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Sharing Sarah by Ivy Barrett – Extended Preview

Sarah caught her lower lip between her teeth as Rayden bent toward her breasts. She’d obviously upset him and that hadn’t been her intention. One look into his eyes revealed the ferocity of his character, and his unwillingness to rush into this bond hinted as nobility.

His mouth latched on to her nipple, pulling firmly as his hands explored. Allen had been patient and tender. Would she find pleasure with Rayden as well?

His teeth tightened and pleasure-pain streaked through her chest. She shivered, pushing her fingers into his thick hair.

“Activate the drain. You’re done with the water.”

She started to object then his gaze locked with hers and the protest died in her throat. Commanding and fierce, his expression brooked no refusal.

He slipped a towel free from the warmer and stood, spreading the fabric before him. “Come here.”

She was ready to get out anyway. That was the only reason she was allowing him to order her around like one of his soldiers. It had nothing to do with the warm flutter low in her belly, or the way her breasts longed for the return of his mouth. She stepped out of the tub and waited to see what he had in mind.

Moving around her in a slow circle, he toweled her dry. He paused from time to time to rub her hair, but his attention was definitely focused on her body. Her senses didn’t seem to mind that his hand was separated from her flesh by a towel. Tingles and swells of heat trailed behind his leisurely strokes.

“Feel good?”

She nodded, not trusting her voice.

He tossed the towel aside and led her toward the large mirror that served as a backdrop for the double sinks. After rummaging through the drawers for a moment, he located a comb and went to work on her damp hair.

“I can do that.” She reached for the comb. He simply switched hands.

“Grasp the edge of the counter, if you can’t keep your hands to yourself.” Authority threaded through his playful tone. “When I’m ready for your touch, I’ll tell you to touch me.”

Their gazes met in the mirror and understanding rolled through her mind. This was a compromise, the only common ground he’d offer. If she wanted him for an ally, she had to surrender sexual control. Her heart hesitated for a beat and then hammered out a frantic agreement. The aggression she sensed in him was part of what drew her to him.

She curved her fingers around the edge of the counter and arched her back, rubbing her ass against the towel still wrapped around his hips. He took his time, working from the root to the tip of each long tress with unwavering care. His gaze wasn’t nearly as engrossed as his hands, however. He visually caressed her from head to foot, making her skin tingle in anticipation of his touch.

He finally set the comb aside and placed his hands on her shoulders. Resting his chin on top of her head, he met her gaze in the mirror. “This is new to you, I know. So I’ll explain what I need to find pleasure. I dominate my lovers. Do you understand what that means?” Lost in the liquid depths of his smoldering blue eyes, she could only nod. “I need to hear it. Say ‘I understand, Sir.’”

“I understand… Sir.” She hesitated over the title, expecting a rush of resentment that never came. Formalities were rare in the Underground. So why did calling him ‘Sir’ feel so natural?

“When you please me, I will reward you with pleasure.” He kissed his way down her neck and caressed her breasts with unexpected tenderness. Then he raised his head and looked back into the mirror. “But displease me, disobey me, and I will punish you.”

Before she realized his intent, he grasped the back of her neck and bent her forward over the vanity. His large, strong hand spanked her bare bottom, the distinct crack of flesh on flesh echoing in the bathroom. She gasped, then yelped as he continued the stinging swats.

“But I haven’t done anything wrong!” She reached back, trying to cover her bottom.

He easily caught her wrist with his right hand and secured her arm behind her back as he spanked her with his left. “This is about ownership.” He continued his punishing strokes, heating her skin and sending pulsing discomfort deep into her muscles. “Your lovely ass is mine to do with as I will. Do you agree?”

Tears gathered in her eyes and her throat was so dry she barely forced the words out. “Yes, Sir.”

His left hand slipped between her thighs and he swatted her wet folds. She cried out more from surprise than pain, but he didn’t stop with one symbolic spank. He slapped her again, harder, sending bright sensations zinging through her pussy. Then he thrust two fingers deep into her wet core. “This pussy is mine.” He paused with his fingers still inside her. “Do you agree?”

She’d asked him to fuck her. Wasn’t her consent obvious? “Yes, Sir, but I don’t just belong to you. I must also share myself with Allen.” He moved his hand, sliding his fingers in and out. The thrusts were sharp and fast, possessive. This was about control. He was establishing his mastery of her body, even if he had to share her.

As if to confirm her conclusion, his wet fingers moved to her other opening. She braced for a brutal entry and the inevitable sting. Instead, he teased her, circling and stroking before pushing inside.

He moved in close, whispering in her ear. “You want two lovers, then we’ll fuck you here.” He pushed deeper and slid faster. “And we’ll fuck you together, one in your pussy and one in your ass.”

