Do as you’re told, my lady,” he said. “Open your eyes and look at the prick.”

Captain Mountjoy raised his whip and brought it down hard across Mary’s bottom. The maid cried out piteously

Grendon called in triumph, “That did it, Captain! This one’s got her eyes open now. There it is, love. You want to suck it, don’t you?”

“There,” Scarty said, chortling, “her ladyship is looking, too.” He pumped his prick slowly, now, brandishing it close to the noble girl’s face. “You’ll have to beg for it, you little cunt. I won’t just open your mouth and fuck that face. Whip her again, lad. Teach her what she’s for.”

Philip raised the cat again and brought it down, even as Evangeline squirmed desperately over the barrel as if to try to avoid the lash, her bottom moving lewdly even as she received her whipping. Pink streaks had appeared from the first cut, and more joined them now as Scarty stroked her cheek.

“Oh, heavens,” Evangeline sobbed. “Please… please don’t.”

The captain, who had just made Mary scream with a cut of his own cat, laughed. “I thought you had her, Philip. What a little minx to say don’t! Whip her again, lad!”

Philip’s prick felt so hard in his breeches that he thought it might burst through the leather. He whipped Evangeline again, the mixture of sympathy and affection with his unavoidable arousal at the sight of her squirming, red-streaked backside making his pulse feel like fire in his veins.

She shrieked, a long cry of agony that sounded to Philip’s ears both as incitement and as cause for compassion. The noble girl needed this punishment, he knew, to overcome the shame of which she must rid herself tonight, if she were to find anything but misery aboard the Royal Anne. He brought the whip down again and again, and watched the braided cords leave red streaks on Evangeline’s tender skin.

Her cry of pain had words this time. “Oh… please… I… I want… I want to suck it! I want to suck them all!”

Atop the other barrel, Mary had just received a lash from the captain. The maid’s cry, as she writhed naked over the wooden cask, seemed to blend shame and need and agony.

Evangeline’s face had gone bright red, and she turned it a little at the sound of Mary’s distress, away from Scarty’s stiff prick, to see the other girl. Philip could see how desperately the noble girl wanted Mary to give some sign that truly they had no choice, that to suck the pirates’ cocks represented simple necessity. His heart went out to both of them though he could see in the movement of Evangeline’s hips and the squirming of Mary’s bottom that the erotic discipline of the girl-cats had a terribly ambiguous effect upon their bodies.

Scarty helped meet Evangeline’s need, though he certainly had none of the empathy necessary to understand it. He put his meaty right hand on the back of her golden head and turned her face toward the hard shaft he pumped languidly in his left. Mary, who Philip thought had probably not heard Evangeline’s capitulation to the cock-sucking, opened her eyes very wide and parted her lips in a silent cry of shame when she saw that her mistress did not resist, but instead put out her tongue.

Evangeline’s eyes, though, rested on Mary’s tearstained face, her brow beseeching her maid to do as she did. Mary’s lips seemed to work as if in an attempt to form words that would not come.

“Take it, girl,” Scarty said, laying his long, thick prick upon Evangeline’s tongue, a sight so arousingly transgressive that Philip had to clear his throat and shift his weight, his own prick swelling almost unmanageably in his breeches.

“Oh, no,” Mary breathed.

“Mary, sweetling,” said the captain. “Do you wish to be a cocksucker like your mistress, now, or must I whip you again?”

Scarty had thrust his hardness into Evangeline’s mouth, now. Holding her head firmly in place, he began to fuck with jerking motions of his hips. The captain raised the whip a little, then dangled its cords against Mary’s red-streaked bottom so that she sobbed in fear. As she watched her mistress please the prick of a sea jackal, the maid seemed unable to form the words necessary to keep her backside from more of the terrible punishment Captain Mountjoy knew so well how to mete out.

Evangeline’s eyes remained fixed on Mary’s as Scarty enjoyed her mouth. Three other pirates had lined up behind him, one of them Mulroy, who put his hand on Scarty’s shoulder, now.

“You going to spend, dog?” Mulroy asked. “There’s others here want the girl’s mouth too.”