She shuddered, a vivid image forming in her mind. Rayden lay on his back and she straddled his hips, his massive cock buried in her pussy. Allen knelt behind her, his cock filling her ass.

“Do you really want that?” he persisted, his fingers sliding in and out of her ass.

“Yes, Sir.”

Slowly, oh so slowly, he drew his fingers out. Then he pulled her up off the vanity and covered her mound with his right hand. His long middle finger parted her folds and pressed over her clit, rubbing with pressure so firm it bordered on pain. She stood still, not struggling, yet not ready to respond to such harsh treatment.

“Your luscious mouth, your wet cunt, or your tight little ass, they’re all mine now.” He kept up the punishing strokes with his finger, forcing pleasure on her just as skillfully as he’d shown her pain. “Will you submit to me in any way I choose, whenever I want you?”

“Yes, Sir.” As soon as she agreed, his finger released her clit. He seemed satisfied with their compromise and Sarah began to relax. He slid his hand up and cupped her breast.

“You are really beautiful, Sarah. I’ve been trying to picture you naked ever since you suggested the bond, but my imagination wasn’t up to the task of constructing you.”

She dropped her gaze, unwilling to share the pain his compliment caused.

“Why does that upset you?” His fingers tightened on her nipple, the pressure part challenge, part warning. “Look at me and answer.”

The pressure eased, leaving her nipple tight and aching, so she reluctantly raised her gaze. “People put so much value on physical appearance. I know firsthand how hurtful that can be.”

“I’m sure you do.” He motioned toward the mirror. “Tell me what you see.”

“A woman who wishes she’d never brought this up.”

His fingers continued to tease her nipples while his gaze moved over her face. “Do you find yourself beautiful?”

Annoyed by his persistence, she twisted away from his touch. “Beauty is irrelevant.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

The autocratic edge in his tone should have warned her to be careful, but her emotions were much too volatile for caution. “This is a stupid conversation,” she snapped. “Change the subject or—”

He grasped her upper arms and yanked her toward him, intensity erupting in his dark blue eyes. “I tolerate disrespect from no one. Apologize or I will punish you.”

“Punish me for what?” She twisted sharply, dislodging one of his hands but not the other. “Am I not entitled to an opinion?”

“Your opinions must be voiced with the proper respect, and you will answer any question I ask you.”

Tugging against his restraining hand, she glared at him in open defiance. “This is ridiculous! I will not—”

He moved so fast it made her gasp. Sitting down on the side of the tub, he drew her face down over his thighs. She resisted, but her anger was no match for his strength. He trapped her legs between his and splayed his fingers across her back, then warmed her upturned ass with fast, firm spanks.

She cried out and struggled as well as his hold allowed. No one had ever dared lay a punishing hand on her before. People either feared her or felt sorry for her.

After delivering three stinging slaps to each side, he paused. “Why am I spanking you?”

“You’re a bully,” she sneered, too angry for logic. She tossed her head and tried to twist free of the humiliating position, but he held her easily.

His hand connected again and again, the sting amplified by repetition. “Were you warned about the consequences of disobedience?” He accented the question with an especially hard swat.

“Disagreement isn’t the same as disobedience!”

Rather than argue with her, he continued the punishment, pausing between each spank as the heat spread across her skin and sank deeper into her muscles.

Emotion welled within Sarah, clogging her throat and blurring her vision. Shame rolled through her anger, while a strange longing pulsed within her heart. She was mortified by his harsh treatment, but she had been warned. Worse, she’d agreed to obey, but two seconds later, she’d defied him.

“Stop.” She forced the word out between clenched teeth as tears flowed down her face.

He ignored her and moved the slaps down onto the backs of her thighs.

“Please, Sir, stop,” she cried, the phrase ending in a ragged sob.

The next spank never came. Instead he lightly placed his hand on one of her burning ass cheeks. “Why am I spanking you?”

“I was disrespectful and refused to answer your question.” She was trembling, yet not sure why. The spanking hurt, but not badly. The hot throb was oddly arousing. She felt vulnerable and exposed in a way she’d never experienced before.

His hold eased and he allowed her to slide down onto her knees. “Look at me.”

She finger-combed her hair back from her face and looked into his eyes.

He took her face between his hands and brushed her tears away with his thumbs. “I don’t make idle threats and I don’t like repeating myself. Are you sure you want this alliance? I am a strict master.”

Another sob tore free and she pressed her lips together to keep them from trembling. He was strong and confident, harsh, yes, yet fair. She combatted the surging emotions with a long, deep breath. “I need you, Rayden, so I’ll try harder to obey.”

His gaze searched hers as if he were troubled by her answer. “If you find no pleasure in surrender, this will never work.”

She covered one of his hands with hers. “It’s just unfamiliar. I am aroused by the idea of letting go, but I’m also frightened by it.”

He accepted her words with a nod, then stood and drew her to her feet. Intertwining their fingers, he led her back toward the sinks. “Allen and I both want you badly. Why do you think that is?”

“I’m smart and ambitious and—”

“Desirable?” He turned her toward the mirror and cupped both breasts in his hands. “That’s different than beautiful. Do you feel desirable?”

“Isn’t it more important that I find you desirable?”

His smile was a little bit cocky. “It helps, but you won’t be able to lose yourself in passion unless you feel desirable. Now tell me what you see.”

And they were back at the beginning. She sighed, then focused on her reflection, trying to see herself through his eyes. “My skin is really pale. I didn’t realize how white I’d become until I saw your hands against my skin.”

He stroked from her breast to her hipbone and back, accentuating the sharp contrast. “Your skin is also smooth and silky. You have the alabaster complexion treasured by ancient royalty.”

The lavish praise was so unexpected, she couldn’t help but smile.

Before she could say more, he turned her far enough to the side that they could see her freshly spanked behind. “Because your skin is so fair,” he said, “it turns this lovely shade of red when you’re punished.”

Her bottom still throbbed from the firm strokes of his hand. She shivered, then groaned as her core clenched in on itself. “Does it excite you to see me like this?”

“Oh, yes.” Possessive intensity flashed in the depths of his eyes and he fisted the back of her hair. “It’s visible proof of my ownership. You are mine to pleasure or punish.” He kissed her, his tongue just as demanding as his words. “Are you finally ready for the pleasure?”

“Yes.” She licked her lips, then added, “Yes, Sir.”

His gaze drilled into hers as his hand moved boldly over her breasts. “These are mine.”

“I like my breasts.” She whispered the admission as her nipples tightened beneath his fingertips.

“So do I.” As if to prove his claim, he lifted her onto the counter between the sinks.

She gasped as her tender behind connected with the cold countertop, but the contrast was also exciting. Instinctively she pressed her knees together, but it made no difference. With one smooth motion, he parted her legs and stepped between her thighs.

“Your breasts are soft and warm and your nipples are addictive.” His lips closed around one tingling crest while his fingers centered over the other. With his lips and fingers working in tandem, he drew heat into her chest and launched demanding sensations down her spine. She pressed against his mouth, sifting his hair through her fingers.

Her skin prickled and burned, the electric gathering familiar now. He moved to her other breast as his hand swept along her abdomen. She jerked with the first brush of his fingertips, but he didn’t retreat. His middle finger dragged across her clit with a gentle sawing motion.

Pinned between the cool surface of the mirror and the heat radiating off his body, she trembled and moaned. Her hips rose, encouraging his touch yet needing more. He released her nipple and kissed his way to her mouth.

She licked her lips, wanting his kiss, needing the fundamental intimacy as her body rushed toward orgasm. His lips played over hers, brushing and sliding without fully engaging. She followed his restless movements as best she could. Why wouldn’t he kiss her? Her hands came up of their own volition as her frustration mounted.

“Don’t.” Warning rang through the word and he nipped her lower lip.

With an exasperated cry, she grasped the counter again and parted her lips, hoping he’d accept her silent invitation.

His mouth settled over hers and his touch grew bolder. He circled her clit with his thumb and pushed two fingers into her core. The slight penetration sent pleasure spiraling up her spine. She tightened her inner muscles, savoring the patient slide.

“Come for me. Let me feel your pleasure.” He punctuated the command with his tongue, thrusting between her lips with silent demand.

Power coalesced between her thighs, swirling beneath his palm as the tension mounted. She rested her heels on his back and responded to his kiss with wild abandon. His tongue was warm and daring, his fingers coaxing and sure. She surrendered to the metaphysical surge, entrusting her pleasure to his skillful touch.

Rayden deepened the kiss as Sarah arched and wiggled, obviously close to release. Her wetness soaked his fingers and her cunt burned with electric intensity. Her lips slid and clung while her tongue faultlessly following his lead.

Arching wildly, she drove his fingers deeper and came with a muffled cry. Energy shot up his arm and burst within his chest, dragging a startled gasp from his throat. He released her mouth and watched her rapturous expression as she rode the waves of pleasure.

Each distinct spasm pushed more energy into his body. His heart raced and lights danced in his peripheral vision. It was true. She created energy with sexual pleasure.

Staggered by yet in awe of her ability, he withdrew his fingers and slowly licked them clean. He wanted to taste her, to hear her cry out as her pussy convulsed against his mouth. But the pressure in his groin demanded immediate attention. The energy she’d pushed into his body had shoved him precariously close to losing control.

With an impatient jerk, he rid himself of the towel and guided his shaft to her entrance. He paused to stroke her slit with the head of his cock, rubbing around and across her swollen clit. She held herself open, knees bent, heels resting low on his back.