“In a moment,” Scarty said, pulling his prick from Evangeline’s mouth and leaving her gasping. He put his hand further down to take his balls in his hand. Mary gave a little cry and Evangeline turned her eyes forward again in alarm. “Lick them, girl,” the pirate commanded. “I’m going to spend on your pretty face.”

Just then the captain raised his cat and brought it down hard upon the maid’s bottom. Mary screamed and writhed over the barrel, her head threshing side to side.

“Mary?” Evangeline said in a pleading voice, her eyes darting over to the other girl.

“Philip,” Scarty said, “she’s not licking the balls like a good girl. Whip this little cunt again.”

“Oh, no,” Evangeline sobbed. “I… I can’t…” She turned her eyes to the shameful sight in front of her and she put out her tongue.

Philip knew that though the girl-cat brought a very great deal of sting, it would do no lasting damage to Mary’s backside. His anxiety stemmed from the effect it might have on Evangeline’s kind heart should her maid hold out much longer. Suddenly he had a notion he thought might serve: he shifted the cat from his right hand to his left and he thrust his hand between Evangeline’s thighs. He sought her clitoris with urgent fingers, spreading her wanton moisture upward so that she moaned with unmistakable pleasure and began to kiss Scarty’s ball sack frantically.

Mary heard her mistress’ helpless arousal, and turned to see what had befallen her. Her eyes met Philip’s just as Scarty growled and began to spurt his thick white seed upon Evangeline’s lovely face.

“Please,” Mary whimpered. “Please… me… me too.”

Captain Mountjoy chuckled. “Do you want to suck Mr. Grendon’s cock, you little whore? You must beg for it.” Again he moved the leather cords against Mary’s bottom, letting their knots linger teasingly where her sweet little cunny peeped out.

Evangeline sobbed with shame and pleasure, then, under Philip’s fingers. Her virgin slit seemed as wet as the ocean, and Philip had to resist the temptation to take her right there, giving her the hard fucking for which she had, abed in the inn with Mary just the previous night, demonstrated such a need.

Mulroy stepped up and took hold of her chin. “Do you want this one, too, whore?” he asked, tilting her lovely face up to look into his dark-bearded visage.

“Mary?” the noble girl whimpered, her hips still moving on Philip’s hand.

“Please,” the maid whispered. “I… I want to… to suck.”

Evangeline’s face crumpled and she bit her lip, as she watched Mary receive her first common pirate prick. Grendon wasted no time but imposed his manhood brutally between her lips, making her take him very deep from the start. Evangeline opened her mouth and put out her tongue, but Mulroy, pumping his long prick, said, “Beg, whore.”

Philip took his hand away, then, knowing it would help, and the denial had instant effect.

“Please,” Evangeline said. “Please let me.”

As Mulroy entered her mouth, using the same deep thrusts Grendon did, the captain put his hand between Mary’s slim thighs, and now both girls rode their barrels like wanton hussies, their greedy cunnies spurring them on as the pricks took their pleasure between their lips. The pirates made them beg for each prick, and spent where they pleased: in the mouths or on their faces or upon their surging flanks as the captain and the first mate made mistress and maid spend too, over and over.

When finally the captain told Philip to release them and bring them below decks to occupy hammocks by the first mate’s own, the girls he led down the ladder needed his strong arms to guide them as well as the protection he offered as first mate, so that the crew left them unmolested. The captain made the pirates’ fucking pieces sleep among the men, rather than keeping them in his cabin. The men, he had told Philip, were much less likely to mutiny if they had their needs seen to and they didn’t think the captain kept for himself cunnies and bottoms that should be common property.

It would pose a grave difficulty for Philip, however: his desperate plan to help Evangeline and Mary must unfold quickly if it were to succeed. At least, having had all their pricks sucked, the crew would remain amenable for the night, he felt certain.

“That was fine sport, Mr. Norris,” Mulroy called from his own hammock, his voice lingeringly mockingly on mister. “But I think it will be finer to fuck that tight little arse your lady love has on her, tomorrow evening.”

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