“Please, Sir. I want you inside me.”

The breathless need so evident in her voice sent a fresh rush of desire through his system. He found her opening and pushed in slowly, watching her soft folds encompass his flared tip. She whimpered, breasts quivering as she arched her back and angled her hips.

“Look at me. Feel my cock, but look at me.”

As soon as their gazes locked, he drove deeper. She was unbearably tight and wonderfully hot, her extreme wetness assuring him she could take all of him.

All of him? Did he want to share all of himself with anyone?

He pulled back slowly then thrust in fast, watching her face for any sign of pain. She gasped and shivered, but the desire in her gaze was undeniable. He kept his pace slow and even, determined to savor their first time.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and raised her hands to his face. He didn’t stop her this time. With her warm palms pressed against his cheeks, she said, “Kiss me, please.”

He covered her mouth with his and teased her bottom lip with his tongue. She was receptive yet not as responsive as she’d been before. Shifting the angle of his head, he deepened the kiss, wondering at her hesitation.

Then her being brushed against his mind. Vibrant and electric, she sank deeper, melding with him and flowing through him. A cool breeze stirred his hair and thunder rumbled in the distance. He looked around for an open window, but the only window in the room was tightly closed.

Don’t hold back. Accept me into your mind as I’m accepting you into my body.

Her voice had never sounded so sensual or so assured. He pulled her hips up off the counter and drove into her forcefully. The wind gusted, sending shivers across his damp skin. Her gasp broke their kiss, but her pussy clenched him rhythmically, driving his arousal higher.

She unhooked her legs, giving him more room to move. He pulled her away from the mirror and laid her down across the counter as he draped her legs over his arms. Sensations unfurled within him, scorching and confusing. He could feel the hot clasp of her cunt as he steadily filled her, yet he could feel the fullness created by his cock.

“How are you…?” His question was lost in her sharp cry as she came, saturating his body with sizzling energy. He threw back his head and groaned, his cock bucking wildly inside her. Release tightened his balls and barreled toward his cock. “Fuck!” He jerked his hips back and clamped his hand around the base of his shaft, determined to regain control.

“You’re a very stubborn man.” She softened the observation with a sexy smile. “The link won’t solidify until we come together.”

“Can you hear my thoughts now?” He helped her down from the counter and turned her to face the mirror.

“Only if I intentionally listen. Telepathy takes practice. The link provides a path, but you’ll have to learn how to access it.”

He grasped her hips while he bent his knees and eased his cock between her thighs. Her pink ass was a delightful distraction as he slowly pushed his hips forward. She arched her back, guiding him to her entrance with the angle of her body. Their gazes locked as he drove into her cunt, deeper now than he’d been before.

She bit her lower lip, her breasts jostled by her ragged breathing. “You feel so damn good,” she murmured.

Her well-spanked ass rubbed against his groin and her hot passage clasped his cock in a firm embrace. It felt better than ‘damn good.’ It felt better than anything he could remember.

He grasped her hips and thrust faster. She leaned over, bracing her forearms against the countertop. Pleasure flowed between them and curled around them, warming the phantom wind. He tossed his head, crying out sharply as bursts of sensation ricocheted through his body.

She bucked against him, driving his cock deeper as another orgasm claimed her. Passion gleamed in her eyes, but there was something more, a burning intensity he’d never seen before.

“We—have to—come together.” She gasped out the reminder in between thrusts.

Unable to resist the pull of her strong muscles, Rayden thrust to the hilt and released his seed. Her being surged within his mind, her energy burning brightly. He opened himself to her, allowing the tingling sensations to inundate his body and mind.

His thighs trembled as their pleasure went on and on, his legs threatening to give out beneath him. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he leaned the other on the counter and pressed against her back.

“Will I always feel your pleasure?” he whispered into her ear.

“I don’t know. It might be part of the bonding.”

He massaged her shoulders and rubbed her back, refusing to separate their bodies. “How long do we have before the spirit starts pestering you about the power transfer?”

You have until morning. This mission will not wait forever. As he’d suspected, the spirit was never really gone. You might want to get dressed and go downstairs. You have visitors.

Troubled by the unexpected revelation, Rayden reluctantly pulled out of Sarah’s warm body and reached for his discarded towel. “If Allen lowered my security shields, I’ll kick his ass.”

Sean can bypass most security measures without setting off alarms, the spirit told him. He has the overlord with him.

“Sean’s downstairs with Kellan?”

The dread in Sarah’s tone sent a rush of protectiveness though Rayden. “I won’t let them bully you. Why don’t you take a shower while I get a feel for the room? If Sean is still being unreasonable, you don’t have to come down at all.”

“I’m not afraid of my brother and you need a shower as badly as I do.”

Then you both better hurry. Your guests are growing restless.

